Philippine Banks in the US — Are There Only Two?

Updated March 2021

Yes, there are only two Philippine banks in the US licensed to operate as banks.

The other “Philippine banks” you might have encountered in the US are operating as remittance firms, money transfer operators or remittance partners of Philippine banks.

Philippine banks in the US

Philippine National Bank and Metrobank are the only Philippine banks licensed to offer banking services in the USA. They’re operating as US branches of the Philippine-based banks  Metrobank and PNB.



10 East 53rd Street
New York, New York 10022
Phone: 1 (212) 832-0855
Toll free: 1 (800) 863-8762
Fax: 1 (212) 832-0993
Business Hours:
Mondays to Fridays — 9am to 5pm
Saturdays — 10am to 1pm (for remittances only)

Metrobank New York has been insured by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) since June 1983 under FDIC No. 33656. Its primary federal regulator is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Metrobank New York is also a designated lender of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank).



561 7th Ave. 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 790-9600
Business Hours: Monday to Friday — 9am to 3pm


PNB New York Branch is licensed by the New York State Banking Department and also regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
It is not a member of the  US FDIC.


69-18 Roosevelt Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: (718) 898-6113
Business hours: Mon to Fri — 9am to 3pm, Saturday — 9am to 1pm


316 W. 2nd Street, Ste. 700
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(Bounded by Broadway and Hill Streets)

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday — 9am to 3pm
Saturday — 9am to 1pm
Closed on Sundays, federal holidays and Saturdays that fall before or after the federal holiday

Email for general enquiries:
Email for loan inquiries:
General manager 213-401-1802
Operations head 213-401-1800 ext 214
Loan officer 213-401-1800 ext 212
Branch staff 213-401-1800 ext 201, 202 or 206
Fax: 213-401-1803

Website: PNB Los Angeles

PNBLA is regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF) and the California Department Business Oversight (CADBO).

You have a lot of other remittance options if you’re far from Philippine banks in the US.

There are US-operating remittance service companies owned by Philippine banks.

BDO Remit (USA) Inc.
BPI Express Remittance Corporation
Metro Remittance Center Inc. (U.S.A.)
Metro Remittance Center (California) Inc.
MB Remittance Center (Hawaii) Ltd.
PNB Remittance Centers Inc. (PNBRCI) — at least 46 PNBRCI branches across the US
RCBC North America

Filipino-Owned or Filipino-American Owned Non-Bank Money Transfer Companies that Send Money to the Philippines from the USA

  • I-Remit Inc.
  • Lucky Money Inc. (LMI Express)
  • LBC Express
  • MLhuillier Financial Services
  • Johnny Air Cargo Padala (their website does not mention money transfer, but Johnny Air Cargo is in the World Bank Remittance price comparison chart for US-Philippines money transfers)

Filipino-owned or Filipino-American-owned money transfer companies

registered with the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO)under its Directory of Money Transmitters

  • BDO Remit (USA) Inc.
  • Mundial Corporation
  • Lucky Money, Inc.
  • M. Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc.
  • Remittance Centers, Inc.

Reference: California Department of Business Oversight

US Bank-Owned Money Transfer Service

. Wells Fargo Express Send (through BDO, BPI, PNB, Cebuana Lhuillier and MLhuillier)
. Citibank Global Funds Transfer (Free transfers for account owners of Citibank Philippines)

International Money Transfer Operators that Send Money from the USA to the Philippines

. Moneygram
. Western Union
. Xoom
. Transferwise
. Remitly
. World Remit
. Xpress Money
. Sigue Money Transfer (BDO, LBC, MLhuillier and Cebuana Lhuillier)
. Uniteller
. Transfast / New York Bay Remittance
. Small World
. Walmart2World Money Transfers (Powered by Moneygram)
. Pangea Money Transfer (download the Pangea Mobile App)

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