How to Load Paymaya via BDO Online Banking

This is how to load Paymaya via BDO online banking.

Sorry, PayMaya has been removed from the Bills Payment list of BDO online banking. I don't know if it's only temporary. PayMaya has not responded to my email yet. May 25, 2017

PayMaya sent out a text today, June 2, saying that loading via BDO online banking will again be available by June 8.

Meanwhile, you can load up at the following:
Robinsons Department Store (Customer Service or Business Center)
SM Store (SM Business Center)
2Go Express
7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosk
Union Bank ATM (if you have Union Bank atm card)
Store with a POS!BLE.NET terminal
Smart Money account
Smart Padala Center

It's easy. No need to pre-enroll PayMaya.
No need to enter your Paymaya account no.
Remember to use your registered mobile phone number as your Subscriber Number.
 NOT your Paymaya account no.  Use this format: 639xxxxxxxxx

If you're using your PC or laptop, here are the steps:

1.  Log in to your BDO online banking.
     Type in your OTP.
2.  Choose "Financial Services"
3.  Click "Bills Payment"
4.  Click "Pay Bills"
5.  Click "Pay this Company/Biller"
6.  Choose "Paymaya/Smart PayMaya"
7.  Enter amount.
8.  For Subscriber No., enter your mobile number in this format:
9.  For Subscribe Name, enter your name
10.  Click Submit

Wait for your load to be credited to your PayMaya within 2 hours.
I've loaded my PayMaya using BDO online banking several times and my If you load within 10 pm to 9 am, your load will be credited within 48 hours.
If you load on a weekend or a holiday, your load will be credited on the next working day.

You will know when your money is loaded to PayMaya because you will receive a text from PayMaya. Your balance amount will also be texted.

BDO will also email you the details of your PayMaya bills payment.

When you Load PayMaya via your BDO mobile banking, it's even easier.

1.  Click your BDO app
2.  Login
3.  Choose on top right.
4.  Choose "Bills Payment"
5.  Choose "Pay Bills using Deposit Account"
6.  Choose "Pay from"
7.  Choose your account
8.  Choose "Pay This Company/Biller"
9.  Choose "Billers not requiring enrollment"
10.  Scroll down. Choose "PAYMAYA/SMART PAYMAYA"
11.  Type amount, then Next
12.  Type any remarks, then Next
13.  Type Subscriber Name, then Next
14.  Type  Subscriber Number -- your mobile phone number 639xxxxxxxxx, then Done
15.  Check what you typed then choose Continue
16.  Check again details then choose Continue

Wait for your money to be loaded to your PayMaya.
PayMaya will send you a text when your money is loaded to your PayMaya,
including your balance amount.

Note: You also have an option to Pay Bills using Credit Card.  


  1. This is really helpful. I just installed paymaya and bought load through my BDO mobile app. Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you very much for appreciating my post. Makes me happy.

  2. Mam how much is the service fee if you load your paymaya account via bdo mobile banking?

  3. is it true na under maintenance ang bdo ngayon?

  4. Hindi na available wala ng paymaya sa option

  5. Hindi na available wala ng paymaya sa option

  6. Ditto. Wala rin sa dropdown list ko.

  7. It used to be there; PAYMAYA/SMART PAYMAYA. I used these same instructions last month. Biglang nawala :(

  8. why i cant find paymaya on tbe list?

  9. Loading PayMaya through BDO online banking: Sorry, wala na ngang PayMaya sa merchant list ng BDO online banking. Siguro nagsawa yong BDO or PayMaya sa kaka-receive ng complaints ng mga hindi transferred na money on time, so naghiwalay na sila. I hope temporary lang.
    Hassle na nga ngayon kasi wala na akong way to load online.

  10. Wala na mga sa billers list, convenient pa nmn di kana lalabas ng bahay para magpaload.

    1. That's right, Fox. I hope they'll be able to restore it by June 8, as they promised.

  11. how much po service fee sa bdo for every transaction with paymaya?

    1. Hi shapushnnon: There's no service fee to transfer money from your BDO account to your PayMaya via BDO's Pay Bills online service. But this service is temporarily off due to maintenance. Try on June 8.

  12. Nice blog.. kaya pala hanap ako ng hanap sa wala.hehehe… pero masmaganda siguro kung 711 kasi sa BDO online 2hrs pa bago pumasok niload mo

    1. Thanks a lot, ren: Oo nga, 7-11 na lang kung kelangan na ang PayMaya.

  13. Wala pa rin po akong nakikita :(

    1. Wala pa rin pala. Hindi pa rin nila naayos. Let's check bukas.

  14. Replies
    1. Hi Mark: Oo nga, wala pa. Yong Smart Communications, PLDT at Meralco eh lagi namang andon. Ewan itong PayMaya na hindi nila ma-solve. Baka kasi dahil free itong money transfer na ito, at hindi naman talaga bills payment, so they need to negotiate a lower-priced service fee from BDO.

  15. I meant na walang charge sa atin yong BDO to PayMaya

  16. Thank you for this post Ms. Nora! :-) it is my first time in the world of online banking kaka enroll lang ng bdo ko tapos magloload ako sa paymaya akala ko may mali ako nagawa kasi hindi ko makita baka kako nagiba ng name paulit ulit ko ginawa na hanapin yung paymaya pero wala talaga buti nagsearch ako at nakita ko itong post mo at least now i know na wala na pala talaga yung paymaya, sana ibalik kasi first time kong itatry hehehe.

    1. Hi Jennifer: Thanks for appreciating my blog. Means a lot. It's nice you now have online banking. Yes, we hope that the BDO-PayMaya transfer service is restored very soon.

  17. Wala pa rin ang PayMaya pati Smart, PLDT at Meralco. What happen!??

  18. Hi maynard: Ako rin noong una. I can't find them. Pero nasa under Enrollment Services pala sila. Choose Enrollment Services, then Enroll Company/Biller, and go on from there.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Still can't find Paymaya :( Sayang mukhang madali lang sana magtransfer from BDO to Paymaya

  21. i sent them a message yesterday, here is their reply:

    Sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused you. We really want to make your PayMaya experience much better. We are working with our partners to improve our services even further. Right now, the BDO online reloading is temporarily unavailable and we don't have definite time when will it be back. Don't worry, we will provide notice once it's available.

  22. I just want to ask you when will paymaya be back as company biler in BDO so I can reload my paymaya account. I have important transactions online.?

  23. pag sa 7/11 hangang 10,000 lang ang allowed ng CLIQ (kiosk) meaning kung me bibilhin ka online ng $300 eh mga 4-5 na beses kang magpapaload hanggang $300.

    BDO Online is still better IMHO

  24. Wala pa rin sa list ng company biller ang paymaya...

  25. I just read read this today, nsg-open p nmb ako ng bdo because of this feature, may pag-asa bumalik?

  26. Sad life. Walang paymaya. UMASA pa naman ako 101%. Hays :(

  27. kelan kaya babalik?? ang hassle kase e. kaya nga may paymaya para convenient and without bdo this is no convenience

  28. I paid tru bdo now....kanina ko po niloadan paymaya ko around 4pm untill now wala pa dn.

  29. Paymaya listed na sa bdo paybills

  30. Really? Pls have a screenshot.. salamat po.

  31. Nakapag transfer ako once from BDO to Paymaya last Sep 17, 2017, tapos ngayon wala na si paymaya sa list ni BDO :(

  32. hanggang ngayon wala pa din si paymaya sa bdo list ko

  33. meron yan nakaraang week ngayon wala na naman

  34. Oct 2 wala nang PayMaya sa BDO . Tsk . Sayang

  35. PayMaya is not on the pay bills again... T.T

  36. What happen to paymaya as a company biller in BDO? Again, it disappear from BDO list. When will it be back?

  37. Hoping it will be back much convenient...

  38. Wala up to now, ive tried many times but in vain..

  39. No paymaya until now
    Nov. 6, 2017 :'(

  40. Wala paymaya bdo bills payment. Kung wala tanggalin na options. Paasa e!

  41. Your request (501744) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.


    We understand how important it is for you to use BDO as your medium to load up your PayMaya account. Don’t worry, top up from BDO will be online on November 21, 2017, and it will bring new features along with improved availability. Rest assured that our main goal is to provide a better service to our valued customers like you. You can top-up your PayMaya thru selected reloading stations below:

    • Robinsons Business Center (located inside Robinsons Dept Store)
    • SM Business Center Offices
    • 7/11 outlets (in Cliqq kiosks)
    • TouchPay Kiosks
    o Smart Tower
    o Selected Mini Stop outlets (selected branches)
    o Other selected sites
    • Bayad Center outlets (selected branches)
    • Select Smart Stores
    • Union Bank
    o ATMs
    o Mobile App
    o Online Banking Site (Union Bank)
    • BDO Online (will be available November 21, 2017)
    • 2GO branches
    • Ministop Convenience Stores
    • Shopwise and Wellcome Grocery Stores
    • Raquel Pawnshop Stores
    • Family Mart Stores

    To know more, visit this link: https://paymaya.com/loadup-centers/. Thank you!

    Best regards,
    PayMaya Support

    1. hope matapos nego nila

    2. No paymaya until now in BDO,
      what happen?

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  43. Wala pa rin

  44. Oo nga wala pa rin: : Hindi sila makapag-agree sa cost palagay ko. Sana PayMaya tries BPI too.

  45. Hahaizt no PayMaya parin in BDO. Excited pa naman sana ako :(
    Gumawa lng aq ng Paymaya dahil may BDO Account aq. Anyways, thank you for the post maam Nora.

    As of Dec 12, 2017, may instructions parin ang PayMaya na pwede mag load sa BDO — sana tinanggal na nila ang option ma iyon. Misleading kasi.

  46. Wala pa rin sa list of company billers. 2018 na!

    1. Oo nga, wala pa. Palagay ko hindi na sila magkakaayos, so dapat maghanap sila ng paraan para meron tayo ng way online to fund PayMaya.
      In the meantime, if you're near a Bayad Center, mag-fund kayo through Bayad Center, madali naman and it's free. Within 5 minutes, make-credit yong amount sa PayMaya nio.