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Interbank Transfer via INSTAPAY

You can send money online INSTANTLY from your bank in the Philippines to another bank in the Philippines through INSTAPAY as long as both sending and receiving entities are participants of INSTAPAY. The fee for sending online depends on your bank. It ranges from 5 pesos to 100 pesos. BDO charges 100 pesos per transaction. […]

How to Load Paymaya at a TouchPay machine

I was looking for drinks at the Alfamart convenience store at the ground floor of the Grace Residences in Taguig when I saw a TouchPay machine. I’ve read about it on the Paymaya website, so I decided to try to use it to load my Paymaya. It was easy, and the one-thousand peso bill that […]

PayMaya Bills Payment — List of Companies You Can Pay

Updated October 6 2019 Here’s a list of bills you can pay using your PayMaya mobile app. You can pay bills issued by these companies: AEON Asian College Asia Link Finance Corp. Batangas Electric 1 Batangas Electric 2 Bayantel BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) BENECO (Benguet Electric Cooperative Inc.) BP Waterworks BP Waterworks (Miscellaneous) […]

BPI Prepaid Card: My ePrepaid MasterCard — Just Like Credit Card

Updated November 19, 2015   Good news!  The load limit has increased to 100,000 pesos!   You can load Over the Counter at any BPI or BPI Family branch nationwide or through BPI electronic channels ——————————————– Buy online, pay online, or verify your Paypal without a credit card. Apply for the new BPI prepaid card — MY […]

BDO Cash Card Reload or Deposit

Updated July 8, 2016 Here are recent rules on BDO Cash Card Reload. Reload ang tawag nila, at hindi Deposit, kasi ang Cash Card is NOT a regular savings account. Hindi siya insured, walang interest, at hindi ito puedeng depositohan ng check. 1.  You can Reload your cash card or another person’s cash card   […]