Pay Your Philippine Bills in London, UK via BDO Remittance Partners

You can pay your Philippine bills in UK at these BDO remittance partner companies:

BDO Remittance Partners:

Global Express Money Remittance Ltd.
11-12 Hogath Place Earls Court
London SW5 0QT

JM Remittance & Travel Ltd.
8A Lucknow Road, Paddock Wood
Kent, UK TN12 6DL

Sunrise Remittance UK Ltd.
12 Kenway Road, Earls Court
London SW5 0RR

Sunrise Remittance UK Ltd.
3rd Floor 122-126 Merlin House
Kilburn High Road corner Quex Road
Camden London NW4 4HY

Swift Cash (SureMoney Remittance)
4 Lillebonne Close, Wellington, Somerset TA21 9EU,
United Kingdom

What Philippine bills can you pay?
The bills that you can usually pay through BDO online banking.
Here’s a list of Philippine companies or merchants that you can pay through BDO online banking or BDO remittance partners.

Since you’re paying through a BDO remittance partner, you’re not required to pre-enroll billers.

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