Where Can You Claim RCBC Telemoney Remittance in the Philippines?

Telemoney in the Philippines refers to RCBC Telemoney, the remittance service of RCBC.

You can claim your Telemoney remittance at the offices/branches of the following:
Bring your ID and your Telemoney remittance reference number.

– RCBC Savings Bank
– RCBC Business Centers
– branches of accredited retail stores
– branches of accredited pawnshops such as Cebuana Lhuillier 
– local banks with remittance partnership with RCBC, such as FICOBank in Isabela and other northern provinces (Telemoney remittance with instructions of credit to a non-RCBC bank account)
– GCASH REMIT outlets (GCash is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom)
For those with ATMs of accounts where Telemoney remittance has been deposited, you can withdraw thru the following ATM sites:

– RCBC eBiz Centers. These are centers that combine ATMs and bills payment, Internet banking and phone banking systems in one site.
– BancNet, MegaLink and ExpressNet ATMs

RCBC Customer Contact Center:

Tel No:   (+632) 877-7222

Email: customercontact@rcbc.com


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