Top Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, by Assets, Dec 2020

Updated September 26, 2021

Here are the top life insurance companies in the Philippines, based on Total Assets as of December 31, 2020, as published by the Insurance Commission.

All 31 life insurers have passed the one-billion peso mark as of December 31, 2020.

1Philippine American Life and General Ins. Co.*291.223 B
2Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. 274.213 B
3Philippine Axa Life Insurance Corp.141.500 B
4Insular Life Assurance Co.140.928 B
5PRU Life Insurance Corporation of U.K.117.193 B
6Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Phils.), Inc.117.133 B
7BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corp.112.255 B
8BDO Life Assurance Co.68.467 B
9Allianz PNB Life Insurance Inc.51.615 B
10Sun Life GREPA Financial, Inc.48.575 B
11Manulife Chinabank Life Assurance Corp.44.578 B
12FWD Life Insurance Corp.27.593 B
13United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corp. 24.928 B
14Pioneer Life, Inc. 15.071 B
15First Life Financial Co. 8.851 B
16Beneficial Life Insurance Co. 7.337 B
17Etiqa Life & General Assurance Philippines Inc.*6.152 B
18East West Aegas Life Insurance Corp. 6.096 B
19Fortune Life Insurance Company, Inc. 5.281 B
20Generali Life Assurance Philippines Inc.4.290 B
21Paramount Life and General Insurance Corp.* 3.197 B
22CLIMBS Life & General Insurance Cooperative *3.031 B
231 Cooperative Insurance System of the Phils Life and Gen Ins.* 2.903 B
24Philippine Life Financial Assurance Corp. 2.693 B
25Philam Equitable Life Assurance Co. 1.577 B
26Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corp. 1.507 B
27United Life Assurance Corp. 1.451 B
28Country Bankers Life Insurance Corp. 1.438 B
29Caritas Life Insurance Corp. 1.433 B
30Philippines International Life Insurance Co. 1.230 B
31Singlife Philippines, Inc. 1.182 B

Top Non-Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, by Assets, Dec 2020

Top Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines, by Net Worth, 2013

  Net Worth
Rank   Life Insurance Companyin BILLION
1  Insular Life28.417
2  Philam Life26.460
3  Sun Life Phils12.892
4  Manulife Phils  7.817
5  United Coconut Planters         7.591
6  BPI Philam Life  3.527
7  SunLife Grepa Financial  2.873
8  Philippine AXA Life  2.603
9  Pru Life Insurance  2.445
10  Beneficial Life  1.538
11  Generali Pilipinas Life  1.405
12  Manulife Chinabank Life  1.153

The NOT-YET-BILLIONAIRE Life Insurance Companies

Rank   Life Insurance Companyin MILLION
13Pioneer Life967.380
14Caritas Life922.327
15PNB Life781.653
17Philam Equitable Life663.371
18Fortune Life635.031
19Great Life Financial588.848
20CLIMBS Life582.312
21United Life509.701
22Philippine Life Financial410.286
23Country Bankers Life388.845
24Paramount Life365.313
25Philippine Prudential Life304.817
26First Life Financial288.176
27Manila Bankers Life257.551
28Banclife Insurance217.182
29CAP Life Insurance199.674
30Cooperative Insurance System      199.674
31BF Life Insurance169.306

Note: Philippine Interlife has not yet submitted its net worth report for 2013.

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