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  1. what is the bdo phone number in japan?i have a optimun account in bdo phils and is it possible to remit to my acount?

    1. BDO phone no. in Japan: Sorry BDO does not have a phone no. based in Japan. Call BDO Philippines 010-800-8-631-8000 toll-free if you call from a KDD, NTT or Japan Telecom landline.

    2. If your Optimum account is active, you can remit to your Optimum account. It is active if you have been maintaining your required balance, and you have deposited to it or withdrawn from it within the past 24 months.

    3. If you don't like to call, you can ask someone in the Phils to deposit 100 pesos to your account. If the deposit is accepted, then your account is still active.
      By the way, have you been maintaining at least 30k in your account?

  2. can I convert my BDO kabayan account to BDO Savings Account?

    1. Kabayan account conversion: What I know is the automatic conversion of Kabayan account into a regular passbook savings account after 12 months of no foreign remittance. A regular passbook account requires a maintaining balance of 10k pesos.
      If you want to open an atm savings account (no passbook, only atm card, maintaining balance requirement is 2k pesos), you can open this at a BDO branch, then close your Kabayan account.

      1. Hi good morning. I have some important questions to ask. I didn’t noticed that my last remittance or last deposit of my kabayan account was last 02/28/2018, it’s more than 12 months already. Was it a dormant account already? Or what will happen if it gets converted to regular passbook savings? Can i still withdraw over the counter using my kabayan passbook? Please enlighten me, i’m really so worried right now. Thank you.

        Ps. As i searched, it says that no acitivity during 12 months will make your account dormant.

        Pss. I had made a withdrawal over the counter last 10/29/2018, do you think that transaction will save my account from being dormant? Thank you so much.

        1. Hi Kabayan account owner, mado-dormant lang ang account kapag 24 months nang walang deposit or withdrawal. So hindi pa dormant ang account mo. Yong sa Kabayan status naman, kapag wala kang remittance from abroad within 12 months, mako-convert ang Kabayan into a regular account at magre-require na siya ng 10k pesos as maintaining balance. Since baka na-convert na ang account mo, make sure na meron siyang 10k or more na balance. Huwang mong widrohin, doon lang siya, as maintaining balance.

          1. Thank you so much po sa sagot niyo. Kung sakali po na na-convert na, papalitan po kaya nila ang passbook ko? Nasa 10k po mahigit ang laman nun, kung sakali po ba na magwiwithdraw ako ,pwede pa rin po kaya ako mag withdraw gamit kabayan passbook ko? Maraming slamat po ulit sa oras niyo.

          2. Hi Kabayan account owner, hindi na papalitan, yan pa rin ang passbook mo. Yes, puede mong gamitin yan to withdraw. It’s good na more than 10k ang balance, para hindi siya mag-penalty. Pag hindi mo na ma-maintain ang 10k, widrohin mo na lang lahat, or sabihin mo sa teller iko-close mo na, or open a regular atm account first (2k maintaining balance), then pag meron ka nang atm account, close your Kabayan, if it’s what you like.

  3. is kabayan account already active? or should i need to active it., thank you

    1. Hi ailla: Your account is already active. You can deposit or remit to it. It is your ATM card that you should activate. Are you in the Philippines? Go to any BDO ATM and change your default PIN. Your default PIN is any 6-digit number — 888888 or 123456. You can make a balance inquiry using your activate ATM card after 24 or 36 hours.
      If you're abroad, sorry, you can activate your ATM card only when you take your vacation in the Phils

      1. hi ms nora it seems that you knows a lot about kabayan savings account, just want to ask po, i open a kabayan savings account last january 2018 and uptil now never pa pong nahulugan . ask ko lang kung active pa po sya or hindi na? and how to activate ?

        1. Hi sheena, based on BDO’s rules, active pa dapat ang Kabayan mo at dapat Kabayan pa ang status niya, pero para sure, puede mong tawagan ang BDO to ask (International Access Code-800-8-6318000) or ask your family to go to BDO and deposit 100 pesos over the counter to your account — pag tatanggapin ang deposit, active pa ang account mo, at patanong mo na rin kung Kabayan pa rin ang status, then padalhan mo agad yong account mo from abroad para ma-maintain ang status niya as Kabayan

    2. hi ms. nora tamba, i forgot to activate my atm in the philippines but i brought my atm with me here in saudi arabia to make the account as my savings account, i really dont know that i have to activate it first, they really not explain it well, i thought changing tbe pin would made my atm already activated. now heres the thing i already transferred money to my atm which i did not yet activated, now what will happen to my money? and then how can i remit if its not activated for 12 months so does that mean that my atm kabayan will change to a regular one? please answer im really worried,

    3. Hi ALoh: If you changed your PIN at a BDO atm in the Philippines, then your atm card is already activated. Why did you conclude that it was not activated — did you try using it at an atm there and it did not work?
      About your money transfer: if you have remitted to your account and you used your account number — the number in your passbook, your money has been credited to your account, even if your atm has not been activated. This means your account is active; it's only your atm card that is not activated (if your PIN change was not successful). You can try making a balance inquiry at an atm there (with Mastercard or Visa logo, the same as the logo on your atm card). Balance inquiry fee is one US dollar. I wish you enrolled in BDO online banking when you were here so you can check your balance. But you can try enrolling in BDO Online Banking while abroad .

    4. i changed my PIN already in the philippines mam, so that means my card was already activated? because my co-worker said that i have to activate it first, i really dont know the process..thats it im not yet enrolled on online banking, there is an option there about the country im enrolling for is not available? i dont know what to input.. im here at abha saudi arabia

    5. and for the mobile number option, i tried my 10 digit number here in saudi but it wont accept, why is that? is there any option mam?

    6. If you opened your Kabayan abroad, activation means you go to a BDO branch and link your atm card to your account and then you change your PIN. If opened here, activation means just change your PIN.
      Here's BDO's instructions regarding phone number format:
      "For local mobile numbers, examples of acceptable formats are 639171234567 and 09181234567.
      For international mobile numbers, please include the country code and area code. For example, 85291512345. If your country code and mobile number is less than 11 digits, add 00 as a prefix.

    7. thank you for the clarification mam..
      btw mam, tried this online banking and there's this question about the country im applying for, but it seems that ABHA where i am currently in is not in the option.. is there any other option?

    8. Hi ALoh: Subukan mong i-select muna yong Al Khobar, then pag na-enter na yong Al Khobar, palitan mo ng Abha yong Al Khobar. Icheck mo yong Mobile Number field sa bandang baba kung automatic na na-enter yong 966. I hope it works there.

    9. automatic po mam na-enter ung 966.. so pwd ko po gamitin ung 966 then input q nlng mobile number q? tama po ba ako?

    10. hi ms. nora, ayaw po ma-enter ng ABHA.. location does not exist daw po..

  4. GoodDay.
    I applied BDO kabayan account before i went abroad.Now, my problem is i forgot to get my ATM so im afraid to deposit on my account because i dont have its ATM. Its been 1 year now.I just want to ask if its still active. Its passbook is with me. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Renz: Most likely, it's already closed, so don't remit to it. But if you desperately need an account to remit your savings, call BDO (00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000) and ask if your account is still active.
      Based on BDO's policy, after 12 months of no foreign remittance, the account is converted from Kabayan into a regular passbook account which will then require a 10k maintaining balance. After 2 months of no remittance or below-10k-average-balance, the account will be penalized with a monthly deduction of 300 pesos, and once the balance becomes zero, the account gets automatically closed.

    2. Thanks for your response ma'am nora. I just want to ask is there any possible way for me to have a savings account in the philippines even if I'm here in abroad ? And how much you think it will cost if ever ? Thankyou.

    3. Hi Renz, it's BDO that's offering account opening through its partners abroad, but since we're not sure if your BDO Kabayan is already closed, check this list of Landbank representatives if someone is near where you are: Landbank representatives. They offer account opening as long as you can meet them in person in their office. The cost? Ask for the Bagong Bayani atm account for OFWs, which has zero maintaining balance requirement. Initial deposit is 100 pesos or its equivalent there. Maybe a bit more there to cover some costs.

    4. Hi Ma'am Nora. Thankyou. I will try this one. Godbless.

  5. hi.. just want to ask if my account is still active its ATM DEBIT CARD by the way ,i guess haven't used it for 3 years maybe up to now.. or if there is possible way to used again..maybe reactivate it or do i need to open a new account?thanks

    1. ATM debit card unused for 3 years: If your account balance was less than 3,000 pesos, your account is most likely closed already. An account becomes dormant after 24 months of no deposit or withdrawal. There's a dormancy fee of 300 pesos per month if the balance is less than the required maintaining balance.
      Or if your balance was 100 pesos (the usual initial deposit) or zero, your account was most likely closed on the 14th month.
      Yes, open a new account.

  6. Hello. Can i still reopen my closed BDO Kabayan Savings account? Im already abroad. Yhanks

    1. Hi Evan Justin: Sorry, hindi nagre-reopen or reactivate ng closed account ang BDO. Ang option is to open a new account when you take your vacation here in the Phils.

    2. Hi ms.nora
      May bdo savings acount dinpo ako na nadormant at may amount poyun morethan mentaining balance.i asked my sister withmy authorization letterto go to poea bdo branch to reactivate my acount pero ayaw nila sabi nila ay kailangan daw personal ako na andun.is there anyway po b pra makuha ko yung pera kosa acount ko na nadormant?

  7. Hi…I opened my BDO kabayan savings with it's initial amount July 2014 and I haven't activated it yet in the Philippines I didn't deposit any amount until now. Can i still continue it?

    1. Hi Geraldine: Sorry, most likely your Kabayan was already closed in 2015, after 14 months of no remittance or deposit. BDO usually does not reactivate closed accounts, but you can open a new account. You can call BDO or use the
      BDO Contact Page

    2. Thank you mam nora thank for the quick response.

  8. Hi mam nora, just want to clear something,do i need to make a cash withrawal from my kabayan atm card within a year para di ma dormant ang account ko?,.and paano ba na dodormant ang isang account at anong ngyayari?.thanks

    1. Hi Mark Alvin, yes, withdraw or deposit. Nado-dormant ang isang savings account kapag wala itong withdrawal or deposit within 24 months. Pag na-dormant ang account, what happens is napu-put-on-hold ang account, meaning hindi puedeng widrohan o depositohan or make balance inquiry hanggang hindi nare-reactivate by the account owner. How to reactivate? The owner goes to his branch with his IDs and fill a form. Hindi puedeng representative.
      Merong dormancy fee per month kung lower than maintaining-balance yong account.
      Pag checking account, ang time frame is only 12 months.
      Ang balance inquiry ay hindi accepted transaction to prevent dormancy.
      Pag 10 years na at hindi pa nare-reactivate from dormancy, ibibigay na yong pera sa Central Bank.

  9. Good day po. Mam nora. Ang bdo kabayan saving acct. turn to a regular acct. na di ko nahulugan ng 1yr. Kya nag deposit nlng ako ng 10k para hindi ma close. My question is kylangan pdin po ba ng remitance ng acct. ko kahit regular na ito?

    1. Hi Ken Gabong: Hindi na, kasi hindi na Kabayan ang account mo. Regular na siya. Ang requirement mo na is to maintain at least 10k in your account. Good that you deposited 10k to maintain your account. Keep saving.
      Nag-balance inquiry ka na ba? Nadepositohan mo ba agad after the 12th month na walang foreign remittance? Kasi kung nagdeposit ka after the 13th month or 14th month, merong possibility na mapenalize for 300 pesos, so maging 9,700 yong balance mo at kulang sa maintaining balance na 10k, at sunud-sunod din yong month to month penalty. So make sure na 10k pa rin yong balance as of today.

    2. Ken Gabon MatibagNovember 20, 2016 at 7:51 PM
      Thanks for usefull responce.. kaya pla na penalize ng 300 kasi 10k lng exactly. So gasgwin ko talaga ngayun above 10k para di ma close.. next question po ok lng ba kung 2 yrs. walng widraw? Puro deposit lng?

    3. Hi Ken Gabon: Oo, dagdagan mo, and check your balance from time to time. About not withdrawing for 2 years? Yes, puedeng-puede, mas gusto ng bank yan, basta mag-deposit. Your deposit transaction will prevent your account from getting dormant.

    4. Another good day po ms. Nora can i ask bakit binawasan padin ng BDO Yung saving acct. ko ng 300? I just deposit 11,800 this nov.28 and now i check my balance naging 11,500 nlng.
      Last nov. 15 kasi pinawidraw ko muna lahat ksi exactly 10k lng laman ng saving acct. ko pero nag debit sila ng 300. Then i decide na widraw muna Lahat. Then nito lng nov. 28 i deposit agian 11,800+ at nag debit nnmn sila ng 300 day after. Nakalagay sa description SERVICE CHG SYS-GEN.

    5. Hi Ken: Kasi hindi mo uli na-maintain yong 10k requirement. Dapat yong 10k or more andon sa account mo every day. Hindi lang for a few days in a month na meron kang 10k. This December, dapat huwag mong widrohin yong 10k mo, dapat every day andon ang 10k sa account mo. From Dec 1 to today, Dec 6 ba ay andon yong 11,500? If yes, then okay na. Kung magwidro ka, dapat up to 1,300 lang ang widrohin mo. Iwanan mo yong 10,500.

  10. Good day Mam Nora,August 2016 ako kumuha ng BDO Kabayan savings Card,but I didn't deposited any amount until now.
    Question is:
    Is my account still active?
    i plan to deposit once every 2 months starting this January.
    Would BDO deduct 300 if I won't deposit every month?

  11. Na close po yung bdo account ko po. Gusto ko po mag open ng bank account while overseas po, anung bank po ng aallow na mag open ng account while abroad? Citibank?

  12. Hi Nora,

    Have your heard of this issue before? We have a Kabayan Savings account for over a year now and just recently we enrolled in for online banking. I carefully followed the enrollment process, then activated the ATM card using the machine after receiving the activation code. It's been past 24 hours already and we already received the 2nd email that says enrollment was APPROVED.
    But yet we are not able to view the balance though we are able to log in to the online banking website. The balance section says "function not available at this time, please check later..".. We've been checking the balance since past 24 hrs and still them same. We even installed the BDO mobile app but it says, "Account Inactive".. That has been the same card and account we've been using for remittance and it should not have been a closed account since it has been funded several times this year and still has a balance as of today.

    1. Hi Ralph, sorry that I'm able to reply only now. I hope you can already access your account, as many business days have passed already. And I hope you have already called BDO in case you still encountered problems. Happy new year!

    2. And thanks a lot for visiting our blog.

    3. same issue. what to do?

  13. Hi Ms. Nora, ask ko lang po nag transfer kasi ako ng pera nong Friday (13-Jan-2017) pero nagtataka lang ako bakit hanggang ngayon mag 3 days na e di pa rin naka update ung balance ko same pa din ang amount may problema po ba sa account ko? Nasa Saudi po ako ngaun ung ATM Card (Kabayan Savings Card)ko din dala dala ko din check ako ng check sa Balance ko online but ganun pa din talaga. Nakabasyon ako last year May until June 28, 2016 and halos na withdraw ko po lahat ang laman non my 1,000 mahigit na lang natira then ngaung buwan lang ako nakapag hulog ulit with the amount of more than 26,000 peso. Pano po ba malalaman kung Active pa ba account ko or kung hindi na makukuha ko pa ba ung nahulog ko last week? How?


    1. Hi Kabayan account owner in Saudi: I hope andian na ang pera sa account mo.
      Active pa rin ang account mo, kasi sabi mo, nao-open mo pa ang account mo online, at andon pa yong balance na iniwan mo last June 2016.
      Kelan yong last na pag-send mo ng money from ABROAD noong 2016? Wala pang 12 months na lumipas? Kung wala pa, active pa talaga ang account mo. Baka lang na-delay ang posting dahil weekend dumating yong remittance dito.

  14. Hi… Ma'am is it possible to deposit in my Kabayan Savings Account even if I am here in Philippines?

    1. Hi Mary Cris: Yes, puedeng mag-over-the-counter deposit sa Kabayan account mo. Kahit sino ay puedeng mag-deposit sa account mo. Pero ang maintenance requirement ay ganon pa rin na you should send money to your Kabayan account from ABROAD at least once every 12 months. Or kung wala nang nagse-send from abroad, at na-convert na from Kabayan to regular account, you should maintain at least 10k pesos in your account.

    2. Hi Ms. Nora, paano ko po nalaman na na convert na ang account ko at kailangan na ng 10k maintaing balance. Hindi kasi ako sure kung kailan yung last remittance na may transaction ako. Thank you

  15. Hi! I opened my kabayan savings account when i was in UAE last 2015. My last remittance po was Febuary 2016. I am now working in Thailand and i can't deposit money to my BDO dahil nag aask po ang bank dito for branch code. Wala po akong idea kung ano ang branch code, i only have the swift code and ibinigay ko na rin po ito sa bangko dito but they still ask for branch code. Kung di po ako makapag remit this month, will my kabayan account be converted to regular account automatically? Please help po! Thanks!

  16. hello po.. I am planning to apply bdo kabayan account here in ksa.. how long does it takes before it get activated? is it the same while in the Philippines that only takes two days?? thank you in advance

  17. also after it gets activated I am planning to apply it on e-banking.. please advice what to do or what are needed.. thank you

  18. Hi mam Nora!Pano po malaman kung close na ung account?Nsa germany po aq at ndi q mapuntahan ung bdo.ng try po ung kapatid ko mg deposit sa account ko pero invalid napo ng appear. May po ung last na deposit at withdrawal. Maintaining balance lng po ung nasira. Possible po ba ma activate pa ung account?thank you

    1. Hi Emy: Kung hindi na tinanggap yong deposit ng kapatid mo over the counter to your account dahil invalid na, ibig sabihin closed na yong account mo.
      Puede ring naging dormant or inactive kung 24 months nang walang deposit or withdrawal, pero merong laman na 10k or more.
      Nagtaka lang ako na sabi mo last deposit and withdrawal mo noong May. From May to today ay around 9 to 10 months pa lang. Kung closed na ang BDO account, sorry hindi na naa-activate pa.

  19. _hi maam ask ko lang po.. maclose po ba ang BDO KABAYAN account ko po pag inubos ko po lahat ng laman? sa tingin ko po naman di pa sya regular kadi po wala naman po bawas na 300.. ok lang po ba ubusin? if ever ok lang po kong di po maclose ilang months lang po para hulugan ko from abroad? thank you..

    1. BDO Kabayan: Yes, puedeng widrohin mo lahat kasi Kabayan account siya, at wala pa namang 12 months na hindi nahulugan from abroad. Pag hindi nahulugan from abroad within 12 months from opening, mako-convert na siya into a regular account at dahil walang balance, mako-close na siya after 13 or 14 months. Pag na-close na, hindi na mare-reactivate.

  20. Hi maam nora. Meron akong kapatid na nasa abu dabhi at pinadala nya ang kanyang kabayan card dito sa amin sa pilinas. Nilagyan na nya ng pera at winithdraw ko at ang sabi sa atm machine "selected account does not exist". Ano pong ibang option upang makuha ko yung pera? . Salamat maam nora , I just need your info

    1. Hi Vem: Merong at least 2 reasons kung bakit "account does not exist". Tingnan nio na lang kung anong reason ang malamang dahilan sa case nio. 1 — Hindi na-activate ang atm card within sa period na sinabi ng BDO noong na-open ang account. 2 — Closed na ang account dahil hindi nahulogan from abroad within 12 months from opening, at walang laman ang account.
      Ang paraan mo para ma-test mo kung active pa ang account is to deposit 100 pesos to the account over the counter at BDO. Pag tanggapin ng teller ang deposit, it means active pa ang account. Kapag hindi na tanggapin, it means closed na ang account.
      Kapag closed na ang account, ask your kapatid in Abu Dhabi to go back to where he sent the money and change Remittance Mode from "Deposit" to "Cash Pickup". He will erase the account number and will write your name, address and contact no. He will need to send you the reference no.
      Kapag tinanggap ng teller ang over the counter deposit mo, which means active ang account, pero hindi mo magamit ang atm card, ibig sabihin hindi na-linked ang atm card sa account — ito ay gagawin ng kapatid mo pag-uwi. Siya lang ang puedeng mag-link, in person sa branch niya.

  21. Hello po ma'am ask ko lng po para po saan ang $5 per month na service charge sys-gen na binabawas ng bdo sa dollar acct. Above maintaining balance naman po ang balance. Thanks!

    1. Hi Francis: Yong pera mo ba na at least $500 ay nasa account mo every day? System-generated yong charge (sy-gen), so it means na less than $500 ang average daily balance mo for the month kapag naco-compute. The charging starts on the second month you are not able to maintain.
      If you are able to maintain, call BDO ASAP and ask about the $5 service charge. 631 8000 Metro Mla. If abroad: International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

    2. As far as i know po ma'am $200 lng yung maintaining ko. Nag padala ako last january more than 500 na po yung balance, but still they deduct $5. Thanks for the advice. I'll see this month kng mababawasan then i'll call BDO

    3. Hi Francis: Nag-increase na sila ng required balance. Pag yong more than $500 mo ay andon na sa account mo on Feb 1 at hindi na nawidrohan, dapat wala ka nang $5-charge on Feb 28. Thanks for commenting here. Keep on saving!

  22. mam, good am po. dati n po ako may BDO Kabayan Savings account 3yrs ago. OFW po ako nun. since hndi n po ngrereopen ng account ang BDO pwede po b ako mag-open uli ng account khit wala p ako oec kase ng-aapply plng po ako uli.?

    1. Hi Maricor, puede, pero dahil Kabayan ito, they will ask for some proof that you're an OFW or a beneficiary or you will be an OFW soon. Kung meron kang recent receipt of remittance from abroad, puede rin ito. Meron ding branch na sabihin mo lang na pa-abroad ka na at ipakita mo lang ang passport and other IDs ay okay na. Try mo lang.

  23. How can I know if my bdo kabayan account is active? I registered in the Philippines for a bdo kabayan account 1 day before my flight to Saudi so I don't know if my account has been activated,please help me because next month I want to start making remittances in my account thank you

    1. Hi noemi: Your account has been active starting from the time you got your passbook. It was only your atm card that you needed to activate. If you did not change your atm PIN at a BDO machine here in the Philippines, then yout atm card is not active. But your account has been active since the time you opened your account.
      How long have you been in Saudi? If 12 months have passed since account opening, and you have not sent money to it from abroad, then your account will soon be closed. But if only 2 or 5 months have passed, then your account is still active. But if many more months have passed, you need to call BDO to be sure that your account is active. International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

  24. Good DAy!, Hello! Ask ko lang po ma'am kung active pa ung account kapag May 15,2015 ung nagkaron ako ng passbook tapos
    hindi ko pa sya nahuhulugan, nung maliban dun sa naging 100pesos na balance nung nag open ako ng account, ask ko lang po ulit kung active pa ito para malaman kung mahuhuluganko pa from abroad

  25. ask ko lng po dito ako kuwait.nag open po aako kabayan savings llast may 2016..nAHULUGAN KO PO SYA LAST JUN JULY AT SEP.TAPOS NGAUN N LNGG PO ULIT AKO NGDEPOSIT.ACTIVE P PO KAYA SYA

    1. Hi Judith: Sorry I missed your question. Yes, active pa dapat ang account mo. Make sure na meron ka nang at least 10k pesos sa account mo at nang sa ganon, safe ang account mo from penalties kung sakaling makalimutan mong maghulog at dumaan na ang 12 months. Ganon din halimbawa ma-dormant (no deposit or withdrawal in 24 months), safe pa rin siya from penalty. Maho-hold lang siya at hindi siya mababawasan. Maging active agad uli siya kapag nagbakasyon ka at pumunta ka sa branch with your IDs.

  26. hi maam.. maam if hindi ka naka deposet sa iyong bdo kabayan savings account ng almost 9months. ma di deactivate po ba ito? kc gusto kong mag deposet, then natatakot ako baka na deactivate na account ko.. tsaka nong umuwi ako ng pinas di kupa na activate yong atm card ko hanggang ngayon.. .

    1. Hi Lienad: Wala pa namang 12 months so dapat active pa ang Kabayan mo. Pero para sure, you can call BDO — International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000. Or puede mong kausapin ang family mo dito sa Philippines to try depositing to your account over the counter at BDO. Kahit 100 pesos lang. Kung tanggapin ng teller ang deposit, ibig sabihin ay active pa ang account mo.

  27. Mam what if I want to close my Kabayan savings account sa BDO faura branch kasi everytime na naiinvalid ang card doon ka pa kasi kailangan ayusin. Pwede po ba yun iclose then itransfer ko sa Imus branch?

    1. Hi Gladys: Yes, you can do that. Close the one in Faura. Close it at the counter sa Faura para ma-close agad. Fill up ka na ng withdrawal slip, wala munang amount, then sabihin mo lang sa teller, puedeng pa-update itong passbook para widrohin ko lahat para ma-close ko kasi magta-transfer ako ng account. Then you can write the exact amount of your updated balance.
      Sa Imus branch, magdala ka pa rin ng receipt of foreign remittance baka lang i-require nila (kasi Kabayan nga ang i-oopen mo), or sana puede ring enough na yong old passbook from Faura na proof of being OFW or OFW dependent.

  28. Mam nag open po aq ng bdo kabayan acc last marh 2014 pa pero hnd nmn aq nakaalis kc niloko aq ng agncy at hnd ko sya ahulugan until now closed n po ba ung acc ko.
    At may bbyrn ba aqng penalties?kaka open ko lng kc ng savings acc ngaun sa bdo.tinanung nmn skn kun may existing acc aq sv q wla pero nkita sa computer meron aqng acc sa padre faura sv q hnd nmn aq nakaalis. Ok nmn kc nka open aq ng savings acc atm lng wlang passbook. Maaapetuhan ba yung acc ko ngan? Slmt po sa sagot

  29. Kung closed acc na po ung kabayan ko
    May epekto po ba un sa new savings acc ko slmt po

    1. Hi clarence: Closed na yong Kabayan account mo kasi nga hindi nahulugan within one year from abroad. Itong atm account mo, alagaan mo, i-maintain mo yong 2k pesos na maintenance para walang penalty at hindi ma-closed.
      Meron bang effect yong na-closed na Kabayan mo sa new atm account mo? Wala. Hindi sila parehong account. Magkaiba sila. At matagal nang closed yong Kabayan account mo.

  30. Hi Ms.Nora.tanong lang po paano po ba nangyayari ang pag devit sa account(BDO kabayan account) at paano po ito maiiwasan??

    1. Hi fatifat: Nade-debit ang account kapag merong withdrawal, penalty, bank fee at fund transfer. Kaya para maiwasan ang debit, huwag magwidro palagi. Para hindi mabawasan ng 300 pesos monthly, maintain your account. Ang Kabayan ay puedeng zero ang balance ng account, pero dapat merong at least one remittance from abroad every 12 months. Kapag walang remittance from abroad ang Kabayan, dapat merong 10k pesos sa account palagi, kasi passbook ito, at ang maintenance ng regular BDO passbook ay 10k pesos.
      Merong fee yong pagwiwidro sa hindi BDO machine, so iwasang magwidro sa machines ng ibang bank kung meron namang BDO na malapit lang.

  31. Hi Ma'am Nora ask ko lang po 14months ko na po hindi nahuhulugan yung BDO kabayan ko from abroad so regular account na siya, pwede pa po ba ibalik sa BDO kabayan yung account ko kung huhulugan ko ulit siya from abroad? Thanks po.

    1. Hi Rabbi: Pag converted na, regular passbook account na siya at hindi na siya magiging Kabayan uli. At malamang meron nang 300 pesos penalty to be deducted kung magkakaroon ng balance. It's possible also na na-closed na. So before you send money to it, make sure muna na active pa ang account mo. Puedeng you call BDO, or ask your family to deposit 100 pesos to your account over the counter at BDO. Kapag tatanggapin ang deposit, it means active pa ang account mo. At puede pang padalhan, pero dapat agad-agad. And remember, regular passbook account na siya, at dapat you maintain 10k pesos or more in the account. Put also extra for the 300-peso penalty.

  32. HI, MAM NORA.
    Ask ko lang po yun kabayan savings ko ay regular account na at may 2 pesos na lang ang laman na dapat 10k, then mayroon pong
    extension na iba ang account number, ito po ba ay dito na magde-deduct pag dito na ako mag remit sa extension account? salamat po.

  33. Hello ma'am pde pa po ba ma mabalik ang kabayan acct na converted na sa normal acct. tnx

    1. BDO Kabayan to regular and back to Kabayan?: Sorry, hindi na ibinabalik ng BDO ang account into Kabayan after na-convert na ang Kabayan to regular account.

  34. Hello po mam, anong ibig sabihin na inactive ang account? at paano maging active? sa mobile banking ko lang po nakkta dahil wala po ako sa pinas

  35. Inactive account: I checked my own account via mobile banking, at nakita ko na yong isa kong closed account na matagal na ay nakalagay na: Savings Account This account is inactive.
    So most likely closed na yong Kabayan account mo. Puedeng hindi mo napadalhan from abroad for 14 months or more, so na-closed na.
    If you know that you have money there, you can call BDO International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000

  36. Pwede ba asawa ko sa pinas ang mag open ng Kabayan Savings Account? At pag nagpadala ba ako ng pera sa account nya ay automatic na save na ang pera? Thank u.

  37. hello po good day.. ms nora ask ko lang po.. kasi ung brother ko isa seafarer.. hiningi nya po ung account num nya para maakapagpadala po sya ng special allotment.. ung dapat naibigay ko is ung bpi.. but nagkamali ako ung bdo ung naibigay ko and ang problema kabayan syaand invalid na ung account num meaning closed na po.. pupwede po ba na mgcross banking? from bpi to bdo? then is it possible na magkapareho ung account number ng bdo tsaka bpi? worry ko kasi baka mapadala sa iba or sa bdona invalid na.. please reply po.. thankyou..

    1. Wrong account sent. Ang remedyo dito is for your brother to go back to where he sent his remittance and make an amendment (change name of bank and account number). Kung ang office niya ang nag-remit, dapat kausapin ng brother mo ang office niya at sabihin na mali yong bank name at account number, so paki-change nila.
      Wala naman sigurong parehong account name at pati account number pareho rin, lalo na kung ang surname nio ay hindi naman karaniwan. Ang bank na merong natanggap na maling remittance ay nagbabalik naman sa remitter basta mag-request yong sending remittance company, pero yong remittance fee ay hindi na ibinabalik.

  38. Hi po,i wasn't able to deposit my kabayan savings account for almost 3 yrs na and it is above maintaining balance naman po. I called bdo and they said it is restricted, cn i reactivate it pa po?

    1. Hi Aprilly, yes, you can reactivate your account. You must visit your branch with your IDs. It's good your account balance is above the maintaining level. Your account became dormant so it was put on hold. There should be no penalties because your balance is above the maintaining balance requirement.

  39. Hello Maam Nora,

    Ilang business days po ang aantayin para macreate and activate ung kabayan account? And considered remittance po ba from abroad if ung pag dedeposit ng pera is through Payoneer and Euro po ung itatransfer?

  40. Hello po,

    I have some concern about my kabayan savings account. Actually ito nga yari, I have paid my col financial account through bdo online banking and there was no charge for that, my remaining bdo account balance was 14 pesos then after 1 day they have deducted 14 pesos. So my account was zero, I tried to contact them but they was telling my account was inactive. What can I do to make my account active without going to Philippines, only here in uae?

    Thank you,

    Waiting for your prompt response.

  41. gusto ko po sna malaman kng active p ung kabayan savings account ko never ko p xa nhulugan maliban s initial deposit n 100 pesos..magttwo yirs n aq s saudi at gusto ko sna mlaman kng active p xa kz plano ko po sya hulugan dis month or next month

  42. Hi Nora,

    I opened a BDO savings account last Nov 2014 and I haven't used it for over 2 years and it probably has 0 balance already. Will there be penalties when I open a new account?


  43. Hi po.. Tanong ko lang po if it is possible to convert my regular savings account with an adb of 10k to kabayan savings account? Para wala po kailangan maintain na amount daily.. Thanks po..

  44. Hello! Is it possible to close my kabayan peso savings account? How ?

    1. Hi bahay: Yes. If you have time, you can visit your branch with your IDs and your passbook, then go to the teller with a withdrawal slip (your name, account no. and date filled up). Tell the teller you're closing your account. She will update it to get the exact balance, then you write the balance amount and withdraw the whole amount.
      If you have no time to go to the branch, just withdraw all that you can withdraw through the atm machine. After 2 months or several months (if they will still convert your Kabayan into a regular account), your account will automatically close.

  45. Hi ms. Nora ask ko lang po kasi last yr nov 9 2016 ako nag open ng kabayan savings bank acct dito sa dubai, then this yr halos every month ko nahuhulugan kaya meron ako 100,125.00 balance pero dahil umuwi ako pinas ng september at tig withdraw ko lahat so bale meron ako balance na 125.00 nalang then pag balik ko ng dubai bale october naghulog ako ulit ng 10,100.00 may confirmation na naprocess then pag open ko ng mobile banking inactive bank acct na so nag open ako sa laptop online banking at pag tingin ko sa balance is 223.00 lang ano yon? Pano nangyari? San napunta yung 10,100.00 ko? Thank you po sa magiging sagot niyo.

    1. May website ako na nabasa sabi para daw maging active ulit yung bank acct continous lang daw yung pag remit. Eh pano ko itutuloy kung hindi nag aappear sa online banking acct ko yung balance.

  46. Bale po september 24 2017 ko nawithdraw na lahat then october 3 2017 ko ulit hinulugan tapos biglang inactive na daw po.

  47. Hello po Mam Nora.. Kaaalis lang po ng son ko papuntan Kuwait ang sabi po niya di niya maopen ang BDO online account niya ..di din daw niya maconfirma kasi yong code na pinadadala sa cellphone niya ay di na niya maopen kasi wala ng service ng cellphoneniya don. ang account po nya ay Kabayan peso savings .. Pls help po ano po ba nag mabuting gawin. ..

  48. Good evening po Ms. Nora. Ask ko lng po kung bakit nabawasan parin account ko kahit above maintaining balance na sya? Nung oct 27 po ng morning 9k nlng yung balance ko then pagka hapon, nag deposit po ako sa account ko ng 4k so total is 13k. Pagka oct 30 po, nag deduct parin ng 300php. Ngayon ko lng po nacheck ulit balance ko. I hope I’ll get an answer from you. Thank you

  49. Hello po ma'm Nora.. Ask KO lng po kng active pa po yung bdo kabayan accnt KO? Kasi po d xa nahulugan ng almost 10 months na.. Kng pde KO po xa magamit uli?

  50. Goodday maam nora ask ko lang last nov 2016 po ako nagopen ng bdo kabayan savings pero monthly po my allotment ako kya lng nlaman ko na dito pla cya sa pinas nanggagaling ang tanong ko po is magcclose po ba yung account ko? And kung huhulugan po siya dis month abroad ok pa po kaya cya? Thanks

    1. Allotment to BDO Kabayan account: Malamang na-convert na into a regular passbook account. Mas okay kung pumunta ka sa branch mo at magtanong. Kung wala ka pang time to go to the bank, at kung importante na hindi ma-close itong account na ito kasi ito ang nasa record ng employer o maritime agency, magdeposit ka ng 10k sa account at huwag mo na itong galawin — ito ang magiging maintaining balance niya, para hindi siya ma-close at hindi rin siya mag-penalty. Kung wala pang 10k, puedeng 500 pesos muna, para kung sakaling ma-penalty ng 300 pesos, merong makukuha, at hindi mag-close. Nag-automatic-close lang ang account kapag nag-zero or negative na yong balance.
      Kung hindi pa na-convert, at Kabayan pa ang account, yes, mahahabol siya kapag merong mag-remit from abroad to your account. Ang requirement is at least one foreign remittance every 12 months.

  51. Have your heard of this issue before? We have a Kabayan Savings account for over a year now and just recently we enrolled in for online banking. I carefully followed the enrollment process, then activated the ATM card using the machine after receiving the activation code. It's been past 24 hours already and we already received the 2nd email that says enrollment was APPROVED.
    But yet we are not able to view the balance though we are able to log in to the online banking website. The balance section says "function not available at this time, please check later..".. We've been checking the balance since past 24 hrs and still them same. We even installed the BDO mobile app but it says, "Account Inactive".. That has been the same card and account we've been using for remittance and it should not have been a closed account since it has been funded several times this year and still has a balance as of today

  52. Hi po ma'am nag open position ako nang account last nov.2016 gusto ko Sana hulugan ngaung Dec. D na ba cxa 0 maintaining bal.?

    1. Account opened Nov 2016: If first time mo magdeposit since Nov 2016, sorry, baka closed na ang account mo, kasi more than 12 months nang walang deposit. Kung kelangan mo na ma-maintain itong account na ito, pasubukan mo sa family mo. Magdeposit sila sa account mo over the counter sa BDO at tanungin nila kung Kabayan pa ba ang account mo o regular passbook account na. Kung regular passbook account na, dapat lagi nang merong 10k pesos sa account. Dapat hindi ito nagagalaw, kasi itong 10k ang maintenance niya, para walang penalty. Sobrahan mo ng 600 pesos para merong allowance just in case meron nang first-month penalty. So deposit 10,600 pesos at huwag galawin. Check balance through atm from time to time

  53. Hi ms. Nora. Ask ko lang po sana… kase po nag open po ako ng ksa nung june 2016 after ko po mag open nag deposit po ako ng 800 yun na rin po yung last remit ko. My question is possible po ba na nag convert na yung account ko as regular savings? Or still kabayan savings parin po sya?

  54. Hi Janine, sorry malamang closed na ang account mo. Nag-one year ang account mo last June 2017. Naconvert then na-penalty. Malamang nagamit na yong 800 mo sa penalty noong August Sept at Oct at na-closed in Oct kasi negative balance na. If abroad, call BDO 1800 8631 8000

    1. Thank youuu po sa response. Well kakatawag ko nga lang po sa remittance shop pinacheck ko po sa system nila and di na rin po nila makita. About sa metrobank acct ko po same issue rin po. Possible po ba na closed na rin po yun?

  55. Hi mam Nora
    Ask ko lang po mag 2 months plang ang kabayan account ko tpos ung una ko check s online active pa sya at may balance na 100 next month pag tngin ko s online ng negative 50php n sya tpos kinabukasan nka lagay na account inactive di ko narin mkita ang negative tpos pnadalhan from abroad ng 1000php yung account ko nkalagay prin inactive account na close nba ang account ko kc ng negative?

  56. Hi mam Nora
    Ask ko lang po mag 2 months plang ang kabayan account ko tpos ung una ko check s online active pa sya at may balance na 100 next month pag tngin ko s online ng negative 50php n sya tpos kinabukasan nka lagay na account inactive di ko narin mkita ang negative tpos pnadalhan from abroad ng 1000php yung account ko nkalagay prin inactive account na close nba ang account ko kc ng negative?

  57. Hi mam Nora
    Ask ko lang po mag 2 months plang ang kabayan account ko tpos ung una ko check s online active pa sya at may balance na 100 next month pag tngin ko s online ng negative 50php n sya tpos kinabukasan nka lagay na account inactive di ko narin mkita ang negative tpos pnadalhan from abroad ng 1000php yung account ko nkalagay prin inactive account na close nba ang account ko kc ng negative?

  58. Hello po Mam Nora i hope you could help me.may kabayan savings account po ako na inopen ko dito na po sa saudi na inoffer po ng isang kabayan from the bank kung san kami nagreremit,dto na din po ako nagprocess for online banking, na every month kong nahuhulugan po. Nung ok na po online banking ko, nagtatransfer nalang po ako ng money sa kabayan savings account ng pamilya ko sa pilipinas. Ang hawak ko pong receipt ng last n padala ko thru remittance center sa kabayan savings account nila is Nov 2016 pa. Dko na po matandaan if that is really the last.im trying to retrieve my transactions sa online banking to confirm kelan ako nagsimulang magtransfer na lang instead of remitting pero last 90 days lang po naibbgay. Ang concern ko po is IS ONLINE DEPOSITS OR TRANSFERS FROM ABROAD na sya kung gnagawa for more than a year is considered as remittance from abroad din? D naman po sila nababawasan ng 300 kasi agaran naman po nla winiwithdraw but i want to make sure po sana. Baka po kasi nagturn na sya into regular account since im just doing transfers for more than a year na.Thanks po and sana matulungan niyo po ako.

    1. Hi Beeeya: Ang online transfer mo to your family's Kabayan is a local deposit kasi pareho namang Philippine-based ang Kabayan account mo at Kabayan account nila, so hindi considered remittance from abroad ang online transfer mo. Ang remittance from abroad ay yong deposit mo to your own Kabayan account (merong remittance fee).
      Ask your family to ask BDO kung anong status ng kanilang Kabayan account, kung Kabayan pa or na-convert na into a regular account na.
      Sorry hindi ko alam kung merong promo ang BDO about sa type of online transfers na kagaya ng sa iyo, pero ang palagay ko is na-convert na ang kanilang account into a regular account pero hindi pa nabawasan ng 300-peso penalty kasi baka ngayong March pa lang na mag-two consecutive months na below the 10k maintaining balance ang account nila, or sa susunod na buwan pa. So ang pinakamaganda is tanungin nila ASAP, at kung Kabayan pa, it's good, baka merong consideration for Kabayan accounts linked to an active Kabayan.
      Kung hindi na Kabayan, mag-open na lang sila ng regular atm account, para 2k lang ang maintaining balance. Or i-open mo sila ng BDO Remit Cash Card (ask your kabayan in the bank) para wala nang maintaining balance. Remit Cash card can contain up to 100k. Yong 2 types of local cash cards can contain only up to 10k and 25k.
      I hope you can share later on kung Kabayan pa or hindi na, and thanks too.

  59. Ininform ko na po ang mama ko na pumunta asap. And will inform the thread po for the outcome. Salamat po 😊

    1. Thanks, Beeeya. Looking forward to your info.

  60. Hello po,
    Nasa ibang bansa po ako. I have an active BDO Kabayan Peso Savings Account. Someone borrowed cash from me sa Pilipinas. Pwede po ba sya mag deposit sa Kabayan Savings Account # ko.

    Salamat po.

    1. Over-the-counter deposit to a Kabayan account: Yes, puede siyang magdeposit sa Kabayan account mo. Ang Kabayan account ko, merong mga deposits na dito lang nadeposit over the counter.

    2. Thanks po.

  61. Hi ms. Nora.. ive opened a KSA mga 2015 po.. but never po sya naremittan ng money from abroad.. maaring closed acct na po ba ito? Plano ko po kasi sanang magopen uli ng account.. kaso iniisp ko na baka ndi na pede since may acct na po ako before.. thanks po

    1. 2015 pa hindi naremittan: Yes, closed na, malamang noon pang 2016. Sige mag-open uli. I think nagpapa-open naman sila sa dati nang nagkaroon pero na-closed.

  62. Hello po mam Nora! Update lang po ako. Nagpunta na si mama kanina sa BDO sayang gabi namin dto kaya d ko xa nacoach sa mga pwde pa sana niyang itanong. Ang sabi po Kabayan Savings pa naman dw po ung account nia pero inadvise nila na magremit na ako before the month ends para maging hassle free daw po at sure na hnd xa macoconvert into Regular account. Hnd na din po naask kung counted ba as overseas transaction or remittance ung mga online transfers ko po. Triny ko din po magpatanong sa frend ko ang sb naman dw ng BDO depende daw po sa kung saan naopen ang account kung overseas man o hnd para masabing overseas transaction ang transfer ko. Sa case ko,dto po ako nagopen pero after a month ung passbook na dumating is MANILA naman po ang branch so dko po lam if pasok ako sa criteria na yun. Medyo confusing po pero Thank God at Kabayan pa naman ung account ni mama kaya papdalhan ko na lang po ng remittance next week before katapusan para sure po.ill see to it ndn po d makaligtaan magremit at least once a year. Thank you po sa help Mam! Godbless po!

    1. Hi Beeeya: Thanks a lot for sharing updates. It's great na Kabayan pa ang sa mama mo para hindi na niya kelangang mag-open uli. Padalhan mo na lang ang Kabayan ng mama mo directly from abroad (yong merong remittance fee) at least once a year para ma-maintain na Kabayan. Alam ko talaga is hindi foreign remittance yong BDO online Fund Transfer kasi local transfer yon. Yong direct remittance mo from abroad to your own Kabayan, yan ang foreign remittance.
      At saka yong sa from BDO Hong Kong to BDO Philippines. God bless din.

    2. I hope pala na nakuha na ng mama mo yong kanyang new ATM card, yong merong EMV.

  63. Yes po mam meron na din EMV ung kanya. This sahod po namin ng 25 ako magpapadala. Anak duties 😊😊😊 salamat po! Have a good day!

    1. Hi Beeeya: That's good. Your parents are blessed because of your love, and you will be blessed too! I hope you're also saving for yourself.

  64. Hi ALoh: look for my reply above — I added it below your comment. I don't know why your comment got inserted there.

  65. Good day.can i ask how to reactivatemy bdo kabayan savings account that was dormant i askedmy sister to go to poea bdo branch with my authorization letter but they dont like to reactivate it,they want me personaly to be there todo the transactions.can someone know how to do it.thanks

    1. Hi account owner with dormant BDO account: Hello, sorry that there are banking rules that cannot be rescinded easily. The only way to reactivate your dormant account is to appear in person at the POEA branch with your IDs. If your next vacation is still years away, be assured that your money will still be there without any penalty if you reactivate it within 5 years from date of dormancy. And if your account balance is less than maintaining-balance level, the monthly penalty after 5 years of dormancy is 30 pesos a month. If you have recently sent money to it, you can go back to where you made the remittance, and change mode of receiving to FOR CASH PICKUP by your family member.

    2. After 10 years of dormancy, the account and its balance will be sent to the BSP.

    3. Hello mam, my account is dormant and I'm planning to visit my branch with ID to reactivate it. I would like to withdraw money immediately after. Is that possible or does the reactivation take time to process? I m abroad and will only be in the philippines for 2 weeks. Thanks. Ellen

    4. Hi Ellen: Yes, you can withdraw money immediately after reactivation. Have a withdrawal slip ready on your hand so the BDO officer will know you will withdraw immediately after activation. Bring your passbook (if this is a passbook account), atm card, passport and another valid ID. If you want your new EMV atm card to have your name embossed on it, reactivate the first business day you're here because you'll have to go back after 3 to 7 days to claim your new card. After reactivation, you can also enroll in BDO online banking and download the BDO mobile app and try it while here.

  66. Hello,may i know if my kabayan still active?my cousin send me money from kuwait through my kabayan account,then i like to withdraw it but the atm machine cannot process,what is the problem?im so worried about the money they send

    1. Hi loreta: have you claimed your new EMV atm card? If not, go to your branch with your IDs and claim your new EMV atm card. The old cards (no chip on the front side of the card) no longer work.

    2. paano ko malaman kung naipasok po sa account ko iyong perang naisend sa akin,,nd po ba dormant na ung atm card ko po?

  67. Kung napalitan yong atm card mo ng bago (yong merong EMV chip), active pa siya. Nado-dormant ang account kapag ito ay merong laman pero 2 years nang hindi nadedepositohan o nawidrohan. Nako-close ang Kabayan account kapag walang laman o less than 300 pesos ang laman at 14 months nang walang remittance from abroad.

    1. Dto po kc aq taiwan now mam,pede po aq kumuha sa bdo branch po d2?yes po 100 po laman nun kabayan ko po march2017 po aq ngopen never po aq ngremit.

    2. Hi Loreta: Yong new EMV atm card ba ang ibig mong sabihin? Sorry walang BDO branch sa Taiwan. Maaaring hindi pa closed yong account mo at maaaring naideposit yong padala sa iyo from Kuwait kasi baka ngayon pa lang yong 2nd month na converted na yong account mo into a regular passbook account. Kung hindi mo matawagan ang BDO, ask someone in the Philippines to deposit 100 pesos to your BDO account para ma-test ang account mo. Kung tatanggapin ang deposit, tanungin na rin nila kung Kabayan pa ba ang status or regular passbook na. Kung hindi na tatanggapin dahil closed na, ask your cousin in Kuwait to go back to where she sent the money and request it to be returned to her, or to send to another receiver.

  68. open or active papo kaya yung kabayan savings acct ko 1 year konapo kasi hnd nahulugan since nung inoopen kopo.

    1. Sorry for delayed response. Malamang closed na ang account mo, kasi kapag hindi napadalhan from abroad, meron nang requirement na 10k pesos maintaining balance, at kapag zero or few pesos na lang ang laman, ma-automatic close na on the 14th month from opening.

  69. hi Maam may kabayan savings po kasi ako before but i think naclose na siya! if ever po ba pede pa ko ulit magopen ng new account na kabayan savings parin or pede iactivate ko nalang ulit ung dati kong kabayan savings?

  70. Reopen BDO account?: Sorry, ang alam ko hindi nagpapare-activate ng closed account ang BDO. Bukod doon, impractical na, kasi kung halimbawa lang nagpapare-activate sila, malaki na ang naipong penalty.
    You can open a new account with BDO.

    1. 2016 Nag open aq ng bdo savings account sa dubai. Naghuhulog nmn aq every month. Kso nde pa aq nauwe ng pinas mula ng mag open aq dto s dubai. Nde pa aq nauwe sa pinas pra iactivate ang atm q. Ok pba na ipagpatuloy q ang pag deposit nag alala q bka mgkproblema

      1. Hi Filipino, it’s great na marami ka nang naipon since monthly ka nagpapadala since 2016. But it’s also good if you call BDO and ask your total balance para lalo kang ma-inspire sa total amount of savings mo at para hindi ka nagwo-worry kung paano na yong account mo. Call BDO from Dubai using this toll-free number: 800-0630-0021. Free yan if you use landline. If you use your phone, merong charge from your network there in Dubai. By the way, anong remittance company or bank ang ginagamit mo for sending money?

  71. Good day Ms.Nora.. I am enrolling my account in BDO online pro invalid daw po ATM # ko… btw Kabayan Savings po un… Haven't used it after naactivate ko po sya… Un po ba reason kaya invalid na ung ATM # ko? If so, what should I do pra po maenroll ko online ung account ko… thanks in advance!

  72. hi ms.nora,when i check my kabayan account this afternoon in mobile banking it said INACTIVE? i cant go tomorow to bank,i wait till monday! what the reason kaya?

    1. Hi benny, sorry I missed your question. It could be that your atm card needs to be replaced with the new card, or your account has been closed, or they need you to verify something in your records.

  73. Hi i would just like to check, i have an account in bdo but i have to mainitain the 10k every month, if i cannot do it then they will take the 300php charge. So what happen was ghat, I withdraw all my money cause im afraid that the bdo will just charge me whenever i sis not maintain the balance, so it appears inactive already. I send 10k after 1-2’months cause i think it will be activated already. Ive waited for 5days until now the 10k doesnt appear yet. What should i do?

    1. Hi Wangster, if you have withdrawn all your money to put your balance into 0.00, then your account has been automatically closed. BDO does not reactivate closed accounts. To be sure, call BDO (International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000). If you’re sure that your account is already closed, you can go to where you sent the money and ask how you can get back your money because your account is already closed.

  74. hello po, paano po kung di po nagamit within 2 years yung BDO kabayan savings account activated pa din po ba yun ? if di na po sya active pwede pa po kaya i activate po ?

    1. Hi ella, kung walang balance ang Kabayan, na-closed na siya probably on the 14th month from opening. Kung closed na, hindi na puedeng i-reactivate. Mag-open na lang ng new Kabayan after 6 months. Kung merong balance na 10k pesos or more ang Kabayan, na-dormant siya at puedeng i-activate ng owner in person with IDs at the branch. Puedeng mag-open ng atm account anytime (2k pesos maintaining balance).

  75. hi mam nora, i just want to ask my bdo account if its already active, i was remember my last deposit was july 2018 and my last widrawal is last sep 2018, and my remaining balance left as far as i remember was 10sar, or 140 in php, do you think my acount is still active.. thanks and Godbless

    1. Hi Alvin, BDO recently extended its remittance period for Kabayan maintenance to 2 years (at least one foreign remittance within 2 years), so there’s a chance your account is still active. But don’t remit yet; you need to be sure. You can call BDO or you can ask your family to deposit 100 pesos over the counter to your Kabayan account to test if your account is still active. It the teller accepts your deposit, then your account is still active.

  76. What if im not using my kabayan savings for 10 months is it deactivated?I also lost my passbook

    1. Hi Liezel, if you sent money from abroad to your Kabayan 10 months ago, then your account is still active. You can request for passbook replacement at your branch in person. Bring an affidavit of loss. If you’re not sure of the date when you last sent money to your Kabayan, and you don’t have at least 2k in your account, call BDO.

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