BDO Remittance Offices and Partners in Saudi Arabia

By Nora
Updated September 18, 2015:

You can send money to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia at the offices of BDO Remit offices and BDO remittance partners in Saudi Arabia.

If you want to open a BDO Kabayan savings account in Saudi Arabia, ask any of these remittance partners. After your application is received and approved by BDO in the Philippines, your account will be activated, and will be ready to accept your remittance. You can check your remittances through BDO Remit Status Inquiry.  You might be instructed to go back to where you opened your account to get your passbook and atm card after a month.

You cannot yet use your BDO Kabayan ATM card in Saudi Arabia because it is not yet activated. You can activate your atm card only at a BDO atm machine in the Philippines.  You can also have your passbook updated over the counter at BDO when you take your vacation in the Philippines.

Here are the addresses of BDO Remittance Offices and Partners in KSA:


Al Rajhi Banking
PO Box 1362, Alkhobar 31952

Al Zamil Exchange
PO Box 83 King Saud St. Cor. Cross A
Al Khobar 31952
(near Al Shula Shopping Center)


Al Rajhi Banking Dammam
Dhahran St., Dammam
(near Saudi British Bank)


Al Rajhi Banking
Tahweel Al-Rajhi Jeddah Branch
Queen's Bldg., Balad, Jeddah

Al Rajhi Banking - Jeddah
Mezzanine Floor
Queens Bldg., Jeddah

Bank Al Bilad
Enjaz Remittance Center Branch Al Balad

Alamoudi Exchange Co.
PO Box 123
Al Hazzaza Building
Al Balad - Gabil St, Jeddah 21411

The National Commercial Bank
PO Box 3555
King Abdul Aziz Street
Jeddah 21481


Al Rajhi Banking Jubail
Jeddah St., Jubail


Al Rajhi Banking
PO Box 22022, Riyadh 11495

Al Rajhi Banking Riyadh
P.O. Box 4055
Al Ras St.(Old) Batha
Riyadh 11491

Alinma Bank
Alinma Bank Head Office
Al-Anoud Tower, King Fahad Road

Arab National Bank
P.O. Box 56921
Riyadh 11564

Bank Al Bilad
Enjaz Remittance Center Branch 153
Al Balad, Batha, Riyadh

Bank Al Bilad
P.O. Box 140
Riyadh 11411

BDO Online Banking for You and Your Family

While vacationing in the Philippines, you and your spouse or oldest child can each open a BDO Kabayan Savings Account. Then enroll these two accounts in BDO Internet banking while in the Philippines. Enroll also your spouse's or child's account into your own online account, so you can transfer money anytime online. You can activate your enrollments only at a BDO ATM machine in the Philippines. 

Send your remittance to your own account, and then transfer a portion of the money to your spouse's account through Internet banking. Save the rest of the money in your own account.

Sending money  from KSA to your account incurs a remittance fee. Transferring money from your online account to your spouse's enrolled account through Internet banking is FREE.  You can also ask your spouse's password so you can check balances and withdrawals.


  1. What if i openned an account in the philippines but then i forgot to activate it in the same day...now that i am in abroad is it still active?

    1. Hi Happy: Yes, your account is active -- you can remit money to it. But your atm card is not yet active -- you cannot use it to check your balance there (although only atm cards with Mastercard logo can be used abroad, if activated). Try to change your Pin when you get back here, and if you're not able to change, visit your BDO branch.

  2. how can i send money to the philipines from ksa??? i have a kabayan account in the philippinea.

    1. How to send money from KSA to the Philippines: Find a remittance partner of BDO there. See the list of BDO remittance partners in the post above. Just go there with your iqama and your money. They will ask you to fill up some forms. Write your bank account details: bank name, account name and account number. Wait for your receipt. By the way, are you sure your Kabayan account is active? It's active if you opened it less than 12 months ago, or you have sent money to it less than 12 months ago.

  3. Hi ask q lang if mas maganda na dalhin q passbook at atm q papunta dubai or iwan na lang ang atm q sa pamilya q.gusto q kc mag save talaga pero iniisip q kc baka pag nag deposit aq may charge sa dubai.. at least kung nasa pinas ang atm q isang charge na lang ang mangyayari tama po ba?salamat po

    1. Hi jeffrey, Dubai OFW: It's great you plan to save. Tama yan. That depends on the character of your family members. Matipid ba sila? Or baka lahat na ideposit mo sa account mo ay gagastusin nila? Baka kapag lumaki na yong nase-save mo ay matukso sila na gagastusin.
      Ang the best sana is 2 accounts in the same bank: one for you and one for your family. Then enroll them together in an online banking account. Mag-remit ka sa account mo, and then transfer some money online to your family's account. Tama yong sinabi mo na may bayad yong foreign remittance, pero yong online transfer ay free kasi enrolled in the same online banking. Dapat you enroll these accounts while still here in the Phils because validation of enrollment is being done at an atm here. Ang challenge lang sa BDO online banking is gumagamit ng one-time-password (OTP). Pag transfer, BDO wil text an OTP to your enrolled phone no. So enroll your phone no. na international roaming, or phone no. abroad that can receive a text from the Phils.
      Ang BPI online banking hindi gumagamit ng OTP so mas convenient ito. You might want to consider BPI. Ang BDO, puede pa rin kung balance lang ang gusto mong tingnan. Pag balance lang, puede yong challenge question lang, meaning sagutin mo yong challenge question na pinili mo at sinagot mo when you opened your account.

    2. Hi madam i have a bdo usd acct. And is a VISA card but i need to withdraw money now.where can i withdraw in jubail saudi arabia

    3. Use of a VISA atm card in Jubail Saudi Arabia: Have you changed your default ATM PIN in the Philippines? If changed, yes, you can use your ATM at any machine with a VISA logo there.

  4. Hello po.. Paano po pag may ATM na ako, na activate n po xa pilipinas .. Pwde po bang ma check dito sa ATM machine nila Kong sakaling mag dedeposit po ako?? Pwde rin po bang magkaroon ng passbook?

    1. Use of ATM card abroad: If your ATM card has a Mastercard or Visa logo, and if you have used it already in the Philippines, yes, you can use it abroad. Find a machine with a Mastercard, Maestro or Visa logo.
      If you want a passbook account in the Philippines, you can open one when you take your vacation in the Philippines.

  5. hi Good Morning..i have already kabayan savings account and i have to check for my balance here in Jubail KSA. is this BDO master card is applicable to any ATM bank here? because i am not sure if this master card will return after i put inside the machine.

    1. Use of BDO Kabayan atm card in Jubail, KSA: Did you change your default ATM pin at a BDO machine in the Philippines? If changed, yes, you can use your ATM card at an ATM there that has the same logo (MasterCard or Vi
      sa) on your ATM card.
      Use the ATM only after you have seen people successfully using it (so you can be sure the machine is not damaged). If you entered an incorrect PIN twice, don't use it for the 3rd time. Try again the next day at another machine.

  6. Hi, my sister is now working at jeddah, saudi my problem is the employer of my sister did'nt know how to send the money in KABAYAN Account they tried once but there is a lot of questions ask them.

    Gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung ano po yung kailangan gawin (example how to fill up the application form how to send the money in my kabayan account) kasi they know naman yung account name and number and the other code (i forgot the term). Thank you🙂

    1. Send money from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to BDO Kabayan account:
      Name of beneficiary bank or receiving bank: BDO Unibank
      Swift code or BIC code of BDO: BNORPHMM
      Beneficiary account name: your complete name (exactly the same as name printed in your passbook)
      Beneficiary account no.: your account no. (printed in your passbook)
      Beneficiary bank branch: your bank branch or location
      Amount to be sent: amount of remittance
      I think it is better that your sister sets the remittance amount in pesos and then pay by riyals so you already know the exact amount you're going to receive. If she sends US dollars or riyals, the exchange rate used by BDO is lower.