BDO Remittance Partners in New Zealand

Updated October 6, 2014:

Here’s a list of BDO Remittance Partners in New Zealand:


Tindahan Pnoy Money Transfer
6 Ronald Macken Place Windsor Park

OMC Money Transfer Service Ltd.
52 Queens Road
Panmure 1072
Auckland City

RTC New Zealand Co.
42 Whitford Road
Howick, Auckland

Remittance Fees for Transfers from New Zealand to the Philippines:
Based on a World Bank survey on remittance fees in the first quarter of 2013:
remittance fees range from NZD 4 to NZD 25 for the remittance amount of NZD 650.

Orbit Remit is among the cheapest for within-the-hour delivery (6 NZD).
NZS Forex is among the cheapest for same-day delivery.
IRemit is among the cheapest for next-day delivery (4 to 7 NZD).
Tindahan Pnoy Money Transfer  charges 5 to 8 NZD

What is BDO Remit cash card?

This cash card is offered abroad only to overseas Filipinos by several BDO remittance partners.

Upon opening your cash card account, you instruct BDO to deliver this cash card to your beneficiary in the Philippines.

Unlike ordinary BDO cash cards which are limited to only 10k or 25k pesos, a BDO Remit cash card can contain up to 100,000 pesos. This means you can remit up to 100,000 pesos.
Your beneficiary does not have to worry about maintaining balance. It does not have a maintaining balance requirement.

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