Bank of the Philippine Islands Branches Abroad

Updated August 11, 2021

Are You Looking for Bank of the Philippine Islands Branches Abroad?

There’s now only one Bank of the Philippine Islands abroad, and that’s Bank of the Philippine Islands Europe PLC in London. When it launched in 2007, it offered retail banking and remittance services to Filipinos and Filipino immigrants in the UK.

But in 2019, it stopped offering remittance services and other retail banking services and went into wholesale banking.

London, United Kingdom (UK)

These branches now offer WHOLESALE BANKING only

BPI Europe PLC – London (Earl’s Court)
BPI Europe London – Earl’s Court
26A & 27A Earl’s Court Gardens
Phone: (+44) 207-8350088
Fax: (+44) 207-3731848

BPI Europe PLC – London (Threadneedle)
4th Floor, 28/29 Threadneedle St.
Phone: (+44) 207-6389100
Fax: (+44) 207-6386838

BPI Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Representative Office

BPI Representative Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Shop No.1 Al Diyafah Bldg.
Al Mankhool Road, Al Hudaiba
Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone: (+971) 43542977
Fax No.: (+971) 43542978
Mobile: (+971) 504590282, (+971) 566244165, (+971) 504584413
Contact Persons:
Ruel Carlos R. Cruz
Don Ryan V. Daya
Emil Jay B. Pamatmat

BPI Japan, Representative Office in Tokyo

BPI Representative Office in Japan
Kohinata Sunny Heights Rm 404
4-5-10 Kohinata, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 112-0006 Japan
Phone: JP Mob: (+81) 90-8805-1274
Viber: (+63) 9958692717
Contact Person: Voltaire D. Lopez

BPI Hong Kong, Remittance Centers

There are 3 branches of BPI Remittance Center HK Ltd. in Hong Kong:

BPI Remittance Center HK Ltd., Tsuen Wan Branch

Shop 258, 2nd Floor, Lik Sang Plaza 269 Castle Peak Road
Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong
Phone: (+852) 2684-9088
Fax No.: (+852) 2692-4088
Contact Person: Gary C. Flores

BPI Remittance Center HK Ltd., Worldwide Branch

Shop 114, 1st Floor, Worldwide House
19 Des Voeux Road, Central Hongkong
Phone: (+852) 2522-7105 | (+852) 2521-5366
Contact Persond: Stephen I. Go
Charius Voltaire B. Medina

BPI Remittance Center HK Ltd., Yuen Long Branch

Shop 18 B2 2/F Tung Yik Building
No. 88 Yu King Square, Yuen Long
New Territories, Hong Kong
Phone: (+852) 2443-5377
Fax No.: (+852) 2443-5477
Contact Person: OIC Joeffrey F. Fajardo

How about Bank of the Philippine Islands branches in Italy?

BPI has closed down its banking and remittance operations in Italy on June 1, 2016. It announced it will focus on expanding its operations in the United Kingdom.

BPI Remittance Partners

  • XOOM (Send using and your US-based bank accounts or US-based credit or debit cards)
  • Remitly
  • WorldRemit
  • ExpressSend (Wells Fargo Bank around the USA)
  • Ria Money Transfer
  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • TeleMoney (Arab National Bank (ANB)) — You can go to Telemoney Centers or you can use ANB Net, ANB mobile app or ANB ATMs
  • Quick Pay (Saudi National Bank, formed by the merger of National Commercial Bank (NCB) and Saudi Arabian bank Samba in April 2021).
  • UAE Exchange
  • Tahweel Al Rajhi (Al Rajhi Bank in the Middle East)
  • Enjaz (Bank AlBilad in the Middle East) — You can use AlBilad mobile app, AlBilad Net, AlBilad ATM, Enjaz Self-Service Machine, Enjaz POS, and Enjaz Centers

BPI Correspondent Banks

If you need to send a big amount of money in a single transfer, maybe to buy a house or a car or a business franchise, it might be better to send your money to your BPI account or your family’s BPI account in the Philippines through wire transfer.

A wire transfer is much safer because you’re transacting with your banks. Yes, the fees will be bigger, but you’ll be able to track your funds transfer. Make a wire transfer with a BPI correspondent bank, so there will only be 2 banks that you will transact with. A wire transfer can be received the same day, or within 2 to 3 business days.

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Notes: There are nearly 1,200 Bank of the Philippine Islands branches in the Philippines and abroad and nearly 3,000 ATMs and Cash Accept Machines (CAM) around the Philippines.

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