Send Money ONLINE from Saudi Arabia to Philippines

You can send money ONLINE from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines, 
 through the INTERNET, 

from your Saudi bank account to a Philippine bank account.

You will save time, save taxi and snack money, and you can send any time any day.

This is truly good for those whose salaries are deposited to a bank.

But even if your salary is not deposited to a bank, you can still open your own bank account in KSA, deposit money, and send money to the Philippines ONLINE when needed.

Here are 6 banks in Saudi Arabia that you can use to send money to the Philippines ONLINE: 

How much is the remittance fee for sending money online?

Ranges from 15 to 19 riyals

Is there an additional fee charged by the receiving bank or remittance partner in the Philippines?

Usually, yes. The same with regular remittance sent OFFLINE.

If the Saudi bank is a partner of the Philippine counterpart, usually there is no charge. If there is a charge, it is lower.

Fee ranges from 100 pesos to 200 pesos.

Ask your family to open an account at a Philippine bank, which is a partner of your Saudi bank.

Philippine remittance partners of banks in Saudi Arabia:

Al Rajhi Bank:

Arab National Bank:

Bank AlBilad:
AUB Asia United Bank

Riyadh Bank:

AUB Asia United Bank
China Bank

National Commercial Bank (NCB):
Asia United Bank
China Bank
PNB Savings Bank

Alinma Bank: 

How to send ONLINE:

1. Register in your bank’s online banking.

. your user name
. your password
. your bank account no.
. your ATM card no.
. your ATM card PIN
. your phone and your cell phone no.

2. Check and re-check data you are entering.

3. Look for “Telemoney” or “Enjaz” or “Speedcash” or Tahweel Al Rajhi” or Transfer” or “Funds Transfer” or “Remittance”.

For remittance, you need:
 you beneficiary’s bank name and bank account no.

With some banks, you might need first to register at their remittance unit, and you might first need to make your first remittance with them at their branch:

ANB — Telemoney
Bank AlBilad — Enjaz
NCB — Quick Pay
Samba — Speedcash
Al Rajhi — Tahweel Al Rajhi

If I open an account in a Saudi bank, what should I bring?

Your Iqama card should be enough.

But some banks require your Certificate of Employment that contains your job contract dates, monthly salary, and occupation.

Is there a limit to the money that I can send online?

Some Saudi banks have set their own maximum limits to comply with anti-money laundering laws. They also have the option to ask for more information about your source of funds if you are sending every month much more than your salary, or much more than the average salary of OFW professionals and managers.

Based on comments online, the maximum limits vary from 7,000 riyals to 50,000 riyals per month, the most common being 20,000 and 25,000 riyals per month.

As long as you are sending money that you have earned legitimately in Saudi, then there should be no problem about the amount you’re sending.

Note: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has announced in 2011 it will set a maximum amount for outward remittance transactions. But up to now, we can’t find any definite maximum limit.  What we see is the policy that any person intending to carry in cash 60,000 Saudi riyals or more out of the country must declare the money at the point of exit.

BDO Remittance Partners in Saudi Arabia


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  1. what is the nearest tahweel branch in king khaled university hospital?

    Appreciate your response

  2. Hi..using Al Rajhi App/ long it will take to transfer the amount from Rajhi to BDO account?

    1. Hi Manglulupa Pogi: Usually the next day. Should be in the BDO account within 3 business days.

    2. how can u transfer the money because it always say invalid acct number

  3. Hello i just wanna ask how much will be the charge if i will send money from al rajhi online app to BPI? Thanks

  4. How to transfer all my beneficiaries from tahweel to al mubasher online banking?

  5. Question how many days to received transfer amount from al rajhi to Metrobank thru ATM to ATM.

  6. Money was taken from ncb account but still not showing in bdo kabayan card.

  7. Hi! I wanna ask if i transfer money via online from Al Rajhi bank to DBP bank which is not a partner bank, can the beneficiary will still receive the money?
    thank you!
    I appreciate your reply.

  8. Hi! I wanna ask if how to transfer money online from Alinma bank to BDO Unibank? And how many days of processing for activation of beneficiaries will take??

    Thank you for the reply.

  9. Hi.. We have experience that the bank account number we told them they said is "error account" is this posible? Or can they send money from saudi direct to metrobank phil account?

  10. Hi Mhary Lopez: About invalid account no.: Is your account a BDO account? Put 00 before your 10-digit no. para maging 12 digits

  11. Hi Sol Marie Hatta: Sabi sa website ng Al Rajhi, 20 riyals ang charge nila for remittance to the Philippines. Pero dahil online ang gagamitin mo, baka naman mas cheaper.

    1. Ma'am ask ko lang usually pagnagpapadala ako thru online from al rahji to bdo online wala pang 24 hrs machcheck mo na sa bdo online. Pero this time almost 26 hrs na wala pa rin sa account ko ung remittance..

  12. Hi, I send money to Phils thru BDO cash online to be pick up to Palawan pn shop. its just yesterday but tell now they did not receive it.

    1. Hi David: Your recipient should have already claimed the money you sent. Ask your recipient to try another Palawan Pawnshop branch. Check again the reference number.

  13. Remittance via Al Rajhi Online banking to BDO: Marami siguro kayong nagsabay-sabay ang dating sa BDO, so mahaba ang queue, bukod sa kahapon lang ang start of the New Year. I hope andian na mamaya

  14. Hi my employer send my salary the bank on the receipt is bdo…but i did not give him the acc number of bdo…..and it dont have reference #….how can my mother claim the money on phillipines…

    what reference will be used

    there is unique reference
    and SEQ on the receipt

    1. Hi Marivic: You said there is unique reference and SEQ on the receipt. You can send that to your mother so she can pick up the money. The question is did your employer write the name of your mother as the recipient or beneficiary?

  15. Hello po…paano po ba ang magpadala thru online? Kaoopen lng po ng amo ko ng ATM ko last month (Riyad bank) gusto ko po kasi sana akl na magpadala ng sahod ko…para po anytime na kelangan makakapagpadala ako agad…paano ba ba ang gagawin ko?

  16. padala online: First, alamin mo yong ATM card no., account number at ATM PIN mo. Baka kelangan din ang iqama no. Punta ka sa website ng bank mo, at hanapin mo yong "register online" at mag-register. You can read instructions bago mag-register, halimbawa ito for Riyadh Bank
    Kapag enrolled ka na, hanapin mo ang enroll beneficiary or transfer funds online, or send money online. Alamin mo rin ang bank name, account number at Swift code ng bank ng recipient mo. Hanapin mo rin ang fees to send baka lang nag-increase na.

    1. Parang nag-increase na ang international transfer fees: 50 to 55 riyals na. I'll check the other banks

  17. Good day to all.. I have a question. How many days will it takes for sending money from saudi to the bank of the Philippines (BPI)?

    1. Saudi Arabia to BPI: Ang remittance through Samba Speedcash to a BPI account ay around one hour. Pag Enjaz, 2 days. Pag Express Money, one day. Telemoney, Moneygram at Western Union also sends within the hour.

  18. Magkano po ang charge if alinma to bdo using alinma apps? And ilang araw bago pumasok ung money thanks

  19. Alinma Bank? Sorry I don't know the charge. Pero ranging from 15 to 25 riyals naman ang usual charge for remittances from Saudi to Phils. In 1 or 2 days.

    1. Hello po mam Nora .. my problem is I sent through BDO account last Thursday but tell now is not in my come?

  20. hello ask q lng po magkanu po nababawas kapag nagpadala aq from ncb to my savings acc sa bdo ?

  21. Magkano po ang service charge ng online banking pag magpadala ako ng pera mula NCB sa Saudi to BPI sa Pinas? Tnx a lot.

    1. Hi hilbrando: Sorry hindi ko alam yong exact fee, pero ang latest remittance fees from Saudi Arabia to Philippines range from 16 to 29 riyals.

  22. Good day! i just want to know on How to claim the money sent by my cousin's employer thru online banking? but she dont have the reference no. to claim..but got a message just to claim in palawan ps or LBc

  23. Hi, tanong ko lang kung ilang araw bago makuha yung remittance from saudi to ph thru PNB? Thank you!

  24. June 27 ngsend ng money ang amo ng tita ko bakit po hanggang ngayon hnd nmin makuha ?lage sinasabi sa BPI na wala pa .ilan po b tlga dpat ang refference ng BPI for remittance?

  25. Speed Cash Now po Yung ginamit ng aMo nya please answer po THanks

  26. pag nagpadala po ba ng pera sa tahweel alrajhi po maari po bang makuha sa palawan express remitance??
    panu malalaman po ang transaction code po doon at ilan po ba bilang non nalilito kz aq salamat po sa sagot

  27. Hello po ..mag papadala po sana ako ng PEra sa pinas gamit ang bdo account ko binigay ko po sa amo ko ung account name account # at swift code at saka name ng bank ..pero sabi po nila Hindi DW ma transact ung PEra ..bakit po kaya ano pa kulang dun oh baka niloloko lang ako ng amo ko..Hindi po sila nag punta ng banko sa Cp lang gamit nila.

    1. account name at account number lang kailangan ng Amo mo para mkapag padala ng pera..ganyan dati gawain ng Amo ko. sya mismo nagpapadala sa Enjaz o sa cp nia lang..pasok agad ang pera sa BDO sa Pinas.. pero ngayon require na ng Gobyerno ng Saudi na lahat ng namamasukan d2 ay may salary card na iccheck nila sa ailort bago ka umuwi kung ikaw ay napasahod ng tama o hindi.

  28. Binigay ko din po ung bank code ng bdo pakisagot po pls. Salamat

  29. heloo po. ilang days po bago ma receive ang pera padala kung mag hulog thru online in al rajhi bank to land bank

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