BPI Prepaid Card: My ePrepaid MasterCard — Just Like Credit Card

Updated November 19, 2015
  Good news!  The load limit has increased to 100,000 pesos!  
You can load Over the Counter at any BPI or BPI Family branch nationwide or through BPI electronic channels

Buy online, pay online, or verify your Paypal without a credit card. Apply for the new BPI prepaid card — MY ePREPAID MASTERCARD — which can be used to buy online, just like how you use a credit card to buy items or pay for services on the Internet.

This is good for those who don’t have a credit card, but who want to pay for promo airfares, and lots of other promo products.

PROS (Good things about My ePrepaid MasterCard):

– No maintaining balance
– 100% approval, meaning lahat makakakuha basta merong 1 valid ID and 500 pesos for processing
– Can be used to buy online, in all websites that accept MasterCard (choose Credit Card as payment option)
– Can be used to buy in stores in the Philippines and in other countries (stores that accept MasterCard)
– Can be used to pay restaurants in the Philippines and in other countries (restaurants that accept MasterCard)
– No need for PIN. Present the card and sign the sales slip.
– Only 500 pesos to purchase the prepaid card
– Valid for 2 years (so only 250 pesos for one year)
– It’s just like a credit card: it has a 16-digit card number, has a 3-digit card verification code, and has a validity period or expiry date
– Can be used to verify Paypal
– No fee to use the card (but ask merchant if they add fees, especially if you’re abroad)
– Load or reload over-the-counter at BPI, at BPI cash acceptance machines or via funds transfer in your BPI Internet banking account
Maximum load limit has been increased to 100,000 pesos!  When this card was launched, the maximum limit was only 10,000 pesos.
– Free balance inquiry via phone. Call 89-100, within GMMA.
– Children as young as 10 years old and who have IDs can apply for their ePrepaid MasterCards. But they should apply together with their parents.
– Enjoy discounts and freebies from BPI Real Thrills

CONS (Limitations)

– You CANNOT WITHDRAW money from the ePrepaid card… not thru ATM, not over the counter, and not via online funds transfer. This means that if you have a tight budget, load your card only if you need to buy online.
– You can not make balance inquiry via ATM machines.
– Balance inquiry via text is 2.50 per text

Is there a way I can take cash out of My ePrepaid MasterCard prepaid card?

Yes, there is. BUT ONLY at the time you CLOSE your My ePrepaid MasterCard. And before closing, you need to open a BPI Express Cash Card or Money Card, so the teller can transfer your ePrepaid balance to your cash card. This feature may change without prior notice.

How to apply for a BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard?

You can apply online, fill out the form, submit it, print it, and then bring the filled-up form 5 days after online application, together with 1 valid ID and your 500 pesos.

You can also apply directly at any BPI, BPI Family branch, or BPI Express Banking center in Greater Metro Manila (NCR, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga) and go back 5 days after to claim your prepaid card.

How do I check my balance through TEXT?
Only for Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers:
Type BALEC <your 16-digit My ePrepaid card number>, and send to 2274

How do I make balance inquiry via phone?

1.  Dial 89-100
2.  Press 4 for BPI Express Cash
3.  Press 1 to inquire for the balance of your card
4.  Key-in your 16-digit My ePrepaid MasterCard number

Dial +63-2-89-10000 if you’re abroad

Note: The other local bank debit/prepaid card that can be used to buy online and to verify Paypal is the Union Bank EON card, which requires an annual fee of 350 PHP.  Philippine Savings Bank has also started issuing its PSBank Prepaid Mastercard.


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  1. hndi po ba nkkain ung avail balance pag d nagamit ung card?

  2. Question from chadclark about card inactivity 08/21/15
    Will the balance not disappear if the card is not used?
    According to the terms, the card should be used at least once within 120 days. Call BPI 89-100 if you're nearing 120 days from your last card use

  3. What is the minimun amount that i can reload?

    1. If you are loading from your savings account via phone, the minimum is 50 pesos. If via ATM cash deposit, I think it's 100 pesos. If over-the-counter, maybe 50 pesos.
      If via online banking, I think you can load any amount because you can enter any amount — anyway I think the online system will tell you the minimum, if there's a minimum, and you entered an amount below the minimum.

  4. pwede ba siya magamit in other country ?

  5. About use of BPI Prepaid in another country:
    Yes, this BPI ePrepaid Mastercard debit card can be used to pay purchases in another country because it is linked with Mastercard, an international payment network.

  6. 1.Hello! I just want to know if I can Have BPI eprepaid Card?
    Im 15 Years Old.
    2.Can I use my School ID?
    3.Can I Register/Apply in "any" BPI Branch Here In Philippines?
    4.Where Can I Get the card If I already Registered?
    5.How many Days Can I Get the Card?
    6.Can I withdraw money on that? If Can. where?
    7.Where Can I reload in Eprepaid Card?
    8.Can I buy Online?
    9.Can I use Paypal Account when Paying?
    10.How much I need to pay to get the card?

    1. Hi Michael,
      1. Yes, 15-year-old teeners can apply for this prepaid card.
      2. Yes, you can use your school ID.
      3. Yes, you can apply at any BPI or BPI Family branch, or any BPI Express outlet.
      4. Get the card where you applied.
      5. You will be advised when to return to get your card, up to a week.
      6. No, you cannot withdraw money from your prepaid card. You have to use it for purchase or payment. However, if you decide not to renew your card, you will be advised on how to get your cash back.
      7. You can load your card through any BPI cash deposit machine. Insert your prepaid card. Choose Special Services. You can also load through any BPI branch over the counter. Use the BEA assistant machine. Choose Bills Payment.
      If you have a BPI atm card, you can load through a BPI atm machine. Choose Special Services. You need to know your 16-digit prepaid no. If you have BPI online banking, you can transfer money online from your savings account to your prepaid card.
      8. Yes, you can use your prepaid card to buy online.
      9. Yes. Add first your prepaid card to your Paypal account. If you use Paypal for payment, and you don't have enough Paypal balance, Paypal will get money from your prepaid card. Paypal will use their buying rate to change your pesos into US dollars.
      10. You pay 500 pesos for card processing.

  7. hello.. my choices kg san na place mu xa pwede makuha.. preferred nearest branch.. taz 500 ung payment.. if u have a bpi savings accnt u can transfer funds sa prepaid card mu..yes u can purchase online.. prang credit card dn kc xa peri dpende sa balance mu ang eppurchase mu..

  8. Hi. Can I open this account and use it abroad?

    1. Hi Chin, yes, this is a Mastercard debit card, so you can use it abroad at stores that accept Mastercard. The card will use the peso-dollar exchange rate set by Mastercard at the time of purchase abroad.

  9. Kasama rin po ba sa mga perks or promos yung purchases na magagawa using my eprepaid mastercard?

  10. how much is the daily limit in the amount the bpi my eprepaid card can be used to pay online goods or services? Is that 100,000 or is the 100,00 for the whole month already?

    1. 100k is Maximum load or maximum balance
      It means the card can contain only up to 100,000 pesos at any one time. But you can spend 100k or more a month, or a week or a day. You just have to load again and again. Just remember that the maximum balance at any time is 100k. If today you have used up already your 100k, and you want to buy or pay some more today, then load again today 10k or 50k or 100k or any amount up to 100k.
      For example, initially, you have 100k, then you spent 60k, so the available money in your card becomes 40k. Immediately, you can load 60k so your available money will again be 100k. You can't load 60,500 or 41k or more because the total balance will become more than 100k.

    2. But of course there could be maximum limits in frequency of loading and reloading 100k within a day to prevent money laundering activities.

  11. Hello! Just wondering if the e-prepaid card can process refund like any other credit cards?

  12. About refunds: I haven't experienced returning a product purchased online, but I think so, because we use this prepaid card as Mastercard credit card when buying online, but it really depends on the merchant and its return/refund policy. There are merchants, like local merchants, that accept Mastercard credit cards but do not refund through Mastercard, but through bank deposit or merchant credits/vouchers.
    When the money is refunded via Mastercard, the amount could be lower due to the lower exchange rate used by Mastercard.

  13. hi! can i use BPI eprepaid paying DHA(dubai health authority) exam through online? im on the credentialing step. hope you can answer me. thanks

    1. Using EPrepaid to Pay DHA Exam:
      Yes, EPrepaid is a Mastercard debit card but it can be used as a credit card online. Mastercard is an international payment system. When choosing mode or type of payment, choose CREDIT CARD, not debit card. You will enter the 16-digit card no., the expiry date and the security code or CVC code at the back of your card. Make sure that the required payment amount in dirham is available in your card in peso.

  14. paano po mag load ng money sa prepaid card ko if andito ako sa abroad

  15. How do I load my prepaid card if I'm abroad?
    Sorry there's no counter there where you can load. If you have a BPI deposit account and you have BPI online banking, you can enroll your EPrepaid so you can transfer money to it.
    The other option is for you to ask your family to deposit cash over the counter at any BPI branch. Give your 16-digit card no. Tell them to use the BEA machine at the branch so they can get a queue number. Select "PAYMENTS" then "OTHER MERCHANTS", then enter 16-digit card no.

  16. Hi, I have a BPI ePrepaid Mastercard, and I want to enroll a study program online. It's a Canada based online course worth $300. You mentioned a lot that it can be used for international transaction. How bout American dollar currency? Will it automatically convert itself? I'm just afraid I can't withdraw back my 300$ which is likely Php13,ooo. Help? Should I deposit the money to my card and try it??

  17. Hi, I have a BPI ePrepaid Mastercard. I want to enroll to an online study program. It's a Canada based Online course worth $300. The website is linked with MasterCard and Visa. You mentioned a lot that this card can be used for International online transactions. However, I'm just skeptic if it will automatically convert the PHP to US$. Should I go for it using this card? I'm just afraid I can't withdraw the money back . Thanks for answering

    1. Hi Vianca, yes, you can use your ePrepaid Mastercard as a credit card to pay online. Yes, when you pay, the Mastercard system will convert $300 into pesos and the amount in pesos will be automatically deducted from your peso money.

  18. can I use my bpi e prepaid card to pay bills on sm bills and payment?

    1. Hi Bea, sorry no. For offline use, you use it only to pay for goods/products at Mastercard-linked stores.

  19. Can i use it to avail 0% interest in installment mode? I just got my indigo card and it cost 350 na lang. Because im from Pampanga.

    1. Zero-interest installment: Sorry, the 0% interest installment promo is only for credit cards. This card is a prepaid or debit card. You load money into your card so you can use it to pay goods online.
      I wrote that it's like a credit card because you can use it to buy products on the Internet.

  20. meron po bang transaction history itong ecard? How can i see my transaction history when i purchase online so that i could verify my receipt? Minsan kc hinihingi ng mercahant yung receipt..

    1. Hi bruce: yes, if you have a BPI savings account, enroll in BPI online banking, then enroll your ePrepaid to your account, so you can track your ePrepaid purchases.
      You can open an Easy Saver account. In the meantime, if you have an issue about a current purchase, you can call 89-100.
      By the way, it's also a good practice to print-screen your online payments.

  21. How long will the money be posted on the prepaid card after you load it over the cointer?

  22. How long will the money be posted on the prepaid card after you load it over the cointer?

  23. How long will the money be posted on the prepaid card after you load it over the cointer?

  24. Can i put dollars on eprepaid card?

  25. Good pm..mam why i cant use my eprepaid in booking tickets?i still have money in it.

    1. Airline booking using BPI ePrepaid: Na-deny na ba dati ang ePrepaid mo dahil kulang pala ang balance? Usually meron nang red flag ang card number pag ganoon. Kapag hindi naman, you can call BPI 89-100.
      Alam mo naman siguro na meron dito online na BPI ePrepaid Inquiry to check your balance?

  26. Hello po. Pagkukunin na yung card 500 lng po ba tlaga ung babayaran? . Kasali naba dun ung paunang deposit mo para sa card o panibagong bayad namn for the initial deposit. Thanks po.

  27. Hello Ms Tamba. I read from the previous thread about the 0% interest in installment plan as you have replied na this only is applicable for credit card users.. Pero possible pa din po ba syang gamitin for installment plan on purchases sa mga stores except online? I hope to hear from you as I am planning to use mine to purchase a new phone sana.. 🙂

    1. About installment plan for buying a phone: Sorry hindi puede itong prepaid card for installment purchases. Kung meron kang government ID and another ID with your home address, meron na ngayong Home Credit na nagpapa-installment sa mga phone stores. Meron ding mga Sun Cellular stores na nagpapa-installment ng mga phone plans basta meron kang income documents.

  28. Hi po… pwede din ba sya pang purchase ng online ticket sa PAL or Cebu Pacific?

    1. Hi Dyo: Yes, basta check your balance and make sure it's enough to buy your ticket. Sa payment page, enter your name, card number, expiry date and 3-digit security code. Sometimes your address and phone number are required.

  29. Hi, how to check the transaction history of the ePrepaid card tru bpi online? Thanks!

    1. How to check ePrepaid history via BPI Online banking: You can view only your 5 last transactions. You need to enroll first your ePrepaid card. Login to your BPI online banking. Click "Payments & Reloading". Choose "Express Cash/ Express Money Order". Choose "Enroll Express Cash/ Express Money Order". Choose the method of enrollment you prefer.

    2. If already enrolled, how to check those last 5 transactions then? Please answer completely its very important. I might be dealing with a scam right now huhu

  30. Hi, pwede ba mag-load/fund ng BPI My ePrepaid Card directly from Paypal balance?

    1. Transfer Paypal money to BPI ePrepaid: Sorry it's not possible to transfer Paypal money to your BPI eprepaid card.
      The other way around is allowed –>> use your BPI ePrepaid money to fund your Paypal. After you have linked your ePrepaid to your Paypal, you can purchase online and Paypal will automatically get money from your ePrepaid if your Paypal balance is not enough to pay your online purchase.

    2. Cause I'm current working online and get paid through Paypal, so I do have actual funds in Paypal. What I would like do is purchase online using the ePrepaid card(MasterCard) as form of payment and asking if possible to transfer my Paypal funds directly to ePrepaid.

    3. Sorry, it's not allowed by BPI. I have not tried it. But BPI says it's not allowed. It's here: BPI ePrepaid Mastercard FAQs What you can do is to transfer your Paypal money to your Paypal-linked bank account.

    4. So I'll have to do it manually then. How about transferring funds from my current BPI account(Easy Savers) to ePrepaid card via Online Banking? Free? If not, how much is the transfer fee?

    5. It's free. Enroll first your ePrepaid into "Payments and Reloading." Choose Prepaid Cards

  31. Can I use it for installment..

  32. Can I use it for installment..

  33. Can I reload my ePrepaid with my Dollar account via the mobile app?

  34. Hi. My prepaid card is already showing on my bpionline account but when i go to load the card, it says you don't have any enrolled card and asks me to submit the form to enroll the card, which is frustrating because i already submitted that form, twice! before it showed up in this account.

    Has anyone experienced this, it's been frustrating to back and forth to the bpi branch. than you

  35. hello

    I renew my card po tapos pag magttransfer ako dun sasabihin na invalid yung acct destination. Need ko ba ulit enroll yun sa acct ko???

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