Send Money Through BDO Wire Transfer

You can send money to a bank abroad or to a local bank through BDO wire transfer. 

You’re able to make a wire transfer through BDO if:

1.  You have a US dollar account with BDO
2.  You’re enrolled in BDO online banking.
3.  Your recipient has a bank account.

Steps in making a BDO wire transfer:

1.  Login to your BDO online banking account.
2.  Click “Send Money
3.  Click “Send Money via Wire Transfer
4.  Click “Send Money
5.  You will see:
           Enter Template
           () Select from saved transfers (Choose One)
           () Proceed without a template      
                 If first time, select “Proceed without a template
                 Click “Next

7.  Enter details of your wire transfer:
  • Type of Remittance  (Local Bank, Foreign or BDO)
    This refers to your beneficiary or receiving account.
  • Amount
  • Source Account  (Choose from Your BDO accounts)
  • Remitter Name
  • Nationality
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Province
  • Country
  • Contact Number
  • Birthdate
  • Birthplace
  • TIN Number
  • Industry Type
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Address
  • Beneficiary Bank
  • Purpose*
  • Purpose/Nature of Transfer
  • Beneficiary Bank Address
  • Beneficiary Account Number
  • Additional Info
  • Charge Type  (On-us or Beneficiary)

How much is the service charge for wire transfers?

Service Charge: 
10 US dollars (transfer to another BDO account)
10 US dollars (transfer to a non-BDO local bank account)
10 US dollars  + 25 US dollars (transfer to a bank account abroad)
When is my wire transfer request processed? 
Cut-off is 12 noon every business day.
Requests made after cut-off and during weekends and holidays are processed the next business day.

Is there a maximum limit in the amount I can send through BDO wire transfer?
None. You can send any amount.

*What is Purpose?
You choose one from 56 choices, like:
 .  Living maintenance expenses
.  Payment of international credit card (credit card company)
.  Seminars/trainings abroad
.  Transfer of assets of intending immigrants
.  Earnings of resident aliens
.  Sporting cultural and recreation services
.  Student’s payment to school
  You will enter the Code for your Purpose

For your second Wire Transfer transaction, your 5th step will be choosing between:
.  Select from saved transfers  (if you saved your previous transaction as your template)
.  Proceed without a template 


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  1. I have BDO Dollar account. I am a foreigner, and the form asks for TIN number, which i dont have.

    What to do.

  2. Is my union eon debit card can receive money from bdo account? Please reply on me asap 🙂 thanks!

  3. Hi. Im going to transfer money to BPI for the payment. Will i receive confirmation or transaction receipt via email?

  4. hi! when sending money in other country, the source acct has no choices except choose one. What should I do?
    Thank you!

    1. Open a USD account at BDO.

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  6. 1) Can a BDO Dollar Savings Account receive money from anywhere in the world?

    2) If so, will the recipient (owner of the BDO Dollar Account) be charged anything, or will the sender pay for the transaction fees?

    3) If the recipient (owner of BDO Dollar Account) is charged for receiving money, how much will be charged? (per transaction or per amount?)

    4) How much will it cost to send money from a foreign bank account (i.e. US bank account) to a BDO Dollar account?

    5) Can a BDO Dollar Account receive payments from anyone/anywhere through PayPal? If so, are there any fees for receiving anything?

    6) Can you link a BDO Dollar Account to PayPal?

    Thanks to anyone who will answer these questions!

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