22 Tips for New Checking Account Owners

Here are 22 of the most helpful tips for first-time owners of checking accounts:

1.  Avoid issuing your check to CASH. Anyone can encash it.
      If lost or misplaced, any person who finds your check can encash it.

2.  When writing your payee’s name and check amount, always start writing:
     immediately after PAY TO THE ORDER OF
     immediately after the peso sign
     and immediately after PESOS
     Why? So that no one will be able to insert additional numbers or words to increase your check amount.

      Another option is to put  ** immediately before and after the amount in digits and amount in words, and to write ONLY after the amount in words.

3.  Be careful about writing dates.

          There’s no April 31, for example. It’s past New Year’s Day, remember to write the new year.    

          Errors like these are usually caught by the bank teller, but if not, the check can go through clearing until the error is caught by the payor bank. Your payee can charge you for time wasted, or business opportunity lost due to a date error.
          Some banks also impose a service fee for a check processed with check errors.

4.  Fund every check you have issued before the check date.

     If unexpected money problems arise, call your payee and try to ask to delay cheque encashment for a few days. However, this is not always successful, so have backups.

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5.  Be careful about issuing post-dated checks (PDCs). Ask yourself if you will be able to fund every check before due date.
     Many companies warehouse their checks (they give all the checks to their banks for deposit on check dates), so expect all your cheques to be deposited on check dates.
If your cheque date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the bank will deposit your cheque on the business day immediately before check date.

6.  Be aware of penalties that you will pay if you cannot fund your check on time.  Penalty amounts vary among banks, but these are the common amounts:

       Penalty for a Returned or Bounced Check: 2,000 pesos
       Additional Penalty for a Returned Check:  200 pesos for each day that passes until you fund your check
       Application for Stop Payment Order:  200 pesos
       Stop Payment Order Penalty, whether funded or unfunded: 2,000 pesos
       200-Peso-Per-Day Penalty Increases if Check Amount is More than 40,000 Pesos (200 pesos for every 40,000 or a fraction of 40,000)

7.  Know that there are laws against bouncing checks.

You can be imprisoned and/or fined for issuing a returned or bounced check, if your payee sues you under the Anti-Bouncing Checks Law (BP 22 or Batas Pambansa Bilang 22) and you are found guilty.
       Another law that can be used against you is the law on Estafa or Swindling (Presidential Decree No. 818, an amendment to Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code, increasing the penalties for Estafa committed by means of bouncing checks).

8.  Know the meanings of these acronyms: DAIF and DAUD
       DAIF = Drawn Against Insufficient Funds
       DAUD = Drawn Against Uncleared Deposits
       DAIF means your account balance is not enough to pay your check payee.
       DAUD means your account balance is enough, but part or all of the amount is not yet available due to not-yet-cleared check or checks.

       Both DAIF and DAUD checks are considered Returned or Bounced Checks. You will pay the penalties.

       In case you are sued for bouncing check, DAUD puts you in a better position to defend yourself.

9.  If a check you issued is due on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, fund it the preceding Friday, or the day before the holiday.
This is important specially if you issued your check to a company. Many companies have their checks warehoused in their banks, and these banks usually deposit these cheques on the day immediately before the due date that falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

10.  Maintain your checking account.

      You have a Monthly Average Daily Balance (MADB) requirement, usually 5,000 or 10,000 pesos.
      If your account falls below the required MADB for 2 consecutive months, you will be charged 300 to 500 pesos every month from month to month until you restore your account to MADB level, or until your account balance becomes zero or negative, and your account is automatically closed.

11.  If you use a check to pay your credit card bill, pay at least 3 days before your credit card due date. This is to give time for clearing. Do this for all creditors that impose fees on late payments.

12.  Always fill up the balance form of your checkbook so you can monitor the money flowing in and out of your account.

13.  Avoid bringing your checkbook when going out. Keep it in a secure place in your house.
     Plan your check issuance so there will be no need to bring your checkbook when you go out.

14.  Avoid letting other people know that you have a checking account.
       Someone might borrow a check from you and make promises to fund it, but later on, on due date, will not be able to fund your check, and it will be you who will suffer the consequences.

15.  Use a pen, preferably black or blue, that does not smudge or blot.

16.  Never sign a blank check.
       Write first the Payee, Date and Amount before signing.

17.  Be sure about your payee’s name.
        If your payee is a company or institution, ask for the correct name of the company or institution.
18.  What is a Crossed Check?

        A Crossed Check has 2 diagonal lines on its top left portion.
        Some printed checks also have the words FOR PAYEE’S ACCOUNT ONLY.
        A Crossed Check cannot be encashed over the counter. It can only be deposited to the payee’s account.
19.  Make sure your check has no erasure, no alteration, no countersign or no missing information.
       Banks and the Philippine Clearing House Corp. (PCHC) will no longer accept checks with errors.

20.  Your date should be complete. Write the day, month and year.
        Acceptable format examples are:
          December 18, 2015
          Dec 18, 2015
          18 Dec 2015

21.  Your signature on your check should match your signature in your bank file.

22.  Starting March 2016, the PCHC will no longer return to you the physical copy of the check that you have issued. The PCHC will launch its Check Image Clearing System.

Update as of March 15, 2018: Many banks are already using the Check Image Clearing System, but checks are still being cleared after 3 days.


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  1. Thanks for that, it's well done. One thing is missing though. What if one wants to write a note on the check as to the purpose of the check, is there a proper format for that and location on the check?

  2. My due is always 1st of the month. This july 1st is fall on saturday. And I forgot to deposit right before july 1,I will able to deposit on july 3 which is monday. is there a penalty?

    1. there is a penalty. that happened to me.

    2. late deposit of due amount: Tama yong sabi ni eco na meron nang penalty. Kung merong cash deposit machine ang bank or open ang bank branch sa Saturday at nakapag-deposit ka first banking hour of Saturday, puede mong i-protest yong penalty, pero kung Monday ka na nagdeposit, late na yon at meron nang penalty.
      Bihirang companies lang, usually government institutions, ang hindi pa nagcha-charge ng penalty if not paid on due dates that fall on Saturdays.

    3. Ask ko lng po yung about penalty, every 1st of the month po ako nag dedeposit para sa unit rental ko , pero this time male late ako ng 7 days or 1 week , ano pong magiging penalty ko at ano po ang magiging problema ko? Pls help kasi this is the first time na malelate ako mag deposit after almost 3 years already , thnx po , sana may mag reply

      1. Same concern with you todd benz. Sana po may magreply. Salamat po.

        1. Hi Joax, last year pa yong concern ni todd na sadly hindi ko nasagot. Nag-issue ka ba ng post-dated checks to your landlord? At ang mga dates ng check ay every 1st day of the month? If yes, dapat the day before first day of the month ay nakadeposit ka na sa account mo ng amount na nasa check (yong monthly rental amount mo). Kung halimbawa lang hindi ka umabot sa banking hours, dapat magdeposit ka sa account mo on the first banking minutes of the first day. Ngayon, mabilis na ang clearing kasi electronic image clearing na, so dapat talaga meron nang pondo ang account on the first banking minutes of the check date. Kung company ang landlord, dapat meron nang pondo ang tseke the day before, kasi kung nakawarehouse ang tseke in the same bank as your bank, mabilis ang pagdeposit sa tseke mo. Kahit weekends at holidays ang check date, dapat nakadeposit ka pa rin the day before.
          Kahit late na sa first day, ideposit mo pa rin, para half lang yong penalty, meaning 1k lang or 1,200 lang or 1,500, depende sa bank. Pag inireport na ng bank mo na walang pondo, for 2 banks na ang penalty, meaning kung 1k per bank, 2k na ang penalty mo. Kung 1,200 per bank, 2,400 na ang penalty mo.

  3. If hindi ko po gamitin yung PDC ko or hindi ako makapagdeposit ng matagal na panahon like months, babawasan po ba ng Bank yung remaining balance ko.?

  4. nagissue ako ng postdated check July 15. Short ako ng 500 pesos. Pede ba ako magdeposit ng 500 pagkabukas na pagkabukas ng banko para hindi magbounced un checke??

  5. No.19 i issue a check with erasure. Can the payee can fill charges against me.

  6. Nag issue ako ng cheque knowing sufficient yung funds ko so na clear nung inisyuhan ko na company no return or bounced cheque. Pero na g penalty sa akin ng 27,000 ang banko. Tama po ba yung ginawa nila

    1. Hi Mdm Chen: Tawagan mo yong bank mo at tanungin mo bakit meron kang charge na 27k. Ang laki namang charge yan. Tanungin mo kung paano nila na-total at naging 27k ang charge mo. Kung sufficient ang funds mo, dapat wala kang charge. Pero kahit sufficient, pero late nabuo ang funds mo, meaning naging sufficient lang siya in the afternoon or evening of check date (at na-present ang cheque in the morning or early afternoon), kahit nag-clear ang cheque, meron pa ring penalty.

  7. Hi can I ask may cheke ako na issue pra s renta sna ng haus kng saan sna kme magmove in kaso umatras km ulet ppwd k b ipacancel yn pdc check k s bnk s Nov 5,17 p nmn ang date ppwd b erequest s bnk k icancel yn cheke n inissue k s Tao bka kc ipasok nya yn s Nov 5. Pls help me

  8. Hi. Allowed po ba na maglagay ng two payees name? Using the word β€œor” or β€œand”? Thanks.

  9. ok lang kaya na computer printed ung pag fill out ng check?

  10. pano kapag nakapagissue ako ng cheque pero naputol na ung visit sa clinic because of personal conflict. pwede ko pa bang maicancel ung cheque? baka kasi gamitin. please help.

    1. Cancel check: Dapat bawiin mo yong check kasi puede nilang ideposit yon. Puede ring mag-issue ng Stop Payment sa branch mo, pero magkakaroon ka ng charge na 1k to 2k. The best is you get back your check.

    2. Hello po. Ask q lang hindi ba maepektuhan ang cheque accounts ko kahit wala ng minimum ang savings po?

  11. Meron pa palang Stop Payment fee na 200 pesos. Baka higher fees pa ang other banks

    1. dapat po anim na cheke ang isosoli nila. may isa pa pong natira sa kanila. bale lima nalang ang nasa akin. di nila binigay ung isa ang claim nila may 40k rule sila na dapat mayroon sila mula sa dental treatment ko. ni hindi naman nila sinabi sakin prior treatment. sinabi lang nila nung nagsesettle na nung may pinapapirmahan na na release,waiver,quitclaim nung bawian na ng medical records ko. parang nagipit po ako e. hindi enough ung service rendered nila.

    2. Check for Dental treatment: Idedeposit nila yong naiwang check kung kasama yon sa payment mo na nakalagay sa release/quit claim mo. Meron bang treatment na nangyari? At yong check na yon ang sinabi nila na pambayad mo? Kung ganon, maaaring idedeposit nila yon. 40k ba yong amount ng naiwang check? Yon ba yong worth ng treatment na nagawa sa yo? Kung 40k, puedeng Stop Payment mo na lang, kahit merong Stop Payment order charge. Pero basahin mo muna kung ano ang nasa quit claim mo, para tingnan mo kung ano ang magiging liability mo kung hindi mo bayaran yong 40k.

    3. actually 5 k lang po ung check na di nila binalik. di na kasi nila nirefund ung nabayaran ko na na 35 k. e sa totoo lang wala pa naman po sa 35k ung rendered service nila pero di nila binalik ung dapat sa akin 2 months lang po ako dun sa kanjla. sa halip nagpapirma sila quitclaim para makuha ko na ung medical records ko kahit bayad ko na un una palang.
      at wala na akong babawiin sa kanilang refund.

    4. Good to know na 5k. I hope hindi na nila ideposit. Ikaw na lang magdecide kung Stop Payment Order mo, or hope na lang they won't deposit, or fund your account to at least 5k and just consider na lang na learning experience. 5 years ago din, nagkamali kami ng daughter ko in choosing the dentist that did her brace. We spent a lot, but we still had to go to another dentist, and my daughter had to wear braces for another 2 years. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  12. kamusta po? ask lang po ano ang dapat gawin namin dahil may pending payment kami sa rental namin at issue po ay PDC then dated ng 30th every month. Mayroon na po ba kami penalty kaagad this coming 31st? thanks po

    1. Hi Jennifer, okay naman, thank you. I hope you're okay too. Kung idedeposit agad ng property owner yong PDC on Jan 30, at walang pondo, yes, magkakaroon ka na ng penalty, lalo na kung pareho kayo ng bank. Try your best to deposit the amount early on Jan 30. Puede ring tawagan o kausapin mo yong property owner, requesting them to delay nang konti yong pagdeposit the check, maybe Jan 31 or Feb 1.

  13. makatarungan po ba manghingi ng security cheque ang isang kumpanya pra sa housing loan?kahit nakapirma na kayo s promissory note?idea pls.

  14. security cheque: What's the amount of the security cheque? Single cheque na malaking amount? Ito ang hindi makatarungan. Meron namang collateral na puede nilang i-foreclose in case of serious delinquency.
    Kung ang hiningi sa iyo ay 12 post dated cheques (with company or bank as payee, amount and due dates written) for the first year term of the loan, ang pagka-alam ko, standard practice naman ito. Kahit Pag-ibig, ganito ang practice nila to ensure that the borrower pays the amortization on due dates. And for convenience na rin ito — the borrower does not have to go to the bank or to Pag-ibig to pay amortizations. Yong ibang banks naman, PDCs are offered as an alternative to auto-debit arrangements.

    1. blank cheque po hinihingi nila, with signature ko lang po..ano po b pwd sabihin sa kanila if iinssist po nila yon?

    2. Hello po ask q lang hindi ba maepektmaip ang cheque accounts ko kahit wala na sa minimmi ang savings account ko?

  15. Ask ko lang po nag issue po ako ng pdc then nakalimutan ko i fund. Ngayon, nag deposit na po para pondohan ang cheke. Once mapondohan ko na yun is ok na po ba dun sa company na inissuhan ko ng pdc o kailangan ko na sila bayaran ng cash? I mean since nag bounce yung pdc the first paano process nun once mapondohan ko na

    1. Hi RJ: Tawagan mo yong company na paki-redeposit na nila yong check dahil funded na. Kung sabihin nilang you pay cash at their office, get back the PDC that you issued upon payment of cash. Baka merong agreement na merong penalty per day of delay, kailangan mo rin bayaran, o kausapin mo kung puedeng walang penalty since first time mo namang na-late.

  16. hello po. ask ko lang po if makatarungan po ba magrequest ang isang developer ngisang blank cheque with signature kahit my pdc and pn na po na pirmahan?looking forward for reply po..thank you po.

    1. Blank cheque: Hindi makatarungan. Bakit blank cheque? That is dangerous. How can you budget for a blank cheque? Dapat merong amount. I researched online about blank cheque requirement, wala naman akong makita sa Philippines na usual practice ito. Ang nakita ko yong sa Singapore at India, practice nila ang mag-issue ng blank cheque sa mga high-end projects na nag-uunahan ang buyers.
      Pero ang common-sense practice talaga is never sign a blank cheque. Is your developer or project licensed by the HLURB? Icheck nio sa HLURB website. Ask nio other buyers na occupying units na. I hope you can share what happened later on.

    2. Kung kelangan talaga ang blank cheque based sa pagtatanong mo sa other buyers at reliable naman ang developer, like DMCI, Ayala, SM, Filinvest, dapat nakasulat ang name ng company (developer), not name of person, on the cheque. Huwag na huwag kang mag-sign ng cheque na walang name of payee (company). Isulat mo muna yong name of payee (company) before you sign.

  17. Paano po close yung checking account na 3 year ago na walang transactions pero meron syang laman na 35k. thanks po

    1. Checking account: Na-dormant yong checking account mo after a year na walang transaction. Go to your bank with your IDs. Bring your passbook kung meron. Ipa-activate mo muna by presenting your IDs, kasi na-dormant. "Ipa-activate ko yong checking account ko kasi na-dormant". Dapat walang monthly penalty charges kasi over the maintaining-balance ka naman. Siguro naman regular type yong checking account mo na 5k or 20k lang ang maintaining balance requirement. Kung meron mang charge, dapat reactivation fee lang, kung meron silang ganon na fee. Puedeng ma-share mo dito later on kung meron silang reactivation fee? And what bank? And thanks

  18. Hello Nora,

    Thank you sa info ng article mo. I have a question just to verify. May newly open checking account po ako sa sikat na bank and kahit weekend open sa malls, ang account is connected na sa existing savings ko so yun na daw ang mag popondo ng checking account ko.

    Sure naman siguro yun na connected na sa savings ko kc inad ko yun sa online banking ko, wala cya laman. Pero during application wala naman ako binigay na initial deposit.

    Newbie lang kasi ako about sa checking account.

    Thank you sa pag response πŸ™‚



    1. Hi Andro: Malamang na-upgrade ang account mo to an Automatic Transfer Facility savings-checking account. Nakita ng bank na malaki ang average daily balance mo for the past many months or years, so na-qualify ka for that kind of account. I'm curious lang if they offered you a checking account, or you applied for a checking account.
      Anyway, maintain mo lang yong required maintaining balance para walang penalty at para good record ka. 25k pesos ba ang maintaining balance?
      Walang laman ang checking account mo, kasi wala pa namang nag-encash or nagdeposit ng check na inissue mo. Yong pera mo, doon muna sa savings account mo so it can earn interest. Magkakalaman lang (credit) at the time na merong mag-encash and then madedebit din agad to fund the check. Automatic. Thanks for commenting. Keep up with your good savings.

  19. Thank you Nora,

    I applied for checking account, to use on my pagibig housing loan. And yes 25k is the maintaining balance.



    1. Paano po kapag 10k nalang ang balance sa savings account? At tuloy tuloy naman ang deposit sa cheque accounts Wala po ba maging problema?

  20. Hi po ask ko lang ano ano po ba dapat kong malaman about post dated check.safe po ba to..kasi yun po ung requirements ng lending company na lo-loanan ko.. natatakot po kasi ako n bka magka problema ko..thanks for replying

    1. Post-dated checks (PDCs): Magkaka-problem ka kapag merong possibility na hindi mo mapondohan ang amount sa PDC on or before due date. Kung hindi mo mapondohan ever ang isa diyan, ebidensiya yang PDC para ihabla ka for violating the bouncing check law or for estafa, lalo na kung malaking amount ang per check.
      Tips for PDCs: Dapat merong date, name of company (not name of person), amount and your signature. No errors. Should be perfect. I-print mo yong numbers and letters para clear. Merong nag-comment dito na na-reject later ng bank ang cheque niya dahil mukhang letter "I" yong number "1" sa date, so nagkaroon pa ng 1k charge. Pondohan ang cheque on time. Kung late mapondohan ang cheque, macha-charge ka ng 2k pesos or more
      Look at the interest rate. Fair ba? Sana hindi lalagpas sa 3.5%, yong regular interest rate ng credit card.

  21. Hello po. First time ko po nagka bounced check gawa ng bagal po ng remittance last Mar 2018, holiday po kasi Mar 30 kaya yung remittance ko ng Mar 29 ay April 3 pa po nadeposit sa PNB. May PDC po ako nung Mar 31, so nag bounce po yung PDC.
    Tanong ko lang po, kasi 20k yung monthly ko sa condo unit, so nabawasan po ng 20k yung account; then nagdeposit yung banko ng 20k again, then nabawasan ng 2k + 200; saka lang dumating yung 20k na remittance; pero di na ulit ako nabawasan. Parang ang nangyari po ay di ako nabawasan ng monthly fee; tama po ba itong rule ng PNB? Salamat po.

    1. Hi Croix: Anong monthly fee ang ibig mong sabihin? Yong below-maintaining-balance penalty? Ang maintenance fee or penalty ay ibinabawas sa last business day of the month. Ito ay binabawas kapag dalawang magkasunod na buwan na below-maintaining-balance ang account.
      Yong 2k plus ay penalty mo sa pag-bounce ng check. I hope magawan mo ng remedyo na meron kang reserve na 20k para hindi nagba-bounce ang check mo.

  22. I forgot to fund my check yesterday. And my PDC is dated May 13,2018 (Sunday). Will it bounce po ba? I can deposit on May 15 since holiday po and May 14(Monday).

    1. Hi roseane, if your bank has a cash deposit machine, fund your check asap today so you can ask your bank to reverse your penalty in case your payee warehoused your check. Usually banks automatically deposit warehoused checks on the Friday or last business prior to a Saturday or Sunday or holiday due date

  23. hi.. tanong ko lang po sa inyo pano po pag kulang kulang 2 yrs ng hindi nakakapag deposit sa checking acct. close na po ba uun kahit na may remaining balance ako? sana po may sumagot..

    1. Pag checking account, after one year na walang deposit o withdrawal, ma-dormant na siya, pero andon pa yong pera mo. Ia-activate mo lang sa branch mo with your IDs and passbook, if your account is with passbook.
      Pero kung below the required maintaining balance ang last balance mo. malamang naubos na sa penalties ang balance mo, at na-closed na. Kung merong atm card ang account mo, try making a balance inquiry sa atm.

  24. Pwede ko po ba ideposit sa account.ko yung cheque kahit.pay to cash po ito?

    1. Hi Kazki, yes, puedeng ideposit.

  25. Hello po. Ask q lang hindi ba maipiktuhan ang cheque accounts kapag magamit ang savings sa passbook? Please reply po

    1. Maaapektuhan kapag nagamit mo pati maintaining balance. Merong at least 300 pesos na charge per month if your balance falls below the maintaining balance for 2 consecutive months. Dapat hindi mag-zero ang account balance mo. Kung a few days lang na magamit mo some of your maintaining balance, puede naman, but replace it asap.

  26. Hi. Ask ko lang if it's possible for banks to waive the returned check fee. I issued a PDC August 23 (thursday) but I was only able to fund it 2AM of August 24 (today). I was expecting the check to be cleared by 10AM (usually). Then around 10AM the bank already deducted 2,200 for the returned check. Thanks.

  27. Hi! pede bang mag deposit sa checking account from abroad?

  28. Hi po.. paano if ndi ko na po ginagamit ang checking account ko? Mawiwithdraw ko po ba ung balance ko? Since ngdeposit nmn ako ng 5k para makapagopen ng checking account? Salamat po

  29. Hi po, nagkamali po ako ng pag-sulat sa tseke, pwede po bang magsulat ulit sa panibago? First time po kasi. Salamat.

  30. Hello po good day! Tanong k lng po sana ksi meron po ako loan sa banko then ng issue po ako ng PDC check sa kanila after several months na close po yung account ko due to zero yung maintaining bal..but i called the bank informing na close yung account ko as agreement mag OTC nlng ako sa kanila peru sa di inaasahan ngkaroon po ako ng financial problem d kopo na bayaran yung banko ngayun po pinadalhan po nila ako ng notice of returned check dated nov.23, 2018 peru dec.kona po na recieved binigay sakin nung may ari ng bhaws nmin late na. Ano po yung saction dun sa sulat may kaso napo ba ako? Sana po may reply. Salamat po

    1. Hi Belle, sorry for the delayed reply. I hope you already called your bank. That’s important — call your bank immediately, and negotiate with them. Puede nilang gamitin ang bounced check or returned check for filing a case, but if you talk with them, hindi nila gagawin yon, kahit delayed ka sa payments. Pay before due date, and then call the bank telling them details about your payment para hindi na nila idedeposit yong mga susunod na PDC checks mo.

  31. Hi I prepared a check kaya lang sa amount in words na namali ako instead of “thirteen thousand sixty two pesos (13,062)” and nailagay ko is “thirteen thousand sixty pesos (13,060)” ndi ko na ba maisisingit sa taas ng sixty ang two?….sayang kase if i-cancel ko ang check. Thanks.

    1. Hi Capitle, mas mabuti na palitan mo na lang, kasi dapat walang correction. Considered correction yong i-insert or write above or below space. Meron pang case na tatanggapin ng collecting/receiving bank, pero kapag mapunta na sa issuing bank mo ay ire-reject naman, at magkakaroon ka pa ng penalty. Meron pa nga akong nabasa na hindi clear yong pagkasulat ng isang digit, I forgot na what digit, was accepted by the collecting bank, pero was later rejected by the issuing bank, at na-penalized yong check owner.

  32. hi! kailangan ba talaga lagyan ng 2 parallel lines at nklagay A/C payee only sa top left ng cheque? need ko kasi mag issue ng postdated cheques sa filinvest pra sa house?

    1. Hi joan, ang name of payee is Filinvest Land Inc.? Sa akin lang, hindi na siguro kasi company naman ang payee, except lang kung merong instructions ang Filinvest officer na lagyan mo. Enough na yong 2 diagonal parallel lines kung lalagyan mo.

  33. Do I need to write the word “pesos” or “pesos only” at the end?

    Because I wrote it words like this “Six thousand two hundred 97/100.
    Will this work? I already wrote a few checks this format.


    1. Hi Giant, I think that format is acceptable. But for your next checks, it is good to write “pesos” (Six thousand two hundred pesos and 97/100)

  34. good eves maam may tanong po ako may customer po kasi kami nagbayad ng check kasi nagusot ko po at hindi tatanggapin ng banko pwede po ba mag a issue ulit sa customer namin? plzz i need ur answer

    1. Hi kristine, yes, makiusap ka sa customer mo na mag-issue uli ng check kasi nagusot mo yong in-issue niyang check. Ipakita mo yong nagusot na check sa kanya at ibigay mo sa kanya after you receive the replacement check. Kung maaari, ikaw na ang pumunta sa lugar niya para hindi siya masyadong maisturbo.

  35. hello, itatanong ko lang po.. nag issue po ako ng cheque, then nagtawag po ung bank na may retirned cheque dw po ako. at penalty na 2,200. 00.. itatanong ko lang kung pag gnun ba.. nadeposit pa din ung cheque nung payee or ibabalik sa akin ung cheque at papalitan ko? pero ung inissuehan ko d naman sya natawag skin regarding that. kaya iniisip ko naideposit pa din nya ung cheque ko sa account nya?

    1. Hi rein, ang una mong gawin is i-check mo yong checking account mo at tingnan mo kung kulang ang laman to pay for the check amount. Kulang ba ang amount na nasa account mo bago nabawasan na 2,200? Ngayon na nabawasan ng 2,200, kelangang depositohan mo ng 2,200 or more para magkasya ang iyong balance to pay the check amount. Kung kasyang-kasya ang amount at marami pa ngang laman ang account mo, it means merong mali doon sa pagkasulat mo sa check, so it’s best na tawagan mo ang bank branch mo, or visit your branch. Kung amount ang kulang, dagdagan mo lang ang laman para magkasya para sa check amount, then tawagan mo ang payee mo na puede na niya iredeposit yong cheque.

  36. Hi po..ask ko lang po,kapag kukuha po ba ng hulugang lupa at kelangan mag-ussie ng PDC…may nangyari na po ba na yung payee or company ang magaasikaso ng processing for PDC para sa buyer..? Kung yes po..kelangan ko po bang magbigay sa payee ko ng pera para para account balance? Sorry first time ko po kasi kukuha ng lupa at wala pa po akong alam about sa PDC…sana po mapansin nyo yung tanong ko salamat po..

    1. Hi Eden, hindi ka magbibigay ng pera sa payee para sa tseke. Ang ibibigay nila sa iyo is yong referral letter na ibibigay mo sa bangko para maka-open ka sa bank ng checking account. Hindi kasi madaling mag-open ng checking account sa bank kung walang referral letter, lalo na kung wala kang bank account sa kanila na more than 6 months nang active. Merong initial deposit na 5k or 10k, depende sa bank. Maintaining balance mo yan. Dapat laging merong 5k or 10k sa account. Then bago due yong monthly payment mo sa real estate developer, depositohan mo na yong checking account mo. Huwag kang ma-delay kasi 2k to 5k ang penalty ng talbog na tseke (yong hindi mo napondohan or nadepositohan before due date). Mag-comment ka uli so I’ll see that you have read this, so I can help you more with tips or your additional questions.

  37. May loan po ako sa bank, nag issue ako PDCs and due date ko is every 25th. Nahospitalize ngayon kuya ko and mejo kukulangin po ako ng pondo para ideposit sa account. Pag nagbounce ung check for insufficient funds, na-auto close yung checking account ko. Dun sa bangko kung saan may checking account ako mgbabayad ng penalty? Balak ko din po sana kontakin ung bank kung saan ako kumuha ng loan if pwde ko ipay OTC sa susunod kong sahod sa 5. Pwede din po ba iask na OTC nlng mode of payment ko moving forward? Makakasuhan po ba ako if ever mapay ko naman penalty for the bounced check? And mkiusap sa other bank where I got my loan?

    1. Hi Jenny, yes, the bank where you have your checking account will impose penalty on your account. Usually, 2k pesos ang penalty, or more, depende sa bank. Kung less than 2k ang balance ng checking account mo, magiging negative ang balance after penalty deduction, so mako-close na. Yes, tawagan mo na ngayon yong bank where you borrowed money and ask advice. Baka naman puede nilang hindi muna ideposit yong check for this 25th at magbayad ka na lang with penalty sa Nov 5. This way, hindi mako-close yong account mo. In some cases, naka-warehouse na yong check, so baka hindi ka na mapagbigyan. Another option is to ask your own bank how much the penalty is for returned check para malagyan mo yong account mo ng sufficient amount to pay the penalty para lang hindi ma-close ang account mo.
      About kakasuhan question: Sincere ka naman and willing ka namang magbayad, ma-delay nga lang, so hindi ka kakasuhan ng bank where you borrowed. Huwag mo lang pabayaan yong pagbabayad. In case ma-close ang checking account mo, makipag-arrange ka sa bank kung puedeng over the counter na — malamang irequire ka to pay OTC days before 25th. Ask mo rin if they’ll return your check (for a certain month) once you’re able to pay for that month. Keep your receipts.

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