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  1. Papanu po mg open account ng atm card by landbank tapos po ipapadala sa pilipinas para sa misis para ndi na cia mahirapan kumuha ng pera sa cebuana atm to atm po

  2. Carlos maricek Feb 17, 2016
    How can I open an atm card account by landbank then send to my wife in the Philippines so she'll no longer be inconvenienced by getting money from cebuana. atm to atm po
    Hi Carlos, you can ask your wife to apply for a Landbank atm savings account at the Landbank branch nearest your residence in the Phils. You can then send money directly to your wife's atm account through Landbank remittance partners in the city where you're working.
    Landbank's atm account requires a maintaining balance of only 500 pesos — this means always have 500 pesos in the account. To open an account, your wife needs to present 2 1×1 ID picture and at least 1 ID (postal ID, Philhealth ID or original copy of marriage contract).
    If you live in one of the cities listed above, where Landbank representatives are, yes, you can apply for your own OFW atm account and send to your wife, but you will need to send the atm card through a courier that accepts atm cards for delivery. Note though that there's always a risk in sending an atm card through a courier.

  3. i have opened this Overseas Filipino ATM Account and was trying to enrol it online however its not going through with a pop up message "Hot card, Retain Card", how do I proceed?

    1. About Landbank online banking enrollment:
      Sorry I'm not sure about Landbank's policy, but I guess you're not allowed yet to enroll your account as you have not yet validated your atm card at a Landbank atm machine

    2. You can also email or call the Landbank representative with whom you opened your account.

  4. Ung sa atm card po na bagong bayani savings account.. San po b banda ung account number ko nklagay? Ung 10 digits number po o ung 15 digits na nsa baba?? Kc ung unang hulog ko ng pera ung kinuhang account number ung sa baba . tpos ung 2nd na hulog q ung sa taas nmn ung kinuhang account number.. Pro sa pangalan q lhat.. Ppasok b un sa savings ko??

    1. Where on my atm card can I see my Landbank account number?: Ang iyong account number ay yong 10 digits sa baba ng name mo. Yang account number ang isusulat mo sa deposit slip whenever you deposit money.
      Yong nasa taas na 16 digits, yan ang iyong card number. Ginagamit lang yan na pang-track sa atm card mo. Sa ibang banks, ginagamit yong 16-digits kapag machine deposit at para sa mga cash cards na walang account number.
      Do you mean it was the Landbank teller who wrote your 16-digit card number? Dapat pumasok kasi yong teller na mismo ang kumuha nong number. Maybe she just wrote your card number for another purpose, parang note lang. Pero kapag savings account, dapat account number ang ginagamit for deposits and withdrawals.

      1. Paano po mag open account sa landbank maam..dito po.aq.sa riyadh saudi arabia..anu po mga kailangan pra maka open po

        1. Hi April, you can contact Jose Castor in the list above. He is Landbank’s representative in KSA.

  5. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin pra po ung account ko ay mlalagyan nng savings kc my account n po ako s landbank philcoa gusto ko po mg savings habang andto po ako s dubai.

    1. Hi Ferlyn, send money to your Landbank account. Go to a Landbank remittance partner there in Dubai. Bring your IDs and your Landbank account no. Here's a list of Landbank remittance partners in Dubai. Just look for the branch nearest you.
      Kelan mo inopen yong Landbank account mo? OFW passbook account ba ito? Merong maintaining balance na 5,000 pesos. Bagong Bayani atm account ba? This has no maintaining balance requirement.

  6. Hi good day,
    May i know if this bagong bayani savings account can be registered online? So i can view my existing account and balances?
    Thank you!

  7. Hi good day,
    May i know if this bagong bayani savings account can be registered online? So i can view my existing account and balances?
    Thank you!

  8. Paano kung below 100 pesos ang natira sa atm na pinapadalhan ng mister ko na nasa barko ngayon, papasok pa rn ba ang remittance nya kahit below 100 na lang ang laman ng atm nya na may initial deposit before na 100 pesos?

  9. Paano kung below 100 pesos ang natira sa atm na pinapadalhan ng mister ko na nasa barko ngayon, papasok pa rn ba ang remittance nya kahit below 100 na lang ang laman ng atm nya na may initial deposit before na 100 pesos?

  10. Good morning po,may overseas atm po ako kaso Lang mag 2 years ko na po di nahulugan,deactivate na po yon?thank you

    1. ATM account with no remittance: Yon bang OFW atm-only account yan? Walang maintaining balance requirement yan, pero nado-dormant if without transaction within 24 months. If you need to save in that account, and you're sure wala pang 24 months na lumipas since you opened it, ask your family to deposit 100 pesos sa account mo na yan. Kapag tinanggap ng teller yong deposit, at merong receipt, ibig sabihin, active pa yong account mo at puede mong padalhan.

  11. Hello good evening,

    Im currently working here in dammam saudi and i really want to open a philippine bank account(savings). Can you help me sir? I already contacted the contact person/representative which mentioned above but i got no response from them. Please need feedback�� thank you!

    1. Hi Beth: Siguro yong Landbank representative, hindi na sumagot kasi nasa Dammam ka. Kelangan kasi makita ka in person para maka-open ka ng account. Pero sana naman sinagot ka.
      Anyway, try this BDO remittance partner: Al Rajhi Banking,
      Dhahran St., Dammam (near Saudi British Bank) and open a BDO Kabayan account. If they're accepting application, they'll forward your application to BDO in the Phils. You'll receive your passbook and atm card in about a month. You will then be able to remit to your account, but you can't use yet your atm card. You have to activate your ATM card in the Phils.

  12. Hello please Help . I want to deposit into my bagong Bayani atm saving account my problem is I haven't opened yet in Atm Machine at Philippines when I was there 2 months ago. Is it still safe for me to send my remittance even not checking my ATM at ATM machine ? Because it says there when we had our pdos open" you can just open it to ATM machine after 2weeks".

  13. Hello po.ano po mga requirements sa pag open ng account.at san po yong address nyo dito sa Kuwait?

    1. Open a bank account in Kuwait: Here's a list of BDO partners in Kuwait. Ask them if they're offering assistance in opening a BDO Kabayan account. If yes, they will forward your application to BDO Philippines and you'll get your passbook and atm card maybe after a month.

    2. Paano po mag open ng account dito sa singapore?

  14. How can I check my balance in bagong bayani savings account ?

  15. Hi i have an bagong bayani atm saving account last nagamit q sya nung may nung ngwithdraw aq ng pera..pede pb mgsave money kahit n ang balance eh below 100..?pede ko pb sya magamit for saving money

  16. Hi meron po akong bagong bayani saving account pero mula nong pag open ko hindi ko pa na change pin ito at nahulugan by next month mag 1year na cya. Pwede ko po ba hulugan ito ngayon para hindi ito ma close?

  17. Hi Mira: Sure mo ba na wala pang 12 months ang lumipas since you opened it? If you're sure, yes, you can send money to it. Kung hindi ka sure, ask your family in the Philippines to deposit 100 pesos to it over the counter at any Landbank branch. Kung tanggapin ang deposit, it means your account is still active, and you can send money to it. Use a Landbank remittance partner to send money. Where are you so I can post a link to Landbank partners

  18. hi good day po,nandto po ako s malaysia at gusto kpo magopen ng acconut,may paraan po b para maicheck ko ang aking balance habang hinuhulugan ko xa habang andto po ako?slmat po

  19. Hi, good afternoon. I have opened an account already (Landbank Overseas ATM card – Bagong Bayani). And I have deposited also some amount in it and i personally saw from one money exchange here in Dubai that my account has been active. My concern is that, how can i register to your online access, what's the website and what to click. I have tried to open landbank webs but i don't understand where to sign up. I just want to register so that I can access my account from time to time and for me to be updated regarding my account. Please help. Thank you very much.

  20. Hi,i have opened an acct. Already LAND BANK OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT ATM CARD-bagong bayani, how can i confirm that my account is active thank you,

  21. Hi. I would like to know what documents are needed to open a Landbank overseas ATM account

  22. Ask ko lng po.san banda ang account number ng bagong bayani savings bank yung sa tas or sa baba?

  23. Hi po,

    Ask ko lang po if pag nag open account ako dto ng landbank, pwede yun magamit at mapg transferan ng money from Pinas? At pag nasa Pinas n po ako..magagamit ko din ba un sa landbank naten dun?

    Salamat po..

    1. I suggest you use another bank. It's so difficult to activate Landbank account unlike BDO, Metrobank or BPI. They would require a beneficiary to also open a Landbank account before you can transfer money to them or activate the online payment. Hassle, mas convenient gamiting ung BDO OFW account.

    2. Pano po malanan kng magkano na ang laman ng atm.nasa sabah po ako…

    3. Pano po malanan kng magkano na ang laman ng atm.nasa sabah po ako…

  24. Pano po malanan kng magkano na ang laman ng atm.nasa sabah po ako…

  25. Hi.. I'm Romelyn Basid. I work as a domestic worker here in Amman Jordan.. ask ko lng po Sana f possible ba n gumawa Ng sarili Kong bank account here in Jordan? Kasi po nung nasa pinas po ako d po ako nkapagpagawa because of financial problem.. But now I am willing and interested to make my own bank account for my savings..
    Peo d ko po alm Kung paano? Hoping n sana matulungan nyo ako.. salamat.

    1. Hello Romelyn: I don't know kung babalikan mo pa itong tanong mo, kasi ang tagal na. Sori I missed this question. Punta ka sa BDO remittance partners sa list na ito, then tanungin mo kung nagpapa-open sila ng BDO Kabayan account. Kung nagpapa-open, mag-apply then makuha mo after a month. Yong atm card hindi mo pa magamit diyan, i-activate mo later on sa Philippines, pero puede mo nang padalhan ng remittance at puede ka nang mag-save. Yong account number nasa loob ng passbook.

  26. Hi poh,
    Ask ko Lang poh Sana if ever may bagong bayani savings account ka then Hindi movie cya mahulogan within a year magclose po ba Yun?

  27. Hi ErWen: Automatically, mag-close siya after 14 months. After 12 months, ma-convert into a regular passbook account na meron nang 10k maintaining balance requirement. After 2 months na below maintaining, merong 300-peso penalty, so magiging negative 300 ang balance. Once negative, automatically closed na ang account.

  28. Hi po paki update naman po ng # ng inyong representative hinde po sumasagot gusto ko po mg open account sa land bank.

  29. Dito po ako s qatar. .salamat

    1. Hi Alexis: Sorry wala nang partner office ang Landbank sa Qatar. Try mo na lang ang BDO partner. Check this list of BDO remittance partners in Qatar at magtanong ka kung nag-o-offer sila ng BDO Kabayan account opening. Kung nagpapa-open sila, after a month mo makuha ang passbook at atm card mo. Hindi mo pa magagamit yong atm card diyan pero makaka-send ka na to your account. Your atm card will need to be activated at a BDO atm when you take your vacation.

    2. Ganun po vah. .landbank po kc ang hinihinge sa akin para makoha ko ang pension ng tatay q goverment. .wala nah po bang ibang paraan maam?

    3. Try going to Al Fardan Exchange or City International Exchange — these are Landbank remittance partners — and ask them if they are offering Landbank account opening.

  30. Paano po mag open ng time deposit account kung nasa dubai ?

    1. Hi there in Dubai, sorry, pag time deposit, dapat you do it in person at the bank's branch here in the Phils

    2. By the way, if you want to invest or save while abroad, you can enroll in Pag-ibig MP2. You can get back your money plus dividends after 5 years. Enroll online: Pag-ibig MP2 enrollment. If you're not yet a Pag-ibig 1 member, you can enroll here. You can remit money to your MP2 from abroad. Puedeng one-time big payment.

  31. Hi poh
    May atm landbank kabayan saving po ako,kinuha ko po ito sa pdos tapos updated na din po.ang concern ko po gusto ko hulugan through mubasher,na add beneficiary ko na po sa alrajii.kaso ayaw mag accept error ang labas.ano po dapat gawin

    1. hi there, did you mean na-add mo na ang beneficiary mo sa Al-Rajhi bank? Nakapag-send ka ba sa beneficiary na ito sa Al-Rajhi branch? Kasi ang unang requirement nila is mag-send ka muna sa beneficiary na ito sa Al-Rajhi branch, at sabihin mo na rin na ireregister mo itong beneficiary na ito sa online banking mo, then pag ma-process na nila ito, maa-activate mo na sa online banking mo.

  32. Good Morning Just To Clear sa pag open account sa land bank bakit may hinahanap pa na request from OWWA akala ko ba automatic kang tulungan para maka open ng acount it happe sa Sadigan bayan branch ng Land Bank just to make me clear???? saan ba talaga..

  33. Hello po
    Un account ko po more than 1 year ko n hindi nhulugan at inactive mula ng mgpunnta ko saudi dala ko po ngaun po ngpdala po ang landbank ng notice sa bahay nmin sa pinas n inactive nga po at binigyan ako ng 1 month notice at pinpapunta ko dun kaso d2 up Saudi ngaun pwede ko b paasikaso sa nanay ko un khit d2 ko

    Salamat po

  34. Good Day po… wala po bang naka assign sa Khobar area para magpaopen ng account? or need po naming magpunta mismo sa Riyadh sa address na nakamentioned sa taas… salamat po…

  35. Saan po pwede mg open ng landbank acct dito sa hongkong?

  36. Paanu po kaya ang gagawin kc my cheke n dumating s tita ko kaso nsa abroad cia? Paanu n mpapalitan ng cash un?

  37. Good day po .may bagong bayani atm po ako tapus paano po gagawa ng iaccess nito . . Diko po ma monitor ang nahulog ko

  38. Hi po can I ask po f pd mag open ng ofw account ung mama…for remittance po..gusto cu po sna savings and atm

  39. hi po..kka open ko lang po ng bagong bayani account atm lang po siya dito sa abu dhabi..pag umuwi po ba ko pinas pede ko siya itransfer through passbook.?salamat po.

  40. Nicanor B. Ramirez

    Hello po! mayroon akong ATM Bagong Bayani then d ko na nahulugan kasi ning kilangan iupadate yong ATM card dahil may bagong card with chip for safety features.natakot ako kasi nong pumunta ako sa Landbank Sa Davao, ask about kong mapapalitan ba ang ATM ko kasi OFW ako ang sabi sa Maynila daw ang branch office ko. unlike sa metrobank poydi kahit anong branch ka pupunta papalitan nila ATM card. Ngayon gusto kong maactivate para magamit ko ulit. Sana matulungan ako. thanks

    1. Hi Nicanor, subukan mo yong ibang branch ng Landbank diyan sa Davao. Minsan, hindi naman pare-pareho ang mga bank officers. Subukan mong kausapin yong manager. Pag ayaw nila, tanungin mo kung saan branch sa Metro Mla kasi maraming branches dito. Or tanungin mo kung active pa ang account mo, para kung hindi, ay mag-open ka na ng new account. Then enroll it in online banking para ma-access mo online.

  41. Hello po!
    Nakapag open n po ako dto s brunei ng bagong bayani savings account kaso po gusto ko lng itanong kong pwede po bang iregistered to s landbank mobile banking para po mamonitor ko yong balance maisure kong lahat ba ng deposit account ko ayy pumapasok…pwede po ba un mam/sir sa bagong bayani savings account???

    1. Hi Dexter, dapat maka-enroll ka muna sa IAccess online banking ng Landbank bago mo magamit yong Landbank mobile app. Kelangan rin na meron ka nang ATM PIN, kasi ATM PIN ang second item na tinatanong sa online enrollment. To enroll, punta ka sa https://www.lbpiaccess.com/. Kung hindi mo matapos ang enrollment mo, email Landbank and ask: customercare@mail.landbank.com

  42. Hello po,nag open po ako ng atm land bank bagong bayani dito sa brunei nung 2017 po,taz now nagtry ako mag enroll online para mkita ko kung pumapasok yung mga hinuhulog ko ,pero kpag nilagay ko na yung atm account number na 10digit invalid daw po tama nman po yung nilagay ko paulit ulit na po,invalid pa rin…

    1. Hi Junio, hindi pa siguro activated ang atm card mo, kaya hindi mo ma-enroll online. You can email LandBank customercare@mail.landbank.com and ask about your remittances. You can also call the Landbank remittance partner in Brunei at (673) 8671871

  43. Hello po ask ko lng po bkit invalid yung atm account number ko kpag kz po nag enroll po ako para mamonitor ko yung balance ko pero sabi po invalid daw yung account 10 digit ,2017 po ako nag open….

  44. Hello po ask LNG po safe po ba na gamitin ung bagong bayani saving account na sa OWWA o PDOS lang kinuha. .kilangan kc ng mama ko ung bank account number. .

    1. Hi Epril, para sure na okay ang atm card mo, go to Landbank and make a balance inquiry. Kapag merong merong 100 pesos or more na balance, it means it is active, at puedeng padalhan ng mama mo ng pera yan. Mababasa mo sa screen ang response kung hindi active.

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