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  1. The 2nd method yields 6 cents more per month in the amount of 550,000.

  2. Super informative. Thanks!

  3. Benigno Ramos Laya

    Dear BDO
    Kabayan Savings magkanu poba ang maintaining balance

    1. Hi Benigno, zero ang maintaining balance requirement ng BDO Kabayan, pero merong requirement — magpadala from abroad sa Kabayan account at least once per 12 months. If 12 months passed, and no foreign remittance was made, mako-convert ang account into a regular passbook account at hindi na ito Kabayan. Kapag regular passbook account na, meron nang maintaining balance requirement na 10k pesos. Kapag 2 consecutive months na less than 10k ang average daily balance, magkakaroon ng penalty na 300 pesos per month.

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