Routing Nos. of Philippine Banks

What is a Routing No.?

It is a 9-digit number that identifies your bank and your bank branch. The first 5 digits identifies your bank. The other 4 digits identifies your branch location.

In the Philippines, you can see your bank’s Routing No. on a cheque issued by your bank. It’s the R/T No. on the top right portion of your bank’s cheque.

Your bank’s R/T Nos. will have the same first 5 digits. The other 4 digits will vary, as these will represent the branches of your bank. Each branch of your bank will have a different 4-digit.

Routing Nos. for Paypal and Upwork, formerly Odesk

If you need a Routing No. to link to your Paypal account, or to your account with Upwork, formerly called Odesk, use your bank’s Routing No. in this set of Routing Nos. below.

In the Philippines, a Routing No. is sometimes called Paypal Code because this is the number required by Paypal to link your bank account to Paypal.

Upwork, formerly called Odesk, also uses Routing Nos. to transfer funds to the bank accounts of its workers in the Philippines.  It calls a Routing Number a BRSTN, which stands for Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number.

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Below are the Routing Numbers of Philippine Banks for Paypal
                              or BRSTN for Upwork

   or BRSTN

011020011   —   Asia United Bank  (AUB)
010700015   —   Australia – New Zealand Bank
010530667   —   BDO Unibank
010670019   —   Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd.
010120019   —   Bank of America NA
011140014   —   Bank of China
010440016   —   Bank of Commerce (BCommerce)
010040018   —   Bank of the Philippine Islands  (BPI)
010100013   —   China Banking Corp.  (ChinaBank)
010690015   —   CTCB Corp., formerly called
                            Chinatrust Commercial Bank Corp.
010070017   —   Citibank NA
010650013   —   Deutsche Bank
010590018   —   Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
010620014   —   East West Banking Corp.  (EastWest)
010060014   —   Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp.  (HSBC)
010720011   —   JP Morgan Chase Bank
010710018   —   Korea Exchange Bank
010350025   —   Landbank of the Philippines (Landbank)
010220016   —   Maybank Philippines, Inc.
010269996   —   Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.  (Metrobank)
010640010   —   Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
010110016   —   Philippine Bank of Communications  (PBCom)
010080010   —   Philippine National Bank (PNB)
010090039   —   Philippine Trust Company  (Philtrust)
010330016   —   Philippine Veterans Bank  (Veterans)
010280014   —   Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.  (RCBC)
010140015   —   Security Bank Corp.  (SB)
010460012   —   The Bank of Tokyo Ltd
010050011   —   The Standard Chartered Bank
010419995   —   Union Bank of the Philippines  (UnionBank)
010299995   —   United Coconut Planters Bank  (UCBP)
010270341   —   United Overseas Bank Philippines  (UOB)

In the USA, a Routing No. is also called Routing Transit No. (RTN), or ABA Routing No. or checking account Routing No. It’s mainly used for tracking CHECKS.

Routing Nos. are issued by the American Bankers Association (ABA). The ABA developed Routing Nos. in 1910 mainly to track checks. Now, a Routing No. is also used in other negotiable instruments, automated clearinghouses, electronic funds transfer and online banking

For big banks with many branches in different states, the RTN denotes the region or location of the branch where the checking account was opened.

Paypal Codes for Philippine banks, according to Ebay Philippines
Upwork BRSTN
ABA Routing Nos.
Copies of several used Philippine bank checks

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  1. BPI family use the same code for BPI?

  2. is BRSTN and routing number the same? it confuses me.coz when search for MBTC's routing number there are 2 result.. 010269996 and 026002846

    i would highly appreciate your quick response.:)

    1. Hi Yoona: 010269996 is the routing no. of Metrobank in the Philippines. 026002846 is the routing no. of the New York City branch of Metrobank.

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