Transfer Money to an Unenrolled BPI Account via BPI Mobile Banking

To transfer money online from your BPI account to an unenrolled BPI account, you first need to download the BPI Express Mobile banking app using your own smartphone.

BPI does NOT yet offer Transfer to an Unenrolled BPI Account through its desktop or laptop-accessed BPI Express Online banking system.

Here’s how to activate your Transfer to Anyone feature on your BPI Express Mobile app.

1.   Using your smartphone, download the BPI Express Mobile app from
       Google Play, or App Store, or Windows Store, or Blackberry World

2.   Open your BPI Express Mobile app and login
        using your BPI Express Online username and password.

3.  Choose Menu, then More, then Enable Transfer to Anyone

4.  Enter required info

5.  Choose Activation option and Submit
       The easier Activation option is Via Express Teller Machine
       You will be asked to get your activation code through a BPI ATM.

6.  Go to a BPI ATM. Enter the ATM card of the account you specified in your mobile enrollment.

7.  Choose Special Services, then Activate Enrollments, then Express Online.
      Get back your ATM card.

8.  After about 10 minutes, login to your email registered with BPI Express, find the latest BPI email,
        and get the Activation Code sent to you by BPI.

9.  Login to your BPI Express Mobile app,
     choose Menu, then More, then Enable Transfer to Anyone
10. Enter your Activation Code, and choose Activate

11.  Remember to activate within 5 days of registering with BPI Express Mobile.

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