Send Money from Lebanon to Philippines

Here are remittance companies through which you can send money from Lebanon to the Philippines:

BDO Remittance Partner:
Service Exchange Co.(SECO)
Hamra – behind Pecadelly, Baalbak St.
Beirut, Lebanon

BDO international remittance partners:
Xpress Money

Asia United Bank (AUB) Remittance Partner:
Wings International Money Transfer
Hamra, Lyon St. Lyon Bldg.
Beirut, Lebanon

AUB GintongHatid Remittance Express System
 — Door-to-Door Peso Cash Deliveries
 — Cash Pick-up at AUB Branches and authorized Pick-up Centers
 — Credit to AUB Deposit Accounts
 — Credit to other banks’ deposit accounts
 — Faster transfer to Bancnet-member banks
 — Remittance to AUB Redi Money Cash Cards
 — AUB has promotions for loyal remitters:
      Cash-Cash Panalo, Loyalty program and Remittance Regalo II
—  You can track your remittance through these AUB tracking systems:
        AUB Gintong Hatid Remittance and Redi Money
— You can ask Wings International if it’s offering assistance in opening an AUB account

Send Money from Lebanon Through WIRE TRANSFER

You can send to a PNB, BPI or Metrobank account in the Philippines
through wire transfer
at these banks in Lebanon.
Usually, wire transfers are used when sending big amounts of money,
or when there’s no other remittance option.

PNB Correspondent Banks in Lebanon (Philippine National Bank)

 — Bank Audi SAL, Beirut AUDB LB BX
 — Banque Libano Francaise, Beirut BLFS LB BX
 — Byblos Bank SAL, Beirut BYBA LB BX
 — Lebanese Swiss Bank, Beirut LEBS LB BX
 — Lebanon & Gulf Bank, Beirut LGBA LB BE

BPI Correspondent Banks in Lebanon (Bank of the Philippine Islands)

 — Byblos Bank Lebanon BYBALBBX
 — Citibank Beirut CITILBBE
 — Credit Libanais SAL CLIBLBBX
 — HSBC Bank Middle East BBMELBBX
 — Societe Generale de Banque Au Liban SGLILBBX
 — Standard Chartered Bank S.A.L. SCBLLBBE

Metrobank Correspondent Banks in Lebanon
Audi Saradar Private Bank SAL Beirut  BSARLBBX
National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon, Beirut) NBOKLBBE

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