Transfer Money Online from BDO to BPI and Other Local Bank Accounts

Yes, you can TRANSFER MONEY ONLINE from your BDO account to a BPI account or to an account at any of the banks listed below.

But it’s not free. The charge is 100 pesos per transfer.

How to Transfer Money Online from BDO to Another Local Bank Account:

If you’re using your PC:

1.  Login to your BDO online banking account
2.  Click “Send Money
3.  Click “To Another Local Bank
4.  Enter details:

  • Settlement Type:  Credit to Another Local Bank
  • Transaction Type: Credit to Other Bank
  • Value Date:
  • Transfer from:  (Your BDO account)
  • Amount:
  • Sender Name:
  • Address 1:
  • Address 2:
  • Mobile Number:
  • Birth Date:
  • Other Bank Code/Name (Choose from Dropdown List of Banks)
  • Account No.:
  • Receiver Name:
  • Receiver Address 1:
  • Receiver Address 2:
  • Birth Date:
  • Gender:
  • Mobile Number:
  • Purpose of Transaction:
If you’re using your phone’s BDO Mobile Banking App

1.  Go to your BDO mobile app
2.  Login
3.  Press Send Money
4.  Press To Another Local Bank
5.  Under Transaction Type, choose Credit to Other Bank
6.  Under Transfer from
        Choose the account you will transfer from
7.  Amount: Type amount
8.  Under Destination Bank, choose bank to transfer to
           Scroll the dropdown
9.  Type Destination Account Number
10. Type your information
         Last Name
         First Name
         Middle Initial
         Address 1
         Address 2
         Mobile Number
         Birth Date: MM/DD/YYYY
11.  Type your receiver’s personal information
         Last Name
         First Name
         Middle Initial
         Address 1
         Address 2
         Birth Date: MM/DD/YYYY
         Mobile Number
         Purpose of Transaction
         If you like to save above information for future transfers, Save Template
                 Template Name
                 Template Description

   12. Press Confirm

LIST OF BANKS to which You Can Transfer Money Online from your BDO account:

  • Allied Savings Bank (now PNB Savings Bank)
  • AMA Bank
  • ANZ Bank
  • Asia Trust Development Bank
  • Asia United Bank (AUB)
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Bangkok Bank
  • Bank of Commerce (BCommerce or Bancom)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI; some call this bank BPI Islands)
  • Bank of Tokyo
  • Bank One Savings and Trust Corp.
  • BPI Family Savings Bank
  • China Bank 
  • Chinatrust Bank
  • Citibank 
  • Citibank Savings 
  • City Savings Bank
  • City State Savings
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
  • East West Bank
  • Ecology Savings Bank
  • Equicom Savings Bank
  • Filipino Savers Bank (A Rural Bank)
  • First Allied Bank
  • First Consolidated Bank
  • First Macro Bank
  • Guagua Savers Bank
  • Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC)
  • HSBC Savings
  • Insular Savings Bank
  • Islamic Bank
  • Land Bank of the Philippines (Landbank)
  • Luzon Development Bank
  • Malayan Bank
  • MayBank Philippines
  • Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank)
  • Philippine Business Bank
  • Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  • Philippine Postal Savings Bank
  • Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom)
  • Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank)
  • Philippine Trust Co.
  • Philippine Veterans Bank (Veterans)
  • Planters Development Bank
  • Premiere Development Bank
  • RCBC Savings
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC)
  • Robinsons Bank Corp.
  • Sarangani Rural Bank
  • Security Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • Summit Bank
  • UCPB Savings Bank
  • Union Bank of the Philippines
  • United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)
  • United Overseas Bank (UOB)
  • University Savings Bank
  • Veterans Bank
How Much is the Transfer Charge? 
100 pesos per transfer, deducted from your account

Note: There are some recipient banks that charge 100 to 150 pesos for incoming  peso transfers from other local banks.

How Fast Will the Money Be Credited to the Recipient Account?
Transfers before 10 a.m. during business days are credited the same day.
Transfers after 10 a.m. and during weekends and holidays are credited the next business day.

Because this type of transfer involves another bank, your transfer might not be processed the same day or the next day, or even the second day, so do not use this service if the money transfer is urgent.

If it fits your purpose, you can use this instead: Send Money for Cash Pickup at any branch of BDO, SM Remit (SM Mall), Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop, RD Pawnshop and Rural Bank partners.

Special Warning for Those Funding Cheques:
If you plan to use this online money transfer service to fund a cheque, transfer several days ahead of the cheque’s due date. Make sure to monitor the transfer to ensure your cheque will be funded and won’t bounce.

Are there minimum and maximum limits in the amounts of money we can send?
The minimum is 100 pesos.
The maximum is 50,000 pesos per day, or 5 Send Money transactions per day.

What happens if I entered a wrong bank name, account name or account number?
Sana walang account name at account number na ganon doon sa other bank. Kung meron, mapupunta doon sa acccount na yon at hindi mo na mababawi pa.

If that wrong account name and account number does not exist in the other banks’ records, the other bank will reject your transfer. BDO will return your money to your account, in 1 to 2 days. The 100-peso fee will not be returned, kasi nag-transfer naman yong BDO, hindi lang tinanggap ng other bank.
After 2 or 3 days at hindi pa naibabalik sa account mo, call BDO: 631-8000. Be ready with your bank details and the details of your Send Money transaction.

Which online money transfer is free with BDO online banking?
It’s free if you transfer money from your BDO account to another BDO account which you have previously enrolled and have activated via a BDO atm machine using your atm card.
You can enroll up to 20 BDO accounts. They can be your other BDO accounts or other persons’ BDO accounts.

As of now, the Send Money to an Unenrolled BDO account is free. Apparently, there will be a charge for this transfer in the future.

Are there cheaper online money transfers in the Philippines?
Yes, online transfers using and are cheaper. But your account need to be, respectively, a Bancnet-member bank account or a Union Bank Eon Visa debit card account.

Send Money to Unenrolled BDO Account


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  1. Good to know. Thanks!!!

  2. How many days does it take to complete the bank transfer?

  3. Hi Dande, about speed of transfer, transfer before 10 am so it will be transferred the same day. Transfers after 10 am and during weekends will be completed the next business day. For your first transfer transaction, try a not-so-urgent transfer, so you won't have a big problem in case there's a delay.

    1. I transferred some money from bdo to bpi last saturday, till now wla pa daw sa account nya

    2. 2 days still wla pa sa account ng receiver

    3. How many days bago po nagappear? 2 days na din yung pagtransfer ko kasi weekend, Monday na wala pa din.

    4. Same situation here..nag online transfer ako till now mag 2days na wlapa sa accoun ng reciever..kainis nman

    5. Same thing with me.transferred money from bdo to bpi last friday aug.25 2017 but until now the money not yet inside my bpi acct..why po?

    6. Hi Miss Nora, I process a transfer fund transaction on holidays the exact day is friday and the next days to that are weekend, how long will it take for the receiver to receive the money ??

    7. bakit ang tagal ng transfer from bdo to bpi ilang days na… 15 ako nagtransfer until now 2/21 wala pa din daw.

    8. Ganyan din sa akin, till now di pa na credit sa bpi account ko. 1st transfer siya, kagabi namin pinrocess ung money transfer. Mga ilan days approximately bago macredit sa bpi account ko?

    9. Hi nora if i transfer today around 1pm when the money come to bpi account

  4. Hi Nora,

    Do you know if theres a limit to how much you can send per transaction or per day?

    1. Are there minimum and maximum limits in the amounts of money we can send?
      The minimum is 100 pesos.
      The maximum is 50,000 pesos per day, or 5 Send Money transactions per day

  5. About limits of money to be transferred through BDO Online banking: Basically, there's no limit. BDO's FAQ section says You may Transfer Money up to your available balance.

    1. Hindi totoo yan nag try ako mag Transfer ng 50k+ ayaw naman!!

    2. totoo ang information ni ate nora πŸ™‚ coz im using bdo and my husbands bank is DBS in singapore and he can trasfer up to his available balance to my account πŸ™‚

    3. Yes, it's true what Ms. Nora said, You can transfer, but if na enroll mo yung other bdo account, so that you can transfer upto your available balance. pag hindi naman naka enroll, hindi pwede πŸ™‚

    4. What about transfer from BDO to BPI account through BDO online banking? Is there a maximum limit to the amount of money that you can transfer?

  6. Hi Nora,
    Can i transfer money from BDO credit card to Bpi bank account?

    Hoping for your reply.

    Many thanks!

    1. About money transfer from BDO credit card to BPI bank account:
      Do you really mean credit card? No, you can't. What you can do is to apply for BDO's EasyPay Cash using your credit card, and then deposit the cash to your BPI bank account.

  7. Hi Nora!

    Can I transfer cash from BDO online to an Eastwest Checking account? Thanks for your help in advance!

  8. Hi Mina, yes, use the Send Money option of BDO online banking: See these steps: BDO account to EastWest account

  9. Good Afternoon po Maam Nora!

    Pwede po bang BDO online tapos magbayad ako sa billing ko sa BPI credit card?

    Thanks po!

  10. Paying BPI credit card through BDO online banking December 6, 2015
    Good Afternoon po Mrs Nora! Can I pay through BDO online my BPI credit card bill? Thanks po!
    Sorry, no. BPI credit cards are not in the list of bills that can be paid through BDO online banking. If you lack time and if you have BPI online banking, you can send money from your BDO account to your BPI account, and then pay your BPI credit card using your BPI online banking. The BDO to BPI transfer costs 100 pesos.

  11. Hi, I just happen to send money from my BDO account to Landbank yesterday and as of today, the recipient hasn't received yet the money but BDO says it is on DELIVERY status. I am very upset because the money is no longer on my account.

    1. About delivery of money from BDO to Landbank through BDO's Send Money online service:
      It's already Dec 10, so I hope the money is already in your recipient's Landbank account.

  12. Hi po.. Im edZ and may sister just sent money last dec 12 2015 from BDO to BPI. Pero wala pa naman po yung pera sa account ko. Paano po iyun ??

  13. Hi Ms. Nora. Iam glad I chanced upon your blog since I have been trying to know how to transfer money to another account through my BDO bank account. I have done it with my other bank accounts but my first time to do it with my BDO.I was not aware it was that complicated with them. Can I send to any bank account on the list without the need to enroll it and activate through atm? I also am wondering why there is a need to indicate the address and the contact number. Will the recipient be informed once the transfer has been done? Looking forward to your answer and more power to you.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can send to any account at a bank on the list above without enrolling and activating it by using the Send Money option.
      I think the recipient will not be informed by BDO. Most likely they're getting the data for tracking, anti-money-laundering or marketing purposes.

  14. Hello po. My ate sent me a money sa BPI account ko po through BDO po last dec 12 2015. Pero wala pa po yung money sa account ko. Paano po iyon ??

    1. About money transfer from BDO to BPI: Your ate sent on a Saturday, so it was likely sent to your account during office hours on Dec 14. I hope the money is already in your account.

    2. Hi.just wanna know if how many days does it takes to transfer money online from.bdo to bpi?done online transfer last friday aug.25 2017 till now didnt credit to my bpi acct.thanks

  15. Hello po. I send money sa BDO account ng brother ko using online BDO banking without enrolling and activating po last dec 12 2015 and bdo send a confirmation email that its successfully delivered.. Pero wala pa po yung money sa bdo account ng brother ko until now Dec.15. Paano po iyon ??

    1. Call BDO now 631-8000. Before calling, write first all details of your transaction (account nos., account names, amount, date of transfer, time, etc) so you can reply to the BDO officer's questions quickly.

    2. Hi ms Nora..
      how many days po ba ma withdraw ang money pag nag transfer ng money from BDO account to my bpi account ma'am?
      today e tra'transfer sana(Feb. 17,Friday) from BDO account. when ko po ma wiwithdraw using my bpi account?
      urgent po kasi.
      hope to hear answer from you. thank you.

  16. Hi Nora,last Dec 4, 2015 my hubby transferred money to my sister through BDO atm machine for check payment. Both are BDO users. Just today, 17 Dec 2015 it has been realized that the money hasn't been credited to my sister's account. The check payment is unsuccessful & got penalty from the BDO. When my husband checked his account, the money has been deducted, reason he thought it was successful transfer. In this case, can he still get the back to his account since it's been deducted & doesn't go through my sister's account. Appreciate your kind advise by return.

    Thank you very much!

  17. Hi, ask ko lang po if nagkoconduct ng credit checking ang bdo before makapag open ng savings account sa kanila?

  18. Does BDO conduct credit checking before savings account opening?:
    I think there's no credit checking because we can open a savings account immediately if we have 2 valid photo IDs and a picture. But banks might have a list of people banned from opening an account for certain reasons like fraud and money laundering.

    1. Thanks for the reply, so hindi po sya kagaya ng bpi na hindi ka pwede mag open kung meron kang default card or unpaid loans?

    2. Sorry I'm not sure if BDO also considers credit card default and unpaid loans as reasons for denying account opening. You can try opening.
      Remember that there are banks that automatically use the savings account balance of a customer with delinquent credit card issued by them to pay this delinquent customer's due amount. This policy is included in the terms and conditions of certain credit cards.

  19. Hi i transfered money from my bdo to my bpi yesterday.the money was already deducted on my bdo account but i have not yet received the money i sent in my bpi account..why is it so complicated.this is the second time i encountered this kind of hassle using bdo transfer.its frustrating

    1. Hi Ddg, BDO says that if the account owner transfers money before 12 noon on a business day, the money will be transferred the same day, but if initiated after 12, the money will be transferred the next business day.

    2. Sorry, the transfer should be done before 10 am on a business day, so it will be transferred the same day.

    3. Ask sana nag transfer today 9:30am kaso til now wala pa pero huhu emergency pa nmn sana

  20. Hi maam nora iam planning to make the trasfer to my friend from my bdo to his bpi to pay my credits actually i dont know the birthday is it possible to transfer even without bday?

    1. Hi chris, the recipient's birth date is needed, so just text your recipient and ask. Maybe the reason is to make you, the sender, intentional about sending, and to test that you know the person you are sending money to.
      I don't know how BDO can check if you are writing the correct birth date if the recipient's bank is not BDO. But just ask the correct birth date anyway — at least you're going to know your recipient's birthday πŸ™‚
      Make sure your recipient does not need the money right away, as your transfer might not get processed quickly.

    2. Hi i just want to ask if possible to transfer money from bpi online to bdo account

  21. Ms.Nora can i transfer fund fron east west account to BDO account?if so what are the steps?thanks

  22. Hi Nora, appreciate this post and your prompt responses.
    BDO to BPI Money Transfer cost about P100, but would you know if BPI charges for an incoming money transfer from BDO?

  23. hi, i am seeing the same issue here with other account owners.
    I sent my money yesterday 2:40 pm but now it is already more than 24 hours and i have not received it yet though the status in BDO says "PAID". What is the average turn around of money received if transaction is done after 11am on weekends?

    1. Hi DrawdE811, yes, you're right, your money should have already been transferred. If not yet transferred by tomorrow, call BDO 631-8000.
      BDO does not transfer on weekends. Any Send-Money transaction after 10 am or on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed the next business day.

    2. Hi DrawdE811, may I know how long did you wait for the money to be credited into your account? thank you

    3. Hello @DrawdE811, I hope your transaction was successful. On my end it already said "PAID", but it hasn't been credited to my recipient. how many days before the transfer reflected on your account?

  24. Hi, Ms. Nora. I greatly appreciate this post. I'm an OFW and I'm planning to open a Kabayan Savings Dollar Account when I go on vacation on Feb. 2016. I would like to know if I can send money online from this dollar account to another BDO account (Peso) or local bank (RCBC Peso account)? If not, what procedure can you recommend?

    1. Hi Daniel, sad to say, BDO does not yet transfer from a dollar account to a peso account and vice versa. However, a peso account can accept foreign remittance in dollars; BDO converts the dollars into pesos.
      If you plan to make peso transfers online, open a Kabayan peso account as soon as you arrive so you can activate it here via atm, enroll in online banking while here and activate your online banking while here (it's also activated via BDO atm machine).
      For transfers to other BDO accounts, enroll them while here (also activated via atm) so there'll be no online transfer fees.
      For transfers to other banks, use the Send Money service (100 pesos per transfer; transfer in advance as the transfer might be completed the next business day)

    2. And thanks for appreciating this post. Have another nice day there!

    3. Ask ko lang po nagtransfer po ako bdo to bpi…ung 1 transaction ko po nag error ksi expired n po pla ung OTP n naenter ko so nag error at cancel yong transaction..then inulit ko process second time successful po…but in my suprise ung balance ko doble ung ndeduct…i receive an email from bdo doon s successful pero doon s error wla…what will gonna happen po…maibblik po b ung 1 n deduct nla which is error nman
      ..pero sa status po doon s referemce in process po hoping for an answer. Thanks

  25. Ms. Nora, Thank you very much for the prompt response and the information. Have a nice day too!

  26. Hi. My sister transferred money online from her BDO account to my BPI account just last night. I understand it's way past the cutoff already, so meaning transaction will be made nbd which should be today. Right? I checked my account, but the money hasn't been transferred yet. Will it take the whole day before it will be transferred? Kind regards! Thank you. πŸ™‚

  27. Hi ms nora, is it possible i can transfer fund from BDO account to any international Bank account? Thank u so much.

    1. Transfer from BDO account to an international bank account:
      Hi Vii Ckii, yes, you can do it through your BDO online banking account. Use wire transfer. The charge is US$35.

    2. Hi Miss Nora, is it possible BDO Savings acct in Php to International Bank like Citibank in USD acct? Via online po…

    3. HI Ms Nora, is it possible po ba money transfer via online banking from my BDO savings acct Php to international bank in USD acct?

  28. Hi Madam Nora!! I have a BDO kabayan dollar account, can i send a money thru wire transfer to my bpi peso account. Is its possible??

  29. Hi Ryan Salvagon, I think so, yes. There's an option for a local bank in the Send Money via Wire Transfer service. Here's how to send money via BDO wire transfer
    The charge for this transaction is US$10.

  30. Is it normal? My Friend transferred money from Dubai account last Monday night phil time but until now I didn't receive the money yet..

    1. Remittance from Dubai: Do you mean he used online banking to transfer money from his Dubai account to your bank account here? If your banks are remittance partners, the transfer is faster. If not, wait for up to 5 days. Your friend can follow-up with his bank, if the money does not reach your account by the 5th day.

  31. Rcbc commercial po kc bank ng father q.pwede ba gamitin q ung rcbc savings pag nagsend aq ng money thru bdo online banking??wala kc rcbc commercial nkalagay sa list

  32. Christine Olivarez, transfer from BDO to RCBC February 24, 2016
    Rcbc commercial is the bank of my father. Can I use rcbc savings to send money thru bdo online banking? There's no rcbc commercial in the list.
    Choose Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. This is the same as RCBC Commercial

    1. hi mam, nagsend kasi ako money from bdo to chinabank eh mali pala ung account number na binigay nya instead po na ung real account number nya ung atm number ung nabigay. nagbawas na po sa account ko ung money, malaking pera pa naman. this saturday ko lng sinend. baka kasi pag uulitin ko madodoble. ano kaya pinakamaganda kong gawin.

  33. Hi ms nora ask ko lang safe po ba magsend to other local bank? Ano anong information ang visible sa receiver? Thanks hoping for the answer Godbless

    1. Hi Lyca, it's a service offered by BDO, so as long as you enter correct information, your transaction should be safe. Use your desktop or laptop at home, and keep your linked-mobile phone always secured.
      After your transaction is completed, your reference no. and other details will be displayed. You can printscreen it or take a screenshot and then store it for future reference. Details are also stored in your Transactions.
      What information is displayed on the account of your receiver? It varies from bank to bank. Most will display just the amount, the date of credit, and a generic description like "local bank transfer" or a bank transaction code.
      You should be careful when using this service for payment to people that you don't know well.

  34. I sent money from bdo to chinabank. I found out the account number given to me was the card number instead of the account number. The amount has been deducted from my account; it's a big amount. I sent this saturday . If I do it again, the deduction will be doubled. what should I do?
    BDO says that if the receiving account details are wrong, it will return the money to the sending account in 1 to 2 or maybe 3 business days. It's best to call BDO 631-8000 and ask.

  35. Roberta Espia February 28, 2016
    totoo ang information ni ate nora πŸ™‚ coz im using bdo and my husbands bank is DBS in Singapore and he can transfer up to his available balance to my account πŸ™‚
    Hi Roberta, thanks a lot for sharing info. I'm glad your husband is using DBS ibanking — a convenient and secure way to send money to your account.

  36. Hi Ma'am nagtransper po ako ng money thru BDO online to my PNB account last Friday March 4, 2016 past 12nn pero until now hindi parin nagrereflect sa account ko sa PNB ung money transfer ko. Pano po kayo yun

  37. Unknown, about money transfer from BDO to PNB Account March 6, 2016
    Hi Ms I transferred money thru BDO online to my PNB account last Friday March 4, 2016 past 12nn but until now the money I transferred has not reflected on my account with PNB. How is that?
    I hope the money is already in your PNB account. Transfers after 10am are processed the next business day. There's no processing of transfer on weekends.

  38. Hi Ms. Nora, my name is Dianne. I sent money from BDO to BPI using my BDO online at 9:30 last night. I expect it will be credited today during office hours. However, as of this time (4:49 PM – Friday), its not yet credited to my BPI account. Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Hi! May I ask how long did you wait for the money to be credited on your BPI account? Thankyou.

  39. How much is the maximum amount can tranfer online using BDO oline banking to metrobank account and is there any OTP required to transfer. Salamat po

    1. Hi Marte, yes, you need an OTP to send or transfer money. About limits, BDO says there's no limit; it's up to your available balance.

  40. Hi i send mpney yesterday mar 14 4pm php time from my bdo acct to bpi fam savings bank acct via online why until mow when i check my bpi acct the money is not there

  41. About transfer from BDO to BPI Family: I hope you'll see it credited to your BPIF account tomorrow. There could be a lot of transfer requests being processed.

  42. Hi ms. nora, it's very fortunate to find this forum. I tried sending from my BDO to Metrobank Account but it was failed as I left empty the RECEIVER NAME and BIRTHDAY because there is no name to enter since the recipient is Company only? I'm gonna pay my DP to the developer. Appreciate your urgent response. πŸ™‚

    1. About BDO Send Money service:
      Sorry I saw this only now, and sorry I have not used this service to transfer money to a corporate account in another bank.
      Try entering your developer's name, and leave the birthday field blank. If it still fails, this means this Send Money feature is only for personal accounts.
      Thanks for appreciating my blog.

    2. Thanks ms. nora. By the way i'm here in Qatar, I know I can send email to BDO but instead of doing that I opted to look first im the internet. Your blog has already been bookmarked. I find this very helpful. *wink

  43. Hello maam! I sent money online.. From BDO to BPIF. Pero mali po ang napagsendan ko, dapat po yung BPI lang. Pero tama naman po yung details ng pinagsendan ko ng pera. Ang problema lang po is yung bank. Ano po pwede gawin? Mababalik po ba sa BDO account ko ung pera?

  44. Hi Ms Nora,
    I want to transfer (Send Money Facility only) money to a third party BDO Account. Is there any charges? the third party is not yet enrolled.

    1. Hi Aldrin, BDO says the service Send Money to an unenrolled BDO account is currently free of charge. It also says that the money is transferred immediately.

  45. Error in Bank Name — Send Money from BDO to BPI March 16, 2016
    Hello! I sent money online. from BDO to BPIF. But I made a mistake. It should be BPI not BPIF. But the other detals are correct. Only the bank name was wrong. What should I do? Will the money be returned to my BDO account?
    Yes, the money will be returned to your account.

    1. Same thing happened to me. May I know how many banking days they will credit my money back on my bdo account? Transaction date was last August 9 and it has been 6 banking days.

  46. Hello. I transferred a certain amount from bdo to a bpi account yesterday (friday) like 1pm. And now, it's saturday, and hindi pa rin credited sa account nya yung pera. Reading this one, does that mean the next business day (MONDAY) pa ma-credit yung pera sa kanya? Thank you for your fast reply πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Jericko Lian, yes, BDO does not process Send Money requests on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Your money might be credited to your recipient's account Monday or Tuesday. BDO says next day, but this is a new service and it involves other banks and apparently many have started using it, so there are delays. πŸ™‚

  47. May I know, what Ecology Bank is now? They are located in Libis Q. City..They were merged with what bank?

  48. Hello Mam, ask ko po sana i have funded check sa UCPB…. then from BDO money transfer, how many days po dapat kelangan mailipat ung pera for example ung cheque going to UCPB dated every 20th of the Month. 19th po ba kaya nayon mailipat ang pera para magkaroon na ng fund yong cheque/or account UCPB kinabuksan?

    20,000 from BDO transfer to UCP charge will be 100pesos only?

    Thank you po πŸ™‚

  49. Marvin Benitez, BDO's Send Money to another local bank April 27, 2016
    Hello, i have funded check at UCPB. then from BDO money transfer, how many days before should I transfer to

    fund the cheque going to UCPB dated every 20th of the Month. If I transfer on the 19th, will the transfer be

    completed so the UCPB cheque/or account UCPB will be funded the next day? 20,000 from BDO transfer to UCP

    charge will be 100 pesos only? Thank you po πŸ™‚
    Hi Marvin, yes, the transfer fee is 100 pesos. The maximum transfer amount is 50,000, up to 5 transfers per day. But take note that your transfer might not get processed the next day. Because you are funding a cheque, you should transfer at least 5 business days before, or better yet, withdraw from your BDO account and then deposit into your UCPB account. You can make the deposit the day before — this is more certain; you don't have to worry if it's already transferred or not yet.

    1. Thank you po mam., sa ngaun yan po ung ginagawa ko na winiwithdraw nalang from BDO then deposit sa UCPB kaso medyo matrabaho xa since BDO and UCPB branch are far from each other..

      SO i try money transfer baka mapaless yong pag transact ko pero to make it safe.. withdraw nalang talaga..

      Salamat po mam, i really appreciate it!


    2. Thanks too Marvin. Continue making big deposits to your BDO account, so that maybe later on, you can apply for a BDO checking account. BDO is very strict about issuing checking accounts, but if they see frequent big deposits over time, and maybe a referral from a BDO client, maybe they can issue you a checking account.

  50. Hi there! Thanks for the info. Is there a need to enroll first the other local bank acct? I've tried this method today but I forgot to enroll the recipient's account first…Is there an issue with that?

  51. Send money to other local bank account
    You did right. No need to enroll. Besides, we're not allowed to enroll another bank's account. We can only enroll another BDO account.

  52. Hi Maam Nora, ask ko lang po kasi yung friend ko from China which is using HSBC Hong Kong account transferred money po sa account ko. Metrobank po ang account ko. Last saturday pa po sya nag send pero bakit po kaya until now hindi ko pa po nareceive yung money? Nag confirm na po sa kanya na na send na pero wala po dumating sakin. Hoping for your answer po. Thanks!

  53. About money transfer from HSBC Hong Kong to Metrobank account May 10, 2016
    Hi Mrs Nora, my friend from China which is using HSBC Hong Kong account transferred money to my Metrobank account last Saturday. Until now I haven't received the money. The remittance was already confirmed to my friend but I haven't received it yet. Hoping for your answer po. Thanks!
    If your friend sent money through wire transfer, wait a little more since he sent on a weekend. If you're sure he wrote your bank name, account name and number correctly, then you should get your money today or tomorrow. You can also call Metrobank.

  54. Hi Ms. Nora. ask ko lang po. kasi yung ate ko po nagpadala po ng pera online from Dubai po to Eeastwest Bank. Tama naman po yung binigay ko na atm account number base po dun sa binigay saken ng eastwest bank. Nagpadala po ang ate ko kanina mga 1pm po dito sa philippines. pero hindi pa din po pumapasok saken tapos nabawas na daw po sa kanila. eh bigla po sinabi saken ng eastwest bank na payroll account po yung atm ko kaya hindi pwedeng madeposit. possible po ba na bumalik ulit yung pera sa ate ko? Thank you po

    1. Nicole Aquino May 17, 2016
      Hi Ms. Nora. My sister sent money online from Dubai to Eastwest Bank. I gave her the correct atm account number based on what eastwest bank gave me. She sent me 1pm po here in the philippines. but the money has not been credited to my account. Then eastwest bank told me that my account is a payroll account and it can't accept deposits. Is it possible that the money be returned to my sister's account? Thank you po
      Hi Nicole, yes, the money should be returned to your sister's account. Ask your sister to ask her bank if they can amend her remittance from account deposit to cash pickup so you can pick up the money at Eastwest. If not, ask Eastwest what's their SOP in a case like yours – when do they return the money to the sender.

  55. very helpful! thanks! πŸ™‚

  56. Hi po, tama po ba pagkaintindi ko? πŸ™‚ If I will send money po to other local bank lke BPI, dapat po before 10am para po ma send na agad? πŸ™‚ I sent po kasi to a bpi account around almost 11am and then po until now it says "in process" bukas pa po ba un siya ma rerecieve? nakaltasan na po ung balance ko πŸ™‚ just wondering din po if yung cut off time, does it apply po ba during weekends lg po or everyday? πŸ™‚ thanks po πŸ™‚

  57. Miss Angelica did you send today? If yes, your money will be sent on Monday, (Tuesday in some cases), because today is Saturday. On weekends and holidays, even if you send early in the morning, the money will be sent the next business day.

    1. YES po, and ask ko din po, is there a difference from the BPI Family Savings and BPI Islands? kasi po the account is BPI Islands, but sa drop down menu ng BDO wala pong BPI Islands, BPI Family Savings lg po,and I chose the BPI family savings, will it affect po ba?

    2. Miss Angelica, these banks are related, but they are different. In the dropdown, you will see Bank of the Philippine Islands — this is BPI Islands. BPI Family Savings is another bank; it is a subsidiary of BPI.
      What will happen? The transfer will be rejected, and your money will be returned to your account.

    3. Thanks πŸ™‚ What do you mean by "outstanding"? it is now the status of my payment.

    4. Hi Miss Angelica, I think it has been sent by BDO, but it's not being received by the other bank, so it's "outstanding" or "pending" or "waiting for a remedy" or "waiting to be returned to BDO".

    5. can I cancel my payment po ba if the status said PAID?

    6. Hi Miss Angelica, sorry I think no. Only scheduled transfer can be canceled. Ask your recipient if the money is there in her/his account. If not credited by tomorrow to your recipient's account, the money will be returned to your account, maybe the next day or days. But the 100-peso fee will not be refunded.
      Just treat this as a learning experience.

  58. Hi ms.nora.i sent money to my bpi personal account through an exchange here in dubai. I sent it yesterday at 6 30 pm.i checked today on the online checking which is my only access pero hindi parin mo nadadagdag sa savings ko. At ever since nagpapadala po ako nuon ngayon lang po ako nakaresiv ng remittance message na na processed na daw po.pero hindi namn sya pumapasok pa pag nag chchek ako.salamat po

  59. Hi ms.nora yesterday po nagsent po ako ng money sa bpi personal account ko dito sa dubai through an exchange.pero until now ng chechek po ako sa online banking which is my only access hindi pa rin po sya pumapasok.what could be the possible problem po kaya.thank you po

    1. Hi Renren, I hope you can already see your remittance. If you've used that money exchange before and all remittances were successful, then this one would also be processed. There might just be some glitch. I can't think of a reason right now. If not yet credited the next day, you might want to ask the exchange teller if your account no. was encoded correctly. I'm not sure if you can call by landline there so it would be toll-free: ETISALAT

    2. I mean call BPI using ETISALAT landline toll-free: 800-0630-0017

  60. Hi mam nora ask ko lang po nais ko po na magpadala ng money sa BPI account ng kapatid ko sa pinas using may BDO account through online. Kaso nasa saudi po ako.ano po ba ang mga steps na dapat gawin?

  61. from BDO to BPI
    Hi mrs nora I want to send money to my sibling's BPI account in the Phils using my BDO account through online. But I'm in Saudi. What are the steps to do?
    ANSWER: I'm assuming you've already registered your account in BDO online banking. If you can receive your OTP through your smartphone there in Saudi, you can transfer money from BDO to BPI, but if not, you'll not be able to transfer money. You can call BDO Saudi Arabia 800-863-0011 (toll-free if you use landline) to register your smartphone there.
    If you have a bank account in Saudi, you might want to read this: Send Money online from Saudi to a Philippine bank account

    1. It should be "You can call BDO: 800-863-0011"

  62. Hi po maam ask ko lng po if posible po ba na mag change ng sender pag nag padala ka po ng money using bdo online.. send money to pick up any bdo anywhere po ung gamit ko.. i hope pwedi po thanks..

  63. Will Facun
    Hi po is it possible to change the sender if I send money using bdo online. I use "send money for pick up any bdo anywhere". i hope it's possible. thanks..
    Sorry, what do you mean? There's "Send Money for Pickup at BDO Branch" — your recipient can get the money at any BDO branch.
    Do you mean you have sent the money for pickup already, and now you want to change, for example, to Send to Any BDO account? If you're asking this, no, you can't change online, because after you click Submit, the process already starts.

  64. pano po magtransfer online from bdo to bank of commerce? hindi ko po kasi maienrol yung boc sikapinoy account ko sa bdo online. thank you

    1. Hi nurse-dad, sorry you're not yet allowed to enroll your BOC account, but you can transfer money to it using the SEND MONEY service. click "Send Money to Another Local Bank". See the steps described above in the post.

  65. pwede po ba ienrol ang bdo junior account sa bdo online? thank you

    1. Hi nurse_dad, yes, you can enroll your junior account in BDO Online since it's a savings account

  66. Hello, ms nora, ask ko lang po nag send po kasi ung boss ko using bdo remit pick up to any bdo branch kaso namali po ung name na nailagay nya and it is twice, pano po mapapalitan ang name ko po dun? Ndi napo ba maieedit un? Then he tried transferring it again to my metrobank prepaid account kaninang 11am po, but i check my metrobank account online the money isnt there, but it says successful dun sa pinorward nyang reciept sakin with reference # tama naman po ung account number ko, kelan po magrereflect sa metrobank account ko ung tinransfer nya?

    1. Money transfer from BDO to Metrobank: Did your boss use the Send Money online service? Your boss sent it past 11 am, so it was not processed the same day. BDO's cut-off for Send-to-another-bank is 10am. It will be processed the next day. There are also cases that it's processed the 3rd day.
      About the money sent via BDO Remit pick-up: Did you mean Send Money for Pickup at BDO branch? Your boss should call 631 8000 to ask how to correct the mistake, or how to have the money returned to his account.

  67. Hi good am mam,ask lng po if mag sendmoney po from abroad to philippines gamit ang Bdo online banking how much po ang limit ng pwde isend? Same lang pong BDO ang sendan ng money,and may charge po ba un kung abroad to phil? Thanks po

  68. Hi good am mam,ask lng po if mag sendmoney po from abroad to philippines gamit ang Bdo online banking how much po ang limit ng pwde isend? Same lang pong BDO ang sendan ng money,and may charge po ba un kung abroad to phil? Thanks po

    1. Hi Bambina: if you use BDO online banking to send money from your BDO peso account to another peso BDO account, this is free if you have enrolled the other BDO account and linked it into your account. This has no amount limit because the other account has been pre-enrolled.
      If you send to an unenrolled BDO account, the maximum limit per day is 10,000 pesos. This is also free of charge.
      For both of these transactions, you need OTP, meaning your current smartphone number should have been registered with BDO, and it should be able to receive texts from the Philippines.

    2. If you meant using the online banking system of your bank abroad (not Philippine-based bank) to send money to a BDO account, there will be a remittance fee because the money is being sent from abroad to the Philippines.

  69. Thank you mam for your reply, πŸ™‚ yes po unenrolled account po nagsesend un sister ko po actually, nsa egypt po kc sya, ngaun po e di pa sya mkpag enroll ng accts kc po wla po atm machine dun, thanks po ulit

  70. Thank you mam for your reply, πŸ™‚ yes po unenrolled account po nagsesend un sister ko po actually, nsa egypt po kc sya, ngaun po e di pa sya mkpag enroll ng accts kc po wla po atm machine dun, bali po sinesendan po nia ako gamit po un BDo online banking nia po pero nsa egypt po sya may charge po un mam? BDO din po un pinpadalhan nia dto philippines.thanks po

    1. Hi Bambina: do you mean hindi ma-enroll ng sister mo ang BDO account mo sa kanyang BDO online account kasi andon pa siya sa abroad? At ang nangyayari, ginagamit niya ang Send Money ng BDO online banking to send money to your unenrolled BDO account? Kung ganito, walang charge ito, kasi BDO to BDO.
      Yong pag-remit ng sister mo ng pera sa kanyang BDO account, yon ang merong remittance fee kasi money is sent from abroad.

  71. Hi. Good morning. Ask ko lang kung gaano katagal matatanggap yung pinadala kong pera thru Send Money to another local bank (bpi). Nung Wednesday ko pa napadala, nabawasan na rin account ko. Pero until now di pa rin daw natatanggap. Thanks po

  72. Good morning. Ask ko lang kung gaano katagal matatanggap ng receiver yung pera thru send money (bdo to bpi)? Kasi nung Wednesday ko pa yun na send. Until now di pa rin daw natatanggap. Thanks po.

    1. Hi Mha, it should have been transferred Thursday. Did you choose the correct bank? Bank of Philippine Islands or BPI Family Bank?

  73. Hi Nora,

    Yesterday, someone completed the transfer around 7:33pm. Can I expect the money earlier than 7:33pm later?? His account was BDO and mine's BPI.

    Thank you so much!

    1. speed of transfer: It's possible you can get the money today, but it's more likely that you will get it tomorrow, based on comments here.

    2. I understand miss Nora… last week kasi, the same client completed the transfer at around 6:30pm and it reflected on my account the next day at around 6:30pm din. Kaya I was just wondering. Is it the same case? Kasi what I know is that 6pm is already outside banking hours, correct?

      Thank you Nora!

    3. Thanks for the info. It means that BDO has been improving its Send-Money-to-another-bank-account feature. In recent months, some have complained here that the transfer took 2 to 3 days.

  74. Hi Ms. Nora How many days po yung money ma transfer from sg to bdo account?tnx!

  75. Hi Ms. Nora, How many days po ang transfer from SG to BDO account? Thanks!

    1. Kung BDO remittance partner ang ginamit, dapat within the day, or the next day, andiyan na sa BDO account mo.

  76. hi mam nora.
    Im expecting po kasi a remittance from someone galing Bangkok, Thailand. then sabi po nya napadala na daw po nung July 15 pa. Pero po hanggang ngayon kasi ay hindi pa nag aappear sa account ko on Kabayan Savings,bdo. it's almost 5 days na po. it is normal para ganito po katagal? btw i'm already receiving remittance from abu dhabi, and wala naman po problema. dito lang po kasi nagkaroon ee.

    1. Hi MAds, I hope you got the money already. If not yet, did he send it through his/her bank? Did you give BDO's swift code which is BNORPHMM? There could be an error in the encoding of your name and account no. Ask your sender to please check again with his/her bank.

  77. NabiSun OnlineShop, about online fund transfer to international account July 24, 2016
    Hi Ms Nora, is it possible po ba money transfer via online banking from my BDO savings acct Php to international bank like Citibank in USD acct?
    Yes, but you should use your BDO US dollar account. You will use wire transfer. BDO does not yet offer a peso-to-US-dollar wire transfer online. Login to your BDO online account and click Send Money, then click Send Money via Wire Transfer.

  78. First time ko po mag transfer from bdo to bpi account ko, 1pm ko ginawa but since now wala pa rin siya tho nareceieve ko yung email na completed and natransfer ko nga pero pag chinecheck ko bpi account ko hindi pa rin nadadagdagan.

    Can someone answer me?

    1. BDO to BPI transfer online: Tomorrow pa ma-credit sa BPI account mo yong transferred money mo, kasi 10 am ang cut-off ng BDO. Meron ding case na sa second day pa ma-credit, kasi transfer to another bank ito. Pero I hope na-plantsa na ang BDO-BPI link at talagang tomorrow na talaga ma-complete ang transfer.

  79. Hi Ms. Nora,

    If I will do "FUND TRANSFER" (BDO ONLINE BANKING) from my BDO ACCOUNT to another local bank? Is there a charge of Php 100.00 or more ? Why is it stated in their site

    "Is there a service fee for BDO Online Banking Fund Transfers?
    No. This service is free of charge."

    Please reply.
    Thank you so much po. πŸ™‚

    1. BDO online transfer fees: Yes, there is a charge of 100 pesos for online transfer from BDO to another local bank. You will use the "Send Money" service.
      What is free is the "Fund Transfer" from a BDO account to another BDO account (enrolled) using the "Financial Services – Fund Transfer" service.
      The "Send Money to Any BDO account" (not enrolled) is also a free service.

  80. Hi miss nora. Is there a chance na magsend thru online banking sa hindi na enrol na account? Nasa qatar na kasi ako, pero ang max per day lang na pwede ipadala sa another bdo account per day is 10k. Pag pick up anywhere naman is 50k. Wala pa atang toll free hotline dito. Pag kaya sa unenrolled other local bank account, magkano kaya magiging limit

  81. Hi Nora can I transfer money to my RCBC checking account using the BDO online? Thanks

    1. Hi Danilo, yes, but you should transfer several business days ahead of the due date of the check you are funding because there have been cases that transfers were not completed within the day or the next day.

  82. Nagsend ung fren ko ng money today around 12pm, so bukas din po ba ng 12pm papasok sa account ko. Bdo to pnb.

    1. Hi tiffanie: Based on BDO's announcement, dapat ma-credit sa PNB account mo yong money probably afternoon of Monday. Pero it's possible din na ma-delay, so pinaka-sure yong Tuesday.

    2. Pwede po ba niya ipadala sa atm ko kasi payroll ko po yun?

    3. Hi tiffanie, sorry hindi ko alam ang policy ng PNB sa payroll accounts, kasi sa BDO, ang payroll account nila ay hindi puedeng depositohan ng iba over the counter. Pero dahil online naman ito, at PNB, sana mas flexible ang PNB about their payroll accounts.
      Kapag halimbawa lang i-reject ng PNB ang transfer dahil ito ay payroll account, babalik ang pera sa BDO account ng sender mo, pero yong 100-peso charge ay hindi na ibabalik.

  83. Ask ko lang po kung regarding sa pag fill up ng form yong receiver address po ba ay kailangan ilagay yong bank branch address? What if ang nalagay residence address?matatanggap din po ba yon?

  84. Hi angelie: Tama yong naisulat mo, residence address ng receiver yon. Hindi yon address ng bank. Tama yong nailagay mo. Ang account no. naman andon na yong code kung saang branch ng bank yong account. Usually yong first 3 or 4 digits ng account no. ay code ng bank branch.

  85. Hi Ms Nora, I'm trying to enroll a Landbank account to my BDO online fund transfer but upon enrolling it gave me an error as BDO requires 12 digits account no. Landbank's has only 10 digits. Should I add "00" first or at the end of the bank account?

  86. Enroll Landbank account to BDO online fund transfer?: Hi Joy, sorry, online fund transfer is done only between BDO accounts. You can enroll another person's account to your account, but it should be a BDO account.
    What you can use to transfer to another bank is the "Send Money" service, which charges a fee of 100 pesos per transaction. You don't need to enroll the other account; you enter the other account's number as you perform the Send Money transaction.

  87. good evening Maam Nora, can i transfer money fro my BDO to my BPI credit card through BDO Online Banking? Thank you very much.

    1. Hi karl, did you mean you want to pay your BPI credit card using your BDO online banking? If yes, sorry, BPI is not in the list of companies that you can pay through BDO online banking.
      If you want to transfer money from your BDO account to your BPI bank account, yes, you can. There's a 100-peso charge. The transfer is not immediate.

  88. Hello Ms. Nora, nag transfer ako using ATM machine to another BDO account. 3PM (Friday). Nawala ko ung receipt but the amount was deducted from my savings account. Now, I need to get the reference number or copy of the receipt as a proof na nage send ako ng payment. Is it possible to get that information, since wala naman notification na send sa email ko.

    1. Hi paula: enroll in bdo online banking, so you can see your transaction history, and get proof that you transferred money to a certain account.

  89. Thank you for this information. Very helpful and have confidence now to do a Send Money from BDO Online

  90. hi ms nora..i just want to know what os SFER error code means? Im trying to do a fund transfer and im getting the said error message amd this is the first time i encountered it..appreciate your response on this. thansk!

  91. hi ms nora..i just want to know what os SFER error code means? Im trying to do a fund transfer and im getting the said error message amd this is the first time i encountered it..appreciate your response on this. thansk!

    1. Hi Sheila: Sorry I have not encountered such error. Since you have already transferred before and you know already the procedure, and it's not likely that you made an error, make your transfer later, perhaps after an hour. Maybe the BDO system is encountering some glitches at this time, or they're making some maintenance processes without putting the whole website down.

  92. Hi Nora,

    Ask ko lang regarding my online transaction. Nag send money ako from bdo to bpi family savings. Mali ung bank na napili ko. Dapat ay bpi savings lang. How can I cancel the transaction and make it right. Thanks

    1. Hi Darwin, sorry, according to BDO, pag na-submit mo na, mapa-process na, and can no longer be cancelled.
      What will happen is that BPI Family Savings will reject the transfer, and BDO will return the money to your BDO account. I don't know how many days this process will take. Your money will be returned, but the 100-peso charge will no longer be returned.

  93. Nagtransfer ako ng funds from my bdo account to my cousin's BPI savings account. I selected BPI savings pero dun sa records bpi family savings nakalagay. Is this fine? If not, how can I cancel it?

    1. Hi RJ : If the bank is BPI, you should have chosen Bank of Philippine Islands. If the bank is BPI Family, you should have chosen BPI Family Savings Bank. If you chose the wrong bank, the money will not be accepted and it will be returned to BDO. BDO will credit back the money to your account. The 100-peso transfer charge will not be returned.
      Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is the parent company of BPI Family Savings Bank. They are different banks. Related lang sila.

  94. Hi..i send my money to bpi.the status is outstanding after 2 days of waiting.and yet my bpi account didnt received it at all.

    1. Hi Mark Alvin: If you sent it the afternoon of Friday (Dec 16), the money should already be in your account by this Monday afternoon (Dec 19) or by tomorrow (Dec 20). Is your bank BPI? I hope you sent your money to Bank of the Philippine Islands, and not to BPI Family Bank, as some account owners have done.

  95. Hi Miss Nora ask ko Lang po, my employer sent my salary last Tuesday from his Saudi bank to my BDO account. How long will It take before it will be credited to my account? Until now, It was not credited. Kung Mali po Ba yung name of City Na nailagay Nya Sa BDO branch Hindi po Ba icredit yun Sa account ko? Thanks po

    1. Hi Julienne: Do you mean it was sent Dec 13? That's 5 business days ago. Should have been credited already, unless the Saudi bank is not a remittance partner of BDO. Will take longer if not a partner.
      I think if the bank name, account name and account numbers are correct, the money will be transferred even if the branch name is incorrect. You can call BDO 631 8000 or visit your branch and ask.

  96. Mam Nora, so grateful for your blog. Really a great help for me as I am currently living abroad and my BDO International ATM Card will be expired soon thus there's no way I could make a withdrawal. Great thing that I found out it is posible to SEND MONEY from BDO to BPI. God bless always.

  97. Hi Catherine: Thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. Makes me happy. Means a lot. About sending money from BDO to BPI using the Send Money feature, I hope your phone number there abroad is registered with BDO so your OTP can be sent to your phone whenever you Send Money to BPI. You can check your Profile Maintenance >> Customer Information. Have a great day!

  98. Hello! Yes, my mobile number here is already registered and every time I login I kept receiving OTP. Thank God for the very detailed instructions you put in here that I was able to make a successful SEND MONEY transaction.
    Mam, I like to ask the Kabayan savings account. I am planning to open an account here abroad. Was informed that it will take 30 to 45days for me to get the ATM and Passbook but I can't withdraw unless I activate it and change PIN# in BDO machine in Phils. Do you think it is wise decision that incase I have soemone who will have vacation in Manila will let her change the PIN# have it activated thus I can make an emeegency withdrawal abroad or I really need to activate the Kabayan card over the counter? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Catherine: Sorry for the delayed response. Once again, thank you for appreciating my blog. Makes me inspired.
      About letting someone activate your atm card for you, yes, that's doable. But I suggest that you put money in your account ONLY after your card is activated and you've already received back your atm card.
      There are two problems though: BDO sets a deadline for activation, I'm not sure if it's still 30 days from date of account opening. The other one is BDO requires Kabayan account owners who opened their accounts abroad to go to their branch of account and link their atm cards to their accounts. I think this was done for security measures. Based on some comments, this is still being required. But you can still try — BDO's policies sometimes change.
      Another problem is that I've learned from some comments that BDO has stopped approving online banking enrollment from abroad because of bogus enrollments from abroad. So if you plan to open an account abroad, you might not be able to enroll this account in BDO online banking while you're abroad.
      It might be better to use your current BDO account for saving, and just set aside money there abroad so you don't have to withdraw from your BDO account for expenses there.

  99. Mam, I have googled and it seems that only BDO has this kind of transactions… SEND money from other local banks is it right?

  100. Mam Nora,
    Merry christmas po. Nag transfer po kasi ako ng pera from my BDO account to my RCBC account. Through online banking. Di po ako sure kung RCBC lang ung aking account o RCBC Savings. Marereceive po kaya ung kung sakali na RCBC savings pala ang account ko. Kasi sa RCBC ko lang tinransfer.
    Thanks po.

    1. Hi Jerome, sorry I'm not sure. Most likely ma-transfer because RCBC knows their codes (whether it's for RCBC or for RCBC Savings), but in case their system does not allow for this kind of sorting, your money will be returned to your BDO account. Sadly though, the 100-peso will not be returned, as BDO has performed the requested transfer.

    2. Merry Christmas din, Jerome

  101. If the transfer shows invalid card, will i still be chrge the transaction fee?

    1. Hi Cherlyn, sad to say, yes, the 100-peso fee will not be returned, as BDO has already performed the transfer. It's the money you transferred that will be returned to your BDO account

  102. Hi Ms. Nora. I'm trying to transfer from my BDO account to a UCPB Corporate Account. Pero yung required fields for the recipient is same pa rin as individual person. Just want to confirm, if corporate account how to fill up the last name, first name, middle initial, birthday, gender and mobile number (landline lang ang meron ako for the company)? Thanks!

    1. Hi Wilfred, I called BDO and the officer said that you enter the complete name of the receiving company all in the first field (Last Name), then enter a dot (.) in the fields for First Name and Middle Name. For birthday and gender, you can enter any birthday or gender. For mobile no., try entering the company's landline and if not accepted, add zeros to complete the needed digits. Today is a holiday, so if you send today, it will be transferred tomorrow.

    2. Good evening mam Nora. I just have one question for you to confirm. I want to send money from my BDO account and i have a post dated cheques on sept.30, 2018. Yon receiver ng post dated cheque ko nakasulat sa ibang company pero yon owner ng account name sa checking account ay siya pa rin ba ilalagay as his complete name? Thanks

  103. PM
    Hi Ms.Nora pwede ko pa po ba ma-cancel yung inprocess na na transfer from my bdo acct. To BPI

    1. Hi Annaliza, sorry for the delayed response. And sorry rin na hindi na puedeng bawiin kapag na-process na ang transfer. Naisosoli lang ang pera sa account mo kapag hindi tinanggap ng BPI ang pera dahil merong mali sa account data.

  104. Hi ms. Nora my minimum amount po ba ang pagsend ng money online from bdo to other local bank account?

    1. Hi leejun, yes, the minimum is 100 pesos, and the maximum is 50,000 pesos per day or 5 Send Money transactions per day.

  105. Hi ms. Nora pwede po ba magtransfer from my bdo atm account to my husband's international bank account in england? Thank you

  106. Please reply po. Saka magkano mo initial dep kapag mag time deposit?

  107. Please reply po. Saka magkano mo initial dep kapag mag time deposit?

  108. Why am I getting an error after I input the OTP? Error message says Card is invalid.

  109. Hi Nora,

    BDO online pwede ba magdirect payment sa SSS,Philhealth at Pag ibig para sa contributions?.

    1. About paying SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig via BDO online: Sorry you cannot. These are not on BDO's list for online bill payment.
      If you have a Bancnet-linked bank, you can pay SSS online.

  110. Appreciate this information, very useful. Many thanks Ms. Nora.

  111. Hi Elbert, thanks a lot for appreciating my post. Means a lot to me πŸ™‚

  112. Good afternoon Miss Nora. HOow can I check the status of my transaction whether it's already transferred succesfully or whether it is still pending?

    1. Hi Marjorie: Sorry we can only know the transfer has been successful once the recipient says the amount already appears in his/her account. If the amount has already been deducted/debited from your account, then the transfer process has started. BDO says that they don't make transfers during holidays and weekends as most banks are closed. And that transfers made in the afternoons/holidays/weekends are processed the next business day.

  113. Hi Ms. Nora my Auntie will send me money from saudi via BDO send money to my BPI account due to time difference she can transfer by March 13 1 am Phil time will it be credited same day March 13 since it's done before 10 am on a weekday? Thanks!

    1. Hi Zion, yes, if your aunt is transferring from her BDO account to your BPI account before 10 am. But be prepared to wait because there are times it's not transferred the same day.

  114. Hi
    If the transaction still inprogress can I cancel it?

    1. Stop a Funds Transfer transaction?: You might be able to or you might not. Just be prepared for any result. What will you do? You will close the browser? or turn off your mobile phone or shut down your PC or laptop?
      You can do it if you're ready for any result — either your money will remain in your account, or it will be transferred to another bank's account.
      Usually once the process is in progress, it pushes through specially if the process is almost done. I once paid Globe online via my credit card, and before I can complete the process, the payment page disappeared. I thought my payment didn't push through. Then I got an email saying my payment was accepted.
      The reminder really is: Make sure of your transfer decision first before making the transfer.

  115. Hi Ms. Nora, magtatanong lang sana ako kong 5 transaction per day lang po ba talaga as of now yong limit pag nag transfer ng pera from bdo personal savings acccount to other local bank or other bdo accounts na hindi na enroll sa account. At tsaka 50,000 lang po ba ang maximum limit sa 5 transaction per day?

  116. Hello po Ms. Nora. Nagpadala po ng pera friend ko. How will I know if the money is sent to my account?

    1. by the way, the money was sent through mobile banking.

    2. Hello may I know po kung anong update dito? Same case po kasi sa akin

    3. Hi Joery: Kung wala kang mobile banking or online banking, sa ATM mo lang talaga ma-check kung nasa account mo na ang pera. If the same bank, instant ang transfer, pero kapag from another bank, it might take hours or the next day pa. Enroll your account in online banking so you can track your transactions online, and then download your bank's mobile app so you can also use your mobile phone for your banking needs.

  117. Hi ms. Nora
    Possible ba na maicancel ang transfer ng funds from bdo to bpi account?

  118. I entered the wrong spelling of name of receiver from my account to ML okay lang ba un? Makclaim ba un sa ML ng taong pinadalhan ko?

  119. Hinag send ako ng pera bdo online banking pick anywhere tapos after ko na review ang info nacancel ko sha.. Tapos inulit ko ulit. Tas reply sakin insuffecient balance na. Nabawas na ang pera sa account ko tas la akong na receive na email.. Tiningnan ko po ung sa transaction record ang una na nacancel ko andon nakalagay sa status nya OUTSTANDING. Ano po inig sabhn noon. La kasi ako nareceive na succesful eh

  120. Hinag send ako ng pera bdo online banking pick anywhere tapos after ko na review ang info nacancel ko sha.. Tapos inulit ko ulit. Tas reply sakin insuffecient balance na. Nabawas na ang pera sa account ko tas la akong na receive na email.. Tiningnan ko po ung sa transaction record ang una na nacancel ko andon nakalagay sa status nya OUTSTANDING. Ano po inig sabhn noon. La kasi ako nareceive na succesful eh

  121. Hi miss nora. I sent money from my bdo to my bpi checking account around 3pm of aug 14. Bakit po till now wala pa din?it was an error i clicked bank of philippine islands at hindi family savings bank. Thank u these posts are really helpful.

  122. Hello! I have a friend who transferred money thru BDO online to my BPI account, she lives in Cabuyao Laguna pero nagdududa po ako if sa kanya yung perang nasa list ng account ko, nakalagay po kasi ay from BPI Dagupan Pangasinan yung money, same amount of money naman po. Btw, she transferred the money on June 23, the money in my account was listed on June 27. Please enlighten me, thanks!

    1. my BPI account po ay hindi BPI Family Savings Bank, is it possible po ba na magtransfer from BDO to BPI main account?

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  124. Hi Ms. Nora,

    I send money to a BPI account today at around 2:00am and it prompted with a message that the system is under maintenance but if you look at it in history, the status is in process. Is there any action from my side to proceed with the request? Thanks and I'm hoping for your reply asap.

  125. Pwede po ba mg money send from my bdo online account to my metrobank account? thanks

  126. Hi Mam, pag po deactivated na ung account ng receiver maibabalik paba sa account ko ung money na transfer ko?

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  129. Hello, I transferred money to Metrobank, the status is "PAID", but it hasn't been credited to my recipient. should it already reflect on my recipients' account?

  130. Hi mrs nora. I tried to use "send for pick up to any Bdo or partners" using BDO Mobile apps. It says "No saved template found,ceate template via bdo on line banking" how can i do that?
    Please help. Thanks

    1. Hi Lil Beast Mode: You need to do your first "Send Money for Cash Pickup at any BDO Branch/Partner using your BDO online banking account — meaning pumunta ka sa (go to Google Chrome, then type sa URL tab), meaning hindi mo muna gagamitin ang BDO mobile app mo, pumasok ka sa website ng BDO –>> Doon sa form ng Send Money for Cash Pickup at any BDO brach/partner, remember to click "Save as New Template" sa baba ng form

  131. Hi, I have transferred from my BDO Kabayan Account a Cebuana Cash Pickup on January 2 at 2pm, and up until now, January 3 at 9am, the status is still OUTSTANDING. can anyone explain why?

  132. hello po maam mag tanung lang po sana ako kung paano i cancel yung sa other local bank ng bdo nag padala po kase ako using bdo omline banking nag kapalit po yung name ng sender and reciever paano po ma cancel yun nasa abroad po yung reciever dico naman po ma kita ang cancel sa bdo online bali po sa cebuana po dapat kukunin

  133. hello po maam mag tanung lang po sana ako kung paano i cancel yung sa other local bank ng bdo nag padala po kase ako using bdo omline banking nag kapalit po yung name ng sender and reciever paano po ma cancel yun nasa abroad po yung reciever dico naman po ma kita ang cancel sa bdo online bali po sa cebuana po dapat kukunin

  134. Hi magtatanung lng po ako kz nag padala ako ng pera online banking. Imbes na BPI lng sa bpi family ko na send. Maibabalik p po ba ung money? Nag cradit n kz xa sa account ko

  135. Hi Jen: You meant na-debit na sa acccount mo. Merong nag-comment dito na na-credit naman sa BPI account niya yong sinend to BPI Family, kaya lang hindi siya sure kung yong sender sent to BPI or BPI Family. She just assumed na nag-send sa BPI Family na buti na lang na-credit sa BPI account niya.
    Ang opinion ko: Kung hindi ma-credit sa account mo, ibabalik ng BPI ang pera to BDO and BDO will credit back the money to your BDO account.
    Pero siguro these days, nake-credit na, kasi sa any Cash Machine ngayon ng BPI ay tumatanggap ng pera for both BPI at BPI Family, na dati separate machines ang pag-deposit.

  136. Hello po ask lng po ako regardong transfer of money from BDO from othe country to BPI philippines pinadala po noong april 21 hanggang khapon po april 24 wla pa din po usually kc after 1 working day nandyan na. khapon tuesday wla parin eh.
    salamat po.

  137. BDO to BPI: Antayin na lang kasi weekends nai-transfer. Kung minsan meron ding mga glitches ang mga procedures nila. Bale nasa abroad ang nagpadala pero ginamit niya ang BDO online banking niya to transfer to BPI? Pero kapag one week na at wala pa, sabihan mo na yong sender mo para siya na ang mag-follow-up.

  138. how long before you know that your transfer is not accepted?

  139. Kailangan po ba ifill up din yung address 1&2? Kapag wala pa po nun hindi maisend yung money? Thank you

    1. I-fill-up mo kasi it is asked. Pero kung hindi mo nasulatan at tinanggap naman yong transfer mo after you click "Submit," it means puede at optional lang. Usually yong address 1 contains your street number and name or block and lot and street name and subdivision name. Address 2 usually contains the names of your barangay, town and province

  140. Hello, I would like to ask if is feasible to transfer from your own BDO account to a PSBank Checking Account?

    Thank you.

  141. template name and description ano po ang ilagay ko jan..d ko kc alam.mpls answer

  142. Ask lang po,nag-transfer po ako from bdo to bpi before 10am,thursday,kaso po ang status is error daw po “this function is not available at this time”pero nadebit po sa akin. Nagsend po ba yun or hindi? Paano po gagawin ko? Thanks

    1. Hi Abby, sorry for the late reply. I hope nasa BPI account na ang pera. Kung wala pa, tingnan mo yong My Transactions mo kung naka-list doon itong transfer mo. Kung naka-list, mata-transfer yan to BPI or na-transfer na.

  143. Jonathan Depaling

    Hi miss Nora, nag transfer po ako ng pera from my BDO to my girlfriend’s BPI last Nov. 29, 2018 around 3pm pero hanggan ngayon wala pong natanggap na money sa BPI account ng GF ko. ano po gagawin ko? need your help. thanks

  144. jonathan Depaling

    Hi, I just transferred money from my BDO to BPI last November 29, 2018 but until now the BPI doesn’t receive it. i badly need the money before the day ends. thanks

    1. Hi jonathan, dapat nasa BPI account na today. Friday dapat pero it was a holiday. Your girlfriend can call BPI at 89-100 if she’s in Metro Mla. She should be ready with her account number, date of transfer and amount transferred. She should be the one calling because it’s her account.

  145. gud day maam paano po yung fiields na template sa pag tranfer ng funds from bdo to bpi ano pi ilagay doon thanks

    1. Hi lhala, yong “template” ay nake-create kapag sa naunang Send Money mo ay nag-Yes ka sa tanong na “Do you want to use this as template for your next Send Money transaction?”. Type a name to the template, usually yong name ng person na pinapadalhan mo. Puedeng mag-template for each different person na pinapadalhan mo, basta hindi sila nagpalit ng account number. Sa next Send Money mo, para hindi ka na uli mag-fill-up ng maraming fields, click mo yong Template for certain person at mag-aapir yong nauna mong Send Money transaction for that person. Palitan mo na lang yong amount kung iba na yong amount. Kung iba ang ibig mong sabihin, please comment ka na lang uli.

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