Savings Banks That Offer Checking Accounts

Savings Banks with Checking Accounts

Many banks require you to maintain a savings account with them for at least 6 months before you can apply for a checking account. Or they require a referral from a loyal client or bank officer.
This is because checking accounts entail responsibilities such as:

.  Funding your checking account fully on time
   for every check that you issue
.  Keeping secure your checking account booklet
.  Not issuing blank checks
.  Not issuing a check to the payee of a friend or family member
   unless your checking account is funded first
.  Making sure you have incoming money to fund post-dated checks,
   such as payments for condos, homes, rent, etc.

Here is a list of thrift banks or savings banks that offer checking accounts:

1     Allied Savings Bank
2     Bank One Savings and Trust
3     BDO Elite Savings Bank
4     BPI Direct Savings Bank
5     BPI Family Savings Bank
6     Card SME Bank, A Thrift Bank
7     Century Savings Bank
8     China Bank Savings
9     Citibank Savings
10   City Savings Bank
11   Citystate Savings Bank
12   ComSavings Bank
13   Dumaguete City Development Bank
14   Enterprise Bank, A Thrift Bank
15   Equicom Savings Bank
16   Farmers Savings & Loan Bank
17   First Consolidated Bank
18   Hiyas Banking
19   HSBC Savings Bank
20   Iloilo City Development Bank
21   Inter-Asia Development Bank
22   Isla Bank, A Thrift Bank
23   Luzon Development Bank
24   Malayan Bank Savings & Mortgage Bank
25   Merchant Savings & Loan Association
26   Opportunity Kauswagan Bank
27   Optimum Development Bank
28   Pacific Ace Savings Bank
29   Penbank
30   Philippine Postal Savings Bank
31   Philippine Resources Savings Bank
       (PR Savings Bank)
32   Philippine Savings Bank
       (PS Bank)
33   Philippine Business Bank
34   Planters Development Bank
35   Producers Savings Bank
36   Queen City Development Bank
37   Security Bank Savings
38   Sterling Bank of Asia
39   Palawan Bank
40   Real Bank, A Thrift Bank
41   Tong Yang Savings Bank
42   Tower Development Bank
43   UCPB Savings Bank
44   United Overseas Bank Philippines
45   Wealth Development Bank
46   World Partners Bank



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