BDO Remittance Partners in Jordan

Send money to the Philippines from Jordan through these BDO remittance partners in Jordan:

Al Alami Exchange Co.
Wasfi A Tal St., Haddad Building,
No. 51, Tia’ Al-Ali Area,
PO Box 922218
Amman, Jordan

Alawneh Exchange LLC
15 Abdul Hamid Shoman St.
PO Box 942041
Amman, 11194 Jordan

Freih Exchange Co.
First Trading Area
PO Box 585 77110
Aqaba, Jordan

Future Exchange
Building No. 66 Wasfy Ta’al Ali St.
Al Barakeh Quarter
PO Box 17995
Amman, 11195 Jordan

Jordan Valley Exchange
26 Abdul Raheem Alhaj Mohammad St. Wadi Seer Area
Al Swefieh District
PO Box 830211
Amman 11183 Jordan

Mubadalah Exchange
North Abdoun Main Circle
22 Prince Hasim Bin Al Hussain St.
PO Box 830400
Amman,11183 Jordan

Musharbash Exchange Co.
Building No. 133 Al Garden St.
PO Box 926360
Amman 11190 Jordan

Shift Financial Services Ltd.
17 Abodun Circle – 1st Flr.
PO Box 184219
Amman, Jordan

You can also send money through these global remittance companies if they have offices in your place in Jordan:

BDO International Remittance Partners:

RIA Money Transfer
TRANSFAST Worldwide Money Transfer
SIGUE Money Transfer
ARY Speed Remit
EZ Remit
AFX Fast Remit
UAE Exchange Centre

Online Remittances:
XOOM  (if you have a US bank account or US-issued credit card or debit card)
WELLS FARGO ExpressSend (if you have an account with Wells Fargo)


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  1. Im melgrace pancho,
    I want to open i know the requirements on how?

    1. Hi melgrace, are you in Jordan? Sorry I'm not sure if these BDO partners above are offering BDO account opening because they are not banks. If they are, bring your Jordan ID or your passport and money for account opening cost.
      If you're in the Philippines, bring your passport and any proof that you're OFW so you can open a BDO Kabayan account (work visa in passport can prove you're OFW), plus 100 pesos for initial deposit. If you want to open a regular ATM account, you can bring just your passport and another ID, if you have, plus initial deposit of at least 2k.

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