Where to Change Omani Rial to Philippine Peso

Here are some money changers that change Omani Rial to Philippine Peso, based on their Facebook accounts or their websites.

Exchange rate at Naila’s Money Changer on August 20, 2018, based on their website:

1 Omani Rial = 127.20 pesos

Nagpapalit sila ng Omani Rial,  but they DO NOT change 100 Baisa.

Ans Money Changer
Ramon Magsaysay Commercial Center
Dr. J Quintos, Malate, Manila

Naila’s Money Changer
1741 A. Mabini Street, Block 699
Zone 76, Malate, Manila
Phone: (02) 525 2307

Azmee Money Changer
2600 Taft Ave corner Vito Cruz St.,
Brgy. 729, Malate, Manila
Phone: 586 7621

Lenivee’s Money Changer
399 Alabang-Zapote Road, Aguilar Compound, Talon 1,
Las PiƱas
Phone:  800 8404

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Why Is There Only a Few Money Changers Changing Omani Rial to Philippine Peso?
Malamang na hindi profitable sa kanila.
The volume of Omani rials circulating in the Philippines might not be big enough for it to be profitable for money changers to deal with Omani rials.

Maybe because there are not many OFWs sending Omani rials to the Philippines.  Maybe most of OFWs in Oman are converting their Omani rials in Oman before sending them to the Philippines. Maybe many of them bring home US dollars instead of Omani rials.

Based on BSP data on OFW remittances from January to April 2016, Oman was 4th among Middle East countries in total amount of OFW remittances tracked:

Saudi Arabia    $890.29 M
UAE                 $637.80 M
Qatar                $307.17 M
Kuwait             $300.61 M
Oman               $152.49 M


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  1. San po pwede mapalitan o bibili Ng 500000 Turkish lira sa pinas?

  2. Gusto ko po sana mapalitan Ang 500000 lira ko

  3. San po pwd magpapalit ng oman rial?

    1. Victoria aluyog

      Saan po pwdi magpalit ng oman rial?mecuayan bulacan poh ung location

      1. Hi Victoria, sorry hindi ko alam kung saan puede dian. Tanungin mo na lang yong mga malapit na money changers diyan. Kung dito, puede sa Nailas Money Changer sa Malate.

  4. san po pwedi magpapalit ng oman rial 100 bias

  5. San po pwede mag palit ng omani rial 100 bias?

    1. Hi Godwill, sorry ang alam ko, walang money changer na nagpapalit niyan, kasi barya lang ng Oman ang 100 baisa.

  6. Ariane Jane Zamora

    I just want to ask if where can i change my 100 Baisa to peso here in the philippines?

    1. Hi Ariane and Godwill, ang alam ko, walang nagpapalit ng 100 baisa na money changer sa Philippines. Barya lang kasi itong 100 baisa. Sampung piraso ng 100 baisa ang equivalent ng isang Omani riyal. Ang pinapalitan ng mga money changers sa Ermita o Malate ay yong Omani riyal.

  7. 400 baisa pesii po bang mapalitan nang peso ?

    1. Hi grace, based sa mga nababasa ko, Omani rial lang ang pinapalitan nila. Yong Oman baisa kasi is barya lang.

      1. meron po ako oman 100 baisa san po napapaitan

  8. Gusto ko po magpapalit ng Oman riyal to piso.meron po amo 81oman riyal

    1. Hi Neliza, tanungin mo lang sa nearest money changer. Puede sa Naila’s Money Changer and other money changers sa Malate at Ermita

  9. Mam ode q po ba malalitan Ang 600 omani baisa q

    1. Hi Ma Kristina, sorry, ang alam ko Omani rial lang ang napapalitan dito. Barya lang kasi ang baisa.

  10. I have 200 Baisa here, and im looking where to change it.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ejay, sorry hindi po sila nagpapalit ng baisa. Omani rial, puede.

  11. Hai tanong qu Lang po Kung anung money changer and ng papalit ng riyal Oman na pera.??

    1. Hi Bell, sa Naila’s Money Changer or sa mga money changers sa Ermita or Malate in Manila. Kung malayo ka from Manila, tanungin mo yang mga money changers near your residence.

  12. Ako den mom meron ako Oman riyal 300 saan pwede papalitan na sure papalitan

    1. Hi Kevin, sa Naila’s Money Changer sa Ermita, at yong ibang money changers sa Ermita or Malate. Tanungin nio rin sa money changers near your place.

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