Bank of America Philippines

The Philippine office of Bank of America Philippines, or Bank of America, National Association, is in Makati:

Bank of America, N.A.
27th Floor, Philamlife Tower
8767 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 1226
Phones: 815-5000 / 815-5600
Fax: 815-5582

It is a commercial bank branch of the US-based bank Bank of America and it has only one office in the Philippines. It serves mainly corporations, institutions and government agencies.

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For US-based Bank of America account owners visiting the Philippines:

  • There is only one Bank of America office in the entire Philippines, and it serves only corporations, institutions and government agencies. This office is in Makati. See above address.
    You cannot make over-the-counter deposits or withdrawals at this office.
  • There is no Bank of America ATM in the Philippines from which you can withdraw money.
  • Where will you withdraw money using your US ATM or debit card?
    • Find an ATM that displays the same logo (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) on your ATM card. MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus belong to the same network.
    • Your best bets are the ATMs of HSBC, Citibank, Metrobank, PNB, BPI and BDO.
    • The usual withdrawal fee is 200 to 250 pesos per withdrawal.
    • There are maximum ATM withdrawal limits. 10,000 pesos is the usual maximum limit for major banks.
    • For other banks, the maximum is 4,000 pesos.
    • HSBC ATMs might still be generous up to today, so withdraw at an HSBC ATM if you see one.
    • In the past, its maximum was 40,000 pesos, and there are foreign ATM cards that can be used without paying the Philippine ATM fee of 200 or 250 pesos.
    • In addition to the 200- to 250-peso withdrawal fee, your US bank might also charge you for overseas ATM withdrawal.
  • When traveling to the Philippines, bring with you more than one card, so you will have more than one option when withdrawing. Or bring enough cash. Declare your cash at the NAIA Immigration office if you’re bringing in more than US$10,000.
    But the best plan is to:

    • Limit your cash to less than $10,000 so you don’t have to tell anyone how much money you have.
    • Bring several ATM or debit cards with you, linked to different payment networks (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
    • Inform your US banks you’ll be using your ATMs overseas for a certain period of time.

If you need to send money to your account in the U.S.:

  • You can send money through wire transfer at the Philippine bank where you have an account.
    • Just go to your branch and request a wire transfer.   
    • BDO’s wire transfer is done only through Mobile and Online banking.
  • You can send money using Western Union, whose outlets are spread out all over the Philippines.

If you’re a US pensioner looking for a way to receive your US pension while residing in the Philippines, go to this post on Direct Deposit accounts for US pensioners.

As of September 2017, Bank of America, N.A. has 21.22  billion pesos in total assets. It’s No. 31 in a ranking of all the 43 universal and commercial banks in the Philippines, based on total assets as of September 2017.

It has granted regular loans amounting to 1.2 billion pesos
and loans arising from RA/CA/PR/SLB amounting to 4 billion pesos.
Its total capital adequacy ratio is 44.87% and its tier 1 CAR is 44.35%

In the Asia Pacific region, the US-based Bank of America Merrill Lynch has a network of 23 offices in 12 countries and territories, serving mostly corporations, governments and institutions. It also supports more than 60 charities through grants and volunteers.


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  1. My father has a cheque that came from the Bank of America (US-based Toland Way Los Angeles, California). It was issued to him by his younger brother dated 30 November, 2018. My questions are: how can he encash it in your bank (Bank of America, Makati City) and what are the prerequisites? Your immediate response would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Joyce, ang alam ko yong Bank of America sa Makati ay only for corporations and government institutions. Kung malapit lang kayo, puede namang pumunta pa rin at subukan baka lang nag-iba na ang policy. Your father should bring IDs.
      Ang usual na ginagawa kapag US dollar ang tseke sa Philippines, dapat ideposit sa US dollar account ng person (payee) whose name is on the check dito sa Philippines at any bank, then wait for about one month bago ma-clear at make-credit doon sa US dollar account. Kausapin na lang ng father mo ang kapatid niya sa US na i-cancel na lang nila yong check, then mag-remit na lang ng pera through Xoom, or TransferWise or PNB Remittance Centers or Lucky Money, para hindi na mahirapan ang papa mo, at para magamit na ang pera.

  2. Madam..Is BANK OF AMERICA here in the Philippines..Transact payments of IMMIGRANT VISA FEES AND AOS..and Automated Clearing House..Thank you!Gladly waiting for your reply!

    1. Hi Lilia, ang alam ko, walang over-the-counter consumer transactions sa BOA sa Makati. Na-check mo na ba yong info dito? –> NVC payment info — dapat online transaction daw ang payment, at dapat US bank ang source of payment, hindi raw puedeng from bank abroad. Ang puedeng tumulong sa iyo is your petitioner or employer.

  3. Gd day sir maam
    i will ask if possible for me to open an brokerage account here in the philippines in bank of america because i have shares in merrill edge in america im one of the heritage beneficiary

    1. Hi Vicente, sorry, Bank of America here in Makati is not a brokerage house. You can email Merrill Edge, the US-based brokerage subsidiary of Bank of America and ask them about handling your shares. Email Merrill Edge at

  4. Ireneo Vizmonte

    Hi. I am from the Philippines and I just want to know if Bank of America in Manila issues Medallion signature guarantee. This is being required by an american firm for processing of beneficiary claim, with guidance that forms of guarantee imprints can be obtained from branches of US banks or financial institutions located outside the United States.
    Thank you for any answer or assistance on this query

    1. Hi Ireneo, sorry I’m not sure if they’re offering that serve. What I know is that they are not doing retail or consumer banking. I also read from the website of Bank of America in the US that they provide medallion signature only to owners of BOA accounts in the U.S. for at least 6 months. The BOA website also said this: Since a Medallion Guarantee is offered only through financial institutions in the United States, we recommend that you contact a local commercial bank that has a correspondent bank in the United States. Metrobank and PNB have branches in the U.S. so you might want to go to a branch and ask them.

  5. Hello po gusto ko lang po malaman kong nag rerefinance ba ng bahay yung bank of america sa pilipinas

    1. Hi Maria, sorry, hindi. Merong BOA branch dito sa Philippines, pero corporate banking lang sila. Try Philippine banks.

  6. Good Day sir/ma’am. Paano po ang pag open ng debit card, yung tito ko po kase nag wowork sa Alaska and kailangan po ng debit card. Ano po yung mga requirements at ilang days po bago makuha? Thank you po.

    1. Hi Ma. Cristina, ikaw ang mag-oopen ng debit card dito sa Philippines? I suggest mag-open ka sa BPI Family ng Kaya account. 250 pesos lang ang kelangan mo. Walang maintaining balance requirement, pero merong 5-peso withdrawal fee kada atm withdrawal. Kung gusto mo free atm withdrawal, mag-open ka ng regular atm account na merong maintaining-balance requirement na 1,000 pesos. Huwag mong winiwidro itong 1k kasi ito ang pang-maintain ng account. Makukuha mo ang atm card after 5 days (sasabihin naman nila), pero puede nang padalhan ang account, at puede mong iwidro sa over-the-counter ang remittance kung meron na — sabihin mo lang wala pa yong atm card mo (bring your IDs). Requirements to open: valid ID at 1 photo, kung meron kang bill under your name, dalhin mo na rin (titingnan nila kasi yong address mo)

      1. Hello po!

        Tanong ko lang po kung pwede mapalitan ng bago yung American ATM ng tito ko po may gasgas po at hindi na makapagtransact sa ATM machine.

        1. Hi Chan, ang alam ko walang retail customer service ang Bank of America dito. For corporations and institutions lang ang operations nila dito.
          Kung meron siyang online banking account, baka puedeng magtransfer ang tito mo from his account to another account na meron siyang atm na okay.
          Or baka meron ding online funds transfer feature ang Bank of America so your tito can transfer online to a Philippine account.

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