IRemit Remittance Partners in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

You can send money to the Philippines from Abu Dhabi, UAE,
pay your Philhealth premiums,
pay your SSS contributions and loans,
and pay your Pag-ibig and MP2 monthly savings payments
through the following IRemit remittance partners in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

All these IRemit remittance partners are in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau
PO Box 43548, Omeir Bin Yousuf Building
Mezzanine Floor Hamdan Street
Phone: (9712) 622 9666

Al Ansari Exchange
PO Box 325, Liwa Street, Amin Tower
Phone: (9712) 377 2877

Al Bader Exchange
PO Box 33391, opposite of Madinat, Zayed Shopping Center
Phone: (9642) 634 4100

Al Falah Exchange Co.
PO Box 3692, Sheik Zayed the 2nd Street (Electra)
Phone: (9712) 631 9888

Arab Link Money Transfer
PO Box 108343, Sheikh Omar Bin Zayed Building
9th Street, Tourist Club Area
Phone: (9712) 650 9900

Delma Exchange
PO Box 129869, Off Corniche Road
opposite of White Cannon
Phone: (9712) 622 5544

Habib Exchange Co. LLC
PO Box 2370, opposite Liwa Centre, Sheikh Hamdan St.
Phone: (9712) 627 2656

Lari Exchange 
PO Box 988, Saif Bin Darwish Building
Liwa Street
Phone: (9712) 622 3225

Lulu International Exchange
PO Box 5379, Level 9 Madinat Zayed Office Tower
Phone: (9712) 654 7000
Toll Free: (9712) 800 5858

Smart Exchange
PO Box 2911, Shop No.10 Saeed Mansoori Building
Madinat Zayed Shopping Center
Phone: (9712) 632 2724

Xpress Money Services Ltd.
PO Box 170, Vision Downtown
Mezzanine Floor Old Souk Hamdan Street
Phone: (9712) 510 2222

If you have questions, email these IRemit marketing officers:

Mr. Louie F. Banting (based in Dubai)
Phone: (971) 509485647

Mr. Amiel Calma

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