Transfer Money to Unenrolled BDO Account

By Nora
Updated September 3, 2016

Can I transfer money from my BDO account to an unenrolled BDO account?
Yes. Use the service "Send Money to Any BDO Account"

You must have your registered mobile phone with you because OTP will be required.

How to send money to any BDO account:

1.  Log in to BDO online banking.
2.  Click "Send Money"

3.  Click "Send Money to Any BDO Account"

4.  Choose your Account No.
     Enter Amount
     Enter the 12-digit account number you are sending money to
     Remarks (Write any, maybe loan, tuition, gift)
5.  Click "Submit "
6.  Enter the One-Time Password sent to your registered mobile number.
7.  If the transfer is successful, the money is immediately credited to your receiver's BDO account.  
     The sent money is immediately available.
     Your receiver can withdraw or use the money immediately.

Is there a service fee to use this Send-Money-to-Any BDO-account service?
None yet.
BDO says it might charge for this service in the near future.

Is there a maximum limit to the amount of money that can be transferred?
The maximum amount is 10,000 pesos per day.

The maximum number of transfers per day:  10 transfers

Is there a minimum limit?
Yes. 100 pesos.

Can I use this service for sending money to and from a BDO dollar account? 
No. Not yet. Currently, this is only for peso accounts.

If You're Sending Frequently to a certain BDO Account:
Enroll this other BDO account to your online banking account:
1.  Log in to BDO online banking.
2.  Click Enrollment Services
3.  Click Other Person's Account
4.  Click "Enroll"
5.  Enter required information
6.  Click Submit
7.  Get your activation code
8.  Go to a BDO atm and activate your enrollment.
     After logging in, choose "Other Services"
     Choose "Activate enrollment"
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  1. Is there no way to transfer 60k money to other BDO account?

  2. Via ATM you can transfer up to P50k. For P60k you do it over the counter

  3. How to activate my entollment if i dont have atm card

  4. Hello, the maximum amount per transfer is 10K? I need to pay 20K to seller. Can I send 2 times 10K to the 1 account number in the same day?