Ranking of Philippine Rural Banks, Sep 2016

Finally, after a long time, the BSP has decided to publish the balance sheets of rural banks. I’m glad that when I checked my previous ranking of Philippine rural banks using data from various sources, I got most of the leading rural banks correct.

Here are the 37 Billionaire Rural Banks as of Sep 2016!

Ranking of Philippine RURAL BANKS

Based on TOTAL ASSETS, as of September 2016, as published by the BSP on its website bsp.gov.ph.

1 One Network Bank 27.04
2 East West Rural Bank 12.54
3 Card Bank 9.01
4 Guagua Rural Bank 4.08
5 First Isabela Coop Bank 3.62
6 GM Bank of Luzon 3.45
7 Agribusiness Rural Bank 3.45
8 Quezon Capital RB 3.14
9 AMA Rural Bank of Mandaluyong 2.91
10 Metro South Coop Bank 2.73
11 BOF Inc. A Rural Bank 2.47
12 Cantilan Bank 2.35
13 Katipunan Bank 2.30
14 Banco Dipolog 2.28
15 Rang-ay Bank 2.22
16 Country Builders Bank 2.03
17 Summit Bank 1.71
18 Insular Savers Bank 1.59
19 Rizal Bank 1.49
20 RB of Porac (Pampanga) 1.46
21 Bangko Mabuhay 1.46
22 Coop Bank of Cotabato 1.38
23 Mt Carmel Rural Bank 1.29
24 RB of Cauayan 1.28
25 Marayo Bank 1.24
26 People’s Bank of Caraga 1.24
27 Camalig Bank 1.17
28 Consolidated Cooperative Bank 1.15
29 RB of Pandi (Bulacan) 1.14
30 RB of Angeles 1.13
31 MVSM Bank 1.12
32 Bankways 1.10
33 Valiant Bank 1.07
34 RB of Barili (Cebu) 1.06
35 Aspac Rural Bank 1.02
36 Imus Rural Bank 1.01
37 PlanBank 1.01

Complete Names of Rural Banks with Longer Names:
One Network Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Card Bank Inc. (A MF RB)
First Isabela Coop Bank Inc. (FicoBank)
GM Bank of Luzon Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Banco Dipolog Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Rang-ay Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Country Builders Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Cantilan Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Summit Bank (RB of Tublay Inc.)
Bangko Mabuhay (A Rural Bank) Inc.
Katipunan Bank “A Rural Bank”
MVSM Bank (A Rural Bank Since 1953) Inc.
Insular Savers Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Rizal Bank A Microfinance-Oriented Rural Bank
PlanBank “RB of Canlubang Planters Inc”
Camalig Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Marayo Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Bankways Inc. (A Rural Bank)
Valiant Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)

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Ranking of Philippine Rural Banks, based on total assets as of September 2016.

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