BDO Remittance Partners in Saudi Arabia

Updated  March 8, 2019:

You can send money to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia at the offices of BDO Remittance Partners in Saudi Arabia.

If you want to open a BDO Kabayan savings account in Saudi Arabia, ask any of these remittance partners.

bdo remittance riyadh museum

National Museum, Riyadh, KSA

Remember though that if you apply for an account, it might take a month before your passbook and ATM card becomes available for pick-up. There’s also a fee in opening a BDO account — most probably to pay couriers for the shipment of documents to and from BDO in the Philippines.

After your application is received and approved by BDO in the Philippines, your account will be activated, and will be ready to accept your remittance. You can check your remittances through BDO Remit Status Inquiry.

Note too that you cannot yet use your BDO Kabayan ATM card in Saudi Arabia because it is not yet activated. You can activate your atm card only at a BDO atm machine in the Philippines.  You can also have your passbook updated over the counter at BDO when you take your vacation in the Philippines.

Here are the addresses of BDO Remittance Offices and Partners in KSA:


Alinma Bank
Ersal 1040202 Al Suwaiket
Alkhobar (Eastern Region)

Al Rajhi Bank
Tahweel Al Rajhi (remittance unit of Al Rajhi Bank)
703 First Street
Alkhobar (Eastern Region)

Al Zamil Exchange
First Street corner Prince Saad Street
Alkhobar (Eastern Region) Saudi Arabia

Arab National Bank (ANB)
Telemoney 388 First Street
Alkhobar (Eastern Region)

Bank Albilad
Enjaz 314 Prince Mohammed St
Alkhobar (Eastern Region)

Bank Aljazira
Fawri 6710 Alessa
Alkhobar (Eastern Region)

The National Commercial Bank (NCB)
Quick Pay 095 First St
Alkhobar (Eastern Region)


Al Zamil Exchange
Dhahran Street, Dammam (Eastern Region) Saudi Arabia


Alamoudi Exchange
Gabel Street, Al Balad
Jeddah (Western Region) Saudi Arabia

Alinma Bank
Ersal 1020201 SPO Central
Jeddah (Western Region)

Al Rajhi Bank
Tahweel Al Rajhi (remittance unit of Al Rajhi Bank)
704 Queens Bldg.
Jeddah (Western Region)

Al Rajhi Bank
Tahweel Al Rajhi (remittance unit of Al Rajhi Bank)
783 Al Cornish
Jeddah (Western Region)

Arab National Bank (ANB)
Telemoney 288 King Abdulaziz Street
Al Balad, Jeddah (Western Region)

Bank Albilad
Enjaz 220 Al Balad
Jeddah (Western Region)

Bank Albilad
Enjaz 234 Al Kornich
Al Balad Jeddah (Western Region)

Bank Aljazira
Fawri 6301 Al Balad
Jeddah (Western Region)

The National Commercial Bank (NCB)
Quick Pay 181 Al Mahmal
Al Balad, Jeddah (Western Region)

The National Commercial Bank (NCB)
Quick Pay 668 Corniche Mall
Al Balad, Jeddah (Western Region)


Al Rajhi Bank
Tahweel Al Rajhi (remittance unit of Al Rajhi Bank)
709 Jubail (Eastern Region)

Al Zamil Exchange
Jeddah Street, Jubail (Eastern Region) Saudi Arabia


Alinma Bank
Ersal 1010104 SPO Batha
Riyadh (Central Region)

Al Rajhi Bank
Tahweel Al Rajhi (remittance unit of Al Rajhi Bank)
849 RKH Military Hospital
Sulaimaniya, Riyadh (Central Region)

Al Rajhi Bank
Tahweel Al Rajhi (remittance unit of Al Rajhi Bank)
793 Al Aswag (JeepneyCtr)
Albatha, Riyadh (Central Region)

Al Zamil Exchange
Arras Street, Al Batha
Riyadh (Central Region) Saudi Arabia

Arab National Bank (ANB)
Telemoney 199 Al Batha
Riyadh (Central Region)

Arab National Bank (ANB)
Telemoney 428 Al Sulaimaniah
Riyadh (Central Region)

Bank Albilad
Enjaz 153 Al Balad
Riyadh (Central Region)

Bank Albilad
Enjaz 140 Military Hospital
Al Sulaimaniah, Riyadh (Central Region)

Bank Aljazira
Fawri 6102 Al Balad
Riyadh (Central Region)

Bank Aljazira
Fawri 6105 Military Hospital
Al Sulaimaniah, Riyadh (Central Region)

The National Commercial Bank (NCB)
Quick Pay 283 Al Batha
Riyadh (Central Region)

The National Commercial Bank (NCB)
Quick Pay 281 Military Hospital
Al Sulaimaniah, Riyadh (Central Region)

Send Money to the Philippines through Online Banking

You can open an account at a Saudi Arabian bank that offers online money transfers to the Philippines, so you can send money to the Philippines through their online banking system.

Usually, what they require for opening an account is your:

Valid Iqama ID
Phone number
Email address

Websites of Saudi Arabian Banks that offer online money transfers to banks in the Philippines:

Tahweel Al Rajhi is the remittance unit of Al Rajhi Bank.

– Register to be a member of Tahweel Al Rajhi
– Apply for an E-Remittance Card
– Download the Tahweel Al Rajhi mobile app

Enjaz Banking Services is the remittance unit of Bank Albilad.

– You can register online, then go to an Enjaz Center within 30 days to complete your registration

– You can also register at an Enjaz Center

TeleMoney is the money transfer service of Arab National Bank

–  Go to a TeleMoney Remittance Center and register to get your Remittance Membership ID number. Ask how you can register with ANB.Net.

Alinma Express is the money transfer service of Alinma Bank.
– Open an account with Alinma Bank.
– Register in Alinma Online

Quick Pay is the money transfer service of National Commercial Bank.
   – Open an account at a Quick Pay Center. Ask how to register so you can send money online.
While vacationing in the Philippines, you and your spouse or oldest child can each open a BDO Kabayan Savings Account. Then enroll these two accounts in BDO Internet banking while in the Philippines. Enroll also your spouse’s or child’s account into your own online account, so you can transfer money anytime online. You can activate your enrollments only at a BDO ATM machine in the Philippines.

Send your remittance to your own account, and then transfer a portion of the money to your spouse’s account through Internet banking. Save the rest of the money in your own account.Sending money  from KSA to your account incurs a remittance fee. Transferring money from your online account to your spouse’s enrolled account through Internet banking is FREE.  You can also ask your spouse’s password so you can check balances and withdrawals.


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  1. What if i openned an account in the philippines but then i forgot to activate it in the same day…now that i am in abroad is it still active?

    1. Hi Happy: Yes, your account is active — you can remit money to it. But your atm card is not yet active — you cannot use it to check your balance there (although only atm cards with Mastercard logo can be used abroad, if activated). Try to change your Pin when you get back here, and if you're not able to change, visit your BDO branch.

    2. HELLO Can i open any account in BDO while here in Riyadh? I don't want my wife to know that i am saving money for myself for future use

  2. how can i send money to the philipines from ksa??? i have a kabayan account in the philippinea.

    1. How to send money from KSA to the Philippines: Find a remittance partner of BDO there. See the list of BDO remittance partners in the post above. Just go there with your iqama and your money. They will ask you to fill up some forms. Write your bank account details: bank name, account name and account number. Wait for your receipt. By the way, are you sure your Kabayan account is active? It's active if you opened it less than 12 months ago, or you have sent money to it less than 12 months ago.

  3. Hi ask q lang if mas maganda na dalhin q passbook at atm q papunta dubai or iwan na lang ang atm q sa pamilya q.gusto q kc mag save talaga pero iniisip q kc baka pag nag deposit aq may charge sa dubai.. at least kung nasa pinas ang atm q isang charge na lang ang mangyayari tama po ba?salamat po

    1. Hi jeffrey, Dubai OFW: It's great you plan to save. Tama yan. That depends on the character of your family members. Matipid ba sila? Or baka lahat na ideposit mo sa account mo ay gagastusin nila? Baka kapag lumaki na yong nase-save mo ay matukso sila na gagastusin.
      Ang the best sana is 2 accounts in the same bank: one for you and one for your family. Then enroll them together in an online banking account. Mag-remit ka sa account mo, and then transfer some money online to your family's account. Tama yong sinabi mo na may bayad yong foreign remittance, pero yong online transfer ay free kasi enrolled in the same online banking. Dapat you enroll these accounts while still here in the Phils because validation of enrollment is being done at an atm here. Ang challenge lang sa BDO online banking is gumagamit ng one-time-password (OTP). Pag transfer, BDO wil text an OTP to your enrolled phone no. So enroll your phone no. na international roaming, or phone no. abroad that can receive a text from the Phils.
      Ang BPI online banking hindi gumagamit ng OTP so mas convenient ito. You might want to consider BPI. Ang BDO, puede pa rin kung balance lang ang gusto mong tingnan. Pag balance lang, puede yong challenge question lang, meaning sagutin mo yong challenge question na pinili mo at sinagot mo when you opened your account.

      1. So you mean mam na bawat save ko sa account ko po, is magkakaroon po ng charge ? Enroll na po ako sa online banking. At na activate ko na po.. Bdo partners po ba ako pupunta o bdo lang mismo kapag po magsesaving money sa account ko po.

      2. How can i open BDO ATM im here in riyadh saudi arabia?

    2. Hi madam i have a bdo usd acct. And is a VISA card but i need to withdraw money now.where can i withdraw in jubail saudi arabia

      1. sally silva raynera

        hi madam ask ko lng po kng saang machine pwede mag withdraw ng gamit ang bdo debit card in saudi dammam..thanks po

        1. Hi Sally, any machine na merong Visa or Mastercard logo — parehas sa logo ng atm card mo. Na-change PIN mo ba ang atm card mo sa Philippines? If yes, puede mong gamitin diyan abroad.

    3. Use of a VISA atm card in Jubail Saudi Arabia: Have you changed your default ATM PIN in the Philippines? If changed, yes, you can use your ATM at any machine with a VISA logo there.

    4. Hi po, I have already kabayan saving account from pin as, now in ksa, after a 6months nawala po wallet nadukot kasama fun run ATM card q bro, paano po kung gusto q ng bagong ATM card ,at and passbook andto. I'm here in dammam ksa,

    5. hi maam.i enrolled a third party account for online here in saudi arabia.where can i activate the enrollment? atm ko po dpat iactivate right?

  4. Hello po.. Paano po pag may ATM na ako, na activate n po xa pilipinas .. Pwde po bang ma check dito sa ATM machine nila Kong sakaling mag dedeposit po ako?? Pwde rin po bang magkaroon ng passbook?

    1. Use of ATM card abroad: If your ATM card has a Mastercard or Visa logo, and if you have used it already in the Philippines, yes, you can use it abroad. Find a machine with a Mastercard, Maestro or Visa logo.
      If you want a passbook account in the Philippines, you can open one when you take your vacation in the Philippines.

    2. Helo po… Ask ko lang po.
      Gusto ko po sana mag apply ng debit or credit mastercard,posible po ba kahit andito ajo saudi?
      Salamat po.

  5. hi Good Morning..i have already kabayan savings account and i have to check for my balance here in Jubail KSA. is this BDO master card is applicable to any ATM bank here? because i am not sure if this master card will return after i put inside the machine.

    1. Use of BDO Kabayan atm card in Jubail, KSA: Did you change your default ATM pin at a BDO machine in the Philippines? If changed, yes, you can use your ATM card at an ATM there that has the same logo (MasterCard or Vi
      sa) on your ATM card.
      Use the ATM only after you have seen people successfully using it (so you can be sure the machine is not damaged). If you entered an incorrect PIN twice, don't use it for the 3rd time. Try again the next day at another machine.

  6. Hi, my sister is now working at jeddah, saudi my problem is the employer of my sister did'nt know how to send the money in KABAYAN Account they tried once but there is a lot of questions ask them.

    Gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung ano po yung kailangan gawin (example how to fill up the application form how to send the money in my kabayan account) kasi they know naman yung account name and number and the other code (i forgot the term). Thank you🙂

    1. Send money from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to BDO Kabayan account:
      Name of beneficiary bank or receiving bank: BDO Unibank
      Swift code or BIC code of BDO: BNORPHMM
      Beneficiary account name: your complete name (exactly the same as name printed in your passbook)
      Beneficiary account no.: your account no. (printed in your passbook)
      Beneficiary bank branch: your bank branch or location
      Amount to be sent: amount of remittance
      I think it is better that your sister sets the remittance amount in pesos and then pay by riyals so you already know the exact amount you're going to receive. If she sends US dollars or riyals, the exchange rate used by BDO is lower.

      1. Hi maam good day po and GOD bless you,, ask ko sana pag benef’s bank ba ang ilalagay ba eh ung swift code po ba??

        1. Hi Amy, sa beneficiary bank, isusulat mo yong name of bank, then kung hinihingi ang Swift code ng bank, isusulat mo ang Swift code. Merong mga Swift codes here.

  7. Hello maam if ever na may local bank ako here at saudi
    Like al rajhi bank,then i have bdo kabayan
    Yung salary ko po kasi direct sa al rajhi bank then
    Pag money transfer to bdo kabayan thru online
    My charges po ba yun?and how much

    1. Online transfer from Al Rajhi Bank to BDO Kabayan: Yes, there's a fee that Al Rajhi will charge. Can be 15 to 20 riyals, depending on Al Rajhi. You must first register your beneficiary at your Al Rajhi branch and make your first remittance at your branch before you can make your first online remittance. BDO also might charge an inward remittance fee of around 200 pesos. Track the amount you are sending and the amount credited to your account, so you can change how you remit to your account if the online Al Rajhi to BDO transfer is super expensive.
      But I've read about Pinoys using their Saudi banks to send money online to the Philippines — just monitor your online remittances.

  8. pano po kapag galing jizan ung magpapadala sa kabayan savings po? kahit anong bangko po ba sa jizan saudi pwede magpadala?

  9. Send Money from Jizan Saudi Arabia to BDO: Based sa list above, Al Rajhi Banking yong partner ng BDO sa maraming cities, so malamang na partner din siya ng BDO sa Jizan. Puede rin siguro yong Bank Al Bilad.

  10. Hello..ask ko lng po kpgb binigay mo ang atm card cvv s ibang tao ay maari b nitong makuha ang laman ng atm..

    1. Hi Fitzgerald: Do you mean you gave only the number, not the card? Kung merong Mastercard or Visa logo yang atm card mo, at marunong yong tao sa online buying, puede niyang gamitin yang atm card no. mo to buy online. Ang kulang lang is the expiry date, pero if he will be able to guess the correct expiry date, and write your correct name and address, then he will be able to buy online.

    2. Hiningi po nila sakin ang number ng atm card ko cvv, expiry date, at pangalan ko..pero nasa akin po ang card..maari po ba na magamit nila ito..gayong hndi nman nila alam ang pin number..

    3. Hi Fitzgerald: Are you here in the Philippines? If you don't trust these people who have your atm data, I advise that you withdraw your money now, immediately, para hindi nila magamit. May I ask bakit naibigay mo sa kanila itong atm data mo? Sa online buying kasi, hindi na kelangan ang PIN.

    4. Hi Fitzgerald: If you're abroad or not able to go to an atm to withdraw, call your bank and report the theft of your atm card information, and ask them to put on hold your account so that no one will be able to use it. Hope you can comment again here later on

    5. Ok po..thank you very much and god bless..

  11. Ganun po ba..Andito po aq ngaun s riyadh..kc kc gusto po sana n mginvest..yan po kc hiningi nila skin..

    1. Ok lang kung reliable company ito. Kasi ako rin binibigay ko mga credit card details ko kung nagbabayad ako online. Anong company ito?

  12. Brooks Blueprint ng company..

    1. I forgot pala na puede ka naman palang magwidro diyan kung halimbawa lang unreliable itong company na ito. Sige i-search ko nga.

    2. Binary options trading. Sa totoo lang hanggang traditional investments lang ako, stocks and mutual funds lang. Maraming nagsasabi online na scam daw yang app ni Brooks Blueprint, kasi too good to be true yong profit claims niya. Kung naka-invest ka na ng a certain amount, then hayaan mo na, sana naman kikita ka nga diyan.
      Pero sa akin, iwidro mo na lang ngayon diyan sa Riyadh yong the rest of your money lalo na kung malaki pa, at sa less risky investments na lang doon ka mag-invest.

    3. Ok po..maraming slamat po s advice..

    4. Ok take care. God bless din

  13. Can I apply a BDO credit card here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Where and what are the requirements? Thanks and more power

    1. Hi Salvador Jr.: Sorry BDO does not accept applications from OFWs. They also require an ITR. It's BPI that accepts applications online from OFWs. See this BPI credit card application page.
      Your home or business address must be within a 30km. radius of a BPI or BPI Family Bank branch or BPI Business Center. You must also have a landline phone in your Phil address.
      I hope you can comment again here after your credit card has been approved.

  14. Hi mam nora,can i open kabayan savings account here in Jeddah? Thanks po.

    1. Hi Justincool: Yes. Just ask any BDO remittance partner on the list above. They'll forward your application to BDO Philippines, and you might get your passbook and atm after a month. Your account will be active, but your atm card can't be used there until it's validated at a BDO atm here in the Philippines.

    2. Maam good day makaka open po ba ako ng account sa bdo? Need lang po kasi…

  15. hello po ask lng po sana aa kc hindi q na change pin yung atm card ko doon sa pinas pwde po ba tong ma change dto sa riyadh?at magiging actve na ba din to?may master card logo din po ito.slamat po.

    1. Can I change the BDO default PIN in Riyadh? Sorry no. You cannot change your default PIN in Riyadh because there's no BDO atm there, even if your atm card has a Mastercard logo. You can change your PIN only at a BDO atm here in the Philippines.

  16. Hello ask ko lang po if once na nagdeposit ka sa kabayan savings account mo sa isa sa mga remmittance partner ng bdo na nasa list considered na po ba yun na remmittance mo sa bdo kabayan savings account mo?

    1. Hi Lucky Xyruz: Yes, basta remittance partner outside the Philippines, meaning nagpadala ka from another country. Kung ang iniisip mo ay yong requirement na "at least one foreign remittance every 12 months" para ma-maintain yong status na Kabayan account, yes. Pero kahit hindi partner, dahil walang partner in a certain country, basta foreign remittance, counted for the maintaining-balance purpose.

  17. Hi randy flores: Check mo kung merong Al Rajhi Banking or Bank Al-Bilad diyan sa lugar mo. Then pag meron, ask them they're offering BDO Kabayan account opening assistance. If they offer, expect your passbook and atm card to be available after about a month. Your account will be active, but your atm card will not be active, as you need to change your default PIN at a BDO atm in the Philippines.

  18. sir/maam saan po ako mag aaply ng bdo savings account san po banda sa jeddah

  19. Dear BDO Team,

    Good Day!
    May kaunting katanungan lang po ako, saan po pwede mag-open ng Debit/MasterCard ATM dito sa Riyadh.

    Thank You,

    1. Hi Khaled and afdhal mohd fahad: Try nio sa kahit alin sa Al Rajhi Banking or Bank Al Bilad. They will forward your application to BDO Philippines. You might be able to claim your passbook and atm card after a month. Your account will be activated, but your atm card will only be activated by you at a BDO atm when you take your vacation in the Philippines.

    2. Hi Maam Nora, Thank you for feed back ang need ko kasi maam BDO master card for purchasing online like amazon. Ang tanong ko po, if ever na mag open ako sa BDO ng master card, mga ilang buwan po kaya bago ma-activate ang master card? May idea po kayo?

      Salamat po..

    3. Hi Khaled: Sorry, kung ang plan mo is to use the atm card for online payments, hindi mo pa magagamit diyan kasi ang activation ng atm card ay dito sa Philippines, sa BDO atm.
      Meron ka bang ma-trust na kapatid o magulang na merong smartphone? Kasi meron nang PayMaya Visa virtual card, issued by Smart. Hindi actual o physical na card; it's completely virtual, image lang ng Visa debit card. I-download lang ang PayMaya app from Google App or from Apple Store. Doon sa app, register with name, email address and mobile number. Then create password. Mag-text ang Smart ng verification code, then enter the code, then Smart will send PayMaya debit card image — andon ang 16-digit debit card number, expiry date and 3-digit security code or CVV. Mag-research ka rin and read reviews about PayMaya virtual card, if you like. Meron din itong physical card, pero siempre dito sa Philippines makukuha. PayMaya virtual pa lang ang alam kong virtual debit card (yong walang actual card).
      Another problem is how to load it while abroad, kasi as of now, hindi pa nila ni-launch ito for overseas use. Siguro they will consider it if more OFWs ask for it. Currently, ang loading is local, through Bayad Center, SM Business Center, Smart center, BDO online banking, Union Bank atm, TouchPay, SMART Padala center, Smart Money card. I wrote this para lang ma-consider mo. Tingnan ko pa yong iba….

    4. Hello po dala ko po ang ATM kabayan savings ko dito sa Riyadh KSA tanong ko lang po kong safe pa po ba kasi may nababalitaan po ako na bigla nalang pong nag laho yong pera sa account kaya takot napo akong mag deposit.ano pong mapapayo nyo salamat po

  20. Hi Maam Nora,

    Salamat po sa mga palinawanag nyo. Malinaw na po sa akin ang lahat ng mga advises nyo. About po doon sa kamag-anak ko na pwde kng ma-trust. Sa ngayon wala pa po at mahihirapan sila sa PayMaya, but then I will explore that new app. Maraming Salamat po.

    1. Thank you din Khaled. If you have time and if you're on Facebook, baka puedeng i-LIKE yong Facebook page namin: and Thanks a lot!

  21. Thank you Maam Nora,

    I will check your page.

  22. good pm po.. pwede po ba mag withdraw gamit ung kabayan savings pag ka ung machine my master card na logo.. or pang check balance lng po un.. im here po sa riyadh.. thanks po..

  23. kung pwede po mag withdraw mag kano po kya ang charge per transactions.. thanks po sa sasagot..

    1. Hi kial herradura: Puedeng magwidro diyan kung merong Mastercard logo ang atm card mo at na-change mo yong default PIN ng atm card mo sa BDO atm sa Philippines. Dapat din na merong Mastercard, or Maestro or Cirrus logo yong machine diyan. Ang withdrawal charge is 3.50 US dollars. May additional charge kung yong atm diyan ay may charge for foreign-issued atms. Usually nasa screen or nasa machine mismo if they charge fees.

  24. Hi po ! nag deposit po kc ung mama ko sa account number ko sa bdo from jeddah noong oct. 14,2016 till now po di pa napasok yung pera ! makukuha prin po ba namin yun ? ano pong magandang tanong qng sakaling pumunta po aq sa isang bdo branch ?

    1. Hi Aira Veronica: Puede mong tanungin kung meron bang naka-pending na remittance para sa account mo, at kung meron bang problem. Kung wala silang makita, ask your mother to go back to where she sent the money, and check if your name and account number were entered correctly in the remitter's records.
      But I hope nakuha mo na ang pera mo.

  25. Hi po,
    May tanong po ako. Dito po ako sa Riyadh now.
    Yung sa online banking kopo na cellphobe number di na po active. Ngayon po gusto kong palitan ng bago. Paano po i update ang number? Pwede po ba pa update dito sa Riyadh?

    1. Change Mobile number in BDO online banking: Puedeng palitan ang phone number sa BDO online banking pero kelangang i-confirm mo through OTP, pero dahil hindi mo na matatanggap ang OTP kasi hindi na active yong number na yan, ang paraan na lang is to call BDO from Riyadh. If you can use a landline phone, ito ang toll-free number: 800-863-0011

  26. hi po ma'am..paano po tumawag sa bdo customer service sa pinas via cellphone ipapaconfirm ko sana ung pinalitan kong number..dito po ako sa riyadh..thank you.

    1. Hi Karen: Call BDO 800-863-0011 or 00-632 631 8000

  27. hi po maam, ask ko lng po kung magkano po ang interest pag na close na po ung bdo savings account ko for 1yr & 6 mos. plano ko kc iopen ulit un. ang nahulugan ko kc ung kabayan savings account ko kaya na close ung isa. thanks in advance

    1. Reopen closed BDO account: Penalty ba ang ibig mong sabihin? Kasi na-closed na at gusto mong ire-open? Usually ang BDO ay hindi na nagre-reopen ng closed account, lalo na at matagal na. At saka kung magpa-reopen man, sayang naman yong penalties (300 per month) na babayaran mo. It's better that you open a new account when you take your vacation. Meanwhile, continue saving money in your Kabayan.

  28. hi mam ask q lng po qng me BDo office dto sa al ahsa hufof KSA kasi ng close n po kasi un kabayan savings q ..thanks po

    1. Hi Neil: Sorry yang mga Saudi cities lang na nakalista sa article above ang merong BDO remittance partners. Pero kung meron kang makita na Moneygram, or
      Ary Speed Remit, EZ Remit, AFX Fast Remit, Turbo Cash of Zenj Exchange or Ersal (Al Ghurair Exchange) diyan sa city mo, tanungin mo kung nag-o-offer sila ang assistance for BDO Kabayan account opening, kasi partner din sila ng BDO.

  29. hindi naman ako mkapag add ng beneficiary online to NCB for BDO account laging system error. anu po ba pwedeng gawin? tumawag na rin po ako sa customer service ng NCB sabi nila inaayos pa raw yung BDO online pero hanggang ngayun system error pa rin. sa BDO po ba ang problema kasi yung ibang bank hindi nag eerror system only BDO.

    1. Hi Joseph: Most likely ang reason ay nasa system ng NCB, kasi it's their online banking system where you are registering. Baka sa NCB, hindi pa kasali ang BDO sa puede mong i-enroll na receiving bank online.
      According to you, sabi ng customer service ay inaayos pa lang. Palagay ko inaayos pa nila ang online banking/remittance link nila with BDO, although NCB and BDO are already remittance partners.

    2. Hi ms. Nora ahm ask ko lang po. Pag nag open po ba ako ng kabayan savings here in saudi may bayad po ba. At kung may bayad man po. Yung binayad ko ay yun na din ang maging maintaining balance ko.?

  30. Hello po..ask ko lang po my bdo kabayan savings po ung asawa ko..pwde po ba na ako ung gagamit ng account nia sa online banking?

    1. Hi Vina Gayle: Basta okay sa inyong dalawa, yes, tanungin mo lang yong user name at password niya sa kanya.

    2. low poh ask ko poh mam nora f pag nag open acount poh ako dito sa jeddah wla ho bang problema un khit bwan2 ko hulogan..?

    3. hi po OK pa po bang mg avail ng bank account ng BDO sa mga nabanggit na branches as of 2017?

  31. Hello is raji bank a correspondent bank of BDO? If so, how many days will im going to recieve the money that was sent to me from saudi for example on thursday. Will I geth the money on monday?or tuesday?Thank you

  32. Good day po
    Dba po yung BDO account ko na e open dto sa Riyadh ay pwede lang hulogan pru d pwede magwithdraw kasi kailangan mo pa siya na e activate dyan sa Pinas.Ang tanong ko po ay pano ko po malalaman yung laman ng atm?Dba po d nman pwede na gamitin sa mga atm dito

  33. Good Day po…
    Pwede po bah mag open account dito sa saudi ng BDO Kabayan saving account? .. paanu ko po malaman ung laman if ever ma'am…., thnkz.

  34. helo po..mag tanong lang po ako.nag apply ak ng bdo dito sa saudi taif..den naibigay na yong atm card at pasabook ko at may logo na siya ng mastercard.ask ko po kung pwede na ako mag deposit ng pera sa alin mang bank partner atm machine dito sa saudi ang gagamitin ko pong pang deposit na card ay yong unang bingay sakin na card ng bdo na walang logo..need lang po ng sagot..salamat po god bless.

    1. BDO atm card issued in Taif: Sorry I missed your question. Sorry also that you cannot use your atm card there if it is without Mastercard logo. Pang-Philippines lang yong walang logo. Yes, you can deposit to your new account through BDO remittance partners there in Taif. You cannot yet use there your new atm card with Mastercard logo — you need to activate that in the Philippines first.

  35. Hello po. Ask ko Lang po if how many days bago magreflect ang online transfer from Jeddah bank( I don't know the name of the bank) to my BDO account in the Philippines. My employer told me he sent it already 4 days ago but until now I can't see it on my bank statement.

  36. Hi! Ask ko lng po kc yung asawa ko may kabayan savings perm once lng po nhulugan nung july 2016 pa. May penalty po ba? Pwd po ba ako ung maghuhulog sa account nya d2 sa pinas? Thanks po!

    1. Hi Al, wala pa namang 12 months since July 2016, so Kabayan pa ang account at zero-maintaining-balance pa. Yes, puede kang mag-deposit over the counter sa account niya. Use account number (no. in the passbook). Kung hindi pa rin mahulugan from abroad before June 2017, dapat mag-maintain ka na ng at least 10k pesos sa account para walang penalty.

  37. Hello po may cousin po ako sa riyadh plano sana nya mghulog sa account ng mother nya kabayan savings tanong ko lang kung magpapadala ang cousin ko from riyadh mai mababayaran po bah sya? Kasi sa tingin kobpag kabayan savings walang fee… Tas ilang days ma claim dito sa pinas kung sakaling mkahulog ang cousin ko…

  38. good morning po,, ask ko po kung sa alrajhi back parinpo banakaka pag open ng BDO accnt.. kasi po nag punta akong alrjhi taweel at ang ni o offr nila dun ay PNB..

  39. Hello po,nagpa deposit po ako sa kasamahan ko dito sa riyahd sa bdo kabayan savings account ko thru tahweel al rajhi, tama naman po ang account number and account name ko sa resibo pero yung address ko at branch ng bank ko di nya alam kaya nilagay na lang nya na pangasinan pero dapat candon ilocos sur branch po sana, chini-check ko po sa aking bdo online banking account pero wala padin po,ano po bang problema or sadya po bang hindi pa mag appear? Ilang days po bago pumasok sa account ko?

    1. helo po sir brixlord.pag kakaalam ko po napasok agad.kasi ung sakin may nag hulog sa account ko kinabukasan pasok agad at ung isa pag kahulog ngaun mga ilang oras lang pasok agad sa account ko kita ko agad sa online bdo ko.

    2. or baka na delay lang sayo.

    3. Salamat sa feed back mam.. cguro nga delay lang

  40. Hello po,nagpa deposit po ako sa kasamahan ko dito sa riyahd sa bdo kabayan savings account ko thru tahweel al rajhi, tama naman po ang account number and account name ko sa resibo pero yung address ko at branch ng bank ko di nya alam kaya nilagay na lang nya na pangasinan pero dapat candon ilocos sur branch po sana, chini-check ko po sa aking bdo online banking account pero wala padin po,ano po bang problema or sadya po bang hindi pa mag appear? Ilang days po bago pumasok sa account ko?

  41. Good day po, possible po bang makapag open ako ng BDO Kabayan account nandito po ako ngayon sa riyadh. Galing po kasi ako ENJAZ sabi dun naghold daw po Saudi Government regaring opening ng Kabayan Account. Totoo po ba ito?

  42. Hi good day po
    Yung remmitance galing enjaz pwde ko din po ba icollect sa bdo

    1. Yes, puedeng cash pickup at BDO kasi partner ng BDO ang Bank Al Bilad — ang may-ari ng Enjaz — basta for cash pickup yong padala at meron kang reference code and your IDs.
      Kung ang remittance ay for deposit to BDO account, made-deposit sa account mo sa BDO — for witdrawal via atm or over the counter.

  43. hi good day..magkano po charge pag nag inquire ng blance tru alinma atm tllr machine? mron kasi akong atm kabayan saving..blak ko sna i iinquire bka mlaki yung charge

  44. hi good day..magkano po charge pag nag inquire ng blance tru alinma atm tllr machine? mron kasi akong atm kabayan saving..blak ko sna i iinquire bka mlaki yung charge

    1. Hi chris: Sabi ng BDO, 1 US dollar ang charge ng balance inquiry. Pero baka meron ding additional charge yang atm machine diyan, pero hindi naman siguro malaki, kasi inquiry lang naman.

  45. gud eve poh ask ko poh kxi want q pong mag open ng bdo acount dito pro wla ho bang problema un pag pinadalhn q bwan2 kxi dpa activate ung atm card..?tpos poh plan ko poh kxi ipa2dala ko nlng xa pinas ung atm at cla npoh ang mag a2ctivate ng atm ko wla ho bang problema un?

  46. tsaka ano poh bang banko ang pwd mka open ng bdo acount..?

  47. at ano poh plang banko ang pwdng mka open ng acount my kabayan n poh ako gus2 q poh sana mag open ng acount q ulit sa bdo..?

  48. Hi Chang: You try Al Rajhi Banking or Bank Al-Bilad. Ifo-forward nila ang application mo sa BDO dito sa Philippines. Kung nabigay na sa iyo ang passbook mo at atm card mo, puede ka nang magpadala sa account mo (use account number in passbook). Puede naman yong plan mo na ipadala yong atm card mo, pero mas safe na huwag mo munang padalhan ng pera habang wala pa sa iyo ang atm card mo. I-change PIN nila, then ipadala uli sa iyo ang atm card. Pag nasa iyo na ang atm card, then puede mo nang padalhan ng pera. Puede mo na ring i-balance inquiry diyan. Dapat hindi lumagpas ang 6 months bago mo padalhan. Actually, within 12 months ang sabi ng BDO, pero mas sure na padalhan mo every 6 months or mas madalas pa.

    1. mam nora nkalimotan ko pong itanong ok lng ho bah mag pa open nang isang acount xa bdo kahit my kabayan savings acount npoh ako..?

    2. Hi Chang: Puedeng mag-open ng another account, pero dapat ibang type of account. Kung meron ka nang Kabayan, hindi puedeng another Kabayan account uli, dapat yong atm-only account or yong Optimum savings account.
      Sa abroad, yong Kabayan lang ang puedeng ipa-open. Yong other types of account, dapat dito sa Philippines.

    3. ai ganon ho bah kahit savings acount ho d pwdng ipa open dito..?
      pwd nmn ho cgurong ku2ha ako ulit ng kbayan acount pro xa bpi nmn na banko png savings poh.?

  49. Gusto ko pong mag open or mag avail ng kabayan savings account hindi kasi nka avial sa pilipinas dto ako ngayon sa ryadh..mag iisang taon nko me pano po..

    1. Hi Richard: Try opening Kabayan at Al Rajhi Banking or Bank Al-Bilad. BDO partners ang mga ito. Bring your iqama and other IDs. Merong time na itinigil nila ang pag-offer due to the RCBC money laundering scandal, pero based on comments here ay tuloy na uli. They will forward your application to BDO Philippines so around 1 month din siguro before you get hold of your passbook and atm card. You cannot yet use your atm card there abroad — you need to change the default PIN at a BDO machine here first.

    2. Pero pag na tanggap ko na po ba ang passbook na may accnt no. Pwede ko na pong hulugan..

  50. Mam ask ko lang po kasi last yr feb 2016 po ako nag open ng kabayan savings account sa pinas, ngaun po andito na ako sa saudi, hindi ko pa po siya nahulugan, paano po yun lagpas 12 months na, pwede pa bang hulugan or nag close na? What should i do? Thanks po

    1. Hi Justine: Kung susundin talaga ng BDO yong process nila, active pa yong account mo pero hindi na siya Kabayan. Regular passbook account na siya, meron nang 10k maintaining balance requirement. Dapat kapag padalhan mo ng pera, more than 10k pesos na ang ipadala mo, at dapat hindi winiwidro yong 10k na maintaining balance. Dapat everyday merong 10k pesos doon sa account. Pero to be sure na active pa, call BDO International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000. Puede ring pa-test mo sa family mo. Magdeposit sila ng 100 pesos over the counter sa BDO. Kung tatanggapin yong deposit nila, it means active pa yong account mo, but regular account na ang category.

    2. Thank you po sa info at advice mam.

  51. Hello Admin,

    tanong ko lang po kung saan pwede mag open ng BDO account dito sa Al-Jubail Saudi Arabia.

    salamat po

  52. Hi Jonathan: Try mo sa Al Rajhi Banking kung nag-resume na sila sa pag-offer ng Kabayan account opening. Kasi tinigil nila noong kainitan ng RCBC money laundering scandal dito sa Philippines. Bring your iqama

  53. may tanong lang po ako mam/sir..may account na po ako at nahulugan na din po.ang tanong ko po ay yong mga nag send ng pera sa sa account ko mananatili lang po bang naka deposit yun? salamat.

    1. Hi maricel: Yes, yong mga nag-deposit sa account mo, at na-deposit naman, andon sa account mo, mananatili doon hanggang widrohin mo. Nag-deposit ba sila sa account mo over the counter? Kabayan account ba ito? At nasa abroad ka? Tama yan, hulugan mo from abroad from time to time para maka-save ka. Mananatiling Kabayan ang type ng account mo basta merong at least one foreign remittance every 12 months.

  54. Hi po ask ko lng po sana.. And I to po aq sa Saudi Arabia but wala aq sa riyad NASA taif aq. Pero meron po dito alrhaji bank taweel….
    Gusto q po sana mag open ng ATM bank account… Parang pag iipunan pera parang savings lng…
    Pwd po kaya..??

    1. Hi Venus: Partner naman ng BDO ang Al Rajhi Bank, so try mong mag-open sa branch diyan. Ifo-forward nila ang application mo sa BDO Philippines. Around one month siguro before you can receive your passbook and atm card.

  55. thank you po mam nora tamba..yes po kabayan account po to..

  56. Hi ma'am,just want to ask if my bdo kabayan savings still able its almost a year since i opened has been activated in pinas and now im in planning to save money in my kabayan it still possible mam? Im just worried if i can still deposit less than 10k or 5k a month coz its almost a year now.

    1. Hi Chen: Did you deposit 100 pesos when you opened it? Para merong makuhanan ng fee if you try to make a balance inquiry using your atm card there at a machine with a Mastercard logo. Puede kang mag-balance inquiry kung ang atm card mo ay merong Mastercard logo.
      Kung walang Mastercard mark, ask your family to deposit 100 pesos to your account at a BDO branch. Give them your account number (in the passbook). Kapag tinanggap ng teller ang deposit at i-post sa account mo, ibig sabihin active pa yong account mo, at puede mong padalhan ng remittance. Subukan nilang tanungin kung Kabayan pa ang category ng account mo. Kung hindi sure kung Kabayan pa, dapat before April 1, nakadeposit ka na ng 10k pesos.

  57. helo po ulit mam..ask ulit po ako na guguluhan lang po ako.need po ba talaga na may naka deposit ka na worth of 10,000 pesos sa account..kung wala pa pong 10,000 ang naka deposit ano po ang mang yayare? at yong 10,000 na yun ay hindi po pwede ma wedrow po?.salamat po.

    1. Hi maricel: Sana balikan mo pa ito para mabasa mo ang sagot ko. Sorry I missed your question.
      Pera mo pa rin yong 10k pesos, at puede mong widrohin later on. Ang BDO passbook na regular (hindi Kabayan) ay required na merong 10k pesos na maintaining balance. Dapat hindi bababa ang balance sa 10k pesos. Kung 2 magkasunud na buwan at hindi mo na-maintain ang at least 10k pesos sa account mo, merong penalty na 300 pesos. Every month yan kapag hindi mo madagdagan ang balance mo para at least 10k pesos ang average daily balance niya for the month.

  58. Hello, ask ko lng kung mkakaopen ba ako ng bdo account dito sa jeddah even na im going for final exit. Mga after 10 days mkakauwi na ako ng pinas. Pwede ko ba padalahan agad ung account na un?

    1. Inactive na kasi ung dati kong account sa bdo. Maipapadala ko ba agad ung lahat ng pera ko sa bdo account na maoopen ko dito?. Within 10 days makakauwi na kasi ako sa pinas

    2. Hi Percival: Sorry, after one month pa naibibigay ang Kabayan passbook at atm card na ino-open diyan sa abroad. Finoforward pa kasi ang application sa BDO, hindi ito napa-process ng remittance partner diyan sa abroad. BDO sa Philippines mismo ang mag-process.

    3. Hi Percival: Kung kelangang bawasan mo ang handcarried money mo, puede kang magpadala for cash pickup sa BDO. Yong sarili mo ang padalhan mo — your own name. Then claim your money after you arrive in the Philippines over the counter sa BDO. Puede na ring mag-open ka ng BDO account mo — yong atm account na lang para 2k pesos lang ang maintaining balance.

    4. Check and countercheck yong name mo sa receipt ng remitter diyan para correct ang spelling ng name mo. Remember, andito ka na sa Philippines later on, so hindi mo na ma-amend ang name spelled wrong pag andito ka na. Keep your receipt.

  59. Mam gusto ko pong malaman kung aus pah ung bank account ko kc andito aq saudi arabia hulugan ko po sana

    1. Hi Junior: You can call BDO 800-863-0011 toll-free if you use a landline. Or you can ask your family to deposit 100 pesos or more into your account over the counter at BDO. Pag tanggapin ng teller yong deposit, ibig sabihin, active pa yong account mo.
      Pag 13 months nang hindi nahulugan ang Kabayan mo, at active pa, most likely na-convert na into a regular passbook account (hindi na Kabayan account), so dapat mag-maintain ka na ng 10k pesos sa account mo.

  60. Tnung ko lng po ,, within how many hours or days po mku2ha ung niremit na pera gling KSA to Philippines ..

    1. Remittance from KSA to Philippines: Depende kasi yan sa pinagpadalhan. Halimbawa kung Western Union or Moneygram, agad-agad yan. Ask mo na lang yong sender mo. I wish natatanong nila bago sila magpadala. Pero usually nagre-range yan from within the hour to several hours to the same day, next day and up to 3 days (mas matagal kapag wire transfer from a bank that has no correspondent bank partner in the Philippines).

  61. Hello po good'evening po. Tanong ko lang po? Nadala ko po dito sa saudi ang kabayan atm at passbook ko po? Pwede pa ba ako mag hulog ng pera sa kabayan ko po kahit dala ko dito sa saudi ang kabayan atm ko po at pass book po?

  62. Hello po, good day! ask ko lang po, gusto ko kasi mag open ng BDO kabayan savings account. ask ko lang po. possible ba na pwede magdeposit ng pera dun sa account na un tapos ung magpapadala is from philippines?online work kasi siya and nakalagay lang sa mode of encashment is "BDO Savings Account" pwede din po ba dun ung BDO Kabayan Savings Account? salamat po.

    1. Hi Christian: Yes puedeng gamiting for local deposits ang BDO Kabayan account, pero kung walang magpapadala from abroad, it's better mag-open na lang ng BDO atm savings account kasi 3k pesos lang ang maintaining balance nito. Ang Kabayan, kapag walang foreign remittance, it must be maintained, and the maintaining balance is 10k pesos. Besides, if you apply for this account, they require you to present a foreign remittance receipt. Ang BDO atm savings account ay puedeng for deposits/payments for online work. Just send employer the account number (not the card number).

    2. kasi nasa saudi ako now, eh gusto ko mag open ng kabayan savings account, ask ko lang, saan dito meron nun na pwede mag open?dito ko now sa dammam, last week kasi nagpunta ako ng al rhaji, wala na daw sila nun. salamat po

  63. Gusto ko po mg open ng bank s pilipinas..kasi need ko mgkarroon kaya lng andto ako s albaha saudi arabia pnu po b ggwin ko at pinakalapit n pwdeng puntahn..

  64. Hello po ask q lang po kung ano mga requirements for opening bdo account po here in saudi?

    1. BDO account opening in Saudi: Your iqama, passport (if you have), and ID pictures. You can bring a copy of your job contract, in case they require it, but not very necessary.

  65. Hi po maam si john po eto tanong ko lang po sana maam kung paano ko ma monitor or ma check kung pumasok ba talaga maam yung remitance ko sa kabayan savings account ko po maam nasa riyadh po ako maam gusto ko sana gamitin png savings yung kabayan ko maam. Salamat po.

  66. Dala ko po kasi yung atm at passbook ko then nag try po ako mag register online banking kaso kailangan pane activate through bdo atm machine para ma activate yung registration maam.

    1. Hi Loriejohn: Sana kung merong Mastercard logo yang atm card mo at na-change PIN mo noon dito sa Philippines, you can use it at any Mastercard-linked machine there.
      Another way is always remit at a BDO remittance partner so you can use this BDO Remit Inquiry system

  67. Hi Loriejohn: Noon bang mag-start kang mag-register ng online banking, meron ka bang nakitang option na "If you are abroad"? At ito ba ang pinili mo?

  68. Na change pin ko na po maam sa pinas kasi june 2016 ko pa to na open maam. Ginamit ko na rin ito sa pinas dati maam kasi ngpapadala yung tita ko dati maam sa dito niya hinuhulog maam

  69. Na try ko po maam peru ayw mag proceed ng registration maam kasi ang format 63905…… Daw dapat. Pwde ko ba ma inquire dito yung remitance/savings ko maam through atm card ko maam dito sa riyadh maam. Salamat po maam

  70. Na change pin ko na po yung card ko maam nung nasa pinas pa ako. Meron po master card maam na logo.

    1. Hi Loriejohn: Puede kang mag-balance inquiry dian sa any machine na merong Mastercard or Cirrus or Maestro logo. One US dollar ang fee for every atm balance inquiry

    2. Maraming salamat po talaga maam sa info. God bless po maam e ta try ko po agad maam.salamat ulit

  71. Hello Noura

    I am a Saudi citizen and frequently travelers to Philippines. My question can I open a saving account in BDO bank?

  72. helo mam nora tamba..nag send po ako ngaun ng pera thru online sa bdo..pero wala man po ak natanggap na reference number..nd ko po alam kung successfull po un kase nabawasan naman po ang pera ko sa account ko..cebuana po ak nag send..ano po gagawin ko..pano ko po malalaman kung okey ma po un at pwede makuha kahit walang reference number..bigay ko lang name ko at account number.salamat po sana po matulungan niu po ako..

    1. Hi maricel: Dapat merong transaction reference number. Mobile phone ba ang gamit mo? Login ka uli then click "Fund Transfer", then "View Fund Transfer Status". Kung marami kang transactions, hanapin mo yong latest transaction mo, at makita mo yong transaction reference number mo — yan ang ibigay mo doon sa tatanggap ng pera sa Cebuana.

  73. thank mam nora tamba..nakuha na nila..first time ko palang kasag send thru cebuana..nag sesend ak account to account sa mobile lang..thanks po..

  74. Blessed day!

    Gusto ko po sanang mag open ng BDO Kabayan account.. may partner po ba dito sa gawing tabuk, KSA?

    Waiting for reply po.. God bless

  75. Maam ask ko lang.last yeat pa kase ako nag open mg acct dto sa pinas para dito nlng ako padalhan ng partner ko from saudi.kaso til now hindi pa nagpapadala partner ko gmit etong kabayan savings.magagamit paba nmin to ngyn? and ask kuna rin pag deactivate na pwede paba i re open etong acct ko na kabayan savings? salamat po sa response

  76. helo po mam nora tamba.ask ko po
    .pinadalhan ko po bdo account ko sa thawee al rajhi bank dito sa saudi..pero d ko pa xa makit sa check bàlàce ko sa online.ilang araw po ba bago mag attach sa account ko? salamat po

  77. Hi mam Nora. Regarding po ito sa BDO credit card. Pwede po ba sya bayaran dito sa alamoudi saudi na parang remitance diretso dun sa card number?

  78. San ba ang reference number pag online banking nag padala kasi ako una sa atm tpoz nakuha nya sa cebuana tpoz pangalawa sa almubasher online na d nya napo nakuha sa cebuana

    1. hi mam..ako po nag papadala thru online ung reference# po ay sa may bandang itaas at makikita niu naman po..o di kaya nag sesent yun ng email dun ko po din nakalagay din po dun.

  79. Good day po pwede po ba mgwithraw gamit ang ncb credit card dto s pilipinas??

  80. Hi Mam,

    Nag remit ako from Al Rajhi to my kabayan account ko nitong June.
    Di ko alam na nag close na pala yung kabayan account (na naging savings account na daw pala) nung May 30th.

    Yung perang ni-remit ko di ko na alam kung san napunta.
    Sabi sa BDO binabalik daw yung pera sa sender pag close na yung BDO account.

    Ano po bang proseso sa pag reclaim nung pera dito sa Saudi?

    Ano pong references ang kelangan i-present?

    Salamat po.

  81. Nang pumunta ako sa batha sabi my schedule daw at di daw daily ang employee nyo dun. if yan po ang proseso pwedi po bang makahingi ng schedule kasi malayo po ang panggagalingan namen at isang besis lang kami sa isang buwan nakakapunta sa batha. please reply po the soonest thank you.

  82. ask q lng po maam nora pued kpa ba mgamit at BDO Debit card dto dammam. pued ba aqo mag iqiuer or mag widraw.

  83. good day stop na po ba ang mag open ng bdo kabayan savings dito sa riYADH?

  84. Hi good morning po. Im here in riyadh at this moment. I just want to know if i can open or avail the kabayan savings account even if im already here in riyadh. Pls help me because i want to get as soon as i know what is the process. Please send me via email at or text me at 0503841590. Thank you and more power. I really hope you can help me.

  85. Tanong kulang pag ng reg po sa online banking tapos d kupa po naactivet hindi kuba mbubuksan ung online banking ko?

  86. Good pm maam. hindi ko ba pwde gamitin ung atm ng kabayan saving account dito sa ksa kung hindi ko napalitan ung password bago umalis ng pinas? kahit sa online buying or money transfer online?

  87. hi mam first time po ako magreremittance panu po ako maaapply ng remittance true bdo kabayan? ihave a bdo kabayan in the phil. gusto ko po itanong kung anu pong bank ang partner nyo near in dammam hofuf? at panu po ang procedure wala pa po akong iqama?

  88. hi po any bdo na pwede tawagan dito sa saudi?

  89. hi mam.ask ko lng po kung ang bdo kabayan atm ay pwede gamitin dito sa saudi?at kung magtransfer ako ng pera from is riyal po ba ang pasok ng pera sa akin o peso?gusto ko sana magamit dito sa saudi ang pera..


    2. Hello po.. Hindi po ako mag ask ng question kundi i just want to salute you Ms. Nora Tamba.. Kahit paulit-ulit ang tanong your very patient po na sumagot…
      Thanks po,, more power and God bless…

      1. Wow! Thank you very much, Mikay, for your encouragement! I wish I have more time to reply to all questions. God bless din sa iyo, Mikay!


  91. Hi Ericson: Yes, you can call BDO at 800-863-0011. Use a landline phone, if you can, so it will be toll-free. If you use your mobile phone, your phone network there in Saudi will likely charge you for your international call.
    You can use your atm card there in Saudi if you have changed your PIN at a BDO machine here in the Philippines and if it has a Mastercard or Visa logo

  92. Good day!
    May I ask lang po, ano po requirements para ma-unlock online account ko sa BDO? na lock kasi sya through multiple attempt, nakalimutan ko kasi password. may expiration kasi password ni bdo kailangan magppalit ng password. Yung mobile no. ko nman na nkaregister ay old no. ko pa. may representative po ba ng BDO sa Riyadh? Thanks!

  93. Hi ma'am! My online banking account got locked. I do not have telephone to use to call the toll free. Is there any way I can contact them? Through cp? Thank you so much ma'am!

  94. BDO online banking locked: Try calling +632-631-8000 or 800-863-0011 using your phone. Call late at night or early at dawn here in the Philippines so you can connect more quickly.

  95. Good day BDO

    I hope maging accredited narin ang SAMBA bank para d na dumaan sa third party bank napakalaki ng charge sana mapag aralan ata naksyonan kaagad. salamat from Dammam KSA

    1. Hi Ken ken: Na-try mo na ba ang Al Zamil Exchange? You try kasi usually mas mura ang mga exchange businesses kesa sa banks.

  96. I don't have a BDO account, can I still open a savings account while I'm here in Dammam, KSA and where can I go ? Hope someone can help me out.

    1. Ask Al Zamil Exchange if they are offering BDO Kabayan account opening. Pag nagpapa-open sila, makukuha mo ang passbook and atm card mo after a month. Yong atm card hindi mo muna magagamit diyan; kelangang i-activate mo muna dito sa Philippines when you take your vacation

    2. Thank you for your prompt response Mam Nora. Pwede na po ako magdeposit sa passbook kahit di pa po activated ung ATM?

    3. Yes, puede nang magdeposit sa account kahit hindi pa activated ang atm card.

    4. Thank's for your help Mam Nora. Highly appreciate it.

  97. Hello Maam Nora, nag send ako nang pera gamit yung bank apps nila dito sa alrajhi para maka iwas sa mahabang pila, now ang problema is i used the cash online in my beneficiary, successfull naman yung transcation at nag txt sa akin yung bank nang 9 digit number, nung pumunta na misis ko sa any pickup-outlet dami nang tanung pati yung exact amount e usd naman naka lagay dun..kailangan pa raw pa verify sa bdo?

    1. cash pickup: Pa-pickup mo na lang kaya sa BDO branch. Malayo ba ang BDO? Isulat lang yong remittance amount in USD then tatanungin ng teller kung in peso or in US dollar ang cash out. Kung malaking amount, veni-verify nila.

  98. Hello mam/sir paanu po ito hindi kO pa nahulugan ang bdo kabayan saving pasbook ko for almost2 years na. May Balance po sya 100pesos deactivate na po ba ito?

    1. Hi Garry: Sorry, closed na ang account mo, malamang noong pang 14th month na wala kang remittance. Mag-open ka na lang ng another account.

  99. Hello Maam, tanung ku lng po if pwd pa ba mag open account ng BDO dto sa Jeddah, KSA. Kasi my nka pagsabi na wla na raw sa mga Remittance Offices?

    1. Hi, very sorry for my late reply. I hope you got your answers already. Try mo lang na tanungin yong iba kasi baka yong ibang remittance partners lang ang ayaw nang mag-assist with BDO Kabayan account opening.

  100. Makakapag open po ba sa buraidah ng BDO account?

    1. Hi Herbert, sorry walang BDO remittance partner sa Buraidah. I'm not sure if Riyadh is near to your place. Riyadh partners are:

      Alinma Bank in Al-Anoud Tower on King Fahad Road, Al Rajhi Banking in Manila Plaza Bldg on Al Batha, and Al Zamil Exchange on Al Ras St., Arab National Bank and Bank Al Bilad. If these banks are in Buraidah, try asking if they are BDO remittance partners.

  101. Helo mam nagholog kc ako sa enjaz kahapon via bdo kabayan ilang days bago makuha ng pinadala ko sa pinas kc knina wala pa

  102. Good day!
    Gusto ko po itry magsend ng pera from my alinma acct online direct to bdo sa pinas.. How much po kaya ang charge/fee?

  103. Hello po. Good day.
    Gusto ko po sana mag-open ng BDO Savings account dito sa Riyadh, KSA. Anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin? Salamat sa tulong nyo. God bless

    1. Hi Mensen: Magpunta ka lang sa any of the partners na naka-list sa taas and ask if they are offering opening of BDO Kabayan account. Merong fee to pay. Bring your passport or iqama. Note na makukuha mo ang passbook at atm card after about a month, at hindi mo pa magagamit ang atm card sa KSA, pero puede nang padalhan ng remittance ang account mo. You need to change your ATM PIN sa Philippines bago mo ito magamit. Before changing your PIN, pumunta ka muna sa any branch at ipa-link mo ang atm card mo to your account then change your PIN

    2. Nag punta me s Al Rajhi bank.. Hindi sila nag papa open acct. Para s kabayan savings (BDO) Riyadh po ako.. Para nga di alam ng manager sinasabi ko…. Kalungkot naman…

  104. Hello po sa lahat.. kailangan bang magpunta pa ng bdo atm machine para lang maregister ang new phone number na inadd ko? pano kung nasa saudi arabia ako? wala bang atm dito na pwedi kung update para sa OTP?

  105. Hi po ilang days po ba bago pumasok sa BDO kabayan savings account ang pera? Galing po ng tabuk, saudi arabia at hanggang ngayon hindi pa din po pumapasok sa account ko..Thanks po

    1. Hi Joyce, dapat the same day, or up to 3 days. Puede ring 5 to 7 days, pero parang sobra nang matagal. Kapag wala pa after a week, bumalik ka sa kung saan ka nag-remit at tanungin mo. Icheck mo rin yong record nila kung tama ba yong account number at account name mo na inenter nila.

  106. Good day po, Tanong ko lang sana kung magagamit ko pa ba for saving money yung BDO kabayan savings acct. ko kc 2yrs na ndi nakapag deposit andito dn po aq Ksa.. automatic deactivated na po ba un acct. q? or pwede parin magamit pro in minimum initial deposit na po?

  107. hi po, Please update the list above po ma'am, i visited 2 that here in Jeddah pero di na daw cla tumatanggap ng application to open account sa BDO po. Hopefully may sasagot sa akin, paki po sa nakaka alam if saan po pweding mag open ng kabayan savings dito sa Jeddah po. Maraming salamat po!

  108. hi ma'am nora tamba i have question after i receive my atm card and passbook from let say in al rahji bank so can i send my atm card in the phil. to activate my atm card or can i send money even my atm not yet activated in the phil. or i need to activate in first in the phil. before i deposit my money thank you

  109. Hi. Do you have partner here in Hail,KSA?

    1. Hi Jonathan, walang BDO partner sa Hail, based sa BDO list. Pero subukan mong tingnan kung merong Al Rajhi Bank, Al Zamil Exchange, Bank Al Bilad o Arab National Bank diyan at tanungin mo kung remittance partner sila ng BDO.

  110. Dear Ms. Nora,

    i would like to ask if what are the requirement to open an account for BDO here in KSA.

    Highly appreciated your urgent reply.

    1. Hi Joven, I’m not sure kung nagpapa-open pa rin sila ng account abroad, so ask BDO partners there. Parang suspended muna ang opening abroad dahil mainit ngayon ang money laundering issues. Required for opening: your iqama at passport with work visa kung hawak mo, o job contract, at money for opening (around 45 riyals yata, not sure). Merong charge for opening kasi ipapadala nila ang paperwork to BDO Philippines at ipapadala rin ng BDO ang passbook and atm card. Around 1 month ang aantayin. Yong atm card ay hindi mo pa magagamit sa KSA, kelangang i-activate mo when you take your next vacation in the Philippines. Punta ka sa BDO branch and tell them you want to activate your atm card opened in KSA. Yong account mo ay active na, puede nang padalhan. Try enrolling in BDO online banking while abroad .

  111. Good day..ask ko lang po kung saan pwede ipa activate ng online banking ung atm ko nandto kc ako sa saudi arabia ngaun hndi ko kc naiactivate bago ako umalis ng pinas sa atm machine, pero binigyan na nila ako ng code number para sa activation at tanung ko na rin kung anong atm machine or bank ang pwede ko pagamitan ng atm card para sa balance inquiry…thank you

    1. Hi Adrian, sorry sa atm machine lang ng BDO sa Philippines puede gamitin ang code na ibinigay sa iyo. Yong sa atm card mo, kung na-change mo ang PIN mo dito sa Philippines, puede mong gamitin yan sa any atm na merong parehong logo na nasa atm card mo (Mastercard or Visa). One US dollar ang charge per balance inquiry.
      Merong enrollment process for BDO online banking if you are abroad. Puede mong subukan kapag meron nang around 2 months since you enrolled here in the Philippines. I think 45 days or 2 months ang expiration ng activation code. When enrolling, choose the option “Outside the Philippines”. Pag matapos mo ang application, click Submit, then wait for a phone call from BDO within 5 days. They will verify if you’re really the one who applied, so they’ll ask some of the data you entered in your application. Here’s how to enroll in BDO online banking.

  112. How to transfer money to national commerial bank using my bdo online?

    1. Hi Michael, if your BDO account is a US dollar account, you can use wire transfer to send money to National Commercial Bank online. Using your BDO online account, go to Send Money and select “Select Send Money Via Wire Transfer.”
      If yours is a peso account, sorry, there’s no BDO service to do an online transfer to a bank abroad.

  113. hi po..ask ko lang po..kung pwde bang ibang tao ang kumuha ng atm card? at paano ko kaya malalaman na ang hinulog n pera ay pumasok sa sa aking accnt…sna po my sumagot..tnx po

    1. Hi jerramie, kung ang atm card na ipapakuha mo sa representative mo ay yong EMV replacement ng old atm card mo, yes, puede. Merong instructions dito sa BDO website.

  114. Hello po Maam, gusto ko po sanang mag save for future. Saan po ba ako pweding pumunta na bank? Yung pwedi kong magamit kahit nasa Pinas na ako. Sabi kasi,pag mag oopen account daw dito pag uuwi na daw ng Pinas di na daw Pwedi i withdraw,how true is that? Thanks po!

    1. Nasa Jeddah po ako ngayon, many thanks!

  115. Maam, ask ko lang po kasi nagpadala yung gf ko from saudi to phil, this may 31(friday lang po siya nagpadal) of course bank to bank transfer tapos chineck ko kahapon sa balance ko wala pa po. Ilang days po ba bago papasok sa account ko para ma withdraw ko na thru atm.salamat po.😊

    1. Hi Karl, I hope nasa account mo na ang remittance. Kung wala pa, malamang hindi remittance partner ang bank sa Saudi kung saan nagpadala o nag-wire transfer, at gumamit pa ng intermediary, so wait for up to 2 to 5 days.

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