Send Money from Hawaii to the Philippines

Here are remittance services that you can use to send money from Hawaii to the Philippines:

RCBC TeleMoney 

Golden Sunrise General Services
Westgate Plaza
94-370 Pupupani St. # 104
Waipahu, Hawaii 96797
Phone: 808-680-9593
Contact Person: Mercedes G. Soriano

Philippine National Bank
PNB Remittance Centers Inc.

PNB RCI Honolulu
33 South King Street Suit 109
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Office hours:
 Mon to Fri: 8:30am – 5pm
 Sat: 9am – 1:30pm
Phone: 808-521-1493

PNB RCI Waipahu
94-226 Leoku Street
Waipahu, Hawaii 96797
Office hours: Mon – Fri: 9am-5:30pm
                      Sat: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Phone: 808-678-3360

BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands

BPI Express Remittance Corp. (BERC) agent
Dan Castle
Castle Gold
1886 North King St. 201
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone: 808-454-7792


Metrobank Remittance Center (Hawaii) Ltd. – Honolulu
Kalihi (Honolulu) O ce
2153 North King St. Suite 100-A
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone: 1 (808) 841 – 9889 to 90

Metrobank Remittance Center (Hawaii) Ltd. – Waipahu
Waipahu (Extension O ce)
94 – 766 Farrington Hwy
Waipahu, Hawaii 96797
Phone: 1 (808) 686 – 9377

Lucky Money

Lucky Money Honolulu 
2046 N. King Street Suite 3
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone: 808-841-0880

Lucky Money Waipahu
94-866 Moloalo St. Suite 34-D10
Waipahu, Hawaii 96797
Phone: 808-677-1980

Online Remittance:
If you have a U.S.-issued Mastercard, Visa or Discover credit card,
or a U.S.-based bank account,  you can use XOOM to send money to the Philippines.  Just go to the XOOM website, and check.  My U.S. employer has
been sending my salary in US dollars through XOOM for the past 2 years, and I’m
satisfied with the fast and secure service.

What I do is get my salary in US dollars send through Xoom from BDO, and then exchange my dollars to peso at Czarina, which offers a higher dollar-to-peso. conversion rate.

Other remittance companies that offer online services that you can check out:
Lucky Money
Wells Fargo
Western Union
UAE Exchange
Rush Remit

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