Savings Banks in the Philippines, With Less than 1 Billion in Assets

Here’s a ranking of the smaller savings banks in the Philippines — those that had less than 1 Billion Pesos in Total Assets as of December 2011, based on banks’ financial statements published on the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas website.

The top 36 savings banks had more than 1 billion in assets as of December 2011.

RANK     SAVINGS BANK                 ASSETS
                                                           in MILLION

37   Dumaguete City Development Bank    976.491
38   Merchants Savings and Loan
       Association                                         720.223
39   University Savings Bank                      638.548
40   Farmers Savings and Loan Bank         632.401
41   Card SME Bank, A Thrift Bank          543.357
42   Opportunity Kauswagan Bank,
        A MF TB                                          519.365
43   Village Bank, A Thrift Bank                424.002
44   Cordillera Savings Bank                     368.650
45   Iloilo City Development Bank             357.772
46   Bataan Development Bank                 327.943
47   Liberty Savings Bank                          276.521
48   Pampanga Development Bank            258.841
49   Bataan Savings  
       and Loan Association                         256.730
50   Business and Consumers Bank
       A Development Bank                         240.292
51   Life Savings Bank                              240.085
52   Metro Cebu Public Savings Bank       190.421
53   Lemery Savings and Loan Bank         189.697
54   Tower Development Bank                 187.020
55   Pacific Ace Savings Bank                  178.241
56   Maritime Savings and Loan
       Association                                       172.705
57   Progress Savings and Loan
       Association                                       138.469
58   Malasiqui Progressive Savings
       and Loan Bank                                  124.736
59   Pride Star Development Bank            120.588
60   Sampaguita Savings Bank                  115.804
61   Sun Savings Bank                              107.194
62   Microfinance Maximum SB
         (MaxBank)                                      103.762
63   Quezon Coconut Bank, A TB              98.109
64   Dungganon Bank A MF TB                 77.056
65   Northpoint Development Bank             55.002

– Philippine Resources Savings Banking Corp (PR Savings Bank), was formerly Philippine Rural Banking Corp. (PR Bank), is a 77-office bank in Cauayan City, Isabela, according to the BSP banking directory. PR Bank was upgraded from a rural bank to savings bank or thrift bank in July 2011. It started operating as a savings bank in November 2011, according to BSP Circular Letter No. CL-2011-070.
Bank One Savings and Trust Corp.: This bank is listed in the drop-down menu of the BSP’s data page, but the “page cannot be found” 
–  These 3 savings banks are listed on the BSP’s online savings bank directory, but they are missing from the financial sheets section:
Silangan Savings and Loan Bank, Inc., a one-office bank in Silang, Cavite, has had no financial reports on the BSP website since December 2009, and possibly earlier. (I researched only up to Dec 2009) 
Inter-Asia Development Bank, a two-office bank in Tagaytay City, had total assets of 88.419 million pesos and a return on equity of -25.19 percent as of December 2010.
The Palawan Bank (Palawan Development Bank) is a ten-office bank based in Puerto Princesa City.

Banco Filipino Savings and Mortgage Bank, based in Makati
Closed on March 17, 2011
LBC Development Bank, based in Makati
 Closed on September 9, 2011
Express Savings Bank,based in Cabuyao, Laguna
Closed on July 7, 2011
Bank of Calape Savings and Mortgage Bank, based in Calape, Bohol
Closed on July 29, 2011

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