Number of Bank Accounts, Bank Deposits and Offices in Metro Manila

Which is the richest city in Metro Manila?

What would be our basis? Could be tax revenues, number of big buildings, land area,

population, salaries of city officials?

We could also use bank accounts, bank deposits and bank branches as basis. Certainly,
banks locate their offices where they can make money.

The following data is sourced from the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. (PDIC) reports,

which are also based on financial reports submitted by banks.

Cities with the Highest Amount of Bank Deposits

As of December 31, 2010 (rounded off)


Amount of Bank Deposits in Pesos
Makati 1.32 trillion
Manila 603.43 billion
Quezon City     521.21 billion
Pasig 250.56 billion
Mandaluyong 155.72 billion
Pasay 103.32 billion
San Juan 89.25 billion
Taguig 88.53 billion
Paranaque 85.57 billion
Kaloocan 80.93 billion
Muntinlupa 62.96 billion
Las Pinas 32.46 billion
Valenzuela 31.55 billion
Marikina 29.26 billion
Malabon 21.16 billion
Navotas 8.83 billion
Pateros 2.80 billion

Cities with the Highest Number of Bank Accounts

As of December 31, 2010


Number of Bank Accounts
Makati 6,838,913
Mandaluyong 2,803,277
Quezon City     2,696,172
Manila 2,168,332
Pasig 825,913
Paranaque 571,583
Pasay 414,539
Muntinlupa 386,554
Kaloocan 384,456
Las Pinas 301,294
San Juan 283,946
Marikina 283,677
Taguig 272,787
Valenzuela 208,014
Malabon 130,871
Navotas 58,144
Pateros 37,638

Cities with the Highest Number of Bank Offices

As of December 31, 2010


Number of Bank Offices

Quezon City     653
Manila 567
Makati 418
Pasig 181
Paranaque 142
Mandaluyong 109
Kaloocan 100
Muntinlupa 98
San Juan 89
Pasay 82
Taguig 82
Las Pinas 76
Marikina 73
Valenzuela 64
Malabon 43
Navotas 20
Pateros 11

* Bank offices include bank headquarters, branches, and branch outlets.

Note: If this post based on PDIC figures has differences with reports from other agencies,
these could be traced to some figures based on the next most recent reports in cases of banks
delayed in submitting reports.

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