BDO Remittance Partners in Morocco

Send money from Morocco to the Philippines through these BDO remittance partners. All of these remittance agencies are offices of

 UAE Exchange Morocco SA

which is a subsidiary of UAE Exchange, one of the biggest money transfer, remittance and foreign exchange companies in the world. UAE Exchange was founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in the 1980s and has expanded to more than 600 branches in 30 countries.

UAE Exchange offices in Morocco where you can send money to the Philippines through the BDO remittance system:

Casablanca Zerktouni Branch
246 BD Zerktouni, 20060 Casablanca

Casablanca Bourgogne Branch
103 Bd Bourgogne, Casablanca

Casablanca Siidii Maarouf Branch
Bd Al Qods N 1 Residence Al Omrane
Sidi Maarouf, Casablanca

Casablanca Sbatta Branch
192 Avenue Dakhla, Sbata, Casablanca

Casablanca Oullfa Branch
Bd Oued Edoura Lotissement Hadj Fateh
Rue 14 N100

Casablanca Hay Mohammadii Branch
145 Bd Oqba Ben Nafi
Derb Wafa, Hay Mohammadi

Casablanca Mohammedia Branch
166 Bd Monastir DB Chabab C Alia Mohammedia

Casablanca Roudani Branch
202 Bd Brahim Roudani
20390 Casablanca

Fes Oeud Branch
AV Youssef B., Tachfine 30000
Sector 0603, Fes

Tanger Nations Unies Branch
12 Res Bouchra R Abi Dardae ETG.RDCH.AP.3,90000

Rabat Ocean Branch
36 BD Moqawama
201 Imm, B 201259, Ocean Hassan Rabat

Sale Mohammad V Branch
2 AV Mohammad V

Khouribga Zellaka Branch
58 BD Zellaka Khouribga

Fes Routte Branch
36 AV MY Rachid Cote Atlas Magasin 30000

Secteur 0014 Fes, Morocco Morocco

Casablanca Bernoussi Branch
01 Imm F Bd Houcine Soussi
Lot El Alaa Sidi Moumen

Kenitra Branch
Bd Abdelaziz Immeuble 59
Magasin No. 6

Casablanca El Fida Branch
Boujdour, Casablanca

Marrakech Branch
15 Rue De La 4éme Dm Route
De Targa 40 000


Rabat El Massira Branch
56, Cit Kouass
755, E0000H, Bloc << DQ >>

N*56 (413),Kouass-Y
10052, Rabat

A Temara Branch
Avenue Mohammed.5 Residence Saadan
Magasin N* 6, Temara

Agadir F.A.R Branch
Av des F.A.R

Casablanca Moulay Rachid Branch
364 Av. Akid Allam
Hay Assalama, 3 Casablanca

Marrakech Daoudiate Branch
164 BD DE, Palestine Marrakech


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