BDO Remittance Partner in Denmark — Send Money to Philippines

There is now a BDO remittance partner in Denmark. It’s TAVEXWISE.

Central Station Office
Bernstorffsgade 16-22, 1577 Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark
2 Ways to Send Money through Tavexwise: 
        Online transfer through your bank in Europe
         Send money at a Tavexwise office in Europe        
2 Ways for your Recipient to Receive your Remittance through Tavexwise:
     Withdrawal of your remittance from recipient’s BDO bank account
     Cash pickup at BDO, SM Business Center 
         and remittance partners in the Philippines
Tavexwise is based in Estonia and is regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. It has 29 offices in 8 European countries: 
Other International Money Transfer Companies that you can use to send money from Denmark to the Philippines:
MoneyGram — This is a partner of BDO. 
                          Can be for deposit to a BDO account  
                          Can be for cash pickup (Recipient informs BDO officer remitter is Moneygram)
Western Union — For deposit to a BDO account only, as of this time.
If you want to make bank wire transfers from Denmark to the Philippines, it is best if your recipient has an account with Metrobank or Philippine National Bank. 
These 2 banks have correspondents banks in Denmark.
Go here to see lists of the correspondent banks of Metrobank and PNB

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