List of Banks in the Philippines

By Nora
Some lists have been updated in March 2013:

Here are several lists of banks in the Philippines:

Savings banks

Universal banks, updated April 2014

Commercial banks, updated April 2014

Government banks

Philippine banks abroad, as of April 2014

Branches of foreign universal banks

Branches of foreign commercial banks

Subsidiaries of foreign commercial banks

Are there how many banks in the Philippines?

Top Banks, by Loans Granted, Sep 2012

Top Banks, based on assets as of June 2012

Top Rural Banks, 2012 

 Top 39 Savings Banks, by assets June 2012

Top 20 banks, based on deposits, as of December 2010

Top 20 banks, based on assets, as of December 2010

Top 10 banks based on assets, capital and deposits, as of September 2010

Most searched banks, according to Alexa

Banks friendliest to small business (ratio of small business loans to total loans)

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  1. Is there any bank in the philippines from where its simple to send money to a bank in europe, using online banking. same like in europe banks you are able to send money to any account in the world, but in the philippines this is not possible or i not found a bank where its possible. properly there is a bank i like to know the bank to open a account.