Paymaya vs Bayad Apps for Paying Bills Online

Paymaya vs Bayad apps — Which is better in paying bills online?

Paymaya vs Bayad Center apps

Or is your online banking or mobile app much better than either Bayad or Paymaya?

By the way, Bayad is previously known as  Bayad Center.

Yes, your mobile app or online banking is better, as paying with either of them is faster. Your funds are already there in your online or mobile account. You just login and go to your Pay Bills option.

The problem with online or mobile banking is many of the companies you need to pay are not in the list of billers. Even if you have accounts in 3 or more banks, there are a lot of billers missing. Mostly also, SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth , NHMFC are not in the list.

I have a Metrobank Mastercard credit card, and it’s not in the BDO, BPI and Eastwest list of billers.

Now, let’s compare the Paymaya vs Bayad apps.

1. How easy it is to load money into the apps online?

Easier: Paymaya
Paymaya is a participant of the Instapay transfer system, so when you want to fund your Paymaya, just go to the Transfer Money or Send Money function of your online banking/mobile app, and use Instapay, and the transfer is instant!
Of course, if you can wait, you can use Pesonet, so you don’t have to pay a fee.
I have an Eastwest Bank account, so it’s not a problem for me, as its Instapay fee is only 5 pesos! Thank you, Eastwest!

Slower: Bayad 
Reminder: You need pen and paper to write the reference numbers.

Bayad is not an Instapay participant, so you use its partner, MultiPay, to load your Bayad app. And MultiPay is neither an Instapay partner! It’s a biller, a company to be paid. In certain banks, it’s a bank account to send money to. So online loading is not direct from your bank to Bayad or to MultiPay.

You can’t also go immediately to your online banking/mobile app and pay or send money to MultiPay. For Metrobank and Easwest, you use Bills Payment. To pay a bill, you need a reference number. So you first login into Bayad app, click Load, click Bills Payment, choose your bank, then generate a reference number. Take note of this reference number.

Then login into your online banking/mobile app, go to Pay Bills or Bill Payment, and Pay MultiPay. Use the reference number you got from Bayad app. After paying, you’ll get your payment reference number. Again, take note of this reference number. Go back to Bayad app and enter this reference number. Then wait for the amount to get credited to Bayad. It might take 24 hours, but for my recent transactions, it took just 5 to 8 hours.

If you load using BDO, you use Send Money. You send money to the BDO account of Multipay. But you don’t go immediately to your BDO system and Send Money. First, login to Bayad app, choose Bank Transfer, take note of the account number of Multipay and get your reference number. After you get your reference number from BDO, go back to Bayad app and enter this reference number.

2. How Fast Does SSS Payment Get Posted with SSS?

Instant: Bayad
The SSS promise of instant posting with the use of PRN is fulfilled with Bayad. And the process of paying is quick.

Not Posted: Paymaya, 38 days today and not yet posted
The paying process is longer; it involves the SSS website.

What’s frustrating is the tiring process that will get my Paymaya payment posted with SSS. The advice I saw at the Facebook page of SSS is that I need to download an SSS verification form, print it, fill it up, print my Paymaya proof of payment, then go to SSS and submit my documents. Whew! Kaya ka nga mag-online para hindi ka na lalabas.

I so regret using Paymaya for paying my SSS. On Facebook, I also read about many others who had the same problem, having paid SSS through Paymaya months before, and not seeing their payments posted.

3. How many billers can you pay?

Bayad — 1,000 plus
Paymaya — 100 plus

4. SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig, NHMFC, etc.

Bayad — Pag-ibig, NHMFC, SSS contributions only and not loans, Philhealth, DFA passport, POEA OEC, NHA, NBI Clearance
Paymaya — Pag-ibig, NHMFC and SSS contributions (SSS website integrated in the process), DFA passport, POEA OEC, BIR, PRC

5. Banks/Credit Cards

Bayad — BPI, Metrobank, RCBC Bankard, Sterling Bank, Equicom Savings, Tanay Rural Bank,
Paymaya — BPI, Equicom, Equicom Savings, Sterling Bank, Card Bank, Card MRI, Card SME, CTBC

6. Rebate/Cashback/Discount

Bayad — Rebate of 1 peso per 1 transaction, any amount
Paymaya — Lots of 50-peso and 100-peso cashbacks and discounts
Be updated with promos so you can take advantage

7. Rebates on phone loads

Bayad — Instant 4% rebate on each load amount
Paymaya — Instant 5% rebate on each load amount
20-load costs 19 pesos
50 costs 47.50
100 costs 95
200 costs 190
300 costs 285
500 costs 475

8. Online Funding Fee

Bayad: Usually 5 pesos
Paymaya: 5 to 50 pesos (Instapay)
— Free if PesoNet, but not instant
Eastwest — 5 pesos (Instapay)
BDO — 50 pesos (Instapay)
BPI — 50 pesos (Instapay)
— Instapay is free during the covid-19 crisis

Paymaya vs Bayad — which is the winner?

Walang clear winner.
Download them both and use whichever is better for a particular biller.

By the way, who owns these apps?

Yang Bayad, pamangkin niya si Paymaya. Or puede ring magpinsan sila.

Paymaya is owned by Voyager Innovations, the digital company of PLDT and Smart.
Bayad is owned by Meralco.
PLDT, Smart and Meralco all belong to MVP Group of Companies.

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