How to Load Paymaya via BDO Online Banking

By Nora

This is how to load Paymaya via BDO online banking.

It's easy. No need to pre-enroll PayMaya.
No need to enter your Paymaya account no.
Remember to use your registered mobile phone number as your Subscriber Number.
 NOT your Paymaya account no.  Use this format: 639xxxxxxxxx

Here are the steps:

1.  Log in to your BDO online banking.
     Type in your OTP.
2.  Choose "Financial Services"
3.  Click "Bills Payment"
4.  Click "Pay Bills"
5.  Click "Pay this Company/Biller"
6.  Choose "Paymaya/Smart PayMaya"
7.  Enter amount.
8.  For Subscriber No., enter your mobile number in this format:
9.  For Subscribe Name, enter your name
10.  Click Submit

Wait for your load to be credited to your PayMaya within 2 hours.
If you load within 10 pm to 9 am, your load will be credited within 48 hours.
If you load on a weekend or a holiday, your load will be credited on the next working day.

You will know when your money is loaded to PayMaya because you will receive a text from PayMaya. Your balance amount will also be texted.

BDO will also email you the details of your PayMaya bills payment.

When you Load PayMaya via your BDO mobile banking, it's even easier.

1.  Click your BDO app
2.  Login
3.  Choose  3 short lines on top right.
4.  Choose "Bills Payment"
5.  Choose "Pay Bills using Deposit Account"
6.  Choose "Pay from"
7.  Choose your account
8.  Choose "Pay This Company/Biller"
9.  Choose "Billers not requiring enrollment"
10.  Scroll down. Choose "PAYMAYA/SMART PAYMAYA"
11.  Type amount, then Next
12.  Type any remarks, then Next
13.  Type Subscriber Name, then Next
14.  Type  Subscriber Number -- your mobile phone number 639xxxxxxxxx, then Done
15.  Check what you typed then choose Continue
16.  Check again details then choose Continue

Wait for your money to be loaded to your PayMaya.
PayMaya will send you a text when your money is loaded to your PayMaya,
including your balance amount.

Note: You also have an option to Pay Bills using Credit Card.  


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