Top Non-Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, By Assets Dec 2020

Updated September 25, 2021

Here are the top non-life insurance companies in the Philippines,

based on Insurance Commission’s records for the year ended December 2020.

1Pioneer Insurance & Surety Corp. 39.843 B
2Malayan Insurance Co.34.966 B
3Prudential Guarantee & Assurance Inc.19.185 B
4BPI/MS Insurance Corp.15.312 B
5Charter Ping An Insurance Corp. 11.124 B
6FPG Insurance Co.9.296 B
7Standard Insurance Co.8.128 B
8PNB General Insurers Co.6.925 B
9AIG Philippines Insurance Inc. 6.285 B
10UCPB General Insurance Co.5.149 B
11MAA General Assurance Phils. Inc.5.018 B
12Mapfre Insular Insurance Corp. 4.490 B
13Mercantile Insurance Co.4.269 B
14PGA Sompo Insurance Corp. 4.231 B
15Paramount Life & General Insurance Corp. * 4.223 B
16Starr International Insurance Philippines Branch 4.106 B
17Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. 3.854 B
18Commonwealth Insurance Company 3.605 B
19Insurance Company of North America 3.569 B
20Philippines First Insurance Co. 3.463 B
21Pacific Cross Insurance Inc. (Blue Cross Insurance Inc.) 3.065 B
22M Pioneer Insurance Inc. 3.032 B
23Alliedbankers Insurance Corp. 2.855 B
24Oriental Assurance Corp. 2.792 B
25Philippine British Assurance Co.2.679 B
26Cibeles Insurance Corp.2.592 B
27Card Pioneer Microinsurance Inc. 2.528 B
28Asia Insurance (Philippines) Corp. 2.343 B
29Sterling Insurance Co.2.278 B
30Alpha Insurance & Surety Co. 2.230 B
31Pacific Union Insurance Co. 2.145 B
32Travellers Insurance & Surety Corp.2.134 B
33Fortune General Insurance Corp. 1.940 B
34Western Guaranty Corp.1.899 B
35Asia United Insurance Inc. 1.888 B
36Visayan Surety & Insurance Corp. 1.854 B
37Liberty Insurance Corp. 1.847 B
38Milestone Guaranty & Assurance Corp. 1.776 B
39Petrogen Insurance Corp. 1.730 B
40Premier Insurance & Surety Corp. 1.718 B
41Pioneer Intercontinental Insurance Corp. 1.692 B
42New India Assurance Co. Ltd.1.586 B
43Corporate Guarantee & Insurance Co. 1.577 B
44SGI Philippines General Insurance Co. 1.556 B
45Empire Insurance Co.1.515 B
46Bethel General Insurance & Surety Corp. (BF Gen Ins. & Sty.) 1.499 B
47Perla Compañia de Seguros Inc. 1.409 B
48Reliance Surety & Insurance Co. 1.408 B
49Intra-Strata Assurance Corp. 1.351 B
50CLIMBS Life & General Insurance Coop. * 1.168 B
51Metropolitan Insurance Company, Inc. 1.156 B
52Country Bankers Insurance Corp.1.138 B
53Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co. (PhilamLife)* 1.125 B
541CISP Life and General Insurance * 1.119 B
55Etiqa Life and General Assurance Phils., Inc. (AsianLife & Gen.) * 839.100 M

These non-life insurers were not able to submit their reports:
– AA Guaranty Assurance Corp. Inc. (Northwest Ins. & Surety) report not submitted
– People’s General Insurance Corp. report not submitted
– QBE Seaboard Insurance Philippines, Inc. report not submitted

What Are Non-Life Insurance Companies?

Non-Life Insurance Companies offer some or all of the following non-life insurance products:

  • Home
  • Motor (Car)
  • Property
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Miscellaneous Casualty
  • Surety Bond
  • Business
  • Cargo
  • Fire
  • Personal Accident
  • Hull or Marine
  • General Accident
  • Aviation
  • OFW
  • Golfer
  • Engineering
  • Microinsurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Fine Arts

Top Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, by Assets, Dec 2020

Top Non-Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, Year 2015

based on Premiums Earned in 2015, from data submitted by the companies to the Insurance Commission.
Nine non-life insurance companies have surpassed the one-billion-peso mark.

1Prudential Guarantee & Assurance Corp.3,348,906,826
2Malayan Insurance Co., Inc.3,054,120,781
3BPI/MS Insurance Corp.2,288,623,289
4Charter Ping An Insurance Corp.2,070,477,289
5Pioneer Insurance & Surety Corp.1,729,124,977
6FPG Insurance Co. Inc.1,648,196,914
7UCPB General Insurance Co.1,403,511,187
8MAPFRE Insular Insurance Corp.1,362,975,225
9Standard Insurance Co., Inc.1,213,487,384
10Pacific Cross Insurance Inc.  925,579,725
11MAA General Assurance Philipppines, Inc.  873,607,368
12Commonwealth Insurance Co.  826,903,417
13Philippine British Assurance Co., Inc.  773,348,891
14QBE Seaboard Insurance Phils., Inc.  629,693,639
15Alpha Insurance & Surety Co.  590,223,278
16PNB General Insurers Co., Inc.  574,060,341
17Paramount Life & General Insurance Corp.  
 (non-life unit)  493,878,247
18AIG Philippines Insurance Inc.  451,505,526
19Fortune General Insurance Corp.  433,714,548
20Insurance Company of North America  433,485,304
21Mercantile Insurance Co., Inc.  419,382,040
22Corporate Guarantee & Insurance Co.  417,668,598
23Western Guaranty Corp.  377,934,483
24Pacific Union Insurance Co.  377,591,249
25Plaridel Surety & Insurance Co.  324,933,222
26Premier Insurance & Surety Corp.  322,652,504
27Asia Insurance Phils. Corp.  308,819,125
28People’s General Insurance Corp.  300,443,886
29Travellers Insurance & Surety Corp.  298,128,975
30Perla Compania de Seguros Inc.  257,703,647
31New India Assurance Co. Ltd.  251,506,028
32FLT Prime Insurance Corp.  223,065,771
33Visayan Surety & Insurance Corp.  210,159,898
34Cibeles Insurance Corp.  191,149,358
35Asia United Insurance Inc.  190,821,987
36CLIMBS Life & General Insurance 
 (non-life unit)  168,083,966
37Republic Surety & Insurance Co., Inc.  149,836,505
38Country Bankers Insurance Corp.  147,265,200
39Liberty Insurance Corp.  147,017,033
40Milestone Guaranty & Assurance Corp.  144,407,376
41CARD Pioneer Microinsurance Inc.  143,650,413
42Philippines First Insurance Co., Inc  138,531,520
43Empire Insurance Co.  133,334,744
44First Nationwide Assurance Corp.  124,367,974
45Alliedbankers Insurance Corp.  118,284,332
46Philippine Fire & Marine Insurance Corp.  113,380,323
47Centennial Guarantee Assurance Corp.   43,593,801
48AFP General Insurance Corp.   92,352,976
49Solid Guaranty Inc.   91,290,905
50Intra Strata Assurance Corp.   88,358,816
51Bankers Assurance Corp.   77,239,503
52Reliance Surety & Insurance Co., Inc.   73,258,172
53Meridian Assurance Corp.   69,720,780
54SGI Philippines General Insurance Co., Inc.   61,517,257
55Northwest Insurance & Surety Co., Inc.   60,936,191
56Metropolitan Insurance Co., Inc.   59,981,480
57Investors Assurance Corp.   54,357,317
58Pioneer Intercontinental Insurance Corp.   43,593,801
59Starr International Insurance Philippines Branch   41,169,312
60Petrogen Insurance Corp.   30,241,293
61PGA Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.   23,534,102
62Manila Surety & Fidelity Co., Inc.   17,674,584
63First Integrated Bonding & Insurance Co.   15,406,758
64United Insurance Co.   13,328,862
65Oriental Assurance Corp.not yet submitted
66Sterling Insurance Co., Inc.not yet submitted
67Stronghold Insurance Co., Inc.not yet submitted

Pacific Cross Insurance Inc., provider of medical and travel insurance, is now the name of Blue Cross Insurance.

Source: Annual Statements Submitted by Companies to the Insurance Commission

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