BDO Remittance Partners in Ireland

Updated April 28, 2015

You can send money to the Philippines from Ireland through the following BDO remittance partners.

CBN Ireland Remittance Centre Ltd.
1st Floor 16 Suffolk St.
Dublin 2

Phil Irish International Services Ltd.
15 Sackville Place, Dublin 1

In many cases, it is better to use BDO remittance partners than bank wire transfers or telegraphic transfers. 

– If your bank in Ireland is not a BDO correspondent bank, your bank will process your wire transfer with another bank — a BDO correspondent bank — and this will mean an additional charge, and additional days of processing. BDO may also impose an additional wire transfer charge.

– Wire transfers may make sense if large amounts of money are involved, as withdrawing and transporting large amounts of cash from the banks to the locations of remittance partners many not be convenient or safe.

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