RCBC Bankard InstaCard — Secured Credit Card

If you need a credit card for online purchases or online payments, and you’re not able to get a credit card, you can get a Secured Credit Card.

A Secured Credit Card is called “Secured” because it has security or collateral. Your collateral will be your savings account or your time deposit. The bank will hold your savings or time deposit until you surrender your Secured Credit Card.

Advantages of RCBC Bankard Instacard over the Secured Credit Cards of other Banks

1.  Your credit limit is 100% of your savings account balance or time deposit amount.

Most other banks assign only 80%.

2.   All RCBC branches and bank officers know their RCBC Bankard Instacard secured credit card.

In some banks, there are bank officers who do not know what a secured credit card is and do not know if their own bank is offering secured credit cards.

3.   Your application for a RCBC Bankard InstaCard is expected to be immediately approved upon your opening of your time deposit.
        – Applications from delinquent RCBC credit card owners will not be approved.
        – See comments in the Comments Section below: Several applicants have complained that their applications are not being processed within expected time. They also say that despite follow-ups, they are not able to get definite answers with regards to the status of their applications. Some have expressed regrets in applying and have wanted to withdraw their collateral savings.
          I think some applications with information that need to be verified or further evaluated will experience delays in approval.

Where to Apply for a RCBC Bankard Instacard secured credit card:

Go to any RCBC or RCBC Savings branch

What to Bring:

Valid IDs
At least 5,000 pesos for time deposit
(Deposit more to get a higher credit limit. Deposit at least 20,000 pesos if you’re planning to use this Secured Credit Card as your tool to apply for a regular credit card later on).

What will you fill up at the bank:

1. InstaCard Application Form
2. Time Deposit Account Forms
3. Deed of Assignment
(You will assign your time deposit to the bank as your Collateral while you’re using your Secured Credit Card. RCBC will use your collateral to pay your credit card debt in case you fail to pay your debt.)

Other Notes to Remember:

1. You should be at least 21 years old
2. Minimum time deposit amount is 5,000 pesos
    (Based on comments, some branches are requiring at least 10,000 pesos)
3. Annual fee is free for the first 12 months
4. Membership fee is 60 pesos per month, starting from the 13th month.
    For other cards, membership fee is 100 or 150 pesos per month)
5. Interest rate is 2.5% for peso credit cards and 2% for U.S. dollar credit cards
6. Minimum amount due is 500 pesos or 5% of Total Amount Due, whichever is higher
7. Late payment charge is 200 pesos or 7% of Past Due Amount, whichever is higher
8. There’s a Multiple Payment Fee. Do not make more than 3 payments within a statement cycle in a non-RCBC payment channel. You will be charged 40 pesos for every payment starting from your 4th payment.

Important Things to Remember About Cancellation:
1. If you cancel your credit card within 12 months from card issuance, you will be charged with a termination fee of 300 pesos.
2. After cancellation, you will wait for 60 days before your collateral deposit will be withdrawable.
3. This Instacard is a credit card product jointly offered by RCBC, the bank, and Bankard, the credit card company. You will be negotiating your cancellation with RCBC, but there will be times that RCBC will mention the need to wait for Bankard’s instructions.

These are the RCBC credit cards offered to Instacard applicants:

Cards with Membership Fee of 60 pesos per month
Classic MasterCard
Fully Booked MasterCard
HBC Mastercard
Landmark Anson’s MasterCard
LJC MasterCard
Mango MasterCard
Sta. Lucia Mall MasterCard
UnionPay Classic
Wilcon MasterCard

Card with Membership Fee of 100 pesos per month
Gold MasterCard

Cards with Membership Fee of 150 pesos per month
Black Card Peso
Diamond Card
UnionPay Diamond

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  1. Hi, this is Kaesie from RCBC Bankard.
    Can I have your details so that I can follow-up your application to know why
    does it take too long for your card to be delivered.

    You can contact me at 661-7178 loc 419 or 09998850695

  2. Good day, Pwede po bang sa current account (e-vip) nalang i-freeze (lets say 50k for the credit limit) pag mag aaplay ng instacard? or need to open a new saving account? How long na nka-freeze ito?

    1. Hi Neil, yes, your current account can qualify as your collateral for Instacard. But I've read from RCBC's page on e-vip accounts that there's a complimentary credit card for e-vip account owners, subject to RCBC Bankard approval policies. If you get the regular card, then the money in your account need not be held as collateral.

  3. Hi may name is May,

    Pwede po ba mag-apply ng instacard sa RCBC savings bank? Mas malapit kc un sa office ko kaysa sa RCBC bank


    1. Hi Jonna May, yes, you can apply at the RCBC Savings Bank branch near you.

  4. hi good day.
    if i wanted to have the instacard with 5k time deposit. will i be able to purchase a gadget worth 30k but it will be under installment for 2,500 a month??? will that be possible for the instacard…???

  5. Hi Unknown, about credit card installment and credit limit:
    Sad to say, no. Your time deposit should be 30k or more. Even with regular credit cards, your available credit limit should be 30k or more. Why? Because the seller needs to get paid the full 30k price. RCBC will need to pay 30k in full to the seller, so RCBC needs your 30k collateral.

  6. Hi Nora,

    Just a few questions here:

    1. I have an existing RCBC regular saving account. Do I need to open another savings acct for the instacard or I can use the existing acct?
    2. My savings acct has 18k on it. But I only want a 5k credit line. Is that ok?
    3. Is 5k credit line applicable for Gold card? I want a Gold card with 5k credit line.
    4. Does the instacaard contains all the features of a regular credit card?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Hi Sir Manuel,

    This is KC from RCBC Bankard and this are the answer regarding to your inquries.

    Answer 1# If you already have an existing account then you can use that to apply for Instacard. No need to open a new account.

    Answer 2# Yes, that is okay. Just put the 5k amount on your Deed of Assignment when applying for Instacard.

    Answer 3# Apparently No. 5k deposit is only applicable on the classic cards and co-branded cards. If you want a Gold card there is a corresponding amount required to deposit.

    Answer 4# Yes it does. All the features of regular card is available in Instacard but much better cause it offers FREE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE.

    If you like a further assistant just give me a call at 09998850695 / 661-7178 loc 419

    Thank you

    1. Hi Po,

      Hanggang kailan po yang free for life na promo?

    2. Hanggang kailan po ang free for life na promo?

    3. Hi Emman,

      It is valid till Sept. 30 only. Hope that you can avail it before that so that you can enjoy our promo.

      If you have other questions or want some assistance just contact me at
      09998850695 or 661-7178 loc 419

    4. hi,

      I applied for an Instacard last Aug 12, 2015. Would I qualify for the lifetime no annual fee then? anyways, how long would it take for my card to be delivered here in CDO? cos I still have not received my card to date..

  8. Post from Reymark Tumangan (We translated to comply with certain blog policies) Sep 22, 2015
    I applied for black cc through instacard with 150k initial deposit. The next day, they denied my instacard application, but they gave me a regular cc gold. I didn't accept it. They refused to release my money because it should be after 60 days because of late posting. What late posting? They denied my card application. I reported the branch to the police station, and we signed statements at the police station, together with the branch representative. The next day I was called to the branch, they said sorry, and gave me my black card, regular, not instacard. After 60 days I withdrew my money but my card is still active as it's a regular card, and not instacard. After 11 months, I had it cancelled because I don't like to pay the annual fee. Then I applied for a new card through instacard same branch, with 10k initial deposit, just for emergency. The next day, I got again a regular black but this time I did not withdraw my 10k. I just requested a lot of cards. They have wallet visa. They gave me all kinds — mercury visa, kapamilya visa, black visa, palawan visa, goldilocks visa, at super8. I was just like a child that I was so happy with lots of cards as I went out of the bank. All prepaid cards FOR FREE. In my stupidity, I loaded all cards with 500 pesos each, and I registered all my prepaid card online. Only 480 was credited to each. I called and was told there's a reloading fee, which was 20 pesos. I rushed back to the branch and complained again. I returned all the prepaid cards, and they returned all my money, no deduction, even my 10k time deposit. And I also had my black cc canceled as I was so irritated. Then somebody nudged me, and was telling me "what's happening to you?" and there I woke up. My roommate was badtrip, I wasn't able to see the next chapter of my dream. He told me I was angry and was shouting so he woke me up. Hahaist, bad trip

    1. Stupidest thing id ever read in my entire life.

    2. same as mine… sheet.. 🙂

  9. Pwede ba magkaroon ng supplementary card ang instacard and can it have the same name dun sa primary card? So its like dalawang card, the primary card with my name and CL limit is around 60k and supplementary card with my name same spelling sa primary card and CL is around 20k

  10. will apply black card peso instacard September 28, 2015
    Can I have both a primary instacard and a supplementary card? So its like 2 cards, the primary card with my name and CL limit is around 60k and supplementary card with my name, same spelling as the primary card and CL is around 20k.
    I think that's not allowed. A supplementary cardholder should be another person, different from the primary cardholder.

  11. Hi everyone,
    I have instacard card with initial CL 30k, after a week i added another 30k (just to increase my credit limit since i am using it for my business), 2weeks after…i added again 40k (so all i all 100k hold-out)…Now my question guys, how long will it takes bago ako pwede mag apply into regular CC using my instacard as reference? If i ask assistance to csr to increase m

  12. if ask assistance to csr to increase my credit limit without adding on TD, will dat be possible? tn in advance guys

  13. I applied for an Instacard on Sept 23 and got a call from RCBC local branch (Bulacan area) on Oct 5 requesting me to go back to their branch to sign additional documents. They said its a recent update and the manager told me that if it hadn't been for that update, I could have gotten the credit card this week. The manager told me that I will receive the card sometime next week (between Oct 12-16). So let's see. Lol

  14. Hi Erasmo, thanks for your helpful update

  15. Hi Neil, I'm not with RCBC, but based on comments online, it might take more than a year before they give you a regular credit card. They will observe how you use your credit card, so use it frequently and then pay on or before due date.
    Wait for Brian Chua or Khaesie Nartates — they might reply to your question.

  16. Hi po.. im so interested with instacard. I had my rcbc wallet.. is that enough to apply for that instacard and most especially if i could deposit there the right amount to apply.. or i should open a regular savings account? Thanks for answering my querries.

  17. Hi just wanted to ask if i can use my rcbc my wallet to apply for instacard especially if i will deposit the right amount to apply for or should i open a regular savings account? Thanks for your reply.

  18. Hello. I would like to apply for RCBC INSTACARD. How long it will take to process the card. I have only three weeks stay in the Philippines. Can I authorized somebody to received the card for me?

  19. I received my RCBC Credit Card today after waiting 40 days. It could have been 7 days earlier if I was home during the first they attempted delivery. I had to call to request for re-delivery. I'm in San Ildefonso Bulacan so its one of the reason why I took more than a month. Nevertheless, I got my card now and happy with it.

    imagine my bill due is every 25th of the month….its just today nov. 4 i received my last month bill! i call their hotline Nth times regarding my bill but the csr always saying my bill is on its way….i tried to report it to the branch where i applied and i dont know f they can resolve it…
    ano to para-paraan to earn interest? i maybe charge late payment! revolving fee! wherein i can pay it in full! (i dont want to enroll it on paperless bec. we need a hard copy)
    To those who are attempting to apply to RCBC BANKARD think not once but many times, u might experience the scenario.

  21. I've read a lot of feedback that some Instacard applicants get denied? why is this when its supposed to be 100% approval?

    1. Hi VirtualPinay, yes, I've read similar comments too. Apparently, RCBC has not been approving all applications. If they have been screening out some applications for past delinquencies, then they should remove their 100%-approval come-on.

  22. Hi, I applied for an instacard last Nov 2 2015,
    Nung nag checheck ako ng blgs before I applied sabi is like 5-7banking days lang, pero sabi ng RCBC branch wait for 10 banking days. So I waited, then walang dumating.
    Tumawag ako sa Customer Service after 10 days, they told me to follow up yesterday (November 16, 2015), so I called yesterday ang sabi naman sa kin wait for 27 banking days?
    I tried to call earlier also, the CSR said on process pa din.
    How long does it take really?

    1. Hi Mam Ivy, This is Kaesie from RCBC Bankard. I can help you with your queries. Do contact me at 09998850695 Thanks

  23. Applied oct 30, got my card today nov 17. I guess depende sa rcbc branch if good or bad ang mgging experience mo. Ok na ok ang rcbc ampid branch sa pagprocess ng savings at instacard ko.. Happy experience sa processing so far


    1. About opening an RCBC account while abroad for Insta Credit Card: Sorry, you must present yourself in person at the bank to open this account. You can apply for this account when you take your vacation in the Philippines, but take note, that there are applicants commenting here that now it oftentimes takes months before the credit card is approved and released. The credit card cannot be released to a representative, so this might not be a wise option.
      When you're here in the Phils, try BPI Family. Ask about their starter credit card, and ask if they can issue you the credit card before you go back abroad. Info about BPI Express Credit Start Secured Credit Card

  25. pag RCBC BANKARD napakapoor ng service base on my experience…. una sa bill late na dumating(after due date na dumarating e kmsta nMan ang late payment nun e d charge sau, ilan beses na itinawag sa CSR taz wala rin action, kht humingi ng assistance sa branch kaso nothing happened), secondly, i applied for supplementary (which was just offered by CSR na ang sabi 3 to 5 banking days lng iddliver na ang card kaso wla talaga!), umaabot ng 1 mnth hanggang ngaun wala p rin ung supplementary card hanggang sa nakaalis na ko sa pinas dahil sa pangako nila na ipapadala raw wag lang ma-withdraw ung 100K HOLD OUT!… wla kau makukuha magandang service kay RCBC… payo ko senyo sa ibang bank nalang kau mag apply (BDO, BPI, METROBANK)

    This is just my advice para wala regret at d end… (based on my experience)

  26. Good eve i applied for an rcbc instacard last dec 11 2015 but i didnt receive any update from the bank… it was only yesterday dec 18 when i got an email stating that my rcbc instacard is on its way.. now my question is how long will it take for the card to reach me? Thanks in advance..

    1. 3-5 days ang sabi sakin pero after the rcbc update na otw na ung card. 2 days after, nadeliver na sa office

    2. Hi Mark, saang branch ka nag apply?

    3. Good pm po sa rcbc naga city branch ako nag apply, dumating yung card ko sa bahay dec 29. Natagalan daw kasi sabi ng courier dapat daw dec 26 niya idedeliver kaso mukhang wala daw tao sa house…

  27. Hii Good morning, I am planning to avail a postpaid plan with globe(that comes with a smartphone of your choice)problem is wala ako credit card and sa mga nabasa ko so far secured credit cards works same as a normal credit card yun nga lang naka collateral savings/time deposit account mo. So my question is, pwede ko ba kaya gamitin yung rcbc instacard as payment sa postpaid plan? Salamat sa sasagot 🙂
    wala pa akong rcbc instacard if possible na magamit sa postpaid plan mag aavail ako.

    1. Hi,

      Yes you can use your Instacard on availing Postpaid Plan. If you are going to apply for it do let me know so that we can endorse you in any of our RCBC Branch nationwide. You may contact me at 09998850695.

    2. Yes pwedeng pwede po mgamit.

  28. if amirican po na na dito na nakatira ng almost 2 years pwide nag mag aply ng cridet card

  29. Good am.. what courier po ginagamit ni bankard sa pagdeliver ng bills? Wala pa din po ako dumarating na bill. Camarines sur po ang area. Salamat po

    1. Hi, you can pay your amount due or any amount sa RCBC Branch kahit wala pa yung Statement of Account nyo. Provide nyo lang po yung card no. sa branch kapag magbabayad kayo.

  30. To inquiry regarding Instacard or to follow-up your existing application for Instacard kindly text us at 09998850695 or at 661-7178 loc. 418

    1. Hi! Nquire ko lang po f 5k lng po b talaga minimum TD to get an instacard?yung bank po kc d2 cdo sabi 10k po dw. Tnx

    2. Hi! I just want to verify f yung minimum TD ng rcbc instacard is only 5k or depende po sa branch?

    3. Hi Majc, maybe they've increased the minimum because of the increasing number of applicants. They realized that applications will continue even if they increase the minimum.

  31. Hi! I have read that this post and its very helpful.. Nag apply po ako ng Instacrad this 1st week of february and I deposited 20k for the credit limit. Tanong ko lnag, pwede po ba ako mag withdraw sa account ko as long as may matitirang 5000 minimum?

  32. Withdrawal from RCBC collateral deposit accountFeb 12, 2016
    Hi! I have read that this post and its very helpful. I applied for Instacrad this 1st week of february and I deposited 20k for the credit limit. Can I withdraw as long as there's 5000 minimum?
    If you applied for a 20k credit limit and it's already approved for credit card issuance, you can not withdraw your money, as 20k is your collateral for your credit card.
    If you applied for a 5k credit limit, then yes, you can withdraw the rest of your balance.
    If your application is not yet approved, you might be able to withdraw your money, but your application processing might get delayed and you'll get a lower credit limit.

  33. hi, i applied instacard last week w/ 10k deposit and planning to increase it as soon as possible but unfortunately when i asked the rep if i can increase my credit limit she told me that i need to apply another card so that means i will have many cards as long i as want to increase my CL.. common it doesnt making sense… ='/

    1. About increasing your credit limit:
      Yes, you can increase your credit limit. Others have increased their credit limits. Just go directly to your RCBC branch and deposit to your account. But before you deposit, ask the new accounts officer if you have to fill up another form if you want to increase your Instacard credit limit.

  34. I was reading these concerns and questions , and I'm planning to get instacard.. Now I'm a bit confused coz di ko alam sino ppniwwaalan ko dhil sa negative and positive comment

  35. Hi! I applied for a instacard last week. I deposited 10k but i didnt know whether it is a savings account or time deposit account. When i asked the one who assisted me, she said it was for an instacard account. That where i got confused. Clarifications would be gladly appreciated. Thanks!


  36. Hi guys! I just want to share my experiences with my RCBC Bankard Instacard.

    So far, okay naman experiences ko with them. I applied last April 2014 sa main branch in Makati with 5K (TD) CL lang and they advised me to wait within 7 banking days to process and in-expect ko na baka matagal-tagalan ang process . Pero nagulat ako dahil na-receive ko na ang card within 7 days.

    Until now ginagamit ko pa rin ang card and it should be expired next year, 2017. But earlier this week, I received a new card with EMV chip na and with an extended expiration date to 2022.

    1. Hi nag iincrease din po ba ng credit limit ang rcbc instacard?

    2. Increase in credit limit
      Increase your deposit so your credit limit will be increased.

  37. Hi Guys! I applied rcbc instacard last may 10, 2016. There were lots of documents I signed such as Deed of Assignment, Instacard Application form, and I opened a regular savings account ATM based since my RCBC MYWallet VISA "Mercury Drug" Is not acceptable and not considered as a regular savings account. I havent received a call yet from bankard. I hope to receive my rcbc instacard soon. I will just update you here if I already got it.

  38. Thank you rcbc for my card…

  39. I have delinquent cc wau back 2008. 2013 I decided to get instacard to restore my credit standng. I always pay in full and treat it likecash. I tried applying for regular cc from rcbc kaso declined pa din.

    May mali or kulang ba sa ginagawa ko. Thanks.

    1. restore good credit rating
      You're doing alright. Maybe RCBC is waiting for more years or higher credit limit. You might want to increase your deposit.
      You can also try BPI or BPI Family's starter credit card. Maybe they have a shorter time frame for restoring good credit rating.

  40. Hi good pm.ask ko Lang if pwede ba ako mag send thru email ng request for increase credit limit.thanks.

    1. Increase in credit limit
      Is Instacard your credit card? If yes, you need to add more money to your collateral deposit so they can increase your credit limit.

  41. Hi, will the bank let you choose what type of card you're going to get? I am very interested in getting one but only if I am guaranteed a Visa card as it is the company I work for.
    I would appreciate your response!

    1. Hi Apple: According to their website, yes, you can choose, but it will depend on your annual income and collateral deposit. I checked RCBC cards, and there are only 2 Visa cards: Gold Visa and Infinite Visa, and the annual fees are 3,000 and 3,600 — much more expensive than the other cards whose annual fees are only 800 pesos upwards

  42. Hi,

    Planning to avail this instacard. How long will you hold the deposit from the savings account? Will I be given an ATM for the savings account? I understand that you will hold the deposit but can I also deposit an amount on this account and withdraw it like a regular savings account?

    1. Hi Christian: Sorry I'm not connected with RCBC. Ang alam ko yong collateral deposit mo ay sa time deposit, hindi atm account. It means hindi siya withdrawable hanggang tinutuloy mo ang credit card mo. If you like, you open an atm account with them, or with another bank.

  43. i applied for instacard last sept 23,2016. till now wala parin, everytimte na tatawag ako sa cs, nde padaw napoprocess and i have to wait for 10-14 working days kung sakali na maapprove na. wtf?! 100% approved naman dapat and wala ako standing balance sa kahit anong bank. sabi nila 2 weeks lang pero it took a long time sa pagprocess. pati sa branch walang cooperation, balak kong bawiin nalang un dineposit ko. poor service.

    1. Baka inapply ka as regular cc applicant. Ganyan ginawa sa akin ng branch e kaya natagalan ang instacard ko. Inapply muna as regular cc application, tapos nung nadeny saka lang ipinasok yung instacard application at pinapirma ako ng deed of assignment o agreement ata yun na collateral ang deposit ko. Inabot tuloy ng 2 months bago ko nakuha ang instacard ko. Tapos ngayon 2 years na Instacard ko. I am a good payer naman pero hindi ako nag-increase ng time deposit ko. Nagapply ako ng regular credit card pero declined tapos inoofferan ako ng instacard. Kainis db? I canceled my Instacard na lang since naapprove ako ng Gold visa ni Unionbank.

  44. Hi ask ko lang po if pwedi ba ding maka avail ng securd cc pag nag timedeposit ka ng 5k??

    1. Hi Kimberly, dati, 5k ang minimum nila, pero based on comments, 10k na raw ang minimum nila. Mag-ipon ka pa some more to accumulate 10k, then choose between this Instacard or yong BPI Family Starter Credit Card. Maraming bad comments kasi itong Instacard (see the other comments), so you might want to try the one offered by BPI Family.

    2. 5,000 pa rin minimum sa instacard. Pero sa ibang branch nagrerequire ng mag-open ng savings account na 3,000 para daw dun i-transfer ang time deposit mo pag na-release na daw ang held amount pag good credit card holder ka daw aftee a year. Yun ang sabi ng bank staff sa akin 2 years ago. Kaso kahit good payer ako, I still applied for a regular cc and yet I was declined and was offered to get another instacard. Ano ako, hilo? Kinancel ko nga. I got regular Unionbank and Eastwest cc na eh.

  45. Hi Kimberly sa akin naka apply ako last june 2016 5k lang yong deposit ko 100% approval kaya walang dapat ikabahala . I already have my credit card.

  46. Security bank bago lang sila nag offer ng secured credit card pero ang initial deposit required is 15k medyo malaki compara sa BPI and RCBC.

  47. para sa akin maganda ang services ng RCBC satisfied ako madaling e contact ang kanilang CSR

  48. I applied for RCBC Instacard over a month ago and haven't received my card yet. I didn't receive any call nor email about the status of my application. I have to call them after two weeks of opening my application to get an update. According to the customer service representative that I talked to, the application was approved and my card was already out for delivery and so I am expecting to get it within a week. Unfortunately I didn't, I have to make another call to them to check the status of the delivery only to find out that the card was returned because they can't locate my address!! How stupid can they get? They have the landmark to locate my house! So I have to make an arrangement for the card to be delivered again to a different address and I have to send copy of that billing address and a valid Government ID. Then I have to wait for another freaking week to get it. If only I knew beforehand that their service is this terrible I would've open an account with BPI or Security Bank instead.
    Now, I'm just afraid that this will boil down to cancelling my account with RCBC and I have to wait for two fuc*ing months before they can release my money!!!

  49. Hi, I started building my credit history and applied for instacard last year with 1M credit limit. Is there a chance that I can get a regular CC using it as a reference? I have no work by the way but my wife has a business.

  50. hi, I just want to know, how long does it take for an application for instacard be approved? I completed my requirements last April 25, 2017 & up to now it's still being processed.

  51. Hi nag apply ako ng instacard last May 15,2017 with 10,000 hold-out amount. How long does it takes para madeliver yung card ko?

  52. Is there a way that my rcbc secured insta card can be turn to a regular credit card? I have my card since 2015

    1. hi. in my case after one year imbes na 5,000 lang credit limit ko sa aking instacard naging 25,000 na ngayon. just keep on using your card pag makikita ng bankard na maganda track record nyo e increase nila yong credit limit nyo gaya sa akin.

  53. For pick up ba sa branch nila ang approved credit card?

    1. Hindi po.. Pinadala sya sa hime address ko…

  54. hi good day,
    nag apply po ako ng RCBC my wallet card, di agad na process pinababalik pa ako sa monday, bakit po ganon?


  55. hi.. Its a good news! I applied instacard last year June 2016 with a 5000 hold out deposit and after 1 week natanggap ko ang aking card. I kept on using it, one year na siya last june 2017, yesterday na surprise ako ni Bankard kasi nag increase yong credit limit ko.. from 5,000 to 25,000 na ngayon. so sa mga mayroon nang instacard dyan keep on using it and of course kailangan maganda ang ating credit record.

    1. Wow that’s a good news..
      so you mean you didn’t increase your hold amount deposit before they increase your credit limit ?

  56. I am very interested in getting this card. But I dont have a residence landline number since we do have Postpaid plans.. maaapprove pa rin ba ko?

    1. Pag wala kapa stable income or low ang income mo hindi aabot ng 180k annual. Mag secured credit card ka nalang. Noon ang rcbc lang ang nag require ng hold out deposit as low as 5k pero ngayon itinaas na nila to 10k. Hindi required landline for as long as you have the required amount as hold out deposit e aapprove agad application mo.

  57. 100% parin po ba yung hold out ni rcbc sa credit limit mo,? or same lang with other banks na 80-90%.

  58. Hi I applied RCBC instacard
    I just want to know If i’m regularly using this instacard and pay it regularly does my credit limit will increase soon or not ?
    Thanks in advance

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