Metrobank Correspondent Banks in Vietnam

Updated July 3, 2015

You can send money to the Philippines by making wire transfers at the following Metrobank correspondent banks in Vietnam:

An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Hanoi
Asia Commercial Bank, Ho Chi Mich City
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., Hanoi
Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Hanoi
Citibank NA, Hanoi
Credit Agricole CIB, Hanoi
Credit Agricole CIB, Ho Chi Mich City
Deutsche Bank, Ho Chi Minh City
HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd., Ho Chi Mich City
Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign  Trade of Vietnam, Hanoi
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Ho Chi Mich City
Korea Exchange Bank, Hanoi Branch, Hanoi
Mega International Commercial, Ho Chi Mich City
Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd., Hanoi
Vietnam Export Import Commercial, Hanoi
Vietnam Export Import Commercial, Ho Chi Mich City
Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade
 (formerly Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade), Hanoi
Vietnam Maritime Commercial, Hanoi

The Swift code or wire transfer code of Metrobank is MBTCPHMM  

Be ready with the following information when making a wire transfer to Metrobank Philippines:

Receiving Bank Name: Metrobank
Bank Branch Address
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Amount of Remittance:
Name of Recipient:
Recipient’s Bank Account No.:
Recipient’s Address
Recipient’s Telephone No.

Name of Sender:
Address of Sender:
Sender’s Contact Nos.:
Sender’s date and place of birth (some banks ask this)
Sender’s nationality (some banks ask this)

Make sure that the recipient’s name that you write on your wire transfer slip is exactly the same as the name of the account you are sending to.


August 2012: Asia Commercial Bank is facing problems following the arrest of two of its high-ranking officers for financial wrongdoings.

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