Netbank Philippines Offers High Interest Rates Too

Netbank Philippines is a BSP-licensed rural bank competing with the digital banks! It’s innovative and adept in financial technology.

It’s Netbank Mobile savings app is also offering high interest rates. If you’re hearing about Netbank only now, it’s because it just started in 2021. But the bank it acquired — the Community Rural Bank of Romblon — has been operating for many years. It started in 1973.

Netbank offers 2 savings account products: Netbank Mobile and Netbank Netizen

Just go to Google Play or Apple Store and download the mobile apps Netbank Mobile or Netbank Netizen. Then register. Prepare your ID.

Netbank Mobile

  • 4% annual interest for savings account, with interest credited daily
  • Free Instapay and Pesonet tranfers from Netbank
  • No initial deposit and no maintaining balance requirements
  • 5% annual interest for a 6-month term time deposit
  • 6% annual interest for a 12-month term time deposit
  • Deposits insured by PDIC for up to 500k per depositor
  • Open to Filipinos and resident aliens
  • Download Netbank Mobile from Google Play Store and Apple Store

Netbank Netizen for OFWs

Netbank Netizen is an all-in-one mobile banking app for OFWs. It can be used for remittance, fund transfer, bills payment, mobile reload, time deposit, savings and cash out via partners. But since it offers only a minimal interest rate for savings, I suggest you open this account only if you like to use the international remittance company WISE for remittance, and if you like high time deposit rates.

Download the app: Netizen – Bank for Pinoy OFWs

If you’re focused on savings, have the Netbank Mobile account.

To send money to your Netizen account, you can use WISE. Please see “Get-700-Pesos Promo…” below .

If you prefer to send money through your favorite remittance service, provide your Netizen account details and deposit to Community Rural Bank of Romblon Inc. or Netbank (A Rural Bank Inc.), or use the SWIFT code: CUOBPHM2XXX


  • No initial deposit and No maintaining balance
  • 0.25% interest rate per annum
  • Interest Rate credited at every end of the month

Netbank Netizen Time Deposit Interest Rates:

  • Minimum: 5,000 pesos
  • Maximum: 2 million pesos
  • 3% annual interest rate for a 3-month period time deposit
  • 4% annual interest rate for 6 months
  • 4.5% annual interest rate for 9 months
  • 5% annual interest rate for 12 months

Get-700-Pesos Promo for Using Netbank Netizen and Wise for Remittance

Open a Netbank Netizen account with referral code AAAA0015. Register with WISE on the Netizen app. You’ll get 700 pesos after sending your first WISE remittance using Netizen app.

There’s a video here that shows how to register with WISE on the Netizen app and how to send money from abroad using the app.

WISE is a reputable international remittance company registered in the UK. It has remittance partnerships with banks around the world. Its exchange rate is also very competitive. It offers rates higher than many money changers in the Philippines. The only not good thing is your money is not credited to your account in real time. It takes 1 to 3 days.

How Is Netbank Philippines Different from Other Banks?

It offers a platform called BaaS (Banking as a Service) to financial technology (fintech) companies. It claims that it’s the first bank in Southeast Asia offering this kind of platform. A fintech company interested in Netbank’s BaaS can offer financial services to its own existing or new clients with its own brand or label using Netbank’s banking platform. It can offer an electronic wallet, transaction account, banking app, special banking account, loyalty program, or payroll solution using Netbank’s platform. And Netbank claims its BaaS is relatively low-cost and launched fast.

Netbank says it can help a fintech launch a mobile banking app or e-money wallet in 2 months for less than $15,000. Data as of August 6, 2023.

Netbank says that it has a strong social mission at its heart. It wants to help fintechs grow fast and reduce their costs to accelerate innovation and financial inclusion.

What are the services offered by Netbank Philippines in Romblon as a rural bank?

Netbank offers these only to customers in the province of Romblon:

  • small business loans (for businesses on Romblon Island, no collateral, up to 6 months, weekly payment)
  • salary loans (no collateral, salary deduction, selected employees of registered businesses on Romblon Island)
  • SME loans (for businesses in the province of Romblon, real estate collateral, up to 3M, up to 3 years in term)
  • time deposit account for individuals and businesses, up to 5% interest rate
  • simple transaction account for residents in the town of Romblon, Romblon

Address and contact info:

Bagong Lipunan, Street corner Governor Perez St
Romblon, Romblon 5500
Contact No: 09173148853
Business hours: Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm

Who owns Netbank Philippines?

It’s majority-owned by Netbank’s co-founder and chairman Angus James Poston, (Gus Poston) founder of private equity fund Bridge Digital Investments and board member and investor in 1st Valley Bank. Netbank’s co-founder and president David Paulo Dela Paz is also an owner.

What’s Netbank’s latest financial performance?

As of June 2023, Netbank Philippines has 1.2 billion in total assets, 76M in total equity and 2.6M in net profit, as announced on their Facebook page, Netbank Mobile

It ranked #56 in the March 2023 rural bank ranking by assets, with 913.7 million. But with its assets of more than 1 billion in the 2nd quarter, it could be now among the Top 50 rural banks in the Philippines. That’s an achievement for a rural bank that started as Netbank just 2 years ago.

Social Pages of Netbank Philippines

Facebook page:

Facebook group: Name of group: NETBANK MOBILE & NETIZEN BANK FOR OFWs

For Netbank Philippines inquiries:

Go here to submit your Netbank Mobile, Netbank Netizen and BaaS inquiries.

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