Can I Send Money to a BDO Cash Card?

Updated March 15, 2018

Send Money to a BDO Cash Card? 

Can I use Send Money to Any BDO Account to transfer money to a BDO Cash Card?

No. Not to a cash card. The Send Money to Any BDO Account service is for sending money only to a BDO checking or savings account.

There's a guide here: How to Send Money to Any BDO Account, to a BDO savings or checking account.

How Do I Transfer Money to a Cash Card Then?

First, enroll your cash card into your BDO online banking.
Then activate your enrollment using your atm card at a BDO ATM..

After your cash card is enrolled,
login into your BDO online banking,
and use the BDO Cash Card Reload service

You can also use the Quick Links

What account can I use to reload my BDO cash card?

Any one of these accounts:
 . Your savings account
 . Your checking account
 . Your other cash card

Is there a fee to reload my BDO cash card online?

No fee, It's free.

Up to how much can I reload to a BDO cash card online?

It depends on the type of cash card you are reloading:
 . Generic cash card (no name on the cash card) -- can contain only 10,000 pesos
 . Owner's name on the card -- can contain up to 25,000 pesos
 . Corporate cash card -- can contain up to 100,000 pesos

Can I enroll other people's BDO cash cards into my BDO online banking account?

Yes. You can enroll up to 20 other people's cash cards.

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