Top Rural Banks in the Philippines

Updated April 10, 2022

Here are the 100 TOP RURAL BANKS in the Philippines, 

based on TOTAL ASSETS, as of December 2021, as published by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on its website

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Table of Contents:
. List of the top 100 Rural Banks in the Philippines as of December 2021
. Notes on some Rural Banks in the December 2021 List
. What are Rural Banks?
. What Happened to Rural Banks No Longer in the Latest Lists?
. Previous Rural Bank Rankings: March 2021, Dec 2020, Dec 2019, June 2018, March 2018, Sep 2017

TOP 47 Rural Banks — The Billionaire Rural Banks! — as of December 2021

1BDO Network Bank54.75 B
2East West Rural Bank29.07 B
3Card Bank (A MF RB)21.41 B
4Guagua Rural Bank6.88 B
5Card MRI Rizal Bank6.41 B
6Tonik Digital Bank5.88 B
7Cebuana Lhuillier RB5.44 B
8FicoBank4.67 B
9BOF Inc. Rural Bank 4.46 B
10Quezon Capital RB4.02 B
11Agribusiness Rural Bank3.84 B
12GM Bank of Luzon3.69 B
13Metro South Coop Bank3.66 B
14Rang-ay Bank3.61 B
15Country Builders Bank2.85 B
16TR Bank (A Rural Bank)2.77 B
17RB of Angeles2.72 B
18Marayo Bank (A Rural Bank)2.54 B
19 Enterprise Bank (A Rural Bank)2.54 B
20Katipunan Banking2.52 B
21Coop Bank of Cotabato2.43 B
22Summit Bank2.28 B
23Ilocos Consolidated Cooperative2.27 B
24Cantilan Bank2.18 B
25Mindanao Consolidated2.17 B
26RB of Porac2.10 B
27Bangko Mabuhay1.97 B
28New RB of San Leonardo1.82 B
29Camalig Bank1.82 B
30Consolidated Cooperative Bank1.70 B
31RB of Cauayan1.49 B
32One Unified Rural Bank of Cavite1.44 B
33Mt Carmel Rural Bank1.43 B
34First Imperial Business Bank1.41 B
35MVSM Bank1.40 B
36RB of Barili (Cebu)1.38 B
37Imus Rural Bank1.30 B
38RB of Digos1.20 B
39Zambales Rural Bank1.16 B
40RB of Central Pangasinan1.16 B
41Gateway Rural Bank1.15 B
42First Philippine Partners Bank1.09 B
43RB of San Mateo (Isabela)1.06 B
44Coop Bank of Benguet1.05 B
45Mactan Rural Bank (Lapu-Lapu)1.02 B
46Lifebank – A Rural Bank1.01 B
47First Tagum Rural Bank1.01 B

48th to 100th Rural Banks

48Malarayat Rural Bank990 M
49RB of Guinobatan973 M
50Highland Rural Bank972 M
51Mallig Plains RB (Isabela)942 M
52RB of Magdalena (Laguna)934 M
53RB of Rizal (Zamboanga del Norte)928 M
54RTB Bank, A Rural Bank902 M
55Coop Bank of Palawan899 M
56 Coop Bank of Quezon Province898 M
57Bankways Inc. (A Rural Bank)881 M
58PlanBank RB of Canlubang Planters881 M
59RB of Sta Ignacia867 M
60RB of Solano (Nueva Vizcaya)864 M
61Village Bank (A Rural Bank)848 M
62Banco Laguna840 M
63RB of Tangub City (Mis Occ)827 M
64RB of Bambang (Nueva Vizcaya)822 M
65RB of Gattaran (Cagayan)820 M
66RB of Maria Aurora (Aurora)812 M
67RB of Lebak (Sultan Kudarat)797 M
68BHF Rural Bank777 M
69Cooperative Bank of Nueva Vizcaya774 M
70RB of Rosario (La Union)752 M
71Common Wealth Rural Bank710 M
72RB of San Pascual (Obando Bulacan)705 M
73RB of Dumangas 695 M
74RB of Pola (Oriental Mindoro)689 M
75Entrepreneur RB672 M
76Saviour Rural Bank656 M
77RB of Bagabag (N.V.)647 M
78RB of Itogon (Benguet)642 M
79Laguna Prestige Banking Corp.637 M
80Rural Bank of San Antonio630 M
81Cooperative Bank of Bohol618 M
82Bangko Montanosa614 M
83RB of Pilar (Bataan)582 M
84RB of Cardona (Rizal)578 M
85RNG Bank569 M
86Dungganon Bank568 M
87Coop Bank of Cagayan567 M
88South Bank (A Rural Bank)561 M
89Commty RB of Dapital City561 M
90RB of Jaen550 M
91Bayanihan Bank542 M
92Welcome Bank (Rural Bank)533 M
93RB of Paracale (Camarines Norte)525 M
94Aliaga Farmers Rural Bank521 M
95Innovative Bank (A Rural Bank)519 M
96RB of Pilar (Sorsogon)509 M
97RB of Bayombong502 M
98RB of Montalban494 M
99Secured Bank485 M
100Lagawe Highlands483 M

TOP 38 — 38 Billionaire Rural Banks! as of March 2021

1BDO Network Bank46.22 B
2East West Rural Bank29.21 B
3Card Bank20.07 B
4Guagua Rural Bank6.32 B
5Card MRI Rizal Bank5.97 B
6Cebuana Lhuillier RB4.95 B
7FicoBank4.28 B
8BOF Inc. Rural Bank 4.07 B
9Quezon Capital RB3.89 B
10Agribusiness Rural Bank3.57 B
11Metro South Coop Bank3.53 B
12Rang-ay Bank3.49 B
13RB of Angeles2.88 B
14Country Builders Bank2.88 B
15Katipunan Banking2.52 B
16Coop Bank of Cotabato2.37 B
17Summit Bank2.32 B
18Marayo Bank2.25 B
19Cantilan Bank2.22 B
20Ilocos Consolidated2.05 B
21Mindanao Consolidated2.01 B
22RB of Porac2.00 B
23Bangko Mabuhay1.98 B
24PBCom Rural Bank1.90 B
25Camalig Bank1.73 B
26New RB of San Leonardo1.72 B
27RB of Cauayan1.46 B
28Mt Carmel Rural Bank1.44 B
29One Unified Rural Bank of Cavite1.37 B
30MVSM Bank1.36 B
31RB of Barili (Cebu)1.32 B
32Zambales Rural Bank1.18 B
33RB of Central Pangasinan1.17 B
34Aspac Rural Bank1.16 B
35Coop Bank of Benguet1.10 B
36RB of Digos1.08 B
37Gateway Rural Bank1.06 B
38First Imperial Business Bank1.03 B

39th to 100th Top Rural Banks, as of March 31, 2021

39RB of San Mateo (Isabela)995 M
40Lifebank981 M
41Highland Rural Bank970 M
42First Tagum Rural Bank956 M
43Malarayat Rural Bank949 M
44RB of Magdalena921 M
45Mactan Rural Bank918 M
46RB of Rizal (Zamboanga del Norte)912 M
47Mallig Plains RB (Isabela)888 M
48Coop Bank of Quezon Prov 863 M
49 RBT Bank848 M
50 PlanBank RB of Canlubang841 M
51Bankways Inc.834 M
52RB of Sta Ignacia822 M
53RB of Guinobatan802 M
54RB of Maria Aurora (Aurora)792 M
55RB of Tangub City (Mis Occ)788 M
56RB of Bambang (Nueva Vizcaya)784 M
57Tonik Digital Bank774 M
58RB of Solano (Nueva (Vizcaya)772 M
59Community RB of Catmon (Cebu)766 M
60Village Bank753 M
61RB of Gattaran (Cagayan)751 M
62RB of Pola (Oriental Mindoro)740 M
63RB of Rosario (La Union)737 M
64RB of Lebak (Sultan Kudarat)732 M
65Entrepreneur RB706 M
66BHF Rural Bank704 M
67RB of Dumangas 701 M
68Coop. Bank of Nueva Vizcaya670 M
69Saviour Rural Bank661 M
70RB of San Pascual (Obando Bulacan)654 M
71RB of Bagabag (Nueva Vizcaya)636 M
72Laguna Prestige Banking Corp.633 M
73RB of San Antonio617 M
74RB of Itogon (Benguet)612 M
75Common Wealth RB611 M
76Bangko Montanosa606 M
77RB of Pilar (Bataan)595 M
78Cavite United RB572 M
79RB of Cardona (Rizal)563 M
80RB of Jaen558 M
81Innovative Bank556 M
82Coop Bank of Cagayan548 M
83Community RB of Dapitan City542 M
84Cooperative Bank of Bohol538 M
85RB of Paracale (Cam Norte)522 M
86South Bank519 M
87Banco Laguna511 M
88RB of Bayombong502 M
89RB of Montalban500 M
90RB of Pilar (Sorsogon)498 M
91Dungganon Bank492 M
92Bayanihan Bank486 M
93Aliaga Farmers RB470 M
94RNG Coastal Bank470 M
95FBC First Bank of Calaca466 M
96RB of Bay Inc.461 M
97Benguet Center Bank455 M
98RB of Mangaldan450 M
99Secured Bank449 M
100RB of Mabalacat448 M

Notes on some Rural Banks in the List Above:

GM Bank of Luzon (No. 9 in Dec 2020 Ranking, headquartered in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija) is missing in above March 2021 Ranking. Maybe it missed the report submission deadline?
Tonik Digital Bank is now licensed as a Digital Bank by the BSP. It was the second bank approved by the BSP to operate as a digital bank.
Card Bank. Unlike the other 2 billionaire rural banks which are owned by 2 of the biggest banks in the country, Card Bank is a a microfinance-oriented rural bank and a member of the group known as the CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) whose top aim is to help small businesses, families and communities. It’s based in San Pablo City, Laguna.

What Are Rural Banks?

Rural banks are banks that serve primarily rural communities. They operate as savings and credit facilities for farmers, fishermen, merchants, rural cooperatives, small business enterprises and other members of rural communities.
A rural bank is organized as a stock corporation and fully owned by Filipino citizens and organizations.

The minimum capitalization for a rural bank is 10 million pesos. That’s for a rural bank with one office and established in a 4th class to 6th class municipality outside the NCR.
In the NCR, the minimum capitalization for a rural bank with one to 10 branches is 75 million pesos.

What are the banking services that rural banks can do, according to BSP regulations?

What Happened to Rural Banks No Longer in the Top Rural Banks List?

  • One Unified Rural Bank of Cavite Inc. (OUR Bank) resulted from the mergers of Rural Bank of General Trias Inc., Rural Bank of Maragondon Inc., Bangko Noveleta Inc. A Rural Bank and Sto. Nino Rural Bank of Ternate, Cavite. Consolidation was registered with the SEC on December 12, 2019. OUR Bank started as a consolidated rural bank on July 1, 2020. BSP Circular Letter No. CL-2020-031
  • PBCom Rural Bank (previously #21) has been acquired by Producers Savings Bank Corp., with the merger taking effect on April 15, 2021, according to BSP Circular Letter No. CL-2021-040
  • Katipunan Bank (previously #16) has merged with Rural Bank of Siocon (Zamboanga del Norte) Inc. into a new rural bank named Katipunan Banking Corp. (A Rural Bank)
  • FICOBank means First Isabela Coop Bank
  • TRBank means Tanay Rural Bank
  • Summit Bank is Rural Bank of Tublay

40 Billionaire Rural Banks in the Philippines, December 2020

1 BDO Network Bank – 40.76 Billion Pesos
2 East West Rural Bank – 28.26 B
3 Card Bank – 18.95 B
4 Card MRI Rizal Bank – 6.40 B
5 Guagua Rural Bank – 6.10 B
6 Cebuana Lhuillier RB – 4.62 B
7 FicoBank – 4.33 B
8 BOF Inc. Rural Bank – 4.03 B
9 GM Bank of Luzon – 3.92 B
10 Quezon Capital RB – 3.85 B
11 Agribusiness Rural Bank – 3.55 B
12 Metro South Coop Bank – 3.52 B
13 Rang-ay Bank – 3.42 B
14 RB of Angeles – 2.97 B
15 Country Builders Bank – 2.88 B
16 Coop Bank of Cotabato – 2.51 B
17 TRBank – 2.44 B
18 Cantilan Bank – 2.34 B
19 Summit Bank – 2.31 B
20 Marayo Bank – 2.24 B
21 Bangko Mabuhay – 1.99 B
22 Ilocos Consolidated – 1.99 B
23 RB of Porac – 1.97 B
24 Mindanao Consolidated – 1.89 B
25 New RB of San Leonardo – 1.74 B
26 Camalig Bank – 1.67 B
27 Consolidated Cooperative – 1.42 B
28 RB of Cauayan – 1.40 B
29 Mt Carmel Rural Bank – 1.39 B
30 MVSM Bank – 1.36 B
31 One Unified Rural Bank of Cavite – 1.34 B
32 RB of Barili (Cebu) – 1.30 B
33 Zambales Rural Bank – 1.20 B
34 Aspac Rural Bank – 1.14 B
35 RB of Central Pangasinan – 1.14 B
36 RB of Digos – 1.11 B
37 Coop Bank of Benguet – 1.04 B
38 Gateway – 1.04 B
39 Lifebank – 1.01 B
40 First Imperial Business Bank – 1.00 B

Notable Changes in the Ranking of Rural Banks from Dec 2019 to Dec 2020

  • Cebuana Lhuillier RB moved up from #13 to #6, from 3B to 4.62B in total assets
  • Agribusiness Rural Bank moved up from #14 to #11, from 2.94B to 3.55B
  • Coop Bank of Cotabato moved up from #20 to #16, from 2.16B to 2.51B
  • TRBank moved up to #17, to 2.44B
  • Mt Carmel Rural Bank moved to #29 to 1.39B
  • One Unified Rural Bank of Cavite is ranked #31 to 1.34B (see merger details below)

39 Top Rural Banks in the Philippines, Dec 2019

based on TOTAL ASSETS, as of December 2019, as published by the BSP on its website

Here are the 39 Billionaire Rural Banks!

1BDO Network Bank32.56
2East West Rural Bank29.91
3Card Bank18.25
4Guagua Rural Bank5.70
5Card MRI Rizal Bank5.16
7Metro South Coop Bank4.22
8GM Bank of Luzon4.17
9BOF Inc. Rural Bank 3.79
10RB of Angeles3.66
11Quezon Capital RB3.57
12Rang-ay Bank3.16
13Cebuana Lhuillier RB3.00
14Agribusiness Rural Bank2.94
15Country Builders Bank2.92
16Katipunan Bank2.39
17Cantilan Bank2.38
18Marayo Bank2.37
19Summit Bank2.23
20Coop Bank of Cotabato2.16
21PBCom Rural Bank2.15
22Bangko Mabuhay2.07
23RB of Porac2.04
24Ilocos Consolidated1.75
25Mindanao Consolidated1.72
26Camalig Bank1.71
27New RB of San Leonardo1.66
28Consolidated Cooperative1.55
29RB of Cauayan1.34
30MVSM Bank1.33
31Imus Rural Bank1.28
32Zambales Rural Bank1.22
33RB of Barili (Cebu)1.21
34Aspac Rural Bank1.19
35RB of Central Pangasinan1.09
36RB of Digos1.08
37Coop Bank of Palawan1.04
38Lifebank 1.03
39Gateway 1.01

38 Top Rural Banks, Based on Assets as of June 2018

1One Network Bank27.15
2East West Rural Bank19.07
3Card Bank13.51
4Guagua Rural Bank4.85
5First Isabela Coop Bank4.08
6GM Bank of Luzon3.66
7Quezon Capital Rural Bank3.53
8Metro South Coop Bank3.27
9BOF Inc. A Rural Bank3.17
10Rizal Bank2.99
11Rang-ay Bank2.92
12Country Builders Bank2.88
13AMA Rural Bank of Mandaluyong2.62
14Banco Dipolog2.49
15Katipunan Bank2.46
16Cantilan Bank2.40
17RB of Angeles2.11
18Summit Bank2.10
19Insular Savers Bank1.97
20Bangko Mabuhay1.80
21Coop Bank of Cotabato1.79
22Marayo Bank1.74
23Mindanao Consolidated1.52
24Ilocos Consolidated1.44
25RB of Cauayan1.35
26New RB of San Leonardo (NE)1.34
27RB of Pandi (Bulacan)1.31
28Camalig Bank1.25
29MVSM Bank1.23
30Imus Rural Bank1.18
31Consolidated Cooperative Bank1.17
32RB of Barili (Cebu)1.14
33Zambales Rural Bank1.14
34Aspac Rural Bank1.05
35Peoples Bank of Caraga1.04
36RB of Central Pangasinan1.02
37PlanBank (Rural Bank of Canlubang Planters)1.00
38PlanBank (Rural Bank of Canlubang Planters)1.00

35 Top Rural Banks in the Philippines, based on Assets as of March 2018

1One Network Bank27.22
2East West Rural Bank20.11
3Card Bank12.86
4Guagua Rural Bank4.70
5First Isabela Coop Bank4.09
6GM Bank of Luzon3.69
7BOF Inc. A Rural Bank3.20
8Metro South Coop Bank3.10
9Country Builders Bank2.82
10Rang-ay Bank2.80
11Rizal Bank2.67
12Katipunan Bank2.50
13Cantilan Bank2.34
14Banco Dipolog2.26
15RB of Angeles2.20
16Summit Bank2.03
17Insular Savers Bank1.75
18Bangko Mabuhay1.73
19Coop Bank of Cotabato1.67
20Marayo Bank1.66
21Mindanao Consolidated1.58
22Ilocos Consolidated1.42
23RB of Cauayan1.37
24New RB of San Leonardo (NE)1.35
25RB of Pandi (Bulacan)1.24
26MVSM Bank1.19
27Peoples Bank of Caraga1.19
28Camalig Bank1.17
29Imus Rural Bank1.12
30Consolidated Cooperative Bank1.12
31RB of Barili (Cebu)1.11
32Aspac Rural Bank1.02
34RB of Central Pangasinan1.00
35PlanBank (Canlubang Planters)1.00

Rural Banks That Moved Up in Ranking from Sep 2017 to March 2018:

  • Country Builders — from No. 16 to No. 9
  • Rizal Bank — from 14 to 11
  • BOF — from 9 to 7
  • RB of Angeles — from 18 to 15
  • Insular Savers — from 22 to 17
  • Coop Bank of Cotabato — from 21 to 19
  • Imus Bank — from 31 to 29
  • Rang-ay Rural Bank — from 11 to 10
  • Banco Dipolog — from 15 to 14
  • Summit Bank — from 17 to 16
  • Bangko Mabuhay — from 19 to 18
  • Mindanao Consolidated — first-time appearance in the list
  • Ilocos Consolidated — first time appearance in the list
  • Peoples Bank of Caraga — first-time appearance in the list
  • MVSM Bank — from 27 to 26
  • Consolidated Cooperative — from 31 to 30
  • Aspac — from 33 to 32

34 Top Rural Banks in the Philippines, by assets as of Sep 2017

2017  2016
1One Network Bank28.151
2East West Rural Bank22.612
3Card Bank11.223
4Guagua Rural Bank4.504
5First Isabela Coop Bank3.905
6GM Bank of Luzon3.456
7Quezon Capital RB3.428
8Metro South Coop Bank3.0210
9BOF Inc. A Rural Bank2.9111
10AMA Rural Bank of Mandaluyong2.729
11Rang-ay Bank2.5415
12Katipunan Bank2.4813
13Cantilan Bank2.4112
14Rizal Bank2.1719
15Banco Dipolog2.1414
16Country Builders Bank2.0616
17Summit Bank1.8817
18RB of Angeles1.7630
19Bangko Mabuhay1.6421
20Marayo Bank1.5625
21Coop Bank of Cotabato1.5322
22Insular Savers Bank1.5018
23RB of Cauayan1.3424
24New RB of San Leonardo (NE)1.2341
25RB of Pandi (Bulacan)1.2329
26People’s RB (Gen Santos)1.20
27MVSM Bank1.1931
28Camalig Bank1.1427
29Consolidated Cooperative Bank1.1428
30RB of Barili (Cebu)1.1234
31Imus Rural Bank1.0936
33Aspac Rural Bank1.0535
34PlanBank (Canlubang)1.0237

4 Top Rural Banks based on 4 Factors (Assets, Deposits, Capital and Loans Granted), as of Sep 2017

1One Network Bank
2East West Rural Bank
3Card Bank
4Guagua Rural Bank

5 Rural Banks No Longer in Sep 2017 List

Five rural banks that were in the TOP 33 list in September 2016 but no longer in the TOP 33 list in September 2017:
• Valiant Bank moved down from Rank 33 to Rank 40.
These 4 other banks below are missing from the entire BSP ranking as of September 2017. I’m guessing they were delayed in submitting their financial reports to the BSP.
• Sep 2016 Rank 7   Agribusiness RB
• Sep 2016 Rank 20  RB of Porac (Pampanga)
• Sep 2016 Rank 23  Mt Carmel RB
• Sep 2016 Rank 26  Peoples Bank of Caraga

BIGGEST JUMPS in Rural Bank Ranking!
People’s Rural Bank (General Santos City) moved up from outside the Top 100 in September 2016 to Rank 26 in September 2017
• New RB of San Leonardo (NE) moved up from Rank 41 to 24
• RB of Angeles moved up from Rank 30 to 18
• Rizal RB moved up from Rank 19 to 14
• Bank moved up from Rank 25 to 20
• Imus Rural Bank moved up from 36 to 31
• Rang-ay RB moved up from Rank 15 to 11
• RB of Pandi (Bulacan) moved up from 29 to 25
• MVSM Bank moved up from Rank 31 to 27
• RB of Barili (Cebu) moved up from 34 to 30

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