PayMaya Bills Payment — List of Companies You Can Pay

Updated October 6 2019

Here’s a list of bills you can pay using your PayMaya mobile app.

You can pay bills issued by these companies:

Asian College
Asia Link Finance Corp.
Batangas Electric 1
Batangas Electric 2
BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
BENECO (Benguet Electric Cooperative Inc.)
BP Waterworks
BP Waterworks (Miscellaneous)
Cagayan I Electric Cooperative
Caritas Financial Plans
Caritas Health Shield
Cash ni Juan
Cebu Pacific
Chinatrust (CTBC Bank)
Chinatrust Cash Card
Collectius Philippines
Cotabato Light and Power
DCTV cable Network
DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs)
Davao Light and Power (DVOLT)
Destiny Cable
Easy trip
Equicom Savings Bank
Eternal Gardens
Eternal Plans
Finas Wide
First Advance Development
Fortune Medicare
Global Dominion
Globe Broadband
Globe Telecom
Goodhands (Miscellaneous)
Goodhands Water Services
Happy Well
Happy Well (Miscellaneous)
Home Credit
Iloilo Electric 1
Iloilo Electric 2
Laguna Water
Leyte Electric 2
Loyola Plans
Manila Memorial Park
Manila Water
Manulife China Bank
Marilao Water
Maynilad Water
Meralco Kuryente Load
Meycauayan Water District
My CATV/Asian Vision
Norzagaray Water
Pag-ibig Housing Loan
Pag-ibig Membership Savings
Pangasinan Electric 1
Pangasinan Electric 3
Paramount Insurance
PLDT Home (Use phone number format 63…… or 63 + area code + landline number)
PLDT Ultera (Smart MyBro)
Philippine Prudential Life
Pilipino Cable Corp. (Urdaneta)
Pru Life UK
PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority)
RCBC Bankard
San Jose Del Monte Water
Sky Affiliates
Sky Cable
Smart Communications (Bro)
Smart Communications (Postpaid)
St. Therese Columbarium
Sta. Lucia Waterworks
Sta. Maria Water District
Sterling Bank of Asia
Subic Enerzone
Sun Cellular (Digitel)
Sun Life Canada
Sun Life Financial
Sun Life Plans
Tarelco 2
Tanay Rural Bank
VECO (Visayan Electric Co.)
World Vision


How to Pay Your Bill Using your PayMaya app:

1. Login
2. Click  on  top left
3. Click “Pay Bills”
4. Choose the company you want to pay
5.  Enter the following:
Account Number
Telephone Number (optional)

Others need the following:
Service Reference Number (Smart Bro, PLDT Ultera)
Borrower Name  (NHMFC)
Payor Name   (NHMFC)
(NHMFC also needs you to enter whether your loan is Folio I, Folio II (UHLP) or PEA)

The only hassle of paying Meralco via the Internet is you need to enter the long Meralco Reference No.  26 digits!   Whew!  What if my eyes fail me?

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