BPI Correspondent Banks in South Korea

Here’s a list of BPI correspondent banks in South Korea. 

If you’re making a wire transfer from South Korea to the Philippines, it makes sense opening an account in a Philippine bank that has correspondent banks in Korea. This way, the wire transfer will involve only two banks — the correspondent bank in Korea and your Philippine bank.  If your Philippine bank doesn’t have a correspondent bank in Korea, the bank in Korea will involve a third bank — the correspondent bank of your Philippine bank, and this will mean additional wire transfer charges.

How to Make a Wire Transfer to BPI:
1.  Visit your bank.
2.  Request for a wire transfer or telegraphic transfer.
3.  You will be given a wire transfer form.
4.  Fill up the form.
     Usual information you need to provide:
       . Your name, address, contact nos. and account details
       .  Amount to be transferred
       . Your recipient’s BPI branch name, account name, and account number
       . Swift code for any BPI or BPI Family branch in the Philippines is BOPIPHMM
5.  Submit the form and present your cash.
6.  Bring your IDs, in case these are required

BPI Correspondent Banks in South Korea

Bank of America, National Association (BofA NA)
Busan Bank
Citibank Korea
Hana Bank
Industrial Bank of Korea
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association
Kookmin Bank
Korea Development Bank
Korea Exchange Bank
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Limited
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
Shinhan Bank
Standard Chartered First Bank Korea Limited
The Bank of New York Mellon
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LTD
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Wachovia Bank, National Association
Woori Bank

Another Philippine bank that has correspondent banks in Korea is Metrobank.
Here’s a list of Metrobank correspondent banks in South Korea.

BPI Remittance Partner in South Korea

BPI Correspondent Banks in South Korea


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  1. Can I print a bank certificate from BPI to the bank link here like woori bank? Or other bank affiliated by BPI? Thank you very much.

  2. here in Korea and I need to know if I can use BPI corresponding bank machines to set it up instead. Please response. Thank you and more power .

  3. Hi zharahjane, do you mean to send money through atm machine in Korea? Sorry no, you cannot. You must go to the bank's branch.
    Are you asking if you can withdraw from an atm machine in Korea using a Philippine-issued atm card? Yes, if your atm card has a Mastercard or Visa logo, and the atm machine has a Mastercard or Visa logo.

  4. Oh sorry there was some error in first one. What I mean is that I have a BPI account in the Philippines and it was registered Online and it was stated that for me to be able to transfer money to anyone I need to set up the ATM card. I am staying now here in Korea and I need to know if I can use BPI corresponding bank machines to set it up instead, or is there any BPI bank branch in here? Please response. Thank you and more power .

  5. Hi zharahjane sorry there's no BPI branch or BPI atm in Korea. You can email expressonline@bpi.com.ph and ask how you can activate your online banking enrollment while you're in Korea.
    If your online banking was already activated before here in the Philippines, and you're already using your online account, you can use your smartphone to download the BPI app from App Store or GooglePlay, login using your online username and password, and then go to Select "Enable Transfer to Anyone" then "Activate via Signed Form." You will send the signed form to the BPI address given. Always remember to log out, and not let others use your phone.

  6. How can you transfer money from citibank korea to a BPI account in the philippines?

    1. Hi Maria Raquel, if you have an account with Citibank Korea, you can request for a wire transfer to BPI Philippines. You will be given a form to fill up. You need to know your recipient's BPI branch name, account name and account no. Usually, you need to know also your recipient's phone no. The Swift code for any branch of BPI Philippines is BOPIPHMM
      If you don't have a Citibank account, ask Citibank if they offer wire transfers for non-Citibank account owners.

    2. Hi,
      will it be expensive to send money from citibank to bpi?
      How much does it cost?Any idea?

      Thank you very much.

  7. Hi i want to open bank account in bpi in Philippines but i'm here in korea
    Is it possible and how?

    1. Hi. There's no BPI office in Korea. It's Metrobank that has branches there. You can ask Metrobank if they can help you open a Philippine-based Metrobank account: Metrobank branches in South Korea

    2. Kookmin Bank and Hana Bank are remittance partners of BDO. You can ask them if they can help you open a Kabayan account with BDO.

  8. Hi Ms Nora. Thank you for writing these helpful infos. I just have one question though. Ho about sending money via internet banking. The sender has Kookmin Bank account and simply wanted to send money through internet banking. Will it be possible? Thank you and God bless

  9. Hi can I use my bpi card in Korea for withdrawing?

    1. About withdrawing in Korea using a BPI card: Does you atm card has a Cirrus logo at the back? If yes, find an atm machine that has a Cirrus logo or Mastercard logo. Try making a balance inquiry first to check the BPI-Cirrus connection. Cirrus will use its own Philippine peso-Korean won conversion rate.

    2. Charge for balance inquiry is 1 US dollar. Charge for withdrawal is 3.50 US dollars.

    3. Thank you 😊

    4. 250 pesos another charge for using the BPI atm machine

  10. Hello maam! Do you know how many days process of this? My fiance will send me money thru bank. Is there a require account to use? I mean, is it ok to use an account savings ATM is Bpi? Or should I open a passbook account? Which is very expensive to open. I have an savings account in ATM. Can he still send me money in bpi? Even I only have savinga account ATM. Thanksss 😉

    1. Hi Sushi, yes, your fiance can send money from abroad to your BPI atm savings account. You don't need to open a passbook account. Just send him your account no. If he uses a wire transfer, the swift code of BPI is BOPIPHMM. Send him also your account name, account number, bank name, and bank branch.

  11. Good afternoon, my friend wants to send me money from Korea, I am using ATM savings international. Is it possible and how much is the sending charges?

  12. Hello! My friend wants to send me money through my BPI ATM savings account. Is BPI money transfer charges expensive? thank you.

  13. hello ms nora,im in the philippines now,is there any way i can withdraw money using my woori bank account or atm here in the philippines

    1. Can I use my Woori bank atm here in the Philippines?: Does your atm card have a Mastercard or Visa logo? Yes, you can withdraw at an atm that displays Mastercard or Visa logo. Or any other logo in your atm card that is displayed in an atm in the Philippines. There's a withdrawal charge: 200 pesos or more. Remember also that you're withdrawing pesos from the atm and not korean won.

    2. You can use your Woori bank atm cards at Bancnet atm machines in the Phils to withdraw money from your bank account in South Korea. Charge could be 200 pesos or more per atm withdrawal

  14. hello ms nora,im in the philippines now,is there any way i can withdraw money using my woori bank account or atm here in the philippines

    1. Woori Bank atm card: You can use your Woori atm card at any Bancnet atm in the Philippines. Remember that what will come out of the atms here in the Philippines are peso bills. Atm withdrawal charge might be 200 pesos or more.

  15. Hello Ms. Nora. I had been using Nori Visa card which was left to me by a Korean together with the password. This is for the purpose of withdrawing payment for our online classes. I also use this card for other students besides her. Is there anyway I can check the history of payment so as to know if other students are paying the exact amount or there has been delay in payment. Thank you so much. Mabuhay po.

    1. Hi Red Bic: Sorry but you can only check the history of that card if you're the owner and if you've enrolled it in online banking.
      When you use that card at the atm machine, try to see if there's an option like "Other Transactions" or "Special Services" or "Other Services" and see if there's Check Previous Transactions.
      Some banks offer history through the atm, but only for up to the previous 3 transactions. And I'm not sure if this service is offered even in other banks' atm, specially that your card's account is also based in Korea. Best wishes din sa online classes mo.

    2. Salamat po. Mabuhay po.

  16. Hi, Ms. Nora! First of all, thank you for this helpful post. I would just like to ask if I can make a wire transfer from BPI to Woori Bank, and how does the process go? Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Hi Nikchan: thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts. Means a lot to me. Encourages me.
      About wire transfer, yes, you can make a wire transfer from BPI to Woori Bank, but you need to have a BPI peso or foreign-currency account. BPI will source the money that you will send to Woori Bank from your BPI account.
      To transfer, just ask for a wire transfer form and fill it up. The Swift code of Woori Bank in Seoul, South Korea is HVBKKRSE. Know your recipient's account name and no. and branch.
      According to BPI's website, the minimum charge is 600. Will increase depending on amount and purpose (cheaper if personal purpose, not business).

  17. Good Day, i would like to ask 1 query i am working in Turkmenistan and i am in a korean company our salary is being transfered directly from korea to our bank accounts in philippines but the money being transfered to our account has a deduction of 50$ more or less i would like to ask if why we are being deducted that big amount?

  18. Hi Maam, I want to know if it is possible for a BPI account to send money to a korean based bank account? If not, may I know what can I do to send money to a korean based account? Thank you.

    1. Hi Marie: Yes, go to your BPI branch and request to make a wire transfer to a South Korean bank account. Bring your ID and passbook or atm card.

  19. Hi Ms. Nora. I just want to ask, what if the international card(Korean based) is not named after me. How will I transact with BPI?

    1. International card from Korea: Ask your sender to give you the ATM PIN so you can withdraw from a BPI machine. Usually the atm withdrawal charge is 200 pesos per transaction.

  20. Hi ms. Nora, would you know how much the charge is when sending a wire transfer from bpi to a korean bank?

  21. Hi, how many days does it take when doing a wire transfer from Shinhan Bank to BPI Philippines?

  22. Hi Ma'am, I will be receiving my salary from Korea to Philippines thru my BPI account. However, my employer says that they cannot transact the money due to wrong swift code, but I gave this swift code # BOPIPHMM, still not successful.They said is has XXX. Please advise. Thanks!

    1. BPI Swift Code: BPI's Swift code is BOPIPHMM, but if the bank in Korea insists on the 11-digit Swift code, give BOPIPHMMXXX. The XXX stands for the code of the BPI branch. But BPI does not have codes for its branches, so XXX is used. For Philippine banks, there's no need for branch code because all remittances from abroad go through the main office. This is the reason why Philippine banks have only 8-digit Swift codes.

  23. Can I ask if still available to transfer fund from Shinhan Bank to metro bank? Thank your

  24. hi Ms. Nora,i would like to ask is it possible to make a fund transfer online from woori bank or kookmin bank any time in my bpi online account? thanks

    1. Online fund transfer from Woori Bank: Yes, but you need first to register with Woori Bank's Direct Remittance Service so you will get a remittance card. You will also register the BPI account number of your receiver.

  25. Hello. What are the easy and cheap ways to send money from Korea to Philippines? I just opened my BPI account but my students in Korea are worried about the bank charges. I'll be receiving their tuition through the bank. If you have any idea about shinhan bank or citibank korea, or any other bank international remittance fee, please tell me. Thank you.

  26. Hi Good evening..I would like to ask how many days the money will arrive to my account because my Korean boss sent me the thru mobile banking…but I was wondering when I check my bpi account, there was no money in it…thanks

    1. Hi andring, kung debited sa bank account niya, at hindi Kookmin Bank or Woori Bank, medyo madedelay kasi yan lang 2 banks na yan ang partner ng BPI. Ay July pa pala itong question na ito, sorry, siempre nakuha mo na ito.

  27. Mary Edda Ardales

    Hi! good day! i just want to ask if is it possible to send money to korea via kookmin bank through bpi bank here in the philippines? thank you!

    1. Hi Mary Edda, yes, puede, pero ang alam ko dapat dollar account sa Kookmin ang papadalhan mo, pero ask mo rin kung nagco-convert na sila into Korean money. Punta ka lang sa BPI, preferably sa branch of account mo with your IDs and your BPI atm card and account details.

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