Metrobank Credit Card Balance Transfer – How Fast?

Based on my two most recent Metrobank credit card balance transfers, it takes 10 to 16 days. This is from the time I accepted a Metrobank’s balance transfer offer over the phone to the time the amount was posted as payment in my BPI account.

Metrobank credit card balance transfer

My 25,000 balance transfer was posted in my BPI account on the 16th day while my 50,000 balance transfer was posted in my BPI account on the 10th day.

Are you planning to take advantage of Metrobank’s credit card balance transfer offer?

You can cut your monthly interest rate from 3.5% to only 0.68% for the amount that you are able to transfer from your non-Metrobank credit card to your Metrobank credit card.

If you have a Metrobank credit card and you have a big balance in your other bank’s credit card that you cannot yet pay in full, consider taking advantage of Metrobank’s balance transfer. Its add-on interest rate 0.68% is among the lowest among banks.

There were even two times over the past few years that I was able to enjoy Metrobank’s balance transfer offer of 0.48%.

Currently, their 0.68% interest-rate offer is for terms of 12, 18 and 24 months

For the shorter terms of 6 months and 9 months, the interest rate is 0.99%.

Check your monthly amortization on this Metrobank’s balance transfer calculator.

Are all Metrobank credit cards eligible for balance transfer?
Almost all Metrobank credit cards are eligible.
The cards not eligible are: ON Mastercard and Dollar Mastercard

Obviously, all Metrobank prepaid and debit cards are not eligible because these are not credit cards.

How will you apply for balance transfer?
Call the Metrobank 24-hour customer service hotline at 8-700-700
Or text MCC_BT_Your full name and last 4 digits of your credit card number to 2929-0622

You can also visit the Metrobank website.

Is there a minimum balance transfer amount?
Yes. The minimum amount is 6,000 pesos.

Can you pre-terminate the balance transfer?
Yes. The pre-termination fee is 500 pesos or 5% of the principal balance, whichever is higher.

Are there other requirements?
Your Metrobank credit card should have enough credit limit.
You should be a credit cardholder in good standing, meaning you are not delinquent.

Here are your monthly payments if you will make a balance transfer of 20,000 pesos:

Term Interest   Monthly
Rate Amortization
6 months 0.99% 3,531.51
9 months 0.99% 2,420.11
12 months     0.68% 1,802.63
18 months 0.68% 1,247.04
24 months 0.68%    969.36


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