Philippine Savings Bank

Philippine Savings Bank?

Are you looking for a list of Philippine Savings banks?
If yes, here’s a list of Philippine savings banks or thrift banks.
And here’s a list of the top savings banks in the Philippines by assets as of September 2017.

Or are you looking for Philippine Savings Bank, the subsidiary of Metrobank?

Philippine Savings Bank, more popularly known as PSBank, is the thrift subsidiary of Metrobank.
It is the second biggest thrift bank in the Philippines by assets, capital, loans granted and net worth.
As of September 2017, its total assets was 221.3 billion pesos.

Head office:
PSBank Center
777 Paseo de Roxas Avenue corner SedeƱo Street
Makati City, Philippines 1226
Phone Nos.: (632) 885-8208 / 944-1753 / 944-1772


Customer Experience Hotline 24/7:  (632) 845-8888
Fax No.: (632) 845-0048

Number of branches: 255

Number of ATMs: 600


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Popular Products:

PSBank Prepaid Mastercard
  For remittance, allowance, store purchase, online purchase
  No annual fee
  No maintaining balance
  Reloading fee at PSBank branch: 10 pesos
  Reloading through PSBank Online or PSBank Mobile: Free

PSBank Debit Mastercard
 Comes with Savings Account

PSBank ATM Savings Account
You receive your ATM card upon account opening
Maintaining Balance: 2,000 pesos
Maximum for point-of-sale purchase: 25,000 pesos per day

Penalty for falling below maintaining balance for 2 consecutive months: 300 pesos per month
Transfer to account in another bank via ATM: 25 pesos
                                                           via PSBank mobile and online banking: 150 pesos

Withdrawal and balance inquiry at PSBank ATMs: Free
Balance inquiry at Metrobank ATMs: Free
Withdrawal from Metrobank ATMs: 7.50 pesos
Withdrawal from Bancnet or ExpressNet: 10 pesos
Balance inquiry at Bancnet or ExpressNet: 1 peso
Withdrawal abroad from Mastercard ATMs: 3.50 US dollars per withdrawal
Balance inquiry from Mastercard ATMs: 1 US dollar per inquiry
Denied transaction abroad due to insufficient funds or excess withdrawal:

PSBank Overseas Filipino Savings Accounts or OFW Savings Account

No initial deposit
No maintaining balance
Earns interest
You get your personalized ATM card upon application

Can be opened by OFWs and their beneficiaries
Average daily balance to earn interest: 5,000 pesos

PSBank Auto Loan
  . Prime Rebate: You earn a rebate on a daily basis if you pay in advance of your due date,
                            of if you pay in excess
  . Minimum loan amount: 100,000 pesos
  . Loan term: 1 to 5 years 

PSBank Home Loan
   . Loan Amount: P500,000 to P25 million pesos
   . Up to 80% of the property’s appraised value
   . Term: Up to a maximum of 10 years for residential lot
               Up to 25 years for house and lot, townhouse, duplex or condo
   . Prime Rebate: You earn rebates when you pay in excess or in advance of your due date
   . Interest rate fixing: Choose a fixed term option that will lock your interest rate for every succeeding period of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years, until the principal amount is fully paid.

PSBank Flexi Personal Loan
Options: Fixed term loan or Revolving credit line
Loan amount: 20,000 to 250,000
Term for fixed loan: 24 or 36 months
Interest rate: 2.5% monthly rate for the revolving loan
                     1.75% monthly add-on-rate for fixed term loan 

Prime Rebate:  You earn rebates when you pay in excess or in advance of due date 

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