PayMaya Visa or Smart MasterCard Virtual Prepaid Card for OFWs

Several OFWs have been asking us how they can buy goods online, play games online or make payments online, as they don’t have Visa/MasterCard credit or debit cards, and they’re still one or more years away from their scheduled vacation in the Philippines.

If you’re an OFW and you don’t have an active Mastercard or Visa debit card or credit card, or you are not in a country where you can apply for an IRemit Visa card, you can ask your trusted family member to apply for a PayMaya Visa Virtual Prepaid Card or a Smart MasterCard Virtual Prepaid Card for you.

“Virtual” ang tawag kasi wala kang hawak na card. Ang meron ka is information — yong information na kelangan mong i-enter sa payment page when you buy or pay online.

You should ask help only from a trusted family member — a person who will never use your card details and your money to spend for himself or herself without your permission.

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 After registering for you, your trusted family member will send you the following:
            Account Name (Your First Name and Surname)
            Account No. (16 digits)
            Expiry Date (mm/yyyy)
            CVV2 or CVV or Security Code (3 digits)
            Address (Some websites ask for your address registered with PayMaya)

You can then use these details to buy or pay at any website that accepts VISA or MasterCard.
You must guard these VISA or MasterCard details because anyone can use these online. Remember, there’s no PIN or password that will be asked.

Another reminder is: Buy or pay only at trusted websites, like Amazon, EBay, Lazada, Zalora and other big well-known companies. Google reviews of companies that you don’t know.

You will also need help from your trusted family member to load money into your PayMaya VISA or Smart MasterCard virtual debit card so you can use it.

As of today, there’s no way yet to load your virtual prepaid card while you’re abroad. As this product continues to be enhanced, it’s likely that there will be ways to load abroad in the future.

This is how your trusted family member can apply for a virtual prepaid card:

How to Apply for the PayMaya Visa or Smart MasterCard Virtual Prepaid Card

1. Have your smartphone with Internet connection.
2. Click open your App Store or Google Play app.

2. Search PayMaya

3. Download PayMaya and click open

4. Register:
    Your name
    Your active email address
    Your active mobile number (can be any network)

5. Create your password.
     8 or more characters
     At least 1 capital letter, 1 small letter, 1 numeral
     No spaces

6. You will receive a verification code via text to your registered mobile number.

7. Enter verification code

8. Click “View Card”

9. Enter the following:

     Date of Birth
     House No../Building No., Street No., Subdivision
     Additional Address Information (optional)
     Zip Code

10. Receive a text that your account has been activated.

11. You will see your PayMaya Visa or Smart MasterCard Virtual Prepaid Card details:

     Account Name
     Account No.  (16 digits)
     Expiry Date   (Month and Year)
     CVV2 or CVV or Security Code (3 digits)

12. Printscreen so you can have a copy of your Virtual Prepaid Card.

13.  You can also copy your Account No., Expiry Date and CVV code
       and write it in your personal notebook.

My Personal Experience with PayMaya Visa Virtual Prepaid Card:

It was easy applying. I just followed the instructions above, and I got my own:
  . 16-digit PayMaya Visa Virtual Prepair Card number
  . 3-digit CVV or security code
  . Expiry date

How did I load money to my virtual Paymaya Visa?
  I used my BDO online banking account. The money was credited to my PayMaya after 2 hours. Tumama naman sa sinabi ng PayMaya na 2 hours ma-credit ang BDO money ko sa PayMaya. Merong text na ganito:

 You have received PHP________ on your PayMaya Account from BDO.
 Your available balance is PHP_________.
 Date and time of loading.

Where did I first use my virtual PayMaya Visa?
 I used it to pay my Globe postpaid bill on the Globe website
 On the payment page, I checked “Credit Card”
 I entered my:
         First Name and Surname
         16-digit Card Number
          3-digit security code or CVV
          Expiry date (mm/yyyy)
  It was processed, and I was able to pay my Globe bill.

Pag walang BDO online banking, saan puedeng mag-load ng pera sa PayMaya virtual card?

Where to Load Money into your PayMaya Visa or Smart MasterCard Virtual Prepaid Card:

LOAD over the counter at Robinson’s, SM and Smart Wireless:

. Robinson’s Department Store – Customer Service
. SM Malls – SM Business Center
. Smart Wireless Center
      Bring your valid ID
      Fill up the form. Write your mobile number
      Receive a text that your money was loaded into your PayMaya.

LOAD using the Cliqq Kiosk machine at 7-Eleven:
     Minimum to load is 100 pesos

     Go to the Cliqq Kiosk
     Tap “E-Money”, then “PayMaya Cash-In”
     Enter your mobile no. and amount
     Get the receipt and pay at the 7-Eleven counter.

LOAD using a TouchPay machine:
     You can find a TouchPay machine at selected branches of:
        Mini Stop
        Mercury Drug Store
        Petron gas station
        Total gas station
        South Star Drugstore
        SSS branch
        Globe store
        Resorts World Manila    
        DMCI Homes
        J.P. Morgan

      You can also find a TouchPay machine at the branches or offices of:
        Sky Cable
        Shell Select
        Sky Zone
        Davao Light
        Pasay City Hall    

      How to Load using a TouchPay machine:
        1. Select “E-Money”
        2. Select “PayMaya”
        3. Enter mobile number and amount
        4. Insert money into the machine and wait
        5. Receive a text saying your money is loaded

LOAD using a Union Bank ATM:
    You can use this if you own a Union Bank atm card.
       1. Insert your ATM card into a Union Bank ATM
       2. Enter your PIN
       3. Select “Bills Payment”
       4. Select “PayMaya”
       5. Enter mobile number (Format 639XXXXXXXXX)
       6. Enter amount
       7. For Type of Account, select Savings
       8. Wait for your transaction receipt

LOAD at selected Smart Padala outlets:
    Bring your valid ID.
    Ask the Smart Padala outlet if it’s loading PayMaya
    Fill out the form. Write your registered mobile number as your account number.
    Before leaving the outlet, wait first for a text saying your money is already loaded into your PayMaya.
    Loading charge is 0.5%

LOAD using Smart Money
    Go to Smart Money menu
    Select “Transfers”
    Select “Others”
    Enter 8877+ Mobile Number (your PayMaya mobile no.)
    Enter amount
    Enter your WPIN
    Loading charge is 0.5%

LOAD using your BDO online or mobile banking:
   Remember that your Subscriber No. is your Mobile No. you’ve registered with PayMaya.
   Use this format: 639XXXXXXXXX
   No need to pre-enroll PayMaya.

    1. Login to your BDO online banking or BDO mobile banking
    2. Choose “Financial Services”
    3. Click “Bills Payment”
    4. Click “Pay Bills”
    5. Click “Pay this Company/Biller”
    6. Choose Paymaya or Smart PayMaya
    7.  For Subscriber No., enter your mobile number in this format:
    8.  Enter your name
    9. Click Submit

     Wait for your load to be credited to your PayMaya within 2 hours.
      If you load within 10 pm to 9 am, your load will be credited within 48 hours.
      If you load on a weekend or a holiday, your load will be credited on the next working day.

How much can you load to a PayMaya or Smart Virtual Card?

    Up to 50,000 pesos a month.

Can I get my physical PayMaya or Smart Prepaid card when I take my vacation in the Philippines?

Yes, you can upgrade when you arrive in the Philippines using your smartphone.  You will pay 150 pesos for your PayMaya Visa or Smart MasterCard prepaid card.

How to verify your Paypal Account using your PayMaya or Smart Virtual Card:

Remember: Verify only when you’re in the Philippines, as PayMaya will send the 4-digit Paypal verification code to your mobile number.

1.  Make sure you have at least 150 pesos in your PayMaya or Smart Virtual Prepaid Card.
2. Login to your Paypal account.
3. Click “Profile”
4. Click “Add/Edit Credit Card”
5. Enter details of your PayMaya Visa or Smart MasterCard Prepaid Card:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Card Type (Visa or Mastercard)
    16-digit PayMaya or Smart Card No.
    Expiration Date: Month and Year
    Card Verification Number: Your CVV2 3-digit code
    Billing Address: Same address as your PayMaya or Smart address    

6. Click “Continue”
7. Wait for the 4-digit Paypal code that PayMaya will send to your mobile no.
8. Enter the 4-digit Paypal code
9. Click “Confirm Card”

How to transfer your Paypal money to your PayMaya or Smart Virtual Prepaid Card:

You can use only PayMaya Visa for transferring money from Paypal to PayMaya:
You cannot use your Smart MasterCard for Paypal withdrawal, only for Paypal verification.

1. Login to your Paypal account
2. Click “Withdraw” under your “Paypal balance”
3. Enter the amount to be withdrawn
4. Choose your PayMaya Visa account
5. Confirm

Minimum withdrawal amount from Paypal is 500 pesos
You can withdraw only in peso
Paypal will process your transfer within 4 business days
Paypal will deduct 250 pesos as withdrawal fee.

If you have a BPI account, the withdrawal fee from your Paypal account to your BPI account is cheaper — only 150 pesos.

Paypal withdrawal to a bank account is even cheaper with a Union Bank Eon Visa debit account, but this debit card requires an annual fee of 350 pesos.


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