Investment Banks in the Philippines

What are the investment banks in the Philippines? Investment banks in the Philippines are also called investment banking firms or investment houses. They’re not really “banks” in the sense that we cannot just walk in to their premises and open deposit accounts or apply for bank loans. They do more complex activities. They serve corporations […]

Best Bank in the Philippines for Savings

The best bank in the Philippines for savings is a well-established bank that offers the biggest interest rate for savings accounts and is located near where you work or live.  But since the interest rates for savings account deposits are now negligible, like 0.25% annually, the best savings account would be an account with incentives […]

Bank Closures in 2019

As of today, February 16, 2019, there has been only one bank which was closed down since the start of the year 2019. It was Bagong Bangko Rural ng Malabang (Lanao del Sur), Inc. 1. Bagong Bangko Rural ng Malabang (Lanao del Sur), Inc. – Office address at 593 Bayan St., Brgy. China Town (Pob.) Malabang, […] 2008-2019 Frontier Theme