BPI Bank Subsidiary Branches Abroad

Here’s a list of BPI Bank Subsidiary Branches Abroad

Bank of the Philippine Islands Europe PLC was established in 2007 in London, England with approval by the UK Financial Services Authority. It offers remittance services, savings and checking accounts, time deposits and credit cards to Filipinos who are working in the UK or who are already residents of the UK.


BPI Europe PLC – London (Earl’s Court)
BPI Europe London – Earl’s Court
26A & 27A Earl’s Court Gardens
Phone: (+44) 207-8350088
Fax: (+44) 207-3731848
Email: bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com

BPI Europe PLC – London (Threadneedle)
4th Floor, 28/29 Threadneedle St.
Phone: (+44) 207-6389100
Fax: (+44) 207-6386838
E-mail: bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com

BPI has closed down its banking and remittance operations in Italy on June 1, 2016. It announced it will focus on expanding its operations in the United Kingdom.

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