BDO Remittance Partners in Uganda

There are two BDO remittance partners in Uganda, and they are both UAE Exchange companies. You can send money to the Philippines from Uganda through these remittance partners.

Kampala branch:

UAE Exchange Uganda Limited
Amber House Plot No.29/33
Amber House Kampala Road

Lugogo Mall Branch:

UAE Exchange Uganda Limited
Ground Floor, Lugogo Mall,
Amber House Kampala
Plot No. 29/33

Total remittances from Uganda from January to July 2012 amounted to $133,000, a measly sum compared to the millions of dollars coming from other countries. Nearly 2/3 of the total were sent by sea-based OFWs.

According to data published online by the Commission on Overseas Filipinos, there are 300 Filipinos temporarily working in Uganda as of December 2010.

If Kampala is very far from where you’re working, look for Moneygram or Western Union.
For remittance to bank accounts in the Philippines, you can use any of the two — Moneygram or Western Union. For cash pickup at BDO branches, use Moneygram because it’s Moneygram which partnered with BDO for remittances.

BDO Remittance Partners in Uganda

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