BPI Prepaid Card: My ePrepaid MasterCard — Just Like Credit Card

Updated November 19, 2015
  Good news!  The load limit has increased to 100,000 pesos!  
You can load Over the Counter at any BPI or BPI Family branch nationwide or through BPI electronic channels

Buy online, pay online, or verify your Paypal without a credit card. Apply for the new BPI prepaid card — MY ePREPAID MASTERCARD — which can be used to buy online, just like how you use a credit card to buy items or pay for services on the Internet.

This is good for those who don’t have a credit card, but who want to pay for promo airfares, and lots of other promo products.

PROS (Good things about My ePrepaid MasterCard):

– No maintaining balance
– 100% approval, meaning lahat makakakuha basta merong 1 valid ID and 500 pesos for processing
– Can be used to buy online, in all websites that accept MasterCard (choose Credit Card as payment option)
– Can be used to buy in stores in the Philippines and in other countries (stores that accept MasterCard)
– Can be used to pay restaurants in the Philippines and in other countries (restaurants that accept MasterCard)
– No need for PIN. Present the card and sign the sales slip.
– Only 500 pesos to purchase the prepaid card
– Valid for 2 years (so only 250 pesos for one year)
– It’s just like a credit card: it has a 16-digit card number, has a 3-digit card verification code, and has a validity period or expiry date
– Can be used to verify Paypal
– No fee to use the card (but ask merchant if they add fees, especially if you’re abroad)
– Load or reload over-the-counter at BPI, at BPI cash acceptance machines or via funds transfer in your BPI Internet banking account
Maximum load limit has been increased to 100,000 pesos!  When this card was launched, the maximum limit was only 10,000 pesos.
– Free balance inquiry via phone. Call 89-100, within GMMA.
– Children as young as 10 years old and who have IDs can apply for their ePrepaid MasterCards. But they should apply together with their parents.
– Enjoy discounts and freebies from BPI Real Thrills

CONS (Limitations)

– You CANNOT WITHDRAW money from the ePrepaid card… not thru ATM, not over the counter, and not via online funds transfer. This means that if you have a tight budget, load your card only if you need to buy online.
– You can not make balance inquiry via ATM machines.
– Balance inquiry via text is 2.50 per text

Is there a way I can take cash out of My ePrepaid MasterCard prepaid card?

Yes, there is. BUT ONLY at the time you CLOSE your My ePrepaid MasterCard. And before closing, you need to open a BPI Express Cash Card or Money Card, so the teller can transfer your ePrepaid balance to your cash card. This feature may change without prior notice.

How to apply for a BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard?

You can apply online, fill out the form, submit it, print it, and then bring the filled-up form 5 days after online application, together with 1 valid ID and your 500 pesos.

You can also apply directly at any BPI, BPI Family branch, or BPI Express Banking center in Greater Metro Manila (NCR, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga) and go back 5 days after to claim your prepaid card.

How do I check my balance through TEXT?
Only for Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers:
Type BALEC <your 16-digit My ePrepaid card number>, and send to 2274

How do I make balance inquiry via phone?

1.  Dial 89-100
2.  Press 4 for BPI Express Cash
3.  Press 1 to inquire for the balance of your card
4.  Key-in your 16-digit My ePrepaid MasterCard number

Dial +63-2-89-10000 if you’re abroad

Note: The other local bank debit/prepaid card that can be used to buy online and to verify Paypal is the Union Bank EON card, which requires an annual fee of 350 PHP.  Philippine Savings Bank has also started issuing its PSBank Prepaid Mastercard.


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