List of Philippine Banks Overseas

Here’s a list of Philippine banks abroad. Some are bank branches and others are subsidiary banks.
They offer banking services, including remittance services, foreign exchange, and trade finance.

A Philippine bank branch abroad is a foreign branch of a bank incorporated in the Philippines.
A Philippine subsidiary bank abroad is incorporated in the host country.

Philippine National Bank Branches and Subsidiary Banks Abroad
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1.   PNB Hongkong Branch
2.   PNB Tokyo Branch
3.   PNB Nagoya Sub-Branch
4.   PNB Los Angeles Branch
5.   PNB New York Branch
6.   PNB Queens (NY) Extension Office
7.   PNB Singapore Branch
8.   PNB Singapore Limited Purpose Branch
9.   PNB Europe PLC – Paris Branch
10. PNB Europe PLC – London Branch
11. PNB Europe PLC – Victoria Branch
12. PNB Bahrain Branch
         (formerly Allied Bank Bahrain)
13. PNB Guam Branch
        (formerly Allied Bank Tamuning, Guam Branch)
14. Allied Bank Philippines (UK) PLC – Rochester Row*
15. Allied Banking Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd Kowloon Branch*
16. Allied Banking Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd Central Branch*
17. Allied Commercial Bank Xiamen China (PNB Subsidiary)
18. Allied Commercial Bank – Chongqing Branch

* These might need updates due to the merger of PNB and Allied Bank in February 2013, with PNB as the surviving entity.
In the UK, the merger of PNB Europe PLC and Allied Bank Philippines UK PLC has also been approved.

Metrobank Branches and Subsidiaries Abroad 
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1. Metrobank Japan – Tokyo Branch
2. Metrobank Japan – Osaka Sub-Branch
3. Metrobank Taipei Branch
4. Metrobank Seoul Branch
5. Metrobank Pusan Branch
6. Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd. Nanjing Head Office
7. Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd. Nanjing Branch
8. Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd. Shanghai Branch
9. Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd. Shanghai Pudong Sub-Branch
10. Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd.Changzhou Branch
11. Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd. Quanzhou Branch
12. Metrobank New York, USA
13. Metrobank Bahamas
         (No remittance service)

BPI Bank Subsidiary Branches Abroad
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Bank of the Philippine Islands Europe PLC

1. BPI Europe PLC London (Earl’s Court)
2. BPI Europe PLC London (Threadneedle)
Note: BPI has closed down its operations in Italy in June 2016
3. BPI Europe PLC — Rome
4. BPI Europe PLC — Milan

BDO Branch Abroad

BDO Hong Kong Branch
Ground Floor, Euro Trade Centre
13-14 Connaught Road C., Hong Kong
(00852)2901-0220 (English/Fukien/Tagalog)
(00852)2901-0288 (English/Cantonese)

As of today, BDO has only one branch abroad.
Its subsidiaries abroad are remittance companies.

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